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Episode 16  Church of the Poison Mine

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Episode 16 Church of the Poison Mine

"Portual, Papa. Kissed you face Swab. O. Petite should VISU DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS GIO soon year plus three. Locked. Awesome. Grace. Dot. com. told. Shera. Do I don shoulder. Was this. Who these people. Mes Amis. Grip what do you? What are you wearing? Look at yourself. You know frantic. Gone a media immediately go people waiting. Is that clear? Yes, good? Fantasist. Sorry about that. Anyway Pool here AK put absolute and once again. Dear reader, welcome to the billowing Hilton Pot coast. To idea. All that. Talk. If, not done already. It really helps us. If you rate review and subscribe on your podcast at Joyce, apple podcast spotify Stitcher, all of that law hopefully. Dan's pretty sousaphone away for five minutes, so we can get on with the show. Please enjoy episode sixteen. Church of the poison mind. Are they going at Mike? Good evening everybody community Ning. Evening, let's pick up where we were. So where we that things are gallant heroes, bubble grumbled sessions, Cuthbert and Hawker had descended into. A kind of chamber underneath the down stone, mine outside the town of Dominique. Working on the instructions from Bird who is convinced Bob was convinced that there was some kind of dog I didn't know goings on down here. Came down a kind of minus lift. Passages leading of this dog cathedral space down at the southern end of the space. There's brother ominous-looking kind of pool black liquid. You decided to try and take on a couple of t fling you. ASEAN cultists slash. Gods were not particularly alarmed when you arrived. Look like they're used to people. Dropping down on the left. It's obviously a bit of a routine occurrence. Purple successively calmed one of them with a common motion spell, and that sort of slight spanner in their works of their kind of alarm system. As it happened when you kind of got into it and started attacking them. One! Of them ran. East along one of the three passages that these of this cathedral and Hamilton's doors, and from those doors emerged a bunch of skeletons. Willie pick things up. Oh. Group are pushing their way east down this corridor into what looks like an some kind of complex, the doors that the Flynn God burst open reveal the chamber with old suits of armor, dotted around the wolves, and that's where the skeletons of combining out from another Tiffany, a team that was wasn't one of the original to ran emerged from the south, so as you're looking east this clearly cross ways passageways, weeding of leading off to your left and rights, or to the North and south. and a t fooling around from the south ran down the corridor. Whe from you deeper into this sort of mystery complex. At shouting release the beast. And at a certain point, somebody seems to have run off into some side, passageway and unchained this. Nasty creature with colossal ball who recalling Piers Morgan and this? Is comes steaming around the corner. It's GonNa. Go plot show is it looks absolutely furious looks like it's just about to set of launches cells at you. When sessions Graham, you have a ready action that you were saving for just this eventuality, and that's where we left things so sessions. It's time for your readied action. Yet think my ready action is probably when he gets within twenty feet of me, so I can hurl crushing coin and said so I think it's not quite reached the readied actions that yet suit. Exits the room and enters the corridor. Okay, well, let me just check. It's movement Let's just see how it's doing here. The beast has gotta move forty, so it moved moves eighty is. Sixteen squares, and it has moved. Let me just do a quick counting on to change it very interesting everybody wanted to. Okay, it can move a little bit more, but. It's only another couple of squares with leaving identify that triggers. You'll ready action Graham it moves out into this chamber that the skeletons have emerged. Now. I mean one other point of order or points of information. Is that the skeletons what turned by sessions or my fled back into the? So then turned right, and you can hear them scrabbling at the door to your south. Some of them turned left, and you can hear them scrapping. Dalziel north, and a couple of them headed straight away from. You can actually see them. scrabbling set a double doors right off to your east, and it's in between you and these skeletons that the the the cross passage seems to come in this. This board has come out. I'm to get to the end of its move. It sort of energizes itself. It's sort of inflames itself literally in Fact It's a squeals. And it sort of seems to sort of grow growing stature, yeah, and cold kind of blue flames. and. These go to cold blue flames from a burst out all over its body. Is going to take on this kind of Nyah coal fiery kind of kit. That is the end of it go, so the next person to act is wonderful bubble haddish. No I'm sorry. I'm completely unprepared. I'm gang to. Again, what can I do? Go McCarron she I've been at least in skin. See what we can do, so this thing looks. Very very angry. It looks, does it? It's got its tusks a set of. sheathed in. With I on a spike. This combing nations day he attempts to press, which is a group of people, each humanoid Nick last what you used on the gods or what? But It seems you know with the name home emotions his angry. Anyway, that's not gonNa work so I will have to do something else. I'm going to have to fire some kind of weapon. I think we've established that. Your ranged weapon attack came. Boils that boils down to a proficiency in hand. Crossbow We'll have across both. Yeah. I'm sure I did have what? I'm. I've got my IPAD here. That's throw that so she. Got, my full. Do, have I do have a hand across? And you. Put The two together and you've got a survey one hundred range of one hundred twenty feet. Yes, okay so. At disadvantage because I'm firing through or is the. Cover it's a few points which I which I can account for actually. I need to roll to hit. Just roll it D- Twenty eight hundred number. Twenty US Katie Twenty plus three. Three, which is Amiss Maximus, and you're the move or What? I'm just kind of bit worried. Its Own. Fars it I'll just step, so it's it's of reefed in. Kind of Code Blue Flames I will come retreat background the KUNA back against the war with my hand cross. Okay. And we move onto grumbled to finish out around on six right. I wouldn't my finest five. Oh! But I'm going to Fi- three some people so. It's on the cross goes up so same same problem. Okay so I'M GONNA add five to this? Sir Twenty, two, twenty two is a hit. Job so I'm going to do. Ten. Demolish. Six point. Five six points of damage and Kate think much going to step back. To the other I stepped into the corridor for the readers benefit. To step back out of the line of fire. Okay, got it okay, and we move onto. It up in the thick of things Cuthbert. Your one green one gray I meet the to. Spiralling, mad, angry, glowing red eyes of this thing, and you must decide what to do. Well I R. I look around at Palca and. You want to stay here or she'll be up. This is very relaxed. Conversation. We Bullpen I. Think wondering about. Strike on this sort of burning thing might not. Andy. Larry blazing. That right I'll go okay. I'M GONNA go. Running up to it, okay? So when you run out there, you can see some stuff. Oh! Lovely you can see the rest of that. Chamber. And then five foot, wide passageway, continuing south with a door at the end of it, and up against that door, scrambling to terrified skeletons, looking past the horrible beast to the north. There's another door with a skeleton scrabbling at that, and can you give me a perception check? Roll the dice and I get a massive nine. Nine A. K.. One Nine is enough for you to. Notice or understand that? If the skeleton seems to be scrambling, trying to open this door to your north, it's possible that there's something or somebody trying to stop that door being opened coach. So it's like there's a bit of maybe you get the sense of this tussle going on the door right okay. You're up to the thing. Do you want to give it away so I can do A. Tech Okay which is firstly with the shorts would. Roll hitting armor close fourteen fourteen is hit. Doing a massive eight points of damage. Eight points of damage on the beast and then. Attack with Libya yeah. Hating Oma clause fourteen again yup. I do six points of demolish than six points of damage. Okay so well. That's not bad, so that's Kaffir. This thing looks unhappy with you. As what do happy with the beginning and we move onto Parker I will move up to the beast as well then. Next to Cuthbert so he's flanking the next railroad flanking, but you're. Sorry, you're right, so he gets advantage. He doesn't get advantage begats. A sneak attack damage. Cut On that. We leave it. Yeah. Complete misunderstanding the rules, academic and so I will bop it into the the Chellaney. Seventeen. Seventeen is a hint that does nine points damage nine points of damage. This is pretty. This is pretty effective. Corey, effective. And all the things Yup. So, this thing is like flaming all over. Yes, it's. Sort of crackling blue flames, they look. Not, not very nice, did they did the crackling blue flames channel through my soul, and no, no, no, no, they're just they just reading the creature. You like maybe a bit. Your Gaurd your stand on you. They might be. Flurry of blows then okay, so that