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Astros slug 3 HRs in 4th straight win, 11-7 over Blue Jays

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Astros slug 3 HRs in 4th straight win, 11-7 over Blue Jays

"Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Pena Pena Pena Pena socked socked socked socked a a a a three three three three run run run run home home home home run run run run to to to to lead lead lead lead Houston Houston Houston Houston delivered delivered delivered delivered seven seven seven seven win win win win over over over over the the the the blue blue blue blue jays jays jays jays to to to to open open open open a a a a three three three three game game game game series series series series at at at at Rogers Rogers Rogers Rogers centre centre centre centre Pena's Pena's Pena's Pena's fourth fourth fourth fourth Homer Homer Homer Homer of of of of the the the the season season season season to to to to left left left left one one one one four four four four hundred hundred hundred hundred seven seven seven seven feet feet feet feet as as as as part part part part of of of of a a a a five five five five run run run run sixth sixth sixth sixth inning inning inning inning house house house house in in in in buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo I I I I wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't getting getting getting getting the the the the results results results results I I I I want want want want but but but but I I I I feel feel feel feel like like like like I I I I was was was was seeing seeing seeing seeing the the the the ball ball ball ball well well well well and and and and not not not not just just just just looking looking looking looking for for for for good good good good pitches pitches pitches pitches to to to to hit hit hit hit and and and and Alex Alex Alex Bregman Bregman Bregman a a a Jordan Jordan Jordan overruns overruns overruns also also also went went went deep deep deep on on on IPL IPL IPL strolls strolls strolls out out out of of of fourteen fourteen fourteen hits hits hits liberal liberal liberal junior junior junior belted belted belted a a a three three three run run run home home home run run run for for for Toronto Toronto Toronto he's he's he's six six six in in in a a a losing losing losing cause cause cause who's who's who's your your your Kitty Kitty Kitty with with with five five five innings innings innings for for for the the the win win win to to to approve approve approve two two two two two two with with with one one one twenty twenty twenty fourteen fourteen fourteen lost lost lost it it it to to to Paul Paul Paul to to to over over over to to to Jon Jon Jon Lovitz Lovitz Lovitz to to to run run run

Pena Houston Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Pe Buffalo Blue Blue Blue Blue Jays Jays Rogers Rogers Rogers Rogers Ce Homer Homer Homer Homer House House House House Alex Alex Alex Bregman Bregman Bregman Jordan Jordan Jordan Toronto Kitty Kitty Kitty Paul Paul Paul Jon Jon Jon Lovitz Lovitz Lovitz
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"jon lovitz" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"That is right for your home and have it up and running in minutes. That's ring dot com slash rich ring dot com slash rich. We've come up with some if you wouldn't mind Some knicks and how many different degrees they are separated from. Okay would you. we've got I went up is carmelo anthony. Alright with kevin bacon here carmelo. Anthony played himself in eddie. Murphy's two thousand nine comedy imagined that and then with an actress named Marin hinkle who is also in rails and ties two thousand seven drama directed by alison eastwood. Clint's daughter starring. You can only two degrees so that mellow mellow two degrees separate. Hey hey degree. you're in two degree guy. Here's another one. Kept for kevin bacon. Patrick ewing you wondering how many degrees you might be from you. I have no okay. Here we go. Patrick ewing played inc the angel of death in the exorcist. Three he did. I have to get that. Oh my eat. He played it with brad. Dorf an excellent actors. We all know yes He played christian slater's brother in murder in the first one thousand nine hundred five with. Wow kevin bacon. So patrick ewing's bakery. You can number if you will. I'm gonna walk out of here on a cloud to got one more for you. bernard king. Okay he played hustler and fast. Break the nineteen seventy-nine legendary fast-break. With laurence fishburne played whitey powers in mystic river in two thousand three with kevin bacon. Who would you have guessed that carmelo. Anthony patrick ewing and bernard king. Now two degrees. I would have but there is a long tradition of people in the nba. Making terrible movies so but there are degrees separated from all of that. I got one more for you as well. This is personal to us here at the rich. Eisen show we're going to go in opposite direction. Okay okay you start. Apollo thirteen directed by ron howard. Ron howard and scott. Bao's start together on happy days and mike. Del tufo are sound man when he was a limo driver. Now audio engineer for the richeisenshow he wants drove liza minelli and dropped her off late night at scott bao's house in los angeles driver. So you're del tufo. Degree of separation is three days. You're wondering this is the thing you always got to worry about with drivers and they you know you you just wanna go hang out with scott and write down the down the road you know that just comes back and bites nobody. Nobody's cool. nobody deal anymore. No sir no sir. That was funny. I haven't seen that video in a while. That was funny. All right we are back here on the rich eisen show on on peacock and also on this richeisenshow radio affiliate while we're on the subject of funny. Ap bio an all new season of the peacock original comedy ap bio is streaming now. Class is back in session. And there's even more to not learn..

