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"jonathan buzzfeed" Discussed on Radio Boston

"It is a threat to their safety. It is a threat to the public health. And that is exactly why the cdc should be intervening in. Must act on this so to you. Have access to doctor will landscape. Is this a conversation that you have or can have with her directly. Well i've not spoken with her directly Perhaps my my office. Has i know we have been in a ongoing and regular communication with the white house And of course Democratic leadership and again my progressive colleagues. Just i'm looking for a any any avenue here To be exhausted him to continue to apply pressure and to make sure. Does yana that people. You know when. I was a freshman in the one hundred sixteen congress during orientation. The best advice i received there was in the process of legislation governing. It is easy to forget. The plot and the plot is the people. And so you know what i'm here to do and why we can't on those steps is to center the people. These are not Numbers that were moving around on paper. This is a threat to people to humanity to the public hell and it's unconscionable that we allowed this to happen because the thing is to yana. Eviction is violent and it is a policy choice and to be evicted. Pre pandemic is inhumane. Not be evicted in the midst of a pandemic is unconscionable and the thing that makes me sick is that it was one hundred percent of voidable that is congresswoman on presley who represents the massachusetts seventh district congresswoman. Thanks for your time. Thank you vaccines. All the answer on the variant. By the way. Thank you vaccinated. One of the storylines of this year's olympics in tokyo has been the journey of usa gymnast. Simone biles byles widely recognized as the best gymnast in the world. Many would save all time shocked the world by pulling out of the team competition after just one event byles later explained that she was experiencing. What an her sport is called the twisties not working to talk actually more in depth. About what the twisties are in a moment but the key thing to know right now is that they have to do with the way your mind works as a gymnast rather than say a problem with your ankle or your knee and that has led to an intense public conversation on how we think about mental health especially for elite athletes will to licensed therapists. Who are local. Have a podcast on just that subject. It's called the grim. Dr referring to that push to be the best always jonathan buzzfeed and john. Cuna are here with us to impact both. Why biles decision has sparked such community conversation and what she teaches us for high school athletes sports culture and more john and jonathan. Welcome back to radio boston x. By to be here..

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