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"jonas spa" Discussed on Chad Ford's NBA Big Board

"We're gonna be watching the magic. Really closely moses moody also sort of in that mix and certainly james book night. Is there a guy that i think would probably be the top of their list. Orlando chances that are orlando trading. This pick though. I think they're considerable. That they may opt out for something else at eight that leaves the sacramento kings at nine. And you know the thing about the kings that i find so interesting is that they've been big franz wagner guys Really this entire draft process this very analytics driven front office and wagner just majors out really well analytically been this particular mock draft that we talked about we just had franz wagner going seven to the golden state warriors. So he's not there. So what a sacramento. Do i guess they could. You know maybe try to Make a deal to move up and give give the warriors something to return or they could take the guy. That actually is even a bigger analytic starling. Then franz wagner. That's alpern sin. Goon i out of turkey. Who kevin pelton. Who does the analytics work for. Espn just ranked as the top player in the draft from his analytics models. That he's had. I've talked to several other teams and folks that really dive heavily into analytics. They all love sin. Goon they all temperate with look. We understand that. He's a more traditional back to the basket. Low post player may be something that you're not as in vogue in the nba. Today where we think about big switchable athletic bigs that can stretch the floor. That's not sin goon but its production and turkey is so good at so high He's mvp of the turkish league that. I think that there's an argument that he's gonna turn into something. Maybe it's not nicoli yokich but maybe Vucevic for example i've maybe ido muscle bodice d'amato bonus sorry Maybe that's another guy that he could turn into an at nine. That's a pretty good. Get especially for sacramento. Who absolutely does need help on their frontline. They're aiming for the play offs and here's an eighteen year old that you're bringing in that actually has played high level basketball. I'm in turkey. He's going to be more ready than most of the college prospects that are that. Are there Trae murphy's another guy on that you could hear his name called in sacramento. So i think it's sort of wagner sin goon And then maybe trae murphy. At the next level at at nine at ted the memphis grizzlies. Who just recently made a trade with the new orleans. Pelicans the grizzlies got stephen adams. That deal got eric bledsoe. Also got the They also got the fortieth pick in the draft. The pelicans moved down to seventeen They get jonas spa in tunis. They also get the fifty for spin the draft and you know the question has been all along what is memphis doing. Who are they after Why did they move up into the top ten right now and i think the answer from all the sources that i can hear is that that is franz wagner. That they're after at ten the problem in at least in the mock draft. That i'm putting together is that he's off the board seven. He isn't available at ten. And now it puts them in the conundrum of okay. Who else do we want on the board. I was told that memphis is really looking for d wing. Someone who's athletic construct the floor and can defend and i can see why franz wagner would be interesting choice there. The other names that i'm hearing are more interesting. Moses moody fits some of that three part for sure the deep part probably certainly has linked but he lacks the elite athletes and elite size for the position. Josh giddy out of australia. Who doesn't really have three or d To his game but he is a big playmaker at an excellent ball. Handler and excellent passer. And i'm not exactly sure how he fits in memphis but hearing quite a bit that he's a guy that memphis could take and then finally is your williams out of stanford who probably fits the bill. More of what they're looking for is a little bit of a prospect. A little bit riskier. And maybe they're just not comfortable taking him at ten. The same way i certainly in my opinion would be and and i think that zaire might be a really great fit there. I but i m putting josh giddy here right now. Seems like there's the most smoke and that's kind of all it is right now. Most smoke around giddy. I'm right now at ten again. This is something. We'll be digging into undrafted in his. You subscribed in big board dot com if we update the mock draft. I'd throughout the day again. Maybe there's a trade or we get information. Hey it's your williams it's not. It's not josh. Giddy make changes to the mock throughout the day and if you've subscribed with us in our newsletter then whenever those changes happen you'll get an e mail in your in box. Let you know what it is certainly will be posting those changes on twitter. I'm as well as you can see in. The net will cut off about an hour before the draft as we launch into our live draft coverage over on lockdown. Nba with with rafeal barlow with John corrales with oliver locked on host. And i'm really excited and stoke to be there Debris down this whole draft.

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