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"jonathan parma" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Alleged electoral fraud offenders could face a fine or jail term ebay and facebook do say that adds all of this nature would be removed you've been blocked from their sites and a senior statistician jonathan parma says the aps has been working closely with various online auction sites uh we've had excellent cooperation from them around having ads all the blocked removed promptly we are constantly monitoring those marketplaces and informing them ask them to tight stuffed down and they responding extremely well divisive issue of course how divisive is the survey itself well these forms started to be delivered to households about sixteen million people will be eligible to vote from loss choose day in the campaign of his brought out some pretty unsavoury elements on both sides of the debates clearly this is a divisive issue you speak to government ministers and i are urging civility and respect over the weekend the coalition for marriage that opposes reform officially launched its campaign accompanied by the words vote no appearing in very huge letters in the blue sky over sydney over the weekend and anti reform groups believed that they're being bullied into silence and condemn and for their views but at the campaign launch over the weekend speakers seemed to be in a pretty positive mood we can wayne weekend way lease its r k two wagner we are under assault because we're on the right side of legal and moral history tell us so quickly when the final result is expected middle of november we should know how australia will vote in this postal survey parliament won't be bound by the outcome although the prime minister malcolm turnbull who supports reform says that amendments to australia's marriage act would sail through parliament's if the nation voted yes in this many thanks that serb phil mercer in sydney one thousand two hundred dollars soames trying to sell about twenty minutes pants down ise from the bbc world service thank you for joining us now the challenge of preventing ships from europe and china fishing off the coast of west africa without a licence is getting tougher senate has his here on the business despots this money he's he felt it how the the problem is this a much bigger problem than you might otherwise believe countries led the ghambhir and equitorial guinea obviously konta food to have a large navy they can't afford to have large number patrol vessels heading out there looking after the ocean space immediately off.

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