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"jonathan denis" Discussed on The Starters

"I wouldn't mind trying to see how people react to the fans aren't going to be there. Right. It's going to be. Yeah. But again, if it's in a big city like LA or or New York people go people show up. Well, it'll be full, no doubt. But you know, Rick Johnson seats in the third ball. He's not gonna be able finals tickets tickets to come by anyway. Now, you're asking him to fly. At one year goes maybe you get a great seven game. Have all just going to pick a city, then have the that's why in this question. Troy one time love to try it. That would be flying. Anyone? Yeah. That's true. Jonathan dennis. That is that's the guy you just f- Jared wrote this Email Jonathan Denis also at rat trap tease. That's the who we unknowingly. No credit hours. Now, we're going to bring in each segment in the tweet tweet week. I don't love this idea. But let's hear from you guys and wasn't Jonathan Dennis. Thank you for that Email this one here. I don't know if you've got the drop ready or at your fingertips, we're actually I guess it's more of a sound bite as he says Dave from Calgary lives in Calgary. But from Toronto you always says that Dave HALE if you could trade to characters between TV shows modern or classic what's a trade that would make both shows better. Also, I've been wondering forever thought the best way to get the answer would be to ask a good question and slipped. This in here is the trivia challenge. Soundbite. Elaine from Seinfeld with another Quinn. Just answer the damn question. Into. Definitely not. No. I never thought that what I read this like now, it's. Well, I started the obviously, it's a it's a long gated. It's just some random person on YouTube who was doing a trivia contest. Probably for the bachelor something like described it. Gotcha. Yeah. So sorry that prison. Sounds more. Like, the my fiance. I have lost my fiance to to meet from Seinfeld. But believe it or not I actually have this. I know he's here somewhere L N. Have you seen my fiance? He's up saying going upstairs come say on looking for him. I have lost my fiance. Baby players get JD. With another Quinn. Just answer the damn question. Two. See my fiance. He's upset going upstairs. Come on say. I'm looking for him. I have lost my fiance the poor baby. In the trivia that is Chris Tucker, though. Right. Yes. Definitely anyway trading two characters between TV shows. What's a trade that makes both shows better than on Steve urkel for Dwight shoot says..

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