kevin bacon Patrick ewing bernard king Marin hinkle alison eastwood carmelo whitey powers carmelo anthony Anthony patrick ewing knicks christian slater Ron howard Dorf Clint eddie Murphy Anthony laurence fishburne
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"jon lovitz" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"You don't agree with. I appreciate that. No no. i'm i'm totally with you. I am though Like nathan said. I'm all about these. The on the field ak that looks like portrait mode. Cool it does look like a video game. It does look very mad. Need to k. But it's like we've it's cool. It's just the access to on the fee. I wanna hear it. I wanna see it. It's really awesome. The enhanced audio mean. They started that about three years ago. I think where they put the mics. Like more than mike's on the players. and yes. You heard that last thursday when brady hit. It's insane gronk on the audible. Yeah he stopped on the touchdown play as yelled at gronk. You heard brady say it through the play. Boom yatch down. I don't think the players and coaches like that at all probably not but because you are literally hiring them every play there. Well no you can pick up. What's going on. Yeah change change your audibles like cancer on pool guys you saw pace manning might tell you how hard it is to call a play. Now you're gonna change. Our manning was also the same guy who brady's complaining about the jersey numbers yes he told brady lake. Look watch more film. I get you know that number. Six is now the middle linebacker. There's a new movie called searching for john lovett's except it's not about chest about fellow. We're looking for guys. I just got an email from. Nfl network public relations about a football life is returning nfl network. The premiere this friday on nfl network. And i got to speak to my nfl films people. Because i think they might be very upset about this breaking news That won't be included because it is in the can they can't open back up now. Ohno the feature is nick. Sabin oh and i don't think this whole dis not stuff is gonna covered now. You know what. Hey everybody i like. I like a football life. I like those. What are those about these. You got a post shower. Pre show fort you covered. That's all you cover includes interviews with. Nick sabin ms terry his wife his daughter his son saving I guess you gotta go by nicholas. Right here Bill belichick. Jason taylor carl banks. Whose listed as former cleveland browns player giants. What are you talking about ballot. Check there is nobody or respect. More in football than nick sabin anybody. That is a better coach. Nick sabin because nick he does everything well. As a matter of fact i take him and dis all the time. That last one bella check. Nick was the first coach. I hired in the best coach. I hired about the the browns. Nick was really my number one partner. There and our allotment so heavily on every level not only does but these levels. Sorry i'm keeping must have gotten the wrong wrong. I have a question. I have a question hypothetically speaking if we could somehow make this happen Nick sabin coaches a team of alabama. All stars who play in the nfl. Your ballot check coaches the hypothetical all-time patriots team who wins put a pin in that. Because our guest is is on the phone line right now. Great question. Chris i on the mercedes benz van phone line is none other than John roberts who's to tales of fifth grade robin hood is available right now on to be back here on the richeisenshow. How're you doing john. Great how are you talking to you again. Yes nice to talk with you again. so I i John is. I'd love to talk with you about your project and we will but i did want bring up Norm macdonald. i if you don't mind and your thoughts on on somebody who. I'm sure you've known for quite some time. Well yeah. I didn't know he was sick at all. It's sad he was a a great comedian and very very very funny very talented. And i when i started doing standup i used to. Host shows for snl. Like for five minutes. When victoria jackson and kevin nealon and and And then later on. I got better and better. And then they started opening as an opener for norm and then we would call headline about it for about a year. I did that and then. I started headlining on my own. But he was always very very funny. Nice guy and It's sad you know. Here's a son. And i met when his son was little. I feel very bad for sun. But i had no idea that he was Idea that he was sick. I mean i don't know anyone that knew the guys that they talked to closer to him than me. They didn't know. And so i mean what would you say because i've gone down Well we all have like a youtube wormhole on all of norms. Bits and moments and i mean what would you say because the thing that everybody keeps talking about is how fearlessly was and his commitment and things like that. You've got a good story about any of that either. From saturday night live and obviously out you know he was. You know really smart. You know he was like a math genius and he was extremely bright so one time we were doing a show and The he mississippi. And i'm not i'm not like him at all. Except if you to me like you can't say that talk about a certain thing or don't say that well now have to just kind of your about people you know. Don't you that it really bothers me. And then you're kind of a jerk like oh you mean like this. So so we were doing a show and I open forum about. I did about i guess. Minutes or twenty. Then he had like but it was for It was for a When you call on What it when the when they come to the audience gamblers. I forget the work so it wasn't people paying tickets. They did it. We did it. So he's doing this show and he's he's very funny but he's dirty so so i'll be someone yells well. We don't like that kind of talk so there's about i don't know four hundred people there and here's how many of you don't like that kind of talk you know and it was like the whole pack of how many of you don't mind and it was like twenty people to or ten people. He goes well i i. I hate to disappoint that. Those ten people because ratchet you don't like it and then he just got dirtier. I'm crying laughing. You know. thanks wasn't even laughing but he just you know that that was you know that was typical him fearless commitment. No doubt about that and just a couple more on this and then we'll we'll. We'll move on roasted bob. Sag was going to bring that one out. They edit it kinda screw you. So you've they point of the rose take always be funny but like the dirty right. So then he everyone's doing that including me. And then he gets up. And it's just telling the worst corneas jokes and that could just horrible jokes and then just going on and on so the audience is just staring at him. They weren't laughing right. And i realized he was the same thing. He did a mississippi. Just doing it to bug him. I'm like crying laughing because because he's eating it on purpose you know what i mean. He's just. I mean on purpose but it was on purpose and the jokes were horrible and i realized they don't. That's the joke but of course they don't get it because the jokes aren't good so of course they're not laughing but i know what he's doing so i was like crying laughing because i knew he was doing just a buckingham opposite. And you bob sag. It's because bob knows what he's doing the opposite of what they said. You're supposed to be dirty and finding out if the clean and tell horrible jokes. i remember. the joke is like your face. Looks like Collie flower you know like you look so ugly..

