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"jon benet reposing" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"Jonah just turned fifty three He. He just got an a six figure work bonus days earlier he was married to a forty year old former beauty queen. He was crushing life not only did he and his model Stepford wife tight family have an amazing home in boulder they also stunning summer Home Lake Michigan and the twenty five hundred person picturesque little lake town of charlevoix situated between Lake Lake Michigan and the western end of Lake Show Voi- which drains into Lake Michigan through the short round Lake Pine River Complex in the heart of downtown Charlevoix little summer resort town. It's been that way since the eighteen eighties waterfront home was one thousand seven hundred thousand square feet for bedroom for half baths valued over three hundred thirty thousand dollars at the time time the idea around a million dollars now the ramseys also maintain a third residents in Atlanta Georgia where they lived before moving to boulder drove luxury cars had a boats John had two separate it private planes they use pie license to fly around in they had big parties they would throw some of which would cost upwards of thirty thousand dollars and have actors performing part. I mean crushing rushing it. especially for Bolder Boulder Colorado still didn't even have one hundred thousand people in Nineteen. ninety-six only has one hundred ten thousand now. The Metro area has around three hundred douses mostly known as the home of Colorado's biggest university. The University of Colorado the buffaloes and the ramseys were kind of a big deal in boulder. Now you're GONNA have less members of the upper crust in a place like boulder then you're going to have some place at San Francisco or Manhattan. They were rich attractive had two well behaved beautiful kids burke was shy and quiet little Jon Benet was the exact exact opposite by the age of six already one America's Royal Miss Little Miss Charlevoix Little Miss Colorado Colorado State all-star kids covergirl the crown of national tiny miss beauty and more watch videos love singing and dancing in public or tiny body exuded charisma choose little star. Her Dad was one of the city's rising business stars her mom moms want towns premier socialites and her brother well yeah he was there to nine and cute and he smiled for all the family photos. If you live anywhere near the time Amazon Benes short life you'll probably remember you know some of Genie's beauty pageant pictures on the covers of almost every grocery store tabloid there week after week month after month year after year following her death. I still see her face at the grocery store. She's on the cover. Something just a few weeks ago some tabloid and it's been over twenty years since her death. Her death fascinated fascinated America at a level comparable to Nicole Simpson or Caley Anthony actually more Nicole's probable killer. OJ Simpson Keighley's probable killer Casey. Anthony Don sucks on both of them. They got more media attention than Jon Benet Murder Suspect John Patricia Burke Ramsey and others but as a homicide victim I I can't think of literally anyone who has got the same level of media exposure as Jon Benet Ramsey not even Natalie Holloway who infamously disappear almost a decade later in Aruba. Why did her case receive so much? Coverage will partially because she was a little beauty pageant winner. Let's be honest America Covets beautiful creatures more than those deemed not not as attractive beautiful people to covers more magazines and tabloids than the ugly people alive or dead and they always will also I think in in my lifetime at least because of a also because her family was wealthy. Americans are endlessly fascinated by opulence those who lives so many of us only dream about no one would give of to Fox about the car crashes if they were pouring ugly I mean wealth is a big part of the American dream. Is it not when you hear examples of people making it never tell us about let them live modestly barely paying bills being great parents being heavily involved in their community. You know doing hands on charity work. No it's tails. The people coming from nothing ended up richest faulk back then. Maybe doing some good with that money money. We love money here in America. I love my a little of freedom it can give you I get it and also part of the fascination surrounding the murder murder of Jon Benet has to do with children's beauty pageants. How could it not back in nineteen ninety six over a decade before shows like the at best creepy and at worst softcore or pedophile porn toddlers and Tiaras and the so bad? I wondered if it was a possible sign of an impending apocalypse. The first time I heard about it here comes honey boo boo very few people even a new these pageants existed scene is sixty seen a six year old girl decked out and make up and outfits that would seem you know possibly overly sexual worn by a sixteen year old girl captured the public's attention. It became fascinated because it's so what the fuck is going on here confusing. Why is this happening who dresses or kindergarten like that? Why was your mom's so into her being a model at such a young age and I mean seriously who does that who dresses up their six year old and bright red lipstick teases out their hair puts tons of foundation Mascara scare an island or on the face addressing essentially a mini skirt and cowboy boots and tight tank top Nazar dancing singing for an audience grownups fucking weird it also takes glamor shots were she's posing obviously sexualize ways like a photographer asked my eleven year old daughter to pose in similar ways as I've seen after research Jon benet reposing in Glamour shots? I would have a little what the fuck are you doing bud