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"johnson public company" Discussed on V103

"Is there more Gina that Johnson publishing company fell on bankruptcy? How did that impact? You. The way probably impacted people not only locally but across the world. It was. Sad and everyone's somewhat surprising. Although it had been a slow decline considering that not only was I in editor with ebony magazine. But I also started my career alongside Clarence lodging at jet magazine. And it was a very difficult time. It was like losing a family member. And as one of our former editor that every magazine said it was like moving a family member that had been on life support. Yeah. And talking about life support, you know. The word empire there. Now, we only think about empires term of being that that FOX show Jesse slips Millette just let there at the center of the controversy, but truly it wasn't empire. You know when I was there back in the late eighties Clarence. And you know, and at that time, you know, for years, Mr. Johnson took pride in the fact that when black into prize report came out with its top black businesses in the world. Johnson publishing company always held the top spot. Clarins? If you. Word the little days. Blooming days those days, and I felt proud to be at Johnson public company remaining every year number one business and I remember those Christmas parties to enter the. Very very exciting to look at what we would doing. New to this year is like a wow kind of feeling never can beat. It could be you know. But what is it, you know, in terms of here? We are. We see black billionaires and reality, though, the majority of the black billionaires are from Africa. I think we only have two or three that are African Americans. But when we look at black businesses should Kogyo used to be the mecca for black businesses Martina. Chicago was a metropolis and Johnny Johnson did something that hadn't been done than not only locally. But it in the world, which is to have a thriving and successful African American publishing company buying for his three and that hadn't been done people. Many people have done this. But the problem with that many did not succeed. And the problem was because they did not have the financial means to do. So they restarted and then for whatever reasons that ended once again because financial. The console was a thriving huffily Buckley place at the time when he came to like, so many it was during the great migration, and it was not far from where done, but Betsy. Founded Chicago where this man with his empire on eight twenty south Michigan avenue. It was the model of black extent where people were expiration and inspirational in not only looking at the publication. But looking at what this man did he was a model in every way in terms of publishing and media. It truly wasn't empire because it was more than just magazines and publishing it was cosmetic. It was traveled radio stations. You TV show. The world's largest traveling fashion show that people went to every year. Yes. Well, we are going to discuss that legacy and that loss of legacy..

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