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"jonathan shiks" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"jonathan shiks" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Versus the U.S. has seen over 770,000 deaths over the full course of the pandemic Data from the CDC says the total number of deaths from COVID-19 and 2020 was just over 385,000 That means there have been more deaths in 2021 than in 2020 The family of a 19 year old Chinese American man shot and killed by police last year in Pennsylvania once federal authorities to open a new investigation Christian hall's father Gareth says an assistant district attorney's insistence that this was a classic suicide by cop scenario doesn't hold any weight He was planning on he was saving money for a car He was planning on he just had far too many plans for his life Meantime a new video has been released to the public of the fatal shooting of hall and this one doesn't blur out the final four seconds like previous footage did in it hall is clearly seen with his hands in the air before being shot by Pennsylvania state troopers The TSA says three people suffered non life threatening injuries in the panic that followed false reports of an active shooter at Atlanta's Hartsfield–Jackson international airport today It happened when a passenger's gun went off at a security checkpoint Police called it an accidental discharge But the FAA did halt flights temporarily as a precaution For the first time in history a black woman will live and work on the International Space Station NASA's Jessica Watkins is slated to live on the ISS for 6 months beginning April of next year as a mission specialist It will be Watkins first mission in space She became an astronaut in 2017 and has worked in the space agency's research centers including on the Mars rover named curiosity Watkins says she hopes her work abroad the ISS will inspire more children of color to aspire to become astronauts and travel to space I'm Chris garageio President Biden is marking transgender day of remembrance The president issued a statement today noting that at least 46 transgender individuals in the United States were killed in horrific acts of violence this year Biden added each of them deserve freedom justice and joy The president urged lawmakers to pass the long stalled equality act that would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to formally prohibit discrimination based on sex sexual orientation and gender identity Colorado's craft brewing industries expecting to soon feel the pinch from supply chain issues across America bureaucratic Jonathan shiks says large aluminum can producers are upping the ordering requirements The minimum order was 204,000 cans in the past It's now over 1 million So it was a 5 times increase Sheik says the problem isn't the aluminum It's the capacity for manufacturers to keep up because of high demand The new ordering requirements will likely drive up production costs for breweries as they'll be forced to order from smaller distributors that will likely be passed on to consumers Saturday Night Live is revealing its hosts and musical guests for the month of December Lisa G reports Billie Eilish will be doing double duty hosting and performing on December 11th The following week on December 18th newly crowned people's sexiest man alive Paul Rudd will host with Charlie XCX as musical guest Eilish made her SNL debut in September of 2019 while Charlie XS previously performed in 2014 Lisa G reporting iconic boys bands are taking.

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