nfl Nick sabin brady Like nathan brady lake john lovett manning Nick sabin ms terry Jason taylor carl banks football nick sabin cleveland browns nick Nick Ohno Sabin Bill belichick Norm macdonald John roberts kevin nealon
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"jon lovitz" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"Note is in a persona for everybody is the rich eisen show. And then what. About timing bruce feldman what about urban obviously. Usc doesn't have to make a move right now. If he is only nine or or one an eleven. Now i don't earlier on the show pro football hall of famer marshall faulk oregon duck center. Alex foresight two-time oscar nominee director. Ken vard's coming up actor and comedian junk lovin and now rich. Our number three of the rich eisen show is on the air. Great chat with ken burns classed up the place After we went off the rails talking about the Video that's gone viral from yesterday's alabama press conference where One of nick saban's best on the defensive side of the ball gave up the dis nuts. Ghost oh that's out there. Dan apparently My buddy dan. Patrick has been all over that. Perlis story The so he's been all over the story if there's a story behind all of it at any rate Ken burns was on. The program. is new documentary series. The four part series on on a mohammed ali starts on pbs. On sunday it sounds amazing. Marshall faulk was on and our number one and just lit it up. It was just a terrific conversation. Always talking ball with marshals great go to our youtube feed youtube dot com slash richeisenshow for any of that including our chat with alex forsyth..

bruce feldman oregon duck center Alex foresight Ken vard Marshall faulk ken burns Usc Perlis oscar nick saban football alabama Patrick Dan mohammed ali pbs youtube alex forsyth
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"So the CDC is going to engage. In Critical race theory training when the president said, we don't do critical race Siri training. Because critical race there he is bigotry. Just like anti racism is bigotry. And I understand how that hits on the ear and eye understand when people go wallet and I can't believe you just said that. Let me say it again. Critical race theory is bigotry, Anti racism, training and anti racism as a concept is bigotry If you're meeting What's what's the word I'm looking for? Right if you're meeting discrimination with discrimination. And you're meeting future discrimination with discrimination. And that's not bigotry. I don't know what it is, If you're telling people because of the color of their skin, their guilty, for example, people who are white. Well, that's bigotry. I would never I would never allow myself to be involved in that. Wouldn't allow you to talk to my kids. Like like that. And that never, once. Never, ever. No chance. No. How It's bigotry. And we see it again and again and again. We've seen these trainings where basically, you know. Ah, white people are born into being subhuman. But here here's how you can make things better Send me money. You know, it's it's Jon Lovitz and the critic by my book. So the CDC wants to move forward with the these trainings and these trainings. Discuss things like anti racism and how employees have to target and destroy the values of focus on the individual. The myth of meritocracy. And the myth of American exceptionalism and white supremacist ideology. That's all critical race. Very Christopher Roof O has been doing the yeoman's work on this. He is the one who pointed out What's going on in Sandia National Laboratories with this critical race, very training this anti white training which is bigotry, of course. And had it put had them put an end to it. And then you have the president saying, We're not gonna be teaching this Not at all in any way. I'm not going to training on this. And this yet the CDC is moving forward. So I'm thrilled that this is getting attention because this has to be ripped out by the root. Not just solve anything this way. Unless, of course, the plan is not to solve anything but to decide that certain groups are guilty and through that guilt, be able to coerce them into some sort of activity, which is so anti American. I'll have no part of it. Then again, being anti American is what groups like black lives matter all about because they.