gives me two strikes the first one to seventeen. To hit the hit as the other wounding six points of damage, six points of damage. To this thing Yup. Is a six which I'm guessing. Six is a mess. And we move on to sessions sessions to make a an iconic. I keep ago. Nineteen on the dice for a total and nineteen. Your sense looking at this these. These crackling blue flames are that they are some kind of narcotic energy. Also. Yeah, okay anyway, and then you can have your round selection I'm going to draw from my pocket. Couple of coins clang them together to told the dying on the bull. Yeah, okay needs to make savings or I take it make its wisdom saving throw K.. Wisdom saving. D. C. Thirteen. Yes. It rolls a fifteen and makes that saving throw. Okay, so that's really ineffective. Dice have power, and I will use my intersection action. To move my spirit, chill crushing coin up towards it. But it doesn't get the way there. then. I will just kind of stand there hoping it doesn't get poss- park. What is a big unit I mean it takes up a full ten foot. Square of space, so you don't know how easy it would find it to kind of start daunting in the little gaps between people, purple and grim bold. Can you both make perception checks? Doesn't pay back then. Just about the movies and everything. Tell me what you row, gnawing nine, okay and purple six six. That's okay. Much from the northern. It'll northern passageway you hear. Don't war. Next is skeletons, the skeletons to the south of Hawker and Cuthbert successfully get through the door, and they push their way into a chamber, and they are scuttling in and starts scrambling at the corners of the room. Yes, they just terrified, but they reveal a t fling. Who is in there? Who's just a bit startled by his sudden exposure to you? Yep, but and he would immediately react to this, and he piles up towards he pause up towards you. To. He can't make it to you, so he runs up. He can't make it T. The tussle continues the door to the north of you. The skeleton is scrapping at it, and it's clearly somebody or some people on the other side and it now that you've kind of got more of a sense of what's going on. You think there are multiple people on the other side of the door, trying to keep it closed while the skeleton scrambles at the two skeletons directly to your east one, scrubbing the double doors that are straight ahead of us. You go into this complex. Making any headway against that great big double Dole. The other thing that happens is that you can hear the sound of movement slightly further in a little during the side opens the teeth name POPs his head out. Runs back in and slams the door again and that is that for all of the kind of. Cost now end up with big piers. Morgan gets. One attack, which is going to apply to one two three. It's going to. A three. Cuff. Getting six Parker Rolling the dice now. I'm rolling Oh one. Is. On your. Own, you that was gonna be. That was going to happen. And it strikes me, so basically tries to go you with its tusks, and it rolls a two. Class after surly. Shit after all that John. fucking. And that is it. Can we move on? Please to burgle. Okay well I'm going to obviously have to investigate the noise going to move to their work. Can I see down that corridor purple? You look North that little passageway runs north out of the big kind of temple chamber. Is. A slender marble column can just make out through the open door that call them has got strange patterns of sort of wispy green veins that arriving undulating within the stone, and the floor looks like it's made square bone want tiles. They look a little bit like the same substance of the doors made out of the. Opposite you? It's a weird kind of dull kind of. Marble? But there are a strange that'll circular bulges so to set irregularly in its surface. There's no sign of many people or anything seems very quiet. Let's even worse. That's what you can see. Invisible nece. God. Well. I'd say that's not what I was expecting so far I moved three. Yeah, you've been a movement left so I'm going to use my remaining move. Shoot shoot the ball. With my weapon, okay and I'm going to hit the following class shooting through sessions. I'm shooting through sessions and POLKA. Yup Okay Yes, you can three sessions and parkway and. Eleven fourteen fourteen is a Oh. Hold up! That might be. that's miss that might be. It is and I'M GONNA. Use My bonus sanction yes! Give a product inspiration to brim. Vote took off but okay. That's my rent. That's it okay. That was Bertillon eight and then it is Wimbledon six right. I'm going into the corridors standing next to sessions so about halfway along the corridor. Getting shots that the beast who is Morgan Yep? He's moving, and then I'm going to Fi- am another fi about. Thirteen thirteen is a miss. Anything else. Follows efficient I deficient and is. I'm going to do the I wish suit. I wrote and get you sixteen as. Nine points at damages, nine points damage on the creature, and it's looking bloodied. And I've got an additional one six sneak attack. Doing two points damage. Points Damage Yep and then I'm gonNA. Use The rapier Yup. Hating, an online class not very good or move nine nine is amiss that we go. I suppose I could I could add my body can spray. You can I'm serious lament to tell you whether or not you succeeded, but you can go for it if you want. I think I know what some classes? So I'm just going to do that. See you writing the extra six hundred hundred role. Really to make an eleven is. Okay, that's. Park, right! Well I won't pc again and. First of all with the Chellaney. Six, which I assume, miss six. Another Gloria Blues announced strike hitting on Class Eight. Yeah and finally nineteen nineteen is a hit. Okay doing. Six points of damage six more on this thing. It's looking like a unhappy it'll. Brilliant, but that was granted it was it contributed, and now sessions sessions I will try telling the dying again clanging my coins together. To make it save it through again. Right? Yeah d.c thirteen. Save it rolling. And fails side. Failed it safes. It takes a colossal seven points damage. That was my. Points of damage. Fire The crushing coin overacted leaguge strikes it for see whether it strikes it. And I get to twenty three to hit. Twenty three is A. Resounding hit. And that does. Four points damage one on the die. Damage surely thing okay. It's still up. Now it now, first of all Cuthbert. Yes, t fling to your south steps. and has a smack at you. Yeah, how dare it how? Derek is GonNa Scimitar. How? Bad and it rolls to attack hugh and it Rolls A. Twelve hitting on KLOSS. La La. Crosse fifteen. Hit just lovely. You take six points of damage on Cuthbert particularly annoying. Now the beast, the beast. Really changed well. Let's have either the beast. Might change targets on on a one or two changes to Parker on a four to six. It's going to stay with Cuthbert. Rolling too, so it changes to. Thirty so ridiculous. And it has it's one. One he thinking someone turns you. Just cut also. And attacks with its TUSK. Here we go one attack this bit of kind of. Going to gloss kind of oh is that fumble a one? Fumble loses what it loses anymore tax. It doesn't have any more tanks. This thing is a big. It is literally a big disappointment. Prophetic creatures meant to be. Released the base metabolic. It's. It's bubble. Bubble doesn't have an awful lot he can do. I'm a little nervous of that thing, but I'm going to step in frontal of those is. GonNa Shoot. Yes it can I get a line from. By the line now what whatever I'm gonNA shake the. Thing I'm GonNa go really well I'm GonNa Roll and get. Eighteen. Eighteen and enormous amounts of damage I'm GONNA throw in I'm GONNA throw in. And do use my psychic blades, which gives it an extra two D six. Is that with a with a range? What matter many weapons it's. Well I! Know, you mentioned it hit a creature. The weapon attack is just the weirdness. To Role Three D six rule. It's. An enormous Evan theme points of. Almost seventeen points six damaged downs the beast. Giant. Johnny. Capital. That is capital. there. You, a six, thousand four. Yeah, yeah, excellent roll, okay, now freed from the pressure, worry about John, bore and therefore able to move further into the combat is. Blue. Green Bay. Rights actually move further down the corridor up to the T. fling this taking Cuthbert holy crap. The nine, going to shake hands with him. Terrified of what's behind you? Yes. I'm sure. There's something invisible with. Come out of a very creepy creepy. Scary, down this. Safety Busse. Twin that a hit twenty is a hit on the key thing I do. Seven want electrical damage seven plot electrical. He's out. He's a contact reactions until he's turned. Spectra fide okay. Well. Let's take crap, okay. He doesn't particularly happy about that, and he's officially about happy about the fact that he can't do anything for around new, say reactions. Okay fine anything else from you do most efficient loop. Thank you for being within five foot. I will turn around him ago. I have you here I am can return. It's not so I not very efficient with shorts owed rolling offer sixteen to roll three heating lost. Nine is Amiss home moments. With the rap year. He's GonNa ever. Role in fact. We do need that drug. Com all about the seventieth mccown wrote over seven discount happen. Angle that one looks a bit like I said. Does not? Less than that. Yes, she's safe to stand next. Session sessions sessions sessions sessions sessions sessions. Can you tell me about your turning power, please? What's the deal with these skeletons? How