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"jonah tyrian" Discussed on Game of Thrones The Podcast

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"jonah tyrian" Discussed on Game of Thrones The Podcast

"We started off with john arriving a dragon stone and he's greeted by tyrian emits sandy and she asked him to surrender their weapons and uh their boat as well he doesn't doesn't really agree to that but it happens anyway uh they comply in the head into the castle and as they do drug onto the fly by on them and there's a lot of good dialogue rubbishing permission to buzzed the tower yeah they didn't ask preparation he topgun date strait of top to uh i i it's funny how they react versus how like tyrian and miss sandy and the other soldiers react because they they react to it but it's more like a there goes broke on do and his staying right but john and bravo davos hit the deck mehta though i mean it for good reason it well i mean imagine like if you affect how hard we get used to achieve super predator like that in the skies like something the size of a jumbo jet that you can just come screaming down a brief fire on in its it's also hurt deny get impressions dragons it's kind of fucking with them yeah you know it's like every time sometimes when i walk that's my cashless reach out like grabbed my ankle i feel it's like you know kind of like a viewer one tend to size out killing each year now and i feel like the the dragons are doing that except for they are they are mmhmm lie ten times bigger than humans so i don't know i guess it how does dany treat how does dany teach them not to eat people or her people's specifically i don't know it's that that connection i guess she just says hey these are my friends go go eat some goats or maybe go flat kingsley that said things she also doesn't want him flying can you imagine she days why flew the king's leanings are eating people or yeah get era got themselves killed but he's stupid crossbows like oh what do you do what you do with these reagan's been yeah it was nice to see a jonah tyrian reunited they they've always had a bit of a rapport um that i enjoyed yeah the reminiscent like you know anytime characters.

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