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"johnson byron scott" Discussed on Lakers Nation Podcast

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"johnson byron scott" Discussed on Lakers Nation Podcast

"I would advise some fans. Just Google Magic Johnson Byron Scott 1989 hamstring You know, just you know what I'm talking about. Yep, that's rough. It just look it up and you'll understand why Brian, I mean, this is something we had talked about in the late night. Happy hour driver and I did curious what you think about it. We were on with young who covers the Lakers and the Clippers for ESPN. It's an interesting idea. Just the idea of can you build you know Championship habits, but also, you know championship-level basketball. Can you craft the schemes that you're looking to do but also do it in a lot of pocket of a game like when you look to crank it up in the fourth quarter, can you actually build build upon a build a foundation in ways that is about more than just maximizing the talent that you have with LeBron and AD while still acknowledging. Yeah. We're kind of coasting for 3/4 in total like if because if you think that's Palm Able to do then you don't have a ton to worry about assuming you think the team's good enough, but that's a different story. Exactly, and I think that's I think that's one hundred percent what Vogel is doing you can see that in the games. You can see where in the second and third quarter what they're running is not the same as what they're running in the fourth quarter when Suddenly It's Time to win then you're seeing the ball in LeBron's hands more you seeing the ball and Anthony Davis's hands you're seeing those two guys get involved in pick-and-roll second quarter third-quarter halfway through the first quarter. Even you see they kind of take the foot off the gas wage. They're playing around with some different things. They're trying some different sets and a lot of that is just fact-finding by the coaching staff and and you have to in my mind. Anyway, you have to do that because if you don't come playoff time if all get every game is LeBron and AD and suddenly LeBron and KD something they do gets blown up because opposing teams are preparing for them every single game for a seven-game series and you kick the ball for somebody who hasn't been put in that position all season long you're in big trouble. So you've got to build up this pace around them and this to me in a situation where you can't practice what they're doing right now is exactly how you accomplish God. I just just not worried. I mean I look at what the I think to the to the home made the point that you know, they are coming off a championship season the the only rotation player who you know who played consistently in the.

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