long do they have to keep running or is it forever? Oh okay! Yes great question. One Minute, or until they take any damage well, woman is ten rounds. So that's just ages. Okay, so wages wages. Go I know how many that is fine, so we move onto Parker. So this guy, this half is still alive. Right not fooling either half life I'm still alive. T fling. Sorry I thought. So, I will move. I will step up next to Cuthbert clamber over the furry ball. Move through space, yes. This guy with the chalet. Did! It actually hit anyone that. Didn't. Out. Exploded in fury. fucking slowing. Big Bacon Sandwich. Twenty twenty. Three points of damage points as pathetic, okay, and on strike, also at the twenty Yup, who's not critical doing. Five points of damage. Yeah, so eighteen turtle and now say sank the demos. Damage. Attest to. Do the most. Right. And we move onto monsieur LE. K. I shall cautiously. Advance up the up the Karnal till I can see the T. fling. Right to the to the corridor I think. I will told the dying on as bonus action. Yes take us to make a savings. DC thirteen wisdom say. You'll correct the simpsons. It saving throw. It was saving throw. Amazing. It's not as bad as the balls here we come here. We can't Roland is the number. That's a cult cult dies tours that called dice. Let's to. It fails damage. Then it's going to be. Eleven point so damage. Mine don't is looking very very unwell and then I I. Swing the crushing coin, two pounds down on its head. To close the teen. LOST THIRTEEN IS A. Hit. Wow Okay And it takes nine points damage to get. The end of it. You have successfully vaporized that taste. It's a bit like I got woken up. It was in bed, and the gelatins came crashing right. You didn't student house student. Crush. The on comes out. I'm going to have a pulpit him, and then suddenly it around. into the ground, it was so in fact discombobulated by sudden. Arousal, and I'm really shouldn't. And it was it was so sort of out of sorts of being surprised for the first two rounds that it was fine. It was run as the wrong kind of. Only remembering what it was just in time in order to survive an extra couple of rounds in which you pursue. What a load of Shit met is. A anyways. What were you running? Well as slightly lower. THREAT LITTLE! Really. Offering scores? No, no, no, no, okay. If it had remembered who it was, it would still be. Alive. And it would have around now, but since it didn't remember who it was, it's dead and it is my. Ken Purple. Make perception check please. No very good those okay. And Ten. No. That's fine. right. Sessions nuts anything sessions does not something now so. Up in the north. The whoever it is is on the inside of this door skeleton, scrubbing on as one the struggle and this door. Bursts Open. You can see Pasta into a chamber. The Chamber it's about fun is about twenty five feet twenty five feet so far as you can tell, looking through the door It's full of. Little people in Robes look like normal people civilians as it were in robes. They look weedy. They look like about almost exactly as weedy as the t fling load when he came bursting out of the chamber, being played as the wrong on Sta. The floors covered in blankets, a wooden crate in the middle of the room, and there's a small crude statue on that crate. All of a humanoid figure gopal annoyed figure with distorted, Lee giant, open, aggressive mouth, wearing Alma, and carrying a glade in one hand, and a wooden shield in the other dotted around the room. There are sort of comes of slightly down at heel, battered weapons, spears, and clubs, and bits and bobs. There seems to be some kind of continuous light effect in that this is a flickering flames maybe. Burning torches, and what was the other one called continual flames? That's what I'm thinking of. There might be a couple of them burning in that these people are first of all can cuthbert. Park. Make. Perception checks yes, I! Guess another seven. Should. Yes, it is. It's one thousand nine hundred. You recognize one of them. Is Gore. Bags sponge the mother. Mock. Let's bench. She is dressed like the rest of them in some kind of cultish robes, and she is dogged. They're not tattoos just being painted on all dog on. Ceres of markings have face forearms anything that's exposed with these kind of mad writhing images of open aggressive more than jaws and mouths intersperse weapons and glades and shields very light. The tattoos are on the arms of the the original chief cultists that you can make the assumption that these people are cultists of Banshee Foo- and she recognizes you tougher, and and they start trying to push past the skeleton, so there's a sort of kerfuffle. We won't. I'm going to kind of slightly hand wave the detail of it, but the the skeleton pushes North into the room now that the door is open, and they start piling out of the aggressive towards look. They look terrified and the first one. The foremost one runs out. He's all it's moving. It starts heading east towards the double doors further into the complex and the others run out to they. Looking at you terrified. They didn't look aggressive They look like they would rather be anywhere else. They looked like the terrified that other. They've been on mosques or that. They're under attack. was something the justly with each other nodes to get out to the rim nicely to be so scared? Up there and that is fat. I think I'm GonNa make a role for these. Very smart. So one of the skeletons are the far into the corridor from the ones trying to scramble against hopeless against these double doors decides to give up on scrapping to was these double doors and runs away up to the north. The up towards the you think. The beast came from other than that I have nothing to report. Move onto birth. Okay, so which one of these go bikes Goldberg Sponge is. Let's say she is the one standing just on your side of the door to the north. She's behind little gaggle of three or four of these people. You're not sure that you don't recognize some of the others well, not people that you know that you might have seen them around town I'll say. Come down Running that ways potentially dangerous. How. Did you come to be here? Make a check What's the most appropriate skill in this instance? persuasion vis Suasion K.. Eleven. Your words register, but she just looks to panicked. There's also dislike for very fervor. Ish. Kind of fanaticism is as well you wonder whether or not they're scared, but they might get a little bit more aggressive if they were cornered. Okay well, I just moved out the way so Anything else you want to do yes. I wanted to stow my crossbar and take him when I sold coal and grumbled. GROWED! and. Go It's time for your business ties and criminal. Jimbo the QA remould di Di di. Ding. All! Right. Okay. We'll do another shocking grasp on. The teaching in front of me does that one. Is going for. A week. Thing with Johnny Rescue. Things out. Tack Than Anybody Grumbled Golfing a few state and then shakes himself. And these are all skeletons clustered outside the door. No, they all look like they looked like that. Cultists that their towns people who are worshippers of Banshee view who are in a bit of a frantic kind of push to escape. They piled out of this room to the north, pushing the skeleton the way. They look like they're going to try and either flee attack. You or something probably Flea Cain. Fee than any suggestions anybody. About to sleep guess. Fully the story. One of the skeletons s like. I'll turn around and start checking out the door to the north there is. Over here all he, the teaching that teaching the popped out from the door to the south, slammed the door shaw having. Yeah Yeah. The skeleton against the S- Saddam down here. Skeletons. Aggressive at the moment. But. The time will come with that and spell wings out, and they will start attacking us so taking them at one the time now would be. We all we off the Pepsi's count nations seven rounds into the turning period. Right. Off One at a time, they're not thinking. I think. He does damaged. Anyway. Be turned. Not Okay so. Where is it on this southern real calm? There's a couple of skeletons very southern. scrabbling against the wall of the Southern Rhode, Vaca- Go into the that and then I'll do any fireboat. Okay, let me just describe that room. T run out. Quite hit a couple of turns around. We'll go the other way. K.. Chamber grumbled There's a couple of feds against the eastern wall. There's a long wooden table on the south wall which the two sentences scrapping against a couple of stools weapon racks. There's a suit of leather armor on that table with a variety of tools spread around. It looks like somebody's been other repairing that. Tomorrow whatever it is. You want to do. Anything looks particularly tasty when I make nothing. Particularly Valuable. Okay. How far about them? One of the skeletons which white? On the one in front of me to to the south. Class Eight is Amiss. Okay, so it didn't do damage, so he's not gonNA. Stop Turning. Is that correct I have to? You have to talk to the boss bill that. Doesn't grime. I will consult the writeup. What, about it when the time comes? Windy takes any damage fine, so it's still scrambling. Still turned Cuthbert Catholic. Should we go up to the one to the east combined attack. Get rid of it, and then we can open the due to the T. fling to like that thing also see what's going on up. Ladder there's an opening to the north of the east passage. Young down there as we go past. Okay, let me just check my movement on. That I can get out that if you move up in the