CDC president Jon Lovitz Sandia National Laboratories Christopher Roof
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"jon lovitz" Discussed on Power 105.1 FM

"We get ready for this movie though you do research on how bad boys started and I was reading that it was originally intended for Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey yeah yeah they were the original bad boy out of international how did you guys end up well it came to me and then they wanted me to pick somebody to costar with me in the movie and my sister ray brought wheels attention to me and I thought about it so I call you right the fresh prince I thought about it but then and we'll came to my house and we had a dinner and that the farm is the talking tomb dresses history may you know let's say no we met we have met but we didn't we didn't really know each other like the the the bad boys was the first time we actually you know sat down and and and chop it up and you know is you can't fake and you can't buy chemistry right you can't buy chemistry is like you either got it with somebody or you don't and you know me in this one right here it's like there's so much love and so much respect for each other that is and it's just fun to watch you know with people that really five like that so what do you have a look at it like if you watch the early fresh prince he was used to be out of your member user say is lines right before yeah it has to be like you know what I don't know about the we'll does great work you don't know and I I thought he was great on the fresh prince and his energy energy ring so I just was excited to work with as hell I was jealous as hell of Martin really yeah we.

Jon Lovitz ray Martin Dana Carvey
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"For the babble is that right imagine Jon Lovitz that create the wedding singer yes and highly as the original bad I can't even see that movie I don't even know how that would look so please yeah so interesting fact about bad boys I think that's our release next week and by the way all right TV line up for the weekend you get jeopardy the champions that still going on tonight if you remember the bone collector that move NBC is telling that story through a TV show it's called Lincoln rhyme hunt for the bone collector it's on tonight Mona DVR it could be pretty good yeah we got playoff football all weekend and Sunday they get the critics choice awards and then the outsider I need to be which is a creepy story and it's a Stephen King space a Stephen King story that that might be kind of cool also this weekend box as yet nineteen seventeen this war movie the one that best drama at the golden globes I'm just a mercy to legal drama which in the fox and Michael B. Jordan I like a boss under water and the new music from Selena Gomez and Echosmith as far as albums go so well Echosmith there's you've really put Echosmith on the show I'll take them yes please there are still it they never my favorite we did play them yeah yes well I yeah the next one maybe not all right does your top ten answers rob with this whole question the category today hidden parks being in the royal family you never knew about come up with one and texted into seven five seven one oh four also coming up next in today's the on the.

Jon Lovitz NBC fox Michael B. Jordan Selena Gomez Echosmith Stephen King
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"That's that's what I'm I'm thinking thanks a lot I just can probably in it is a lot of the the crap counts he hands trying have seen so many of the a new resume you guys are missing a couple crappy ones you still have your hands also just above your head yeah we can't do TV though you can do Mister Romano Cantu TV it's going to be a feature film give me my here I'll see what goes on this movie came out in two thousand and one it stars Kevin Costner Christian Slater Kurt Russell Courtney **** Arquette David our cat Jon Lovitz and football player how we long set in Las Vegas they knock over a casino is not oceans eleven it would have been a terrible Kevin blanking on the name so many side burns in this movie one shops in three thousand miles to Graceland three thousand miles to Graceland he plays Hanson our house in one Bob so you're no you said Hansen we'll never hands was just in a car crash was hollow man two oh my god you are a existing thousand and six is wearable Michael Griffin backslash hollow man and sterile by Laura small collusion here.

