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"jonah general lamad" Discussed on Scotch Parlor | Capturing Lifestyles

"So it's kind of problem us there's another book Called desert ball which was written by a woman. Amy irvine which was a response to desert solitaire. And so i think and that was. i mean. it's it's really tiny but it's like a tickets. There's a passage that. I think the only thing that's ever brought me to tear that a road and so like i read them in tandem. This time i mean. I've read the solitaire a couple of months like this time. I read that again and then i read this book And it was really interesting to read them again. I like readings in. i think. Look if you read a good book you kinda graciosa kind of like you know. So it's like i. I would definitely say like does solitaire as a really great book. It makes you ask a lot of questions about him at about his views and how it's today's version of the world and stuff and then she'd have patches some of those holes up at like a very very way. The she writes. Look amazing. And i just thought of another clerical trespassing because i really like that unites. They somewhat expensive google. I'll make sure. I have your your book list on scott products blog. Post your list of books and then as far as their booze of choice when you're out in the in the desert are you. Are you drinking whisky. You have a few beers as it. No alcohol what what what. You're what Pretty diverse assortment. I would say i drink bourbon. So like ultra greg I wish i had a favorite bourbon. I don't like good bourbon like a bottle of voters Like yeah i think since i was a kid kids like in. My twenties always had like a like a bottle of old crow. Like crowd was like the classic like a plastic bottle. The plastic doesn't break in the truck when it's rattling around the twenty bucks for a big thing. How it's some coffee in the morning if you need to like. That's cool cool all right. So enclosing general have just two more to ask questions a little bit deeper questions. Never the easy. But but how would you want to describe your legacy up to now And i know you're you're still going But how would you if someone wanted to describe. How would you want them to describe as an adult as a weird where. I don't know i like. I said before. Like i have a problem. Not doing the things that i do And i think that's both getting a bad thing. You know. But i don't know anybody who will speak to the fact that like if i think i need to do within do thing and that's all i really like asked if myself at this point you know honorary no like legacy is such a strong word you know. I know some oin at some point. We all pass away or move forward. I don't pass at some point. We move into something else and all that is left is like what we put on the table. If i leave enough photographs nikki bold initiative. Outside at mike i leave. You know some of my bullshit written down on paper and make people feel something they read it. And i think that's an option. I think i'm not definitely taken a lotta photographs and definitely Shit on papers. So i think that if this alabama and finish the sentence johnno is elsewhere awesome. that's awesome. Why just the last thing is if you want to as far as your website you if you want to just say any of your social media handles again and because i barely touched on your black and white photography i did he at the beginning and But as far as any social handles that you wanna offer just as they want to connect with them and yet. I mean jonah General lamad at gene dot com. That's an email. i'm not gonna give my phone number out of gas. But i have much socket. Email virginal all text based communication honesty. A lot of people really don't appreciate that social media yeah chance grams l. e. dot is my color one and then i do have a black and white one because at some point in life i decided it together and said i have to And that one is elsewhere doubt often and and yeah and then you get older. I will eventually samba stuff. So yeah well you know what dude. I absolutely adored this conversation with you. Learned it just it just like again your photography and just kind of researching you know. Just how you are on your web and the other thing like you're a hell of a writer to what i read your your captions through instagram. And i was just like oh my god. This guy's a poet to like the way you right. But but i truly appreciate getting to know you and and sharing you know why you do what you do and and how you do it. And it's an honor to have you. Have you speak on scott for podcasts. And i truly appreciate your time and showing your story. Thanks for out of town or the -solutely also awesome. So this will close out. Another episode of the scotch potter podcast. And make sure you your check out the scotch partner blog and to see additional pictures of his work and see on the next one. Thank you for listening to another scotch. Part of podcast. Please visit scotch part dot com to see short documentary videos and more podcast episodes of other inspiring creators. And make sure you subscribe to the podcast and check us out on instagram. Facebook and youtube scotch parlor till next. Time cheers in go create..

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