next round, you can step up. Can I wait until after Parker's and his go. Is that a possibility? No you will, you can ready and action. So what you can do is you can. You can stay a condition. You can say when Parker does. This I will do that, but it's only. It's only a single action like an attack or a spell wall or dash can. You could move already Nachshon into off. The puck has moved and then I'll take an action. Okay, well nice and generous and say you don't have to be too specific. Okay, so Polka, we've onto you. Okay? Well I can step up. Six grows to the east, and I can blunk that skeleton. Okay yeah, that's offer the skeleton that failed the critical hit challenge. Off from from Wigan. Off from regained. Right off of. God teaching six which is. On the? Strike. Is, so, twenty to twenty two as it hit. Yeah, five points damage. You did five points damage that triggers Cuthbert's ready to action cuff, but what you want to Cuthbert is gained to move his move. To their, which as far as he can go, which is behind Parker and he's game to look north. What do we see to the north as we see to the north. Is. Well not so much a cage as a sort of lateral pet, you can see not a pit stores on the floor is a pigs boudoir. BOOT exactly. There's a thick chain lying on the ground. There's a week of Musky animals sent often down to what's in the store will over the floor, and there is a flickering flame. Emitting from a little bit of spur. On the North Wall. Again, it's a continual flames bell. It's a kind of crude chamber. That's Deng this filthy. Hey, that's the kind of thing. The other things that you can see is that there's a skeleton running away from you to north. That's the other not offer. and standing in the entrance, looking at you like it's been waiting, hoping the beast would do more and. Discover that the beast is not done more is another one of these t fling Celtics dudes, and he's standing in the entrance. Looking at you looks like he's waiting for his number to come up in his initiative. Bridge standing there, IT Looks Watch and we've done Cuthbert, Park, and we move on. Okay I'm going to. Use My very short legs to move. Post the COPS, the ball towards Parker and comfort, and I'll told the dying on the skeleton in the corner. In. The author offer. Yeah, this is cruel. the skeleton makes it saving throw. It's not going to be a great DC. Thirteen Rosen nineteen and Shrug, salts, taste and phase be called. Yeah. You can't turn these guys. Okay? Yeah, he shrugs at. least my bonus action to kind of pull along Me Evan, crushing coin about send it next, got it okay, and then we move onto the back. Is so the bad guys starting with? Off of the skeleton is going to continue his flight north, and he gets to the far end of his horrible chamber. This cultist decides that it's time to do something with his life, and so he runs up to. and. He will attack Cuthbert with his son. This cultist t fling seems like he has actually remembered what he is. So he's able to actually do something. What he's GonNa do is he is going to attack you with its his mace. And he gets, he gets to attacks with his mace. What yes well, that's the way these things work so I attack. On cuthbert a sixteen for a total of twenty. Yeah, she's a hit. You take five damage from that hit. Strikes Again Rolls Twenty now. told me the teeth. Thing is to make a decision. Gumbel Stumble or is he going to take the double damage? He's going to gamble damages ten points. He's GonNa, who just? Done which is the ten points is safe to tell me templates, but do you want to gamble? Do you want to gamble? told me for potentially life changing amount of damage. To Gamble, so he's going roll. He's going to need some big number. Here. We go come on. Come on. Come on, come on, come on come. On Sixteen hits home across twenty, and so we do in fact. Deal Akon from the. Deck. Is here, comes. It's a setback couldn't believe it. It's called. This little piggy in his speed is reduced by half or defoe rounds. Is really gets. Four. No, that's the wrong. This is just such a fucking disaster. Right so his speed would use by around. Keep me honest on that I mean it's not going to really particularly things if he even survived that next round brilliant okay. What is operatives it it's. Really. Quite funny great. Such would fucking annoying. Here's my one chance to something so okay. What are these cultists? They they run so cultus this cultist, the cultist. That's nearest you lock changes his mind about where it's going. Because you've all pile passed it. Yes, the other way. Runs the other way sessions. Would you like a teco Pacino's cultist? Do you have a weapon in hand? Well. That's a good question. Doing actually have a weapon tool. Accent I love? This I have a lion. Interface, but since I haven't used Mace. And then with the right. Hand wondering where the Mason your hand, therefore the. She'll. Meet me could be. States during its I'm guessing possibly. Night Okay So. Base, and it runs past. Yet not cultist play. From you and keeps on running his as it can go. Out there, the other cultists do the same now as they run past kind of heedlessly purple. You're GonNa get just you have your sword in handwrite. I do because it's the third cultist to to sprint past you goes. Runs Dorothy Posture Square. And as it leaves, you get an opportunity to have an opportunity to you WANNA have that. Say Okay. public-spirited person, you are so these cultists. If you're not going to tax virginity, they will start piling back out towards the Dark Cathedral behind you screaming and gave. Noah. Acting inside the actors studio. It is uncanny hey. You habit the character. You think you should see me while I'm doing the prep jobs things Jesus. In my cultist. Now No, no, no, no. How. I'm good, too. That's not close enough. I'm going to get to the next to bolt. Okay, can it be basically my round, so you'll running south into the room with grumbled correct and the to fleeing skeletons. And it's grumbles round. Right I'm going to try a fireboat other one thoroughly south of me, Zig. Thirteen thirteen is ahead exactly what you needed great, so this is far damage with a magic five does anything I. Don't think so. Oh reports Tavak site painful three points of damage on that schedule. Leaving behind. So. Well then you're ready to. Yes you have to go through him. Craven okay. I'm just wondering if we these cultists might be, we might be making a mistake letting them go. She's in there to basically make you kind of sympathetic. Who Am I reckon? But also, there's quite a lot of the modern and we could do anything about it. I think we could, but I think we could block. We could have blocked them. I would guess offensive in their mistake. We make gains them get to the lift. Yeah, because they take they take the list. And what was the mechanism for the left shortly the lift they take. If they take the live. That's it if they take the best. That's what Shit and then the invisible guys there of complicate matters so that they to facilitate their escape on the. Trip down here. Yeah, well, unless of course the lift is you can get lift back down. There wasn't any that was Mike. In terms of what you what you mean, something the lift from the bottom Kenny. How does the lift were? What kind of mechanism is well? The mechanism is a is a winch, only lane winch. That's on the lift. You operate it from on the left, so no, it doesn't look like there's a way of. Pulling the lift down so then that basically means anyway. Well. They knew there was something we were missing. that. Is An escape route. Or Skate now gone and this unless we go unless we govern, stop them. Yeah, well. I mean I haven't taken it yet. No, they haven't, and it's a slow if you're trying to flee. It's also the the be room for all of them. Anyway, there's a there's a chain loop that runs from a from a supporting structure. At the top, and then you, you pay out that chain, and then you pull the chain in again when you want to go up, remember that tomato lift move tool. You had to physically operate the break on the winch mechanism on the left to make it move whether or not they've really thought about the gist of lift operation in this. Dark Subterranean, temple. They haven't. This probably is on Mike Merle's I. Guess he wrote that you don't get left behind. Maybe there's a lift operator. We have met him in little uniform. Anyway where where? People were grumbled has run behind full in order to protect himself and we move onto Cuthbert. Cut that is well, he's obviously going to. Attack In short order this cultist, hitting with the short armor cloth, seven Teen Rolling Eleven on the dice. Seventeen is hit doing in an almost nine points of damage. Ny was shit. Armacost these guys. Okay he doesn't it very well. And he does an additional. Four points of sneak attack. Because because he sending next to polychrome focus, fife with I'm sorry. Yes, that's absolutely Ryan. Don't flanking is it's just having another person in the fight and with the REPUTA-. Choice Rolling one rolling a one which ends your tax with around? Even though you didn't have any more left anyway, so thank you. It's my third one said in. Yeah, I'm absolutely Mr Onesie exactly how? Ill is this guy looking one. Hit Away you. Thought, maybe a decent blow or to put him down. Yeah, all right, okay Chellaney on him then instead of on the skeleton, hitting all McLeod's fourteen is. Seven point to damage still alive. TURNS OUT! Your judgment was way off Strike. Class Eight is. To really radio. It's extremely pleasing. I will. And clank