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"jomar jefferson" Discussed on NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

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"jomar jefferson" Discussed on NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

"Because i didn't get hear that one. And i'm really curious what. Dj said about him falling. This jeremiah's pretty fired up about this chair here. Five fifteen dover a player to me speed toughness as in and instincts or what you want. An defensive player in this kid is dripping in all three. He's not the biggest guy in the road. He probably played at two hundred ten two hundred twelve pounds but it can cover in the slot. Something that's gonna be a big nickel or at strong safety others will backer again to me. This is a home run. Pick all these general managers. Head coaches are high. Fiving after picks. This deserves a hug this homerun. Yeah i mean. I agree with him bucky to be honest with you i have. I'm even higher on the. Dj was two four six. I got him as my eighth best player. The draft now. This is going to be interesting. I'm gonna straight up projection mode. I see the traits. I see the town of the explosives. I see i see production but he also really hasn't it fully developed as a linebacker yet and he is a two hundred twenty three pounds. Two hundred twenty two thousand dollars to learn to take on some blocks from time. Type candy play. Closer to the line of scrimmage they had them out over the kind of a nickel role almost over split. Tight ends and receivers. So i get. I get all that. But when it comes to running and hitting and tackling aggression and physicality and being versatile. He's got all that so. Move off the board here. Another smart move but to your point with the medicals being the way they were where you just didn't have time to recheck a lot of medicals this year and then maybe not as much lead chatter going on as previously. Because you weren't on the road. As much i think he gets on the fact that maybe just a dj. And maybe even you. I would you have you had him ranked but maybe the vastly different boards. That everyone expected to happen simply happened everything. We talked about how what's going to be a lot different this year. It's gonna be a lot different this year. Yeah and it proved to be. The they can the game to fruition without the ability to have what i call think tank or group mindset where everyone gets together to combine together pro days and they begin to talk. And what do you think about this guy. And that guy. And this and that. And everybody's report kind of bleeds into one another's it. I think it did have an impact because the variances that we have seen on in this draft kinda crazy. I mean we talked about guys it. We certainly didn't imagine who's initial right for the dallas cowboys had him seven. Pfa man for him to be off board already right now. I don't think that in their people in the west coast it didn't give him that kind of love and so It's not man but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder this year. Because you didn't have maybe some of the corrective measures that would have been in there. You best friend your homie telling you you the rich on you might expect or did you. Is this tape on the phone right. Yes yeah you still talking on the phone but you know you tend to let you go down sometimes when you together when you're on the road maybe having dinner some beverages whatever loose lips sink ships and all this stuff kind of happens but but you know it's different. It's a different time and there are some guys that win in this round. Maybe a little sooner than we thought but at the end of the day is not were you picked. It's how you play in so we'll see how these guys play when they give their opportunity to get on the field. I thought there were some big surprises in this. When bucky against one of them was how quickly. I thought the cornerbacks would come off the board earlier than they did in the in the second third round. I kept saying. Wait a minute. Where's the quarter. The cornerbacks are supposed to fly. They're supposed to fly off the board here what's happening. What's happening is we got to the end of the draft. Five of the last seven. We had that little quarterback run. Trask in mind and then mills and then came back in the three weeks. Five cornerbacks going in the last seven picks and funny how we may have different boards bucky but everyone realizes boy once once once you start seeing them go. You got all go. So it's funny that you mentioned rice come senior looking at a recap of of today and i see run on tackles go and that happened between thirty nine. In fifty three we saw ratings go cosmic go jackson carmen goal walker little went lee. Liam comes off the seven jenkins. Who started the run. And so you think about that. Then you go a little further than there's a little bit of a run on wide receivers coming start coming off the board right. When you get into the seventies josh palmer comes off. Brown goes to the washington football team at eighty two i c more rogers goes to the packers. Nico collins was eighty nine to the michigan I mean he goes eighty nine tax. Houston texans and then anthony schwartz from auburn. Speedster goes to cleveland. And then you talked about the run at corners and you're right when those guys start peeling those tags off the war really quickly when you have to make decisions a if we're going to get one we better get him here because if we go back around one more time we may be picking picking bones picking the scraps have to do what you gotta do. I tell you a guy who still on the board that i was pretty shocked i highest rate a guy that i still have on the board or i stack my board. I'm not totally shocked about raw. Saint brown i i had him as a third fourth and then i talked to a team who said You might want to move him up to two three and this team likes him a lot but they didn't. They didn't draft. But i'm gonna keep an eye to see if they draft him sometime in a fourth round. But michael carter from duke. I mean from north carolina man so much love so much love for him. He's a good player. Every team loved them. Every running back coach loved them and yet because he's not two hundred ten pounds and you know a three down back. I guess he slid. But i i would have. I would have wagered that he would have beaten trae sermon off the board. I thought i thought he was for sure. Going to be the fourth running back off the yeah you know. It's funny. Because i thought he would have come off the board a little sooner but you never know with the running backs. The running back market is always kinda funny. Because there's so many of them. And i feel like this was a very deep draft and solid running backs and because of that actually depressed value. And so we'll see that run on. Run amax maybe at the beginning to the forefront. Yeah i'm looking at it from andre stevenson game well khalil herbert jomar jefferson larry rowntree jerry patterson alleged mitchell shuba yet. You're going to see. I don't know i think based on the way the board looks i think they're i think they're going to wait until the fifth round on running backs and then you're gonna see.

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