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"jon sharpe" Discussed on Other Side of Texas

"So he say the truck around. No, it's not that. I've got a boiling rabbit on my stove. It's that I've got a wobbly need eleven year old, and you know, mistakes mistakes. She didn't mean to do it. And some I'm good with it. But. Il on that. I got a couple of things I wanted to get into in one of them is this Charles Schwarzer thing, you know, about five Neff hours from Lubbock just above round rock 'cause you go into Austin. I thirty five there's a state Senator named Charles Schwartz ner who. Was not proven guilty or innocent. In a university of Texas finding a they didn't investigation about him, sexting, new new term here. Proud conservative Charles Werner, sexting with a UT Abebe UT grad student, and oh how much time I wanna put into that something that is on the stack that looks. Here's my thing. Lump county is crazy so far if you're listening in and you're just a dated a guy, and there are a lot of data to get day guys who liked to listen and just get some nuggets, and we're gonna get into vet school here in just a second. But get some nuggets about what's happening going on here on the program. I think that on the left in Lubbock, you could very will elect a Yugoslavia's on the right? There are a lot of guys who I'm pretty sure if David Koresh were still in this world would vote for David crash who themselves look a lot like David Koresh and talk a lot like David Koresh in. It's just crazy. It just seems to me that the time is ripe to begin to think about maybe third way. Maybe maybe there should be a prairie populist platform. I'm not trying to organize anything. I'm simply suggesting that for a lot of people. What is going on in the county Republican county democratic meetings is so far outside their purview that this is why a lot of people don't care about politics because it's not worth caring about what some of these advocates one of these some of these strong believers want to be up held. It's not about engagement to them. It's about win at all cost, and and lose if you must is it's not about what's doing right for the greatest amount of people in. I totally get that disdain maybe there should be a rise of prairie populism. I think for a lot of people to connect these two topics ago to talk politics is like thinking about the headache of getting a big ole handle. Bar on the bicycle down. The side of the truck just a big screech in enough going on kids involved with all these things all these things going on, you know, time to sit down and think through shabas versus Karesh is crazy town. Jerry won't give the last name Jerry in our anonymous mail bag asking do we have the firepower to get a vet school done? I think that what's the misnomer for me is how much Joe Straus. A former house speaker did on the vet school. How much he worked personally to get it done. And I don't know that you've got that commitment from the next speaker in I don't mean to be derogatory towards Dennis bond, and the presumptive Nick speaker of the house, but it takes a little bit more than just a let the house rule the house. There has to be leadership that's involved that wants something to happen of the magnitude of vet school, especially the magnitude that Jon Sharpe is put in before it. Then we've had your last week. We had present scuba neck of texting adversity on the show talking about the sort of. Firepower. That Jon sharp taxonomy is putting into this thing. But do we have the firepower to counteract in? I think that you have to look at this and go through a few things. One is to look at. And I get this question a lot. Why does Texas Tech one vet school in Amarillo? Why can't it be in Lubbock because whenever you expand out, and you bring entities in the Midland and bring into tease into Abilene in even El Paso in Amarillo. You get more entities involved in the fight Lubbock is it's too big a fight fight alone. In. So whenever you look at this vet school eve group in Amarillo called Amrullah matters in..

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