McQueen's together told the dying on the cultist. Got His chances. You Go McKay. Roles a twelve. His wisdom certain. Sales wounded you. Yes, yes. Two points to damage. That's exactly had too much left. Sessions is done most of the killing. Sessions estimate kidding. Yeah, and then with my bonus action. I'm going to fire the crushing coin onto the skeleton in the corner. McClure twenty-one hit and it takes a five points, damage and of collateral. Damage is no longer turned of course than still alive Yup and that would be my guess. We buff them up and then session just comes along and. Glories Four. Speakers. That's what happens, not authors. Skeleton is going to attack Parker because he can because he's no longer turned. He swings at Parka with his short sword. Five eighty nine is not good enough. And then down here, one of the skeletons yeah, the one that Grynbaum went away from his unturned. He runs around the attacks. Hitting all McLaughlin ten, which is not going to be enough, although his close with purple, but not enough the other burp the other burble. Skeleton still scrapping at the wool, the skeletons in the northern most chamber is reached the North Wall author describing against the North and whatever there and the Celtics keep running you see them a piling out in the chamber. They don't seem to know they didn't seem to have a plan. If that's what you were worried about that like, get the lift the way that it's weirdly constructed that strength them here. They do seem to be staying. From the northern part of the of the chamber. Not The lift, not the left. And then I think is done for. Everybody, yeah, everybody else is complete. Completely quiet. You can have some perception checks and people. Seventeen, seventeenth, good fifteen fifteen good, you think that you can hear sounds both through the double doors to your east again further into wherever you are, and through the door to Cuthbert south one that was opened then rapidly slammed shut by cultist. Yup, you can kind of hear sounds of people moving bodies moving about and we move onto purple. Who is facing the skeleton, but we'll try and hit the skeleton probably unsuccessfully knowing him. Ou Six One. It's a one. Like the other way around this and natural natural one, so you forfeit the rest of your hand. If you had one for the rest of your tax, you can move. Yeah technically chain. Good Point Okay and then grumbled, so I, move up to Beppo back into the room. I'm standing next to him, and then I'm going. Do Shuki grasp plumbing. Get a yeah. Go for a role. This GET A. Sake Sakes sixes of. One and then I'll move back. Society was me. You show giving away I. It gets. Jim. I. Guess. Yes No, what no stay is! No Graham would have done that. Is that what you're saying? But She clean up this lot I. Am I allowed to occupy the same space. Is The crushing coin? Yes, of course you are. That's that's sessions spiritual weapon. Okay, so I will I will just literally take a five per diagnose step to put me in basically with the skelly. And then I will do the Short Sword Hitting Oh on the class twenty five. Nydia critical doing. Ten points of damage, will you? Destroy the skeleton in the clatter of bones and bits of old armor and so forth. And I will then continue to move. Further up north, they're running up towards the chamber. The ball came from Yup his moving. It'll hutch. Gain to the massive bols. Boudoir. Efficient very efficient in Parker, what you WANNA do so I cast long, strident and move eight squares North into the into the board food while. The beast, which was released yet. Deceased. Taste? The deceased released beast. Of the! East. East from deceased released beast from the east. Yes. I'm going to move back over the course of the the big bowl and down. Toward Swag Road and purple. BERTHELOT YUP fighting their skeletons once I get in. Line of Sites on the on the first skeleton I'm going to toll the dying on it and I will drawing thirteen. Wisdom cereals three and fails say. Has it been wounded? I think it has made it. Yeah, yeah, I can't say it takes ten points of damage. Ten damages enough to dispatch that. An collapses the ground. Say Stay Down, son. Oh, okay. You're giving. Checking with the rest. To the whole thing case, that's another. That's another destroyed skeleton. And we move onto the bad guys, so the cultists are now. Out of your field of view, they seem to have run off into the main thing. Yup, they run off into this main area around with, but then the big. Jim. That lift came down into. Hear them sort of maybe now that they've made their initial escape, and they're gonNA burst free from what a very life threatening situation they now seem to be. You can hear them of maybe muttering a bit between themselves instead of agitated voices fabulous. Dan I have I have an idea for you. Yeah, well, it's buffalo round, so now is the time for that idea to be enacted Donna recognition head Knowlton Jr. shut the door behind. You lean against it. And then see what happens, and then just wait it out. Shredding is Ken Yeah What happens. He's GonNa is it. Is He alive or is he, Dan? He won't know to do. Open the door and. Screams pleadings I've got to worry about these Celtics. Doing and I'm thinking I'm Michigan go investigate. Five six, seven, eight nine ten eleven twelve. Let's move move so burqas running back to the main cathedral room, taking the data action Yup okay. You can see what you can see before. You can't see cultists looking the way that you're looking at looks like they've headed south into the main body of the room. You can hear them from round to the south. Therefore to your left as you're heading back and we move onto grumbled. What you WANNA do grooming losing a serie points during the first spout and he's going to be critical. That's to hit you up. To rotate, t think we think far much for anything more on scalise. We've established that it doesn't I sit. For. Didn't role must have been something happened. To the dice to make it roll one. We still have had. Oh. Yes. Have you done this? Very okay, so you're going to roll, rewrote number and the D six. Eighteen. Without. An was the damage from the chromatic orb. A fourteen points of damage which absolutely melts the little sketchy. Cuff is going to go north up to the skeleton. That's grabbing against the wall. And and the turning with a shorts would. Come believing rolling one. How many ones I many many add them all together, and you might have something that could hit something with a low. All Macleod's now road four months. and. That's ended your tax so now. Tax Onto Parker PA will move up to Cuthbert is and hit the same skeleton. First of all with the Laney. Go a critical. It's critical. Do. You WanNa gamble you on with what he got. No, I'M GONNA. Do Damage. Because I have savage attacks, I can roll an extra die again. Oh right. So that's the critical four plus four plus also another. One, eight getting very close Yup. Another three. Seven points of damage Nelson. Enough it's. Kind is don't have the unarmed strike. On August twelve which is Amiss. Have Gambled Shit A- gambled alka. Next week sessions you around, and it's the skeleton the remaining skeleton. You think one that's run off into the room that the cultists hiding in. Will now be unturned, so my going to be around towards the door where I saw the doorway cultist pop pop back in and go, I'm going to eat the bodies of the two dead TV flings bypass and the thing that looks valuable I'm picking up well now. They have macy's and heavy crossbows the to me the. Other what jewelry ended up particularly valuable? Nothing nothing that looks useful. China close you'd. Struck. They all wearing shiny Chinese dayglo clothes. Anything like that stuff that. RAVING Close Klay Sticks. No there's nothing very interesting as you move round I think you get an opportunity to make a perception check. everybody else is will be in a bit Celtic so forth, but you could make perception check as. One durant in that section of the of the corridor. West Sixteen on the dice, which banks my perception. Nineteen well, that's a very good role. All you've really noticed is that you have an opportunity to have a glance. These double doors the skeletons are against and you can. It's clear now why they were unable to open them. It's not because the doors particularly well secured. It's just a little bit of a mechanism. A latch lift and click those required to open them. Yeah, so you just put that as you went around the coin? Okay? 