Kevin Costner Christian Slater Jon Lovitz Las Vegas Graceland Hanson Bob Hansen Mister Romano Cantu football Michael Griffin Laura
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"I just quickly tell you what other story about Jon Lovitz that proves that he's a very funny man but a very eccentric man yes what I was doing the night show John came and I'd never met him before my news man at the time was a guy named Ted Novak who worked late nights here for a long long time and Ted is a huge Simpsons fan Sony found out Jon Lovitz is coming in he goes can you please do me a favor I love The Simpsons and I love John on the Simpson's can you please get an autograph I would never ask this of any other gas but I just love him so much I said absolutely so John comes in and we need each other and it's just small talk in a time before I forget Ted Novak news guy loves you won the Simpson's could you please doing autograph absolutely so he writes the autograph and he's about to hand it to me and as I reach out for you guys at let's see how the interview goes and I go okay so we go on the air and we do the interview and every time there's a question that he likes he slides the piece of paper is autograph a little bit toward me and then I ask him a question that he doesn't like any pulls the interview back that he did that to the whole interview and then when I mention that on the air he got upset and he slid all the way towards himself and has now you will be getting the autograph but then at the end he did give me the autograph can I just tell you something that's pretty funny it's funny but doesn't prove tricky it was yeah because he was serious right he was very that he was there he would have given it to you I'd I'd like either way I hope so plus your great interview you know you don't I was right yeah but it's just so quintessential John Lovett's you know he would because he it was all done so silently in unless I had brought it up to the audience no one would have noted except for him and myself but it's just the way he did at the theatrical way he would slide a little towards me and pull it back was he he was just on one of those history roasts oracle rose yeah I can't remember the one within Frank all that's right the most politically incorrect half hour in television history here is pretty good on that he's really funny yeah he's very very funny come on there are a lot of people who are very quirky no question a lot of comedians yes I've noticed that as well although the people I work with on a daily basis you are former comic you're not that one of you had a quirkiness but they're not it socially I log in baffling and now all around me your is Steve Cochran John because right at me again is so normal credibly normal Chris distefano will be on with us what's about your litmus test yeah we'll figure it out when when he's and I bet he's pretty normal he seems very high level that you know I've only seen his stand up but he seems like he'd be pretty normal but everyone else is pretty out there well I know it's true it's so true all right all kinds of stuff coming up on today shows please stick around as bill million WGN.

Jon Lovitz John
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"In your like Hong he's bad at that twenty million into the or when they grow up too fast remember the TV show lost they just dump that kid yeah you have to get rid of them sometimes wall just disappeared out walls out of their walls citrusy thing I thought it was very easy to use and then all the sudden Hey knobs gone whatever on him one of the state in nineteen sixty three at Lisa Kudrow everybody's friend incredibly bright November sixteenth no just July July thirtieth nineteen sixty three that today in okay so he's got her in this SNL her neighbor Jon Lovitz yes she had Jennifer both audition for SNL in the past on them yeah girl was on other things just didn't work out and the friends yeah this is yeah Terry crews born on this day in nineteen sixty eight thanks Pat Terry crews on a television commercial now that I think if the roles were reversed would be problematic he's doing ages packs are shaking and the woman says keep doing that essentially I'm paraphrasing I always wondered that's the in today's culture is not with a man boobs thing versus yeah yeah if a woman were on a trampoline issue stop jumping the guy goes they keep jumping let be problematic sure as far as two thousand twelve goes well that's what most recent white is the most popular car in the United States car color than black silver gray and red top okay good to know we're going to turn a turquoise geo to what I said nobody said anything about that and we can born on this date in nineteen seventy one Tom green good friend of the show very funny guy what if he has a green car one of his green card he's Canadian no yeah after one of the state in nineteen seventy four Hilary Swank you know she can the movie business hello John yeah.

