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"jonathan jay stephens" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"jonathan jay stephens" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"To the door seven to four face of the right hand side of Corey Crawford who just made his best save of the game so far. over one for the red wings on their power play. all right the drawn to the right of Crawford wings get it Chris Terry federal of point Ericson pumps the toward the next block in front of Billy both Chris got that pays back through center ice crossing the week one I gave the put the T. lander deliver the right point Senate down toward the quarter they larose picks up the puck for the wings John about the glass of the hot glue line doubling back don't could keep the grab at their Activo question the hawks don't drop that off the Patrick Kane and ill break through center ranks works in over the red wings line to the left wing outboards got through it and we get a whistle outside of the of the far side by the Johnson tapes. was repelled only here lately thing again I think it gets cane as he entered the wing zone or wow. the park in and just try to go through the check there may be a stick. that's one of the red wing players. two minutes I'm sticking with Patrick Kane the dirty fellow. so he is in the box red wings go right back to the power play. couple opportunities to shots on their first noted that it. face off to the right hand side of Corey Crawford Jonathan Jay Stephens to take it. Natalie at sixteen sixteen a period.

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