'cause they were scrubbing, clearly mindless terrified skeletons, which is not in their heads to. Apply apply their brains to just click open the thing. That's kind of my go then I think so. A skeleton comes piling out of the the cultists chamber to the north. Gets out into the main room where the ball's body is stands that trying to work out what to do next now up in the room the ball. There's the one remaining Scott. The they were attacking doesn't looking great nick, but he is going to have one final thrust for glory. And he is going to roll a d six to three. He's going to attack on a forty-six. Here's going to attack Parker. We know what's going to happen and it was a four to six just. Always Park. Identity. You say this is always talk. It's a nice little system. We have good nice simple system here. He rose. Club. That you waited. The. Authors etiquette a good day. I think we can be. Came here. I came here. Hopes. Oh Da's turned to ashes in my mouth was hoping to get the money to pay for my mother's operation. Appearances lethally kind. A So we move on from him because he was just completely shit and we move on to BURP. burp May as well shoot that skeleton. But thing in my hands. It's a comedy. Through stuff, yes. The other way I'm going to continue what I'm doing so back and peaked my head. Round that corner. Ginkel and they kind of look at you as you turn the corner, but don't really react in the sense of they don't leap at you. They seem to be innocent of huddle. I'm kind of not quite sure about what to do next week. A couple of them again because we have to fight them. We gotTA fight them. We go. We go to defend the glory of Benxi view. We must raise must raise the three. Par God and others are going. No, no, we've got to. Is this too far that? I'm paraphrasing, but that's basically what they're doing. Right doing to say anything to them. I serve A. Calm Down Yeah just calm down. Just can calm down dear. Emotions using your body performance. I don't think I can do anything he's. Singing. Singers Song. I? Mean it would be. Tough achieved the perfect. Song Oh Com your breast. LOONEY! Which? Is One of your favorite. Short term is just though your breast is only that fifth rarely used. I includes the. Time you make it to their. Piece of work it is it all? It's all okay, so don't do that, so let's move on from burble to grim bold. Grumbled your ferreting around in the desperate hope of finding some secret little piece of magic. Yeah, so I haven't got a secret message of telling up some magic, so I'm moving out of the room. Of course you would say that even if you had but yes. Maybe a backup to I'm heading to the KILLINGTON stunning. By itself in the corridor. You skeleton early, and as ZAP it. The Greens that you yeah is not. GonNa. Go and UP IT WITH A. Boat Yeah Ruining at twelve. Miss No, no, I fucked that Oh. That's a hit I'm doing fine damage. five points applied. Okay it singed, and then I'm taking for the first time to what I mean literally in into hunting. Episodes, you're taking out your okay. And, you know forty one years. Could be you're. GonNa Finish off the skeleton. I with my shoot I'll do the first attack. Hitting class twelve, his a Miss Donahue. And then with my second attack using their idea Alex. Ten. Mrs? Well Then that's the end of you POLKA. I guess the Chalet on that one. If we can finish it off. This. Is a hit over. That's going to be enough at one point. You killed the final skeleton well life on a skeleton. This one was. On that's to see off. Grumbled the hand I can move. And Move Back Down South. That's me. I'm GonNa told the dying the skeleton that's in the middle of the room by the Yup okay. We'll say from Scotland rose a seventeen. Signed me. And I will also the blue dice of the to the door. and. It's bottle my site. It's not bad. It's GonNa kind of click latch, so it's like you have to put a little pin out. Lifting up and then lift Appalachian and the the doors look like they swing away from my. Well I'm going to inspect the door. the tracks beat the obvious thing. We'll make a section checking. The section, check or investigation check I think well. I mean obviously clearly looks perfectly safe to me and that's kind of you think it's not just safe, but in fact benefit yes, well feeling that strike some sort of that so that it looks completely safe I guess. I love thick the latch. What is your free Internet Yeah I look at Okay and but opening the doors our if I can continue to open the doors, I'll do that as well. Yeah, why not I think so I mean it's like you hadn't actually had a movie. Get a free interaction with the doors, so you can paying the latch and open the Merkazi. Okay. We'll let me give you a view of what you can see, and I'll give you a description. It's a long wide chamber. It's surrounded on three sides by balcony. That's twenty foot up. and there are tortures. Based on the walls are providing light the side opposite the doors. You think that goes back further. That is like a where an an emperor might say like viewing ball with a wooden Chaz positioned around on Anaconda large status, chair or kind of prestige, and sitting there as well no visible people. There's a huge statue of a Goblin OI D- figure standing on a plinth in the middle of the Chamber am I huge I mean it's who windy five thirty feet, tall, a giant statue bench evey so talking about a a female governor annoyed figure where the head is distorted, because the mouth is open so wide with these rows of blocks of kind of brick like teeth, and the facial features of rolled back around this open more but otherwise resemble some form of local. And, if the statues wearing a cult of six, he's not real leather armor studded with metal plates, and all of those plates carved with that screaming Horn Motif of writhing mouths, and more than jaws, and the statue is holding a wooden shield and his left hand, and a grave in its right hand, but it is a statue. It's not a creature, and is there any visible creature I can see from where the doors? There's no visible creature that you can see no. There is a fist size red gem set in the forehead of this finger. It's GonNa glittering in the flickering light from the tortures, because the forehead is kind of rolled back because the doors open so much it's almost as it were on the top of the of the statue, otherwise this much else to describe the wolves vacancy constructed. It's not ruffle cavern like right K. Stay at all. Why don't you give me a perception check? Fourteen, quite look better than last time. Fourteen is decent. You can hear sounds like you could hear from before you opened the doors. You can hear sounds deeper in things, but not enhanced so in rooms, passed or in rooms away. I came to say to these cultists. What is what is it that you want? To protect. What is it you think going to destroy well? The nearest one is the one most prone to engage with you, and she says Airborne Triad. We worked to summon our new God why to bring a new age of darkness. Why would you well Matt Because the Lords of darkness? Miss Brutal World. Why now you're going? Get you into territory that like. Why why is this Guy Blue because of? She looks like you're losing her because. You're talking to her about deep held assumption that she's not going to start getting into an argument about. Right I understand. Did I say yes, it must be protected. She not yeah. How do we protect? How do we best protect? Will you leave this place? You're not welcome here. But we came to protect the triad. Someone the knew God K DO WANNA. Try and deception check or something along those nine. Why Nas? Getting a numerous seventeen seventeen. She. Yes, she's like Oh so you're one of us. Yeah I would. Y If you why you sort of on a trial. Really, it's more more more of a taster. But. Also. Voting process. It's more of a try before you buy. We got a package deal. We have a we have. We have a very slow on boarding process here Eban Towers. And then we'll hound you over talk. customer success team. Good. Okay, though she says why, but why are you attacking? Is why are you kidding all guardians? We're not. We were defending ourselves. We merely defending ourselves. I didn't understand you. If you here to join us. Why did you not just approach peacefully? Who did a piece vs I'll guide you know this guy who was giving us our induction One of the boxes. He's talking as it. He's talking rubbish, it's. That's purple from town. He's not. From town as well, do you mean? He'll no one of us you've never been. You've never been Paul Group energy know. What is leave. That nobody invited me. When I got the invite. I was curious, so came to find out I. K. Y, well one of the bank. The one that said of it will Bolshie looks like he is trying to sort of take control, but go back. Spend muscles amounts. Fling Fling Morton. She says. Stop trying to throw your way around. We will go an equal voice in this. Yeah, flame flame flavored. What is your Surname Jet Gel Gel. Batteries. Fell Gel breeze. She says philmont. In the whole gel breeze family birthday its the seventeenth of May each. how how far away is that? today because. Well, it's down here. I mean. But I think we're somewhere in bureau. We not so As everybody knows. About three months away. I'll say what's out there. Appoint Newell for points up to that that passageway don't. We don't know note that is the layer of the faceless one none of us go up there. He is a leader, a true leader, and what's the other one? The other place going I. We don't go down there. either. That is a dark layer of insanity and savagery, but you must. You must hand over your weapons. You must drop your weapons now and leave. Yeah, okay, we cannot have you storming around and causing this kind of trouble and I will. If you wish safe passage out, we are happy to let you leave. You can climb up on the elevator or I must take you to see. Priestess fell Drik West. They'll trek. I'd like I'd like to. Go bags gestures down behind you where the others all and says sell federick within Okay, perhaps if I'm can be persuasive, Philbrick might grant audience. Yes, that sounds good this. You must follow me and she starts. She walks policy. She's heading back inside. Yeah. Okay, she shouts back to the others you wait here I will speak to felt drake we will see. She looks very very about this, but she's wondering up. She shouted because she's walking in. She's getting. Federick my mistress fell drake. I'm with purple. Here's a woman who wishes to join on number. There's no response to that. She walks up to the double doors. She sees it sessions. She knows as well and Parker. She knows this how it's. It's you you