Hong SNL Jon Lovitz Jennifer Hilary Swank John Lisa Kudrow Pat Terry United States Tom green
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"June. Twenty eighth June twenty-ninth at the blue note Hawaii and go to blue. Hawaii dot com. One we connect with you, John. When you're in town, and we're seated in front of you the days in which we live, is this the tremendous amount of fodder for won't you'll share with us. Or can you give us a bit of a preview and an invitation to come and see you? Well. I'm just trying to be funny, as I can be. I play the piano thing. So he saw I talk about, you know, the changes that are going on that I don't understand because it figures because I'm older and I don't get it anymore. And that's realize you're there, and, but it's funny, you know, me, try and understand it and talk about things, and it's not really political. I just kind of make fun of all the people, some of the people that are running, and it's equal opportunity. I makes fun of everything. But my real point, is that at the end of the day, I just think everybody should be treated with respect. And, you know, I hate racism, I actually make fun of it. And, and also, you know all the word you can say are not saying, I go into that, and how you can't really work, but you should be respectful. But, but this show is I tell jokes, you know, I, I sing songs about my friend, Bob sagging. The whole pretty silly and funny. Hinge of depth. I just we're on the outskirts of depth town. So. Yeah. Is I like making my, my whole thing is I like making people at so I'm really trying to make. Yeah. And then it's a fun show. I have a good time and, and afterward people still good afterward. That's you know what it's. But if you can't laugh at yourself, the show's not. That makes myself mix. Well, it's an antidote for a lot that's going on my friend. And, and for that appreciative that you're here, and listen in the last moment, what do you plan on doing here? You can do the shows you mentioned you'd be here for about a week or so. What I tried to come every year or twice here in the in the. Yeah. I go early. I mean that's how much I just I love it. So I go early before the show, and then I'm just gonna stay another week afterward, you know, and vacation, and it's just. Hang on. Go to north to be on the beach. Nice restaurants. I love I love the ocean being outside the weather. Every time I get there get off the plane, and I breathe in that air. And I'm just I'm just in heaven. You really I just love it. That is just phenomenal Jon lovitz. I can't. Thank you enough for spending time. Good to connect with you. Again. Can't wait for the shows and we wish you John, the warmest of Aloha, thank you so much. Thank you. John. Take care. Jon lovitz joining us. And again, June twenty eighth and the twenty ninth at the blue note. Hawaii go to blue note. Hawaii dot com and again has come. I know great discount Showtime. Eight PM get there at six because you want to get great seats at enjoy blue note Hawaii, we'll return goodfellas coming up after the top of the hour. Radio. Here's a Sean Hannity morning. Donald Trump committed no.

John Hawaii Jon lovitz Sean Hannity Donald Trump Bob sagging goodfellas
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"And then all of a sudden he wasn't so good. And then got better 'cause us take where the guy's mind wondered. Because you have no choice of when they're gonna cut your which take they're going to use and. You know, so you, you kind of have to be great every. Exactly. So that the whatever they use it'll be good. You know, I'm very, very kind man. This is so helpful for us because as fans, we I always find it fascinating, what the catalyst is. And what the initial foundation was because this led to the groundlings. And in this was, I remember the Carson show. Well. He kept wanting new comedy drama, too, but your strength know your funny and not not many people are finding go with your strength. That's my Finally, I really did want to be a comedian though. So I finally went to. Twenty five classes, and I drove there and I was crying the whole way because I was committed comedian, nobody was telling me to do this, and, you know the odds making like so slim, but I took the first class and I just loved it. And I was like, yeah. Love that. We're talking with John love. It's an again John, we'll be here in Hawaii, June. Twenty eighth and June twenty ninth at the blue note, go to blue note. Hawaii dot com whichever performance you choose. Just make sure go, John before we go. I I'm just curious. I'd like to ask a kind of a business question we just got off. I talked to Michelle Pollino, Fox News entertainment, every week, we had a conversation about comedy, and about the impact of Netflix, Hulu, Hulu other subscription services, specifically on comedy in film, it, do you have a take on what that impact has been? Is it a plus minus in? How does it benefit? Perha-. Apps you. And then, of course, how does it affect the industry? Well. You know, I get cats and things I mean, I guess, the best example, though I'm not like making movies. The best example would be Adam Sandler, who was making these movies theaters. And then, and then, you know, Netflix came to him and said, hey, you're every time you make a movie movie. You're like the most watched of all of our movies. It's you. So they just said make four we'll give you four movies. So with complete freedom that he did it. So and then they said. I was in two of them, and then he said, we wanted to make four more. You know, and the, the, the other reason is because the studios. My man, they don't want to just want to go for the blockbuster pretty much comedy, twenty million could even let you know they're not really interested in that. So there, so there, there's less and less of those movies made. No, you know, if I was on Saturday Night, Live and my career is on fire, like it was back then, and then I get movie different. But, but, but this you know, but the. I think the good thing about it is, is, well, they're making. They're making billions a month. I mean it's amazing. And so they have they want to make their own movies and. So that's opened up a lot of opportunities for people and, and, and artistically of artistic freedom, so they let you do what you want. You know so there's a lot of. Great shows that are I say, more risky, and take more risks. More out there than would normally be when you have executives networks. Whatever say, no, you can't do that we can't sell that or you know what I mean. Have people just going full out doing what they wanna do where at eight fifty one in the morning and a few moments remaining, of course with Jon lovitz were delighted John is with us this morning, and even more so June. Twenty eighth June twenty-ninth at the blue note Hawaii and go to blue. Hawaii dot com. One we connect with you, John..

