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"jonathan binga" Discussed on Premium Hoops

"When he comes back is wise men even playable when he comes back because he's been rehabbing all summer. All these are just injury questions and as we know nothing ever goes planet in the nba. It never does it. Health is never going to shake out. Exactly how you want it to. And you're gonna have to adapt on the fly. And that's why when your for lack of a better term wasting roster spots on young guys that debt gets cut thin really really quickly and now you're playing instead of you know you wanted wise only played ten to fifteen minutes now. He's playing twenty-five. Because you have some injuries you didn't think it was gonna play all your one now. He's playing fifteen minutes at night. Because auto and andre or injured because their ancient they can't move anymore so yet it. It's just one of those things where there is a huge slippery slope appearance of how quickly things can fall off and auto is one of those guys. He is one of those guys where it's like. Yeah he could be one of their best players or he could play thirty games this year. Yeah it's tough because i kind of feel similarly like i I i i think it would be more optimistic. He's going to be a fine rotation player. But it's just like okay. What are we getting it. you know. it's it's banking a lot on A lot on on having outward real grow back this the wrong way put it like an outlier like coming back into himself in just the way that like you mentioned i think he's played less than eighty games in the last year or so and for what it's worth has looked guttering preseason. He's obviously shooting the hell out of the ball. He always does. He's been diving on the floor for loose balls. His conditioning looks good. It doesn't look right but he hasn't looked overly tired or unable to move compared to the last couple of years. It does look better. But i just i don't wanna jumped sharp and say oh. Yeah he's going to be great for this team because we don't know yet we've got to see how it looks in the first couple of months in back you can actually stay on the court for long stretches of time when the regular season starts to catch up with you a little bit. You know. he needs he needs the goggles. Bring back the goggles from georgetown. In the first two years in washington man the only way it'll solve all the issues as a resident georgetown fan. I'll never forget. Washington absolutely shit can buy by florida gulf coast in the tournament but i forgot that was them. Yeah that was housed. That was the best georgetown team the last decade and they just got a photograph and they caught. It was worth it man standards worth. It's to watch that caught fire like few other teams maybe in basketball and especially in the way they did it to like it was dunking on like high major. It wasn't getting it was crazy man. Well okay so talk about another young guy to obviously young but in terms of what we already talked about wiedeman. Jonathan binga and moses moody both got drafted this year. I think you know. I was definitely. I won't say lower on kamenga..

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