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"jonathan landay" Discussed on 1150 AM KKNW

"Going to solution called how to win yes she did with that have you went from Holly she's developing in Macon you should see a complete solution since the show can pressing Stevie conferences sententiae evil I'd hate to see him since he went I think don't confine them to meeting with Jonathan Landay fun home coffee cooking kinda took off at a jungle a Kong and they call me a call and send goons dong banget I face something going on you got a gonna bang at the hotel it'll hunting the holy and since I kinda come may call it the high E. I. L. thank one high tea and Logan young girl who come on come on we'll tell you come we have to help them find some garlic sun go bankrupt only not thing last time and we don't do on may call maybe Kyle so you need a unique on the bank of Bigelow how old is the only global and call the PKK cannot take all the bank okay a year ago phone Fatemeh tung ting sick John Feingold he don't work on him I'm sorry hold on a minute you go tonight I'm sorry could you call up and complain hi to say you're going to want to Hama so we don't believe ISIS India while watched by alpine hope song or song though didn't auto sunny actually took a walk you you what depends what you're Tombo soda on medical or not medical plan for cutting for Popeyes in on if I watch it on the Israeli side how you can go out in your own home check yep or did he in the unknown icon have you sending a dumb saying why would your feelings and your younger let's find it coming J. walk green shouldn't be a fight didn't join you go back online could commit automate title it yet tonight would have been so dumb or not but he's into pop on coming out up until later for your ID even toned grass that you set Nicole tort reform Koch alive all fall partial October you guys allow outside the internet those rental trailer come come home I see what Sam Sam what is the home of a tank you are from the case anything I have a profile if all you have done something about can white guy set himself Papantla Nielsen's I Tonya on it but what if you just send some of or that you got a quite a while would you assume local what that I. T. had parking lot I'm well how they got him a lot lot young born yeah how they wanted ten items you're saying that I'm saying I need these tonight yeah Syngenta cow well my father yelling on the clock I use okay the total net to look again I think I don't have one all who see their own meeting coming up and don't lie lie and I don't wanna hi E. L. O. T. thank the conga it's a miracle I'm gonna tell I need a wooden log on them what kind of phone call anything young guys things saying things sorry strong they don't become all over Montana to him long you don't think I'm gonna come in let's see the lacking because I'm on call you can tell that I'm gonna combine those two enter meeting someone to conduct and don't always see it all WNYC Tito OTC vitamin C. that so I hotel room cold or you got my my are good how Davao means our tone but the form of the body Cali psalm you king yes seventy one of my may what you want Hey Megan okay young mind that would take the money or the rocket why do I need a gun to the item called Kong the I. D. October we're not going to make a call back or hide boots you dumb I am I need to go back I think joke invoking the whole dorm but the home it'll take a high health when top sometime at the whole I think I fake a sink the fortune going get out get down get a box button about one financial are intangible harm if you hire a tidy give advising Ciego de hi all we are by David hung without when viability our sincere gratitude okay passing situations it will yell Walton Pentecostal by seven feet long white item of them all R. I'm though you got big off to see that what five ball you know I don't need the end totaling over a very helpful my M. what the Modi you can I'm not high tea mailboxes I had sitting in banking are there are pretty jungle and the white album I can get to a particular thought also allowed to about one ten yeah but you do it I say you got it you have to have you on yo yeah I'm sorry to Australia take a while the overwatch K. as comma I see you guys are yep when you in may what may you quote you in your own guy can live far so so far I'm gonna get how dollar case at the High Court that he told us his name I hope you have had some dates come on guys you touch all one hi may Kwok topsy top but one vital question yeah I was a comes and will one garlic vehicle you got your this is wife what's wrong so where are you tell top value one fifty one finds on call I'm you got at the Michelangelo you know you don't quite know if I want fun find equality compliance involved teacher we always are Bonnici guy you can hold all gone thong hi Joe outside went on to captain on to win Tong to stricter summing up Hyde United someone high is GI a hold to a give away quite yet how each of those accounts are total depth Bach mon corps holds out yeah the guns on that I'm J. O. Y. W. judges at W. Tom doesn't give him my same crossings Ising CD or you go home to somebody Hey why don't I get to sing I N. Y. I need to try to teach him how to get the whole dodging guy Thalia you don't drink it yet teasing out on it are you here on C. K. okay on I'm tired of pharmaceutical to the units are you guys you'll need to tie back from T. nagar bank the bed the sequel sees Simon kind email I'd seek out a form for the only non I don't blame him I need him to move to to talk I communicated them to your hotel not to feed it to happen now tell him Bates okay and let him come out you can get what does she enjoy it hot but wanna going why why don't you write a subset Hindi K. Butler County I need to widen the genocide and are in it you know see or not but the I'm doubting or alcohol futon Biden tag college if when I'm inside old dog on a growth I hot G. del Fondo con el productor treasury my some joy a minute okay so are you to withhold all you should know more she can okay to weigh at all we are determined by okay you outlaw okay is this your job the young guys okay pop this you can you can try to see it Ali H. U. K. at centerpoint often Harlem would only come out yet you can hire him long ago when he fatally I'm Dio Cologne in your own whole cheetah tiny if we don't don't let it die we'll see you there I don't know if that's a hopeful okay so going on you got to the final come they will cater to okay hang on one hand they told me to call you how do you talk to who they are all this is done poorly okay on a someone title in a new area our hi this animal final move up finally the whole bill gates and forgot the full image of god though they call our then you need you got a biology hi make up when they have that monopoly only in Asia diaries summons a small font may call more financial reports audit utility on to what the other phone what if you don't decide to become more fun with its at large let me quote your whole body sings overtop sana hi he dies Sophia okay and Hey Carl fine how sick according you know Tanya I'm U. eight U. gumball find them or buying power how how well you know Jon they some tree are you on the are they do you don't have winter when I'm guiding you know communism as he died you got forty five five thirty to at what I need the front of celluloid with okay now hi how's site ought to he said Monday find out how sick according young Tanya I'm you gonna say make aka how quite sentado how quick if the outside my journey tell ana ratio of hi our state should go far off on hi I'm awful friends for your audience hours on the internet I'm I'm gonna find out how to find the owner Rachel you'll.

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