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"With Jon lovitz his online with us in studio with us a couple of years ago, and John, we just played, I had to a bit of Jay Sherman to welcome in. June twenty eighth have. Two shows June twenty nine oh got you. Thank you, John, for that very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. But just those three. Yeah. Wonderful listened. The blue note is our favorite destination. And thanks for that clarification. Years ago or maybe three or four years ago. I'm trying to g. Anyway, he was playing their invited me. And I saw that club. And I it's one of the nicest clubs I've ever seen in my life. Beautiful food was great. And I've been trying to. The book there for ever since I've seen it frankly, years of and try, and they finally asked me to come out. So I'm I'm very, very excited. And I love Hawaiian go and do the show and staying an extra week at our love it. Well, listen, we thank you so very much, and Jonah. No, so many are so familiar with you what I find compelling about your story is, is when we go back to the beginning and UC Irvine, we talked before that, you actually have your degree drama. But there was a fellow by the name of Tony bar that played such an important role. Can you about Tony? Well, Tony was a bar was an acting teacher. But he was a he was in executive at CVS in charge of dramatic series. But he started in called the film actors workshop. How to how to act in acting but in front of cameras opposed to on stage. And so I when I graduated college I didn't know what to do in a friend of mine from college Mike, graduated before me and I, I didn't know what to.

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"It is already eight twenty nine in the morning. A minute way for bottom of the hour news and many, many things. Yeah. We are going to go see. He has four and in all honesty. It's about the only re- the only film out there that has been out there. It's about time. It's about time convenience cost and all of that. And, you know the incursion of net flicks in Hulu and Amazon prime and any other platform the alike. I mean, I'm even renting a couple of things from YouTube because they got it and it's cheap and will you like it. And there's just so much choice that you have a great screen at home. A great sound system. Yeah. You know, I turned down the lights. And I put that Bose up there. I don't have a huge sixty five one of my room is bigger, but it's not better this one, I got nice smart. The whole thing we crank that thing up the we're in the theater. Place night. It's awesome. And I meant it when I said that to Michelle, you wanna go see let's go, what there's a land. There's just what supernatural. I'm like. Okay. That was one hundred bucks. So there's a lot of changes in the way that we do our entertainment lives. We're gonna be back. Speaking of entertainment, the blue note premier in banana ramen. Just kin they just want to play for you. But the blue note, still the home of the best entertainment in town. We're gonna get together with actor comedian Jon lovitz. He's coming to town soon. We'll do that after this. Traffic.

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"And they gave the Saint Louis town that gave the hickory smoke stuff, and they gave the mile and the gave the hot, and then they gave a white sauce. This is a white sauce. And then she went. No other white sauce in the guys. Like, no, that's what we have. And she's like I had the other white sauce. And he's like we this is what we have. And she's like. Could you go to the gift case in front the glass gift case where they sell the barbecue sauce and go look if there's another white sauce and the guy's like, oh, I can. But this is it, you know, and he went and did it probably because it was me. And then he came back. He's like, no she she just kept going ask the manager. There's another there wasn't. I well see for me than I am put in the in the poor position. By my old, man, when he does that I have to take the side of this virtual stranger over the man who who provided seed to create me I have to get on him like. Run in the sky around the go to the suit, your whimsey, the either way one other question when you talk about dressings and stuff when we were growing up ranch. I mean, French dressing was everywhere front happened. The French dressing. It's got in the way of the dodo bird, French, dress everywhere. Wait a minute. Well, what do you have French anymore, but hold on a second? It's like saying there. There are no more negroes. They're only African Americans. No, I get base an allergy. I think I think French may just be renamed thousand now. It's not no, no, no it now. Please atom, please. If you're if you're going to involve yourself in one of these important conversations and figure out what the composition of French dressing. I'm with you. It was a little high falutin for Corollas, but felt life. Dancing gotten anything start with f it started hula. Ooh. Yeah. If they if they named it Bakersfield instead of. It was originally an oil and vinegar based salad dressing. But is now creamy ketchup based which is made by blending oil vinegar tomato, paste, ketchup, Brown sugar, paprika and salt. What is the difference between thousand island and creamy mayo nails in it, the southbound islands mayonnaise easy..

