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"johns hopkins university school medicine" Discussed on The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

"And girls. This is Tim Ferriss and welcome to a very exciting edition of the Tim Ferriss show. This is an in-between assode and that means that the format is a little weird. It's not a long form interview but it's a very very important announcement. This is something I've been working on for around a year and a half very intensely and something diligent scientists have been working toward for twenty twenty plus years multiple decades. This episode features a recording of a press conference that I did last week announcing the launch of the world's largest PSYCHEDELIC psychedelic research center and the first PSYCHEDELIC Research Center in the US it is called the Center for Psychedelic consciousness research or research coach. If you prefer at Johns Hopkins Medicine among other things they'll be investigating the effectiveness of psychedelics as a new therapy for opiate addiction Alzheimer's. I disease specifically the depression that often accompanies Alzheimer's disease but they'll be looking at secondary outcomes which will track cognitive effects which is of great interest to me post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome formerly known as CHRONIC LYME disease anorexia rex you nervosa which has the highest mortality rate e fatality rate of any psychiatric disorder and alcohol use in people with major depression and the researchers hope to create precision medicine tailored to individual patients specific needs. It's super exciting. I couldn't be happier and it wouldn't have happened without generous support from Stephen Alexandra Cohen at Cohen. Give C. O. H. E. N. G. I. V. on Twitter Matt Molin Wig at a Photo Matt M. Not on Twitter Blake Majkowski at Blake Majkowski M. Y. C. O. S. K. I. E. ON twitter and Craig Nurenberg many thanks also to Benedict Carey of the New York Times for investigating and reporting on this from multiple perspectives as he's done for many many years. He is at Ben Kerry sorry and why T. C. A. R. E. Y. N. Y. T. On twitter as some of you know shifted most of my focus from startup investing this fueled around two fifteen. It's incredibly important to me that this watershed announcement helps to catalyze more studies more ambitious centers more scientists entering the field and more philanthropist and sources of funding taking a really close look at psychedelic science to that end. It's critical that more people realize there is much more reputational upside much more reputational reward than reputational risk in supporting this important work in two thousand nineteen and beyond and and my hope is to broadcast this as widely as possible and there are few different ways to do that one is to share the New York Times pieces that have come out in there are a few different near times pieces that have come out covering this one of them can be found tim dot blog forward slash Whitey or New York Times spelled spelled however you want will forward to one article so I would sincerely ask that if you're interested in this space or if you find value in exploring the space which I think holds the potential to treat what are considered untreatable or intractable conditions then. Please share that you are l. and the announcement itself. I'm joined in the press conference with Dr Rowland Griffiths and you'll hear intros later so I'm not going to get into a doctoral and griffiths whose incredible Dr Matthew Johnson Johnson who was incredible and then also Audrey Hong. PhD Who is the moderator and I will keep it short for now a couple couple of time markers this is maybe a little drier than some of my interviews that bounce around and can be very fun loving. This is pretty serious but a couple a couple of time markets. If you WANNA skip the initial introductory remarks you can jump to about four minutes and thirty seconds from when this intro ends if you WANNA go directly to my comments if if you're interested in why I would focus so much on the spaceman my personal reasons my kind of macro level big picture reasons you can jump to about eleven minutes and ten and seconds after I stopped talking the intro and then if you want to get straight to the QNA where we're fielding questions from people in attendance than you can go to fifteen minutes and thirty seconds after I stopped talking so without further ado please enjoy this incredibly important incredibly exciting announcement of the Center for Psychedelic in consciousness research. Welcome everybody and thank you for joining us today. My name is Dr Audrey Long. I am director of Meteorology Johns Hopkins Medicine Today. We're announcing a new research center at Johns Hopkins the Center for Psychedelic and consciousness research joining us today or Dr Rolling Griffiths Dr Matthew Johnson and Mr Tim Ferriss Dr Rolling Griffiths is a professor of behavioral biology and the departments of Psychiatry Kaya Tree and Behavioral Sciences and neuroscience here at the Johns Hopkins University School Medicine and he is founding director of this new center. Dr Griffiths is one of the nation's nations leading psychopharmacologists whose research focuses on better understanding the effects of mood altering drugs he directs the Silla Sivan Research Initiative here at Johns Tokens which has run many studies over the years including examining the mystical experience imparted by psychedelics unhealthy people and how psychedelics might decrease depression depression and anxiety so Sivan the active compound found in so-called magic mushrooms or shrooms for those more familiar will be one focus of the new center center. It was first purified and then made synthetically in the nineteen fifties at the time. Silla Sivan was legal and was among the psychedelics that rose to the center of the nineteen sixties counterculture in one thousand nine hundred ninety one however with the signing of the Convention on Psychotropic Substances Treaty of the United Nations suicide was listed listed in the United States as a schedule one drug defined as having no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse it was because of Dr Griffiths leadership shipped Johns Hopkins was able to gain regulatory approval in the year two thousand to re initiate studies that helps better understand the effects of psychedelic drugs in healthy the people and now nearly twenty years later. We're dramatically expanding the testing of Silla Sivan as therapy for serious health conditions including major depression to his left. We have Dr Matthew Johnson and associate professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences here at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the associate associate director of the new center. Dr Johnson is an experimental psychologist and an expert on psychoactive drugs and in psychology of addiction and risk behavior an underlying theme of Dr Johnson's career has been to understand and facilitate human behavioral change particularly that which is fundamental to who addiction recovery. Dr Johnson also studies the behavioral and psychological effects of psychoactive drugs. He was lead author on the Safety Guidelines Alliance for Human Psychedelic Research in two thousand eight which has helped to more safely usher in a new era of psychedelic research doctors. Johnson and griffiths together have studied the use of Silla Sivan in the treatment of tobacco addiction in treating depression and anxiety in patients with life threatening cancer answer and in combination with meditation and other spiritual practices in generating positive psychological functioning and on the end there air we welcome Mr Tim Ferriss one of the philanthropists who is making possible this center for Psychedelic and consciousness research Mister Peres has been listed as one of Fast Company's most innovative business people and a number of years ago one of Fortuyn's forty under forty. He is an early stage technology investor Sir and adviser and has been involved with numerous startups including Uber facebook shop lingo among many others. Mr Ferris has authored five. I've Number One New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling books including the four hour workweek and tools of titans tactics and routines and habits billionaires Mike Conley and world class performers the observer and other media have called him the Oprah of audio due to the influence he has had with the Tim Ferriss show podcast cast the first business interview podcast exceed one hundred million downloads which I'm sure now is at a much higher number. Thank you all for joining us today. So why don't you police say a few words about this new center and then we'll open it up to questions Dr Griffiths. Would you like to start. Thank you audrey so we're very pleased to announce the establishment percent of this center for psychedelic unconscious research which we believe to be the first such center in the United States and the largest in the world psychedelics daleks are a fascinating class of compounds. They produce a unique and profound change of consciousness over the course of just several hours for almost twenty years. We've been investigating the effects of Silla Sivan. Which is the naturally occurring psychedelic found in the so called magic mushrooms and with done so in studies with more than three hundred fifty participants in healthy volunteers remarkably even months after study completion Asian roughly eighty percent of participants have raided their cell assignment experience to be among the most personally meaningful experiences of.

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