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"johnson palo alto" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"That six thirty stems countdown to tip off. Real quick finish up talking kicking. Johnson Palo Alto and wants to weigh in high. John welcome. Hey, guys, a Tommy John. How you guys doing? Pretty funny story about twenty years ago. I went to Oregon SC dock. We lost on a last second. Field goal is kid. Joshua smith. Missed a thirty seven yard or ended up in Dover in. As time expired at the Coliseum three yards short there with my son. Oldest boy. To kind of bummed about that. But fast forward to sense given. We're driving home up until I got all three boys who stop and go to the bookstore. Cup of green and yellow rubberized football, my wife, and I go let's go out and see if options open. The open. Sure enough the gates there. It's before they redid it. I head out to the field. I okay, boys. This is for the win IT it up from forty some thirty which is forty yard or. Took me ten tries. Tommy got to on the ten point. My boys still talk about it. A long ways. If I tried that today I'd be like sea bass, it'd be rolling around with my hairy. Forget it forget it. So it'd be done. You're absolutely right. It's just one of those things. Like, I got that. Look how close that is that when you get out there. I made the analogy it's like the high dive, the high dive doesn't look very high into your like standing on. I'd I'd be like oh crap that water looks like a long ways away. Same for the goalposts. Absolutely. Share man. Thanks guy. The phone call. Now, he's one hundred percent, right. It's one of those things in sports. There's a number of them where there's certain things you just no you cannot do. Right. You could most of it. There's very few of us who thinks we could get in the box and hit one hundred or quarterback a team. We're like, but for some reason, there are certain things people think that, you know, well with a few more days of practice. I could you know, go for the best kicking is one thing that people think they can do. It's it's not easy. I'm not saying, it's, you know, maybe get in the box and facing one hundred and then the guy with a nasty slider. Maybe it's not that. But it's damn hard in one thing. You can't recreate even if you do go get a rubberized ball and kick it ten times you're in a playoff game with dudes and began the ball was tipped. But there's a tremendous amount of pressure. And then he made the first one they called the time out to ice in which it worked in. So you sit around for another minute like damn if I miss this. That's where I think most people would fail. I think people get. Could practice enough to kick? But we've seen kickers going to just massive Blair Walsh. Like. Walk out there. Most people would as Peter King would say crap their pants. The interesting thing about freezing the kicker is in college. It's easier to do it because you can call multiple timeouts in the NFL. You can't call timeouts back to back or it's personal foul. I didn't even know that role until about ten years ago in Joe Gibbs came back. He didn't know the rule that he's a head coach he should know that ROY I am a fan. And so at the end of the game gives tried to freeze guy twice. It went from fifty three or thirty eight hundred field goal you lose. Oops. Somebody probably have told him into NASCAR to you. Can't do it twice in a row, but like in college if you have all three of them, you can call it call it. And then you may think going gonna call it, and we not going to call it in the NFL. Once you call it. It's over you have is free swing at it. But in. Would I also think they should do in the NFL is it's a five yard penalty. If you take a free swinging after they've called the timeout, everyone does it. Hey, kid kick in. We're good to go just one. He did it he made it. And then he missed the next one. I thought we got this one. Now, I think he would have made the next one to if it was the same as the first one, but. Forty-three three you probably should get it up higher than I'd have to go back and look at it again, though. I mean was it a really good play was a hand up higher. The normal was with a lower kick the normal. I don't know. But. I would I would assume those things are probably about fifty fifty. You know, what you call it in a guy called mischief? I know then he makes the next when you're like dole. What am I doing I should've slept? But I don't know how I would play it. I don't know. Maybe it got good field because they can't possibly have. A. Achieve for that. Can they give numbers like they again? That's gotta be like just luck of the draw. Sometimes you make them. You missed it. Sometimes you miss both of them. Maybe you make both of them. I can't imagine. It's that big of a deal freezing the kicker, but you look like a genius. When you make the first one you missed the second one's like. Ooh, it's been they've got it. Right. It's happened the other way around. Yeah. Missed one. And then he may makes it then lab. What do they do? What did? I do. I grew up. Dang it. So who knows? But I can't imagine. Like, I said don't college. I would call one for sure. But then you'd have to guess whether I'm going to call the next one or not. Can you could you could do that in college NFL again? Once you went to call the first time outs over there already know that you can't call while much. Joe gibbs. You can't call another timeout. This time. Paid off for Mr. Peterson the damn eagles continue flying eagles fly. I actually I actually liked. I don't mind seeing the eagles. I just like the eagles again. But I like seeing Zach do. Oh, yeah. I know. I don't know. But I've met him a doctor a little bit. So do. By the way, I'm looking at Parke's numbers for the regular season. Yeah. Four forty to forty nine yards for the year. He was only sixty nine point two percent. Which is twenty eighth in the league sl good. Any good at all. There were eight kickers who did not miss a field goal forty to forty nine yards. How many of those were indoors? Goals indoors. I'm sorry. You should be held a different standard indoors. There's only one guy Matt Brian didn't it's it was the indoor guy. Randy Bullock, Cincinnati McManus Denver again, he gets a lot.

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