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"johnny rogers smith" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Two United States senators in Georgia who are aiding and abetting the effort to literally Rob people of their voices and their hopes. The good news is that the people of Georgia have a chance to do something about that right now, or knock is referring to the 12 GOP senators planning to challenge the certification of the electoral College votes tomorrow, affirming Joe Biden's presidential wind. Warnock is challenging Republican Senator Kelly Leffler, while Republican Senator David Perdue is facing off against Democrat John Assaraf. Police polls closed at seven o'clock Eastern time. Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, will not attend President elect Binds inauguration in a statement The couple says they've sent their best wishes to the president elect and VP elect. The 96 year old is the nation's oldest living former president. Ah woman and two pets were found dead in an Albany park apartment after firefighters were called to the building. For a fire in the 4400 block of North Lawndale this morning. Chicago Fire Department says the 44 year old Corrina Neves died at the scene. The fire was confined to just one apartment. The cause is under investigation. WGN SPORTS Here's Kevin Powell, Alabama star receiver Devante Smith considered the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy tonight. Over three quarterbacks tied teammate Mack Jones, Clemson's Trevor Laurence and Florida's Kyle Trask. Smith would be the fourth receiver to take home the Heisman, joining Michigan's Desmond Howard, Notre Dame's Tim Brown and Nebraska's Johnny Rogers Smith and his Alabama teammates said to take on Ohio State for the national title on Monday. Peyton Manning those surprise among 15 finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2021. Manning was the first finalist revealed by the hall tonight. The rest Be announced later on. As of now, no scheduling changes to the Browns Steelers wild card matchup on Sunday despite five new test within Cleveland's organization, including head coach Kevin's to fan ski testing positive Stefanski in the four others. Two of those air players won't be available on Sunday. We'll have bear Saints conversation here on WGN tonight. Get that gets going just after seven with Hamp and Obi balls began a four game a West Coast swing tonight in Portland bowls of 13 or four after dropping their first three games Brent Seabrook deemed unfit to participate in day two of a nice practice at Blackhawks training camp today. That's the second day He's been listed as unfit to participate. Season begins in Tampa a week from tomorrow and some front office news with the Hawks today assistant general manager nor McKeever headed to the league's expansion team that Seattle crackin he'll serve as director of player personnel of Seattle crack in Seattle cracking What's a cracking like to see cracking? Okay, I didn't. I didn't have it. Sorry. Go ahead. That's OK. They've got some cool logos and colors and whatnot, Uh, having expansion draft in July. McCarver spent the past 14 seasons with the Blackhawks, most recently his assistant general manager. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN.

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