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"Customink dot com slash get ten percent off John singleton as we sit. Here has been removed from life support. And I don't he's either dead as we speak or shall be probably before you're done listening the show, which is a very sad state of affairs, fifty one which is very young by today's standards, vibrant, energetic had had been meeting with me and me. Meeting with Willie Tiv ribs and Willie had been you know in him. I think he tweeted out a picture sent me tax of him and Willie like hanging and laughing and having a good time together, I told you I had him over at the shop. We had a long meeting to discuss him working on the Willie ribs project feature series. And you know, I I followed his work. I did not know him. Well, I just knew from the meeting that he was just a very energetic. Very head. A lot of life in seem to be in in great shape, and in great spirits and everything everything else. He's now confirmed dead. So said, yeah, you guys. So, you know, sometimes you see it coming and sometimes you don't yet Parenti. He according to the Fox News. Reports he quietly struggled with hypertension. And as we first reported he was on this trip from Costa Rica, I don't know how those two things have converged into this. But they were encouraging people to go to heart dot org and make sure that they're not struggling with the same thing. You had some of his official particular some of the just so so many folks might not know all he he's really quite impressive and put together an amazing. I'm Deby a body of work. That was pretty damn incredible. Yeah. Well, he was offered nominated for boys in the hood for best director. He did must have been twenty four when ninth gotten nominated for that youngest person ever nominated for best director Oscar, well, I mean, I mean literally like early twenties. Yeah. Twenty four says here. Oh, really? Poetic Justice that was with Janet Jackson to park right higher learning shaft, baby. Boy, two fast two furious. I African American to receive the nomination for best director youngest person to receive it also nominated for best screenplay a two thousand two boys in the hood was placed in the national film registry. By the library of congress. He suffered a stroke on April seventeenth and was taken off life support today. Also, Bruce, Bruce, hustle and flow..

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"Legislation to ban the glass feel skyscrapers that is the the governor of New York or the mayor of New York and he's talking about which one. Need to be people. The mayor and he is running. He has done. Talking about getting rid of like he wants to get you three Pete the content of the clip. You know, I'm trying not to he's trying to make New York more equal friendly with their building Brian Blasi. Oh, okay. She didn't say his name his title. There are no half points point. Right. Yeah. Mcdaniel gets a point he got the name, right. You get a point for you correctly identified. It was the mayor and it was about the New York City. Mayor twenty. Yes. Okay. What? I know that on the only one that. But I'm gonna say this. I'm the only one, okay? However, so Amazon is other isn't another room if you ever since duty before there's there's a pane of glass right between us you've seen real Pentagon. I'll tell you. Films where they go out of their way to slow motion do people crashing through panes of glass. Right. I I just I been vision one day that is going to. Glasses shower across Brian Miller. Through the glass on dubs will fly. Number seven yet. Another example of of what we're seeing this ministrations attack against the meteorite takes Jon lovitz. Incorrect. John love Lovett. We're seeing patients attack against the media. It takes many forms. Again. Example of of what we're seeing this the ministrations attack against the media takes many forms, Brian. Go ahead. A politician. Incorrect that is CNN commentator..

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"Webs com slash wheel list for all that information. Liana? Was there something that you heard that you are hoping for wishing would come up like I said the Royal rumble? But I would also be here for the Oregon trail. I also want the crappy movie diaper to come up. Also because I have such a strong affinity for MAC and me I would be buried down for that one to be chosen although north with its great cast of Jon lovitz and Alan Arkin. Also sounds wanted Kathy. I mean, really just the even how to pronounce his name. Jesse small. Yeah. We'll have a lot of time to figure that out. The crappy movie diaper ready to go. I'm gonna lie and say, yes, okay. One of the pen back here, we do in the case of that comes up today. If it comes up. I mean have a diaper right here. And I have. I have to write quickly. My son's pencils out figured out. All Right. right. If it comes up. Okay, they're so big chunk for the season. Three episode seven fishbowl a big chunk for Chester's TV movie bracket, which is over three. So far on spins here in March. Right because this the third spin of mart or over. And I believe it will get another chance even if it loses right because next week is it will still be March and even the week like theory March thirty first, although we'll kick it off the wheel March thirty first because I'll be for an April podcast..

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How to Tell if You're Being Ghosted, Or If You're a Ghost with Special Guest Kevin Cramer

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