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"johnny de nacho correa" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

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03:59 min | 9 months ago

"johnny de nacho correa" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"And A. With Alan and Alan Rifkin and William from the city and it should be I imagine it'll be a pretty billion the crowd on hand Allan Thank you Don thanks Alan Foreman and the work in Maryland obviously there's is the dot teased across but this this is amazing and if you haven't gone through I'll send the link I think there's any harm in seminal find out there's the detail plan with what what the actual track they're going to rotate the track thirty degrees to frame things up better and they'll still be stalls they'll still be four Barnes essentially with what are now the steak barnes because the meat and potentially the meats. If there's going to be fault beat as well maybe there's a spaceship in situation so you know the hundred and Change Horses that would would be racing them four let's see four if you had probably probably have stalls for one hundred sixty maybe or Barnes Twenty on each side stalls of find out about that but anyway the ship in style meat is is what they would the setup for and then there's just unlimited the potential and it it's really amazing the Laura side of it you know for those that don't you know didn't really realize laurel was given a facelift but that building was was in no shape the mail for long-term retrofitting so congratulations stronach group Wu acquiesce on one front and had get the benefit on the back end of getting exactly what they had aspired toward for Laurel and it also frees up you know the with buoy freeze it up to and not to use that as a training facility horses can all be all be Ah Laurel that'll be the the central training facility for for everybody it's really it's amazing let's take a break Brendon Walsh is gonNA join us next I was shocked when I heard I didn't hadn't occurred to me that was his first great one with Max fill in the breeders futurity and the the street sense Godolphin Colt just blew that apart it's pretty amazing it's pretty much one with something laughed with authority in-command in Hand as we got Brendon Walsh joins us next Johnny de Nacho Correa Stick Mandela it's a lot of broadcast back after this Sirius Xm radio amazing achievements were Pennsylvania breads on the world stage thanks to find a city unique belly shamrock rose. PA Joins Kentucky as the only state in the past decade to read.

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