you, so my boy rescued my boy. That's right, oh. Have you seen him? Do you know what what is become of him? No, we. We haven't seen him in quite while. Okay then. took. More deception checks on here. Yeah, she's got no reason to disbelieve you particularly. Lengthy, awful. Teen very good very good. Okay, well, she. Like. If you returned to the outside world, federick will not up to number. Then? When you return to the outside world, you must find him because I am worried I feel I have neglected him because of my deep devotion to the on triad. K. AND Anything you should know. Maybe that which maybe we should bring a gift or something Oh no drake will federick will if I can persuade federick to come an hear your plea for membership. Then it will be down to your to to to how sincere she feels. You being okay, and she's shouting. She thought shouting through the double doors into this big room. She felt by mistress. Federick I have new people, and she starts walking into this chamber. She says come come felt it will grow on you. An audience sheldrick my Queen Queen is again. There's no reaction that's enough for that grumbled. Mocking up to the entrance of the big name with the statute standing next to my cousin sessions. Yep, so you can see into this big chamber. There's no movement or sign of life apart from Gore bags. She walks around the statue and it looks up at the observation, area. And calls out for Celtic. Again Cuthbert. You WanNa do something. Wants to search your going to search in the ball in Piers Morgan's flat Pismo bootle. Okay, you can keep searching Pokka. POKKA will continue south to the door and open it and walk in with my. Ready it stuck. It's very fastly held, so you reach for it and give it a rattle, and it's absolutely it's, but it doesn't rattling fact. It's like it's completely solid I. Still Turn night that the handle an doesn't move. You can turn the handle, and it doesn't move so yes, it seems to be locked. Always seems to be locked, so it's not. Somebody's pushed. It closed is actually locked? Yes, exactly that yeah, okay, locked or Bah door something. A decisions wanted to do anything I think I'll keep an eye on what's going on in the Big Room Elsa give. Grim both they once seven just look for new items that seemed to be on him. He doesn't seem to have anything obviously observable on him. She looks like she's a little bit crestfallen. That is Gore bags. She's standing in this main room. She shouted a couple of times for fell drek. Her mistress and nothing seems to be happening so now. She's standing. Thinking and I was kind of thinking that. Maybe I build a little bit more weight around here. We'll see if we didn't really having kind of. An combat experience I. Think I'll start the ritual of to take my Dick because I'm interested in. What's that statue? Yes, okay, so you taking the time to do that so that so, how does that ritual take? I'M GONNA say ten minutes well. Okay, that's going to be a wall. You can look that up grim bolt. All kinds of the room okay got to the statue. You're having. The statue, it's more than twenty feet tall. It doesn't look like it's made particularly well I mean it's relatively decent work in terms of the the the sculpture. But the actual construction of it doesn't terrific. It doesn't seem to have anything particularly interesting about it does no kind of I. Don't know what you're looking for levers or that is. Pretty. Pretty much revenue for and has it is. This is a big Jim in the forehead. That's right at the top. You'd have to scale up the stat unless stop. Don't you don't? Stop clambering up. The pedestal Yep yep well. You give me a claim. Check. That's an athletics. Check to climb the first bit that the pedestal and up to the base of the statue. Honest one in this role. So Own A. Full minus one three. Okay, so you said of fumble away at the beginning. You can't really get a purchase. It's not it's not your clearly. Not Your area what about half, but now you've had a bit of a search in the room upstairs too I. Find Anything. No, not really. It's all pretty boring up there. Okay Mitch case. I make my way down. Yeah, okay fine. Razzie 'cause anybody else wants to do anything on and I'm going to climb up to the top. Prize that Jim out. Okay, you have another. That what about anybody else? I think that's GonNa. Come in and be with Purple Fifteen on my climb. Check fifteen is good so grumbled. You can make it up through the pedestals. Get onto the kind of the lower section of the of the statutes. Let's call it twenty five feet, so you can climb. Think it's half speed. Can Get up onto the legs of the statue of maybe. The teetering a bit, but you're just of clinging on tonight. Ryan Stole Myself without these picks and tools you. Struggle Cuthbert can give me as these picks and tools way well, they broke. Dexterity check. You'd need to make it without the benefit of the tools to you plus to some things can't be done without. Actually to be fair, it says a set of lock picks early. One of them different different Todd Lockwood take a different type of pick. The outside depends on whether this is the same kind of log, so what I'll actually do is I'll go back to the dual. Inspect the to think do I. Have the right. Yeah, I think you can give it a go. Why don't we just say disadvantage on the role? So it's getting to be a plus fall, because says proficiency, and then this thieves to yeah. So the first row gives me an eight. Second row! You don't know that you would a succeeded. Even if even if your tools are in perfect neck, but. You're not making much progress it. Is something I can do more than once. Yeah, you can have another guy you had your own dies. Now had no dice for this is no, let's. I'll have another. Go Rolling. What you get I got an eleven I'm still trying to roll in double figures can either guy but if you want to borrow the stuff you trained, do need to be trained in its be trying to know drafted proficiency minus. Eighteen, that was decks. Tara, T. check advocacy. Release useless you. Play around with the tumblers in his lock, and they'll toll, and you end up and just goes. and. You think you've moved over right. Open the door. It doesn't open you know what it is Lucas. It's been witched. There's somebody on the side. So now I'm going to. Give it a shove string on it. Yeah, okay, roll roll stretching exchange. Let's check. That's better. Fifteen fifteen note doesn't doesn't budge. It feels really solid. Case which. I think the actions in the main room. So go up to. Spend. Spend. Gene recognizes you as being the main person that rescued clip. Hello, where where do we sign? She's not responding. She shouts again fell wreck. I have new applicants to our order. Where would you know many come from? There would only be. She would. If she grinds US an audience, she hears there and she points up above you at where this kind of main sort of thrown each air. Oh I'M GONNA look in I'll say I'll see if I can find her. What is twenty out to their to? How does one you know? If. We're granted access to the chambers you can. You can reach it virus. Stab win allowed in there. How do we get the changes? What you must be granted entrance by a by Feld? Reckon an her priests, but where? She's not responding on, I'm not, she's not. She's not responding I. Think it's best. We all leave. Says the door you. Yeah I'm climbing further up the suspect. You can make another role Jesus I. Think we I think we ought to leave. She's not responding we she. She's not granting my granting audience. We should leave and she starts heading back toward sessions in the main doors, doesn't she's removes drilling to remove. Roy Miserably. Rather side of the statues you can see grim clambering out. Just examining is fine piece of all picture I mean all ought. Well. You've just you've just full it off right? The three ones this evening. Say this is, this is exquisite. Come. Yeah that one is not good. You Tumble Back Down, so she won't. She wanted US around the statue to see you to the falling often looking a bit set of discombobulated so grumbling base the Statue Cuthbert. Head towards the double doors Yep, when you're just sort of level with Gore bags heading towards them, they go. And close. And you hear. I! Just to be clear on which side of the door is the cackling nick acting is on the the giant statue. Probably on the other side of the Dole. Yeah those didn't so they've closed in on against US sessions. Your trapped on the outside and emerging as it were into site from. A. Round behind this thrown or something, but you wouldn't. You couldn't really see that, but anyway, because you'll twenty down, so you really got a little bit a figure a emerges. And sits is sitting. As it were is clambering onto the throne. It's an ARC. She's wearing armor like the statue, and she's carrying a slave in one hand. There's a shield that she said propped against the side of the throne as she clambers into it and she says. Oh. We're here to seek your audience so great. Hit My Benjamin's it. Shall, be destroyed. Billing Hilltop pocos disability production dodges and jackets. A Muklewicz at the. Three faces of evil at age of copyright is music. Is Your Kevin mavs and incompetent or moment issues with thanks under the creative Commons license, additional music and sound effects come from the wonderful Cyrus Cape. All original material is copyright billowing hilltop roleplaying playing games all about getting people together. I mean he's world twenty tabletop. The puppet placed his show game and disco days. John Chapter thanks for listening.

