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"jonathan abram taylor" Discussed on NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

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"jonathan abram taylor" Discussed on NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

"Give become production. All right. Let's let's let's get rolling here. Tight ends tied at ten is. It's been pretty much the same throughout the process. It's go hawk it's fan earth. Smith junior stern burger and in my newcomer is Dawson knocks from ole miss. Yeah. Look quick when you mentioned him a little bit earlier stern burger Sternberg or go in the second round or third round. I think he's running into board online. I think he may be sneaking to the second round because I speak three titans to maybe go in the first round and that could be enough to kind of push him. The I'm going to go to me. I think you use. What's study the Philadelphia Eagles how they use eckerd's? That's how you should use Sternberg. Or I think he's that flexed out guy. Let them roll their art, but give me the tackles. And then the guard centers give me both lists and kind of put those then I'll get you one question. Okay. Here we go John Taylor. Andre dealer. Jona Williams, Cody Ford, Greg little five insi- guys bribery, Jenkins McCoy Lindstrom and Michael Jordan. Yeah. This is more of a comment than a question. But talking to people around the league in the last week L Jenkins is there's a lot of people really like him, and I've kind of had him paid his maybe late second. Maybe even early third. I think now it's more likely he's going to go between the twenties, and he'll be off the board by the time. We get to forty. He's he's he's got a little bit of his he definitely has a fan club. I've been hearing the same. All right. Let's get to give me mix together. DT's and your rush. Go is into your guys. Quinton williams. It Oliver Christian Wilkins dicta Lawrence. Jeffrey, Simmons edge guys, Nick Bosa. Josh Allen, Rashawn Gerry, Montus, wet and Cleland Ferrell. Sweat versus Gary is interesting conversation. I have Gary I'm with you on that. I people around the league interested to see what happens, you never know. Everybody's lying this time of year. But I got the sense just talking to people around the league that they are not all sold at sweats going to be a top ten pick. There's some people think he could drift a little bit yet can believe that. I can see that is one of those things we're so far away from the season. Everything is going to cloud it. So who knows where the go this log of confusion, so the fog of confusion, it's that time of year Hugo lot, me linebackers. We can kind of run through Devon white Devon Bush MAC Wilson trae l'amour Jemaine print is my newcomer at five. Yeah. The one that I would say stood out to me. I'm not I'm just not a big tree l'amour guy. But this linebacking class linebacker classes up to it's hard to get fired up about anybody. It is to go into effect almost blueprint over trae Lamar being a former free safe. I take. You know, he has some value at terms of his ability to kind of run and cover had a much better combine, and I think people talked about he runs around pretty good. I think this guy's is pretty good player. Now, I would I would go probably with throw the Hawaii kit in there too. By a he's Johnny come lately. He's he's a guy that people are talking about too. But he's not better. I just get all right corners by Murphy, greedy Williams. Rocky's in de'andre Baker in Lonnie Johnson junior. I talked to a team talk to a team the other day book talked to general manager and we're going through corners. I don't know if they're gonna pick one or not, but he was very forthright. This is how we haven't finalized it. But as of right now, this is how we have it stacked. Literally, your one through five is exactly how we had stacked. Exactly the same. Wow. Every has all those guys kinda grouped into especially those first four. I think everybody I've talked to has those as the first four with Lonnie Johnson being kind of the wild card could jump into that party. Yeah. It'd be interesting to see how how their port plays out. He he's a talented, dude, man. He has a lot of choose and traced at you like independent on coaching. And what you prefer it to position he could be higher on the board. Let's say of. Jonathan Abram Taylor. Rab donate savage, Zere Adderley in Chauncey Gardiner Johnson, finishes it up. Yeah. I've got a I still have rap as my third safety issue. Number two. I tell you what I have I have Adderley to. Okay. So I just have I have two and four. I just have flip. But I will say the there's a lot of people that are talking into and being okay with the four seven four. So he's going to go in the top forty picks. If he doesn't go in the first round, which it would be it would be unusual because I mentioned to the day last twenty years slowest safety to go in the first round. If analytics, it doesn't work, but I'm telling you there's people in the league that are forgive their forgiven him. He's such a good football player teams are working around that. Now, I think there's a chance he could go on one. I still think probably more likely early too. But the thought of him because he ran still going to third round forget about that. He can me long gone. He's gonna be long gone. And the thing about him is we all are shaped by our previous experiences. And he reminds me so much of what I used to Russell wit with Eric Weddell when Eric was coming out of the and I was like man, you know, she's a little faster Hughes disc, but you turn onto tape and he's always around the ball. He's always in the right position. And it kinda plays out is frozen. So Taylor rib benefits from what I would call it. The Eric whittle boost I'm going to Bank on what he did on tape. And I'll worry about the workout an audit.

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