conversation with guy. Tell him he's leave right now unless he wants his camera and possibly parts of his perverted body a broken broken. All my hack hack gets me fired up but their parents have anything to do with a murder. Maybe maybe not will occur in both directions basic ecstatic on child murder lean towards the likelihood that Jon Benet was killed by someone within her own family but the brutality of the crime points towards someone outside inside the home. It's crazy case and it only gets crazy. The more you look at it spawned dozens of books documentaries theories that range from a simple cover by rich parents to Satanic Child Porn rings things of course to John Being Alive today and performing his pop star Katy Perry seriously. That's a that's a conspiracy not just some of my tomfoolery and yes we will for sure have an idiot to the Internet segment today before we dive into a time line expiration in this case. Let's take a quick look context start with Kitty pageant kosher then quick little bio for each member of the Boulder Ramsey household child pageantry in America consists of about two hundred and fifty thousand children who compete in around five thousand pageants nationwide nationwide each year makes almost fourteen paget's for kids a day own my heck what the fudge stink in Gali Dead Nabet of that disturbs me because so many straight dudes are biologically hardwired to want to see women naked more than we want to see food on our table or the sun keep coming up. We already have more than enough sexualization in society. Here's some porn stats. I've found porn sites attract more visitors each month and Amazon and Netflix combined thirty percent of all Internet content is Porn fifty-six percent of divorces involve one spouse having an obsessive interest in online porn twenty percent of all mobile web searches are porn the world in general already struggles with giving women more than just a sexual identity because most porn is negative women so why the fuck would any parent in the right mind WanNa push their daughter into already been physically objectified when she's only six years old. I know that's not how they see it but that is how it's perceived creeps. I she's going to have to deal with that. Shit soon enough. Give her a few years to enjoy your childhood. I stutter letter fart and fucking Pinault's in shops smell NYC fucking hot garbage no dirt on her face and scraped up knees because she tried doing some sick as trick on her fucking bike letter letters be a kid but digress back to beauty pageants. The beauty pageants for adult women have existed in one form or another for centuries for example Medieval Brits celebrated May Day by having a little who looks the hottest in the long form thin bitten kind of our form Haydn. I guess more poofy White Dress Show and picking a May queen pageants got going in America in the Mid Nineteenth Century famous circus entrepreneur or businessmen all around exploitation machine. Hopefully Future Suck p.t barnum organized America's First Beauty Pageant for adult women in eighteen fifty four and it did not go well. The public protested parading women out in front of men in judging them on their looks was immoral indecent. It caused quite to kerfluffle instead of giving up on the whole idea of judge human beings made sack solely on their physical attractiveness borrowing thought well if they won't let me exploit women what if I could explore some babies and the very next year eighteen fifty-five a national contest barnum orchestrated called the national baby show attracted one hundred and forty-three child contestants and sixty one thousand viewers and then baby parades soon became all the rage around the country in the coming decades and there are still baby pageants today quick Google search to to sunburst beauty dot com Jon Jon Benet did some sunburst beauty pageants and they have competitions for girls from the age of just popped out a mom's baby whole to the age of twenty seven and that's it. That's it nothing for those twenty eight and up up. I guess I guess twenty eight is is ancient in the Padua just boo get that twenty eight year old office stage we came here. See some heart kids Ed's if you go to chowder baby patch and by the way I highly encourage you to use the word hot as much as possible in sexy. I don't WanNa do show by himself wearing aviator. VR Sunglasses indoors and having his hands in his pockets all the time standing in the back of the room. Just yelling shit like yeah knows kids. Don't hothouse babies talking about route say sexy hot near Saint Somebody sexy kids one hotel hot sexy babies then I want that they can stop having fucking weird pageants. That'll fuck it. Shut it down. An an expert on baby contests explained that many of these baby pageants babies have been historically in the early one stripped naked and judged by physicians according to a meticulous point system like the Houston cattle judging as what the nineteenth century beauty pageants works. That's cool cool yeah. It's not fucked up at all. Hey Lady come grab your degrade baby. Get the hell out of here where scarce him. It's a beauty pageant not an audition for Halloween Halloween House a horse once you take your Saka fussily sneak out the back they aren't you scared are hot sexy. Baby's cyber baby conscious went on hiatus in the nineteen eighteen fifties as a baby parades. Why 'cause people finally decided is pretty fucked up? Start Great Mates acts on their physical appearance when they're still in diapers. JK They didn't care about that at all. kids started getting polio and events where large groups of random children would needlessly congregate in public starting to seem like a like a dumb idea polo another various communicable diseases pre vaccine days. Luckily.

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