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"johnson barath" Discussed on The Underdog

"We're gonna find out that he was a target area. Okay. I I still feel like that the possibility I thought that's where they were going at the end. I thought that's exactly what was going to happen. They were gonna, burn them. We saw, we would see it wasn't going to happen and we find out all white. Live alerted to dinners precisely and we find, you know, because there's a lot of, you know, I I've, I've read no spoilers whatsoever. I avoid them like the plague don't want to know what's going on. Please do not. You know if you're listening to this, you know seventy first minute of the show, please do not tweet me and tell me what happened. I didn't redo not act. Yeah, I but I did watch. I've watched my fair share of like stupid stuff on YouTube, like random conspiracy, random theories and yet and stuff killing that too. I do that too for what it's worth, but no spoilers. Right, right. Right. About the red. Eddie official spoilers. Yeah. No, no, no, God, no. But the one thing I did subscribe to and and this sort of 'push whole, I mean, you're saying maybe it didn't, but that I thought punched a hole in it is that we would find out because you know there's a whole three dragons, three dragon riders, and I thought we were going to find out that John snow denarius and Tyrian were all target areas and Albro or whatever. Yes, no, I don't think that my mind. I thought you were really coasting. No, I thought you meant, sorry. I sorry. It's not recently. It's not in my head as much as it should be or in normally would be. No, I agree with you. I don't think he's Gary. You don't. You don't think John snow is no, no, no, no. I think he'll tear here. Yeah, that's certainly possible. Man. That's tough. I. So you said the three night riders. Is that what? What's the phrase. Exactly what they're called, but it's the people who can ride the hoop and ride the dragon's like the nearest can. Yeah. I think that somehow there are six Nadim pieces involved and they're all the ones that are kind of still alive. That's six main characters that's been. But I think that Jon is, you know, they basically said it, then Ned is what way out, you know early on us. He's so I think Johnson Barath, Ian, right? I think is with the story. And I think I told her that three main houses or the Brad Theuns of Starks and the Lantis there's. Tuck area? Yeah, put it is right. And somehow those are weighing in those are like the most agents of families and that they can that they somehow are linked and will ultimately have to be the ones that fight off the the, the white walkers that were built by the children of the forest and all of that. Oh, I love this conversation so much, but so get. I love it so much, and there's a there will be a time in place for a game of thrones Centric. But I. I think we're, I think we're going into too much of the lawyer here. Yeah. Ken, how did you feel when you found out? We have what fifteen episodes left. Unsurprised, but this appointed on the less. Yeah. Is that fair? Stinks. I was, you know, it's one of the shows you like like the Walking Dead, you just, you know, think it could go on forever because of how commercially successful it is, but I don't base the scale of Walking Dead is growing every single year, and it's Zorba neatly expensive to make so and you know, you can only I think you'll feel see spin offs and all that you'll still have the world, and there will be other things that people love entered still around that relate this all universe. So it anywhere to be like the style, a fantastic beasts and where to find them game of thrones a day. That's exactly what I was going to imply, but I think it is that a prequel. Yeah, it's it is it I get on the big Harry Potter fan. It is. I'm a huge fan too, but I haven't seen that yet or I mean, I haven't read much. No. I haven't read it on who had put my television did tell me that Johnny Depp's playing Gillard, gained Brendan wool..

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