Cuthbert Chamber Parker Celtics Piers Morgan Graham Nick Mike Merle Fi Chellaney Dan ASEAN Bob Johnny Rescue Ken Purple Dalziel north Portual Mes Amis O. Petite
Johnny Hot Seat | Featuring: Johnny Gargano and Ron Funches

After the Bell

45:45 min | 9 months ago

Johnny Hot Seat | Featuring: Johnny Gargano and Ron Funches

"The following program is original. Wwe podcast coming up. He is synonymous with X T. And today he's chatting with us on. At Johnny Gargano here. Plus you've seen him all your TV the silver screen and the STANDUP stage. But today Ron funches joins us to talk about his love of the squared circle. Atb starts now. You're welcome welcome. Welcome to after the bell. I am still corey. Graves plus one more year round the sun. I made it. I think I'm nine years beyond my projection. Congratulations me feel free to send me. Belated Birthday wishes at WWe graves or send me whatever mean stuff. You've been sending any way as you were. It's more fun. I'm not let it bother me. We've got a good show today. We're going to celebrate sports entertainment. Wwe and beyond. Because I'm allowed to do that dammit. So let's not waste any more time. You can find this man each and every Wednesday at eight. Pm Eastern Standard Time on the USA network. He is the heart and soul of Annex. T Johnny Gargano Johnny. What's going on man? How are you? Hey Man how are you? I'm doing great absolutely fantastic. I'm here at the performance right now. Actually so ready to go. I like to have this mental image of you that is never not in a wrestling ring. As long as I've known you it's always been in a wrestling environment We've had very few interactions beyond occasionally like a catering or in the hallway passing once in a blue moon. But I like to think the johnny wrestling really lives up to the name and never leaves the ring. Pretty much I I actually in like a conference room right now form center and I'm looking at a bunch of pictures. There was a picture of undertaker With pallbearer there's a picture of Shawn Michaels visual. Don't go see Boston Heart. So that's that's I. I'm very entrenched in the wrestling world. so you can normally find me like you mentioned in a wrestling ring in wrestling. Conference Room. Filled with pictures. Of Various people half-naked. It's funny to me. I have a lot of guests on here. And we just sorta take a trip down memory lane and realize just how long we've known each other. It's had to have been what twelve years I mean. I remember the West Park Party pavilion in Cleveland for AI. W and probably even before that with with. Jt's company you know. Yep I remember that in Cleveland. I remember in Pittsburgh Right So we we did a bunch of stuff there as well But Yeah I think we've known each other gotta be I've been wrestling for like fifteen years so it's I've had at least seem your. We've we've interacted probably twelve years. It's probably a good estimate. It's really wild when you think about it and everybody takes their own journey and goes around the world to get you know where they want to be. But you're here. You're setting the world on fire along with the rest of the black and yellow brand. Let me ask you this as someone who really cut their teeth within the WWe bubble as a member of Annex T. What have been some of the biggest changes since become a weekly live show versus when they used to just record things at full sail. Things are just a whole lot faster. I think Before you'd kind of have a week where you'd have all your TV. Prep you do. Maybe four three to four episodes and one full sail taping. Now you're Kinda you gotTA gotta be on every single week now now. It's not just okay. I'm GONNA do this. Tv film poor episodes and you're disconnected for a month here as every single Wednesday night. We gotta go out there and give our all and you got to be prepared for anything. And I think that's the biggest change is before you kind of knew what was coming now. They've kind of change in a week to week basis. So things are a whole lot faster and just changing all the time so you had a cup of coffee. If you will on Iran smackdown along with champion. A couple of other members of the annex t roster. How would you coffee? I don't know that was a cup of Coffee Lilac. You were at least standing in front of the coffee shop. Let's say that okay. Okay I went to the door. I mobile ordered move order but I didn't pick it up. At least you found the starbucks but how does how does that compare and contrast to what he's become now I say it's it's very different. Maybe just because I'm so entrenched in the XP system and I have known Are Basically writing staff our creative team. Everyone who were all the camera guys. Everyone who works backstage plus is at full sail every week and it was like ten minutes from my apartment and Orlando so. That's nice so travel schedule isn't as hectic as raw smackdown. But you all you see it. There is urgency that same diversity on Ron Second. I was just different like it's way more stressful on smackdown for some strange reason but it feels like home. And if I'm very very comfortable so I think that's the biggest difference for me than the eating what I felt over there. It just feels very. I don't know like things are just a million people. There's literally a million people that I've never seen. I see New People all the time when I backstage back down. And he is just like a family environment where. I know everyone so I think that's the big chain looking around the the next T- roster you've got a lot of familiar faces. Obviously not only since your time. Arriving in annexed T. But back to the independent days What's it like back to our earlier. Conversation sort of sharing the locker room and sharing the platform with some guys in some familiar faces. I think that's the coolest thing is it's we've all been talking about this for so many years like you mentioned we've known each other like twelve years. I've known a lot of the guys that are on the NFC Rosser for probably like ten years as well and it's all filled with guys. Who have talked about this moment. Talked about making the and kind of doing what we do. And and I think that's also the while thing we're just doing what we do and then like any of us have changed that much. It's not like we've had to be completely repackaged or retooled or renamed or anything of that. It's a lot of just us doing what we did. On the indies. Doing it on national television. Which is wild that I'm able to do that with guys. Like can consider friends guys. I consider very close to me. And that's why I mentioned. Nfc being like a family. It's like that in our locker room as well. And that's that's what I love most about it to your point about this is just doing what we do in everybody's sort of had the same dream for the most part To get to. Wwe Now you find yourself. A lifelong fan being able to work shoulder to shoulder with one of the greatest. If not the greatest of all time I know a personal favorite of yours Shawn Michaels. Yeah I literally just like Right for the interview I said. Hey Darryl how weird is that that you just went to day? And they'll away there's hpk it's so weird a weird. Now that I get text messages from Shawn michaels asking me about like cookies. And I I remember when I saw like Captain Marvel. I got a text would like Kenmare thumbs up or thumbs down like you're like movie reviews now So the weird life. I live right now that I just talked to Shawn Michaels about cookies and movie reviews and lights. I mean Kansas all the time about. How is it going to be really weird one day when we have a child and I'm just like Oh yeah? Go go play with your your uncle. Uncle Sean and Uncle Hunter over there. Go hang out with them go hang uncle. Dx over there and just see them much. Yeah you know. Your Dad used address like your uncle. Sean used to put on like Very flamboyant and dance around his house of sexy boy. No big deal now now. There's this him now Yeah it's weird life man. But that's that's the. I don't know it leaves me speechless. Sometimes when I sit back and actually think about it I think by the back of that man was painted on my wall and now he's just a text message conversation away. It's while right and I think we're all guilty of just forgetting to step back every once in a while and just pinch yourself and go wait a minute. This is my life now. This is what we do and we were in this in this world now and it's just kind of a crazy feeling when you when you look at it like in the big picture for me the thing. I hope to never lose. I like the minute I lose that Inner Fan. I lose that inner child where I sit back and remember how cool this is. That's that's for me that that's the biggest thing when I do like meet and greets or say I'm GonNa Hotel and and there's kids waiting around the guardrail or early morning in the airport and people are coming up and giving autographs that. I always try to remind myself that I did this. Like I was standing there in that that child is or I was at this meet and greet or I was standing in line to do autograph signing always remind myself of that and we tried to think what would have made me have the coolest experience ever and. I try to do that for them so I think the moment I lose. That is the moment I shouldn't be doing this anymore. That's Awesome I. I'm guilty of all. The things that you are trying to avoid is usually my dad that brings me back into reality when. I'll call him and vent him. I'll never forget. I was in my car back in in the next few days and I can into some disagreement of some sort with dusty who was so integral to Olive Annex T. I called my dad to vent and I'm going damn it dad dusty won't do this or dusty thinks this is and my dad goes stop. Listen to what you just said you got in an argument with the American dream and I guess that kind of made your point for you All right maybe I should just shut up and realize what the hell I'm doing with my life so it's important to keep that perspective but now to your point earlier about Sean as close as you become on a personal basis you still have to work in a professional capacity with him What's it like having Sean as is the coach slash mentor as opposed to the friend for me? It always just feels like I have the best wrestler of all time on on standby. If I ever get opinion pretty good problem to have I think about it. That vein to selling the indies and I was struggling with something and I just text Shawn Michaels and he can tell me the right answer like I. That's my life now. I can actually do that. But being able to work side by side with them hand by hand and What he's brought. Nfc is just such a different vision. I've always been a fan of obviously ninety Shawn Michaels. That's what I grew up on. But as he got older and as his career progressed he developed a different sort of style and that was a style that like really kind of resonated with me and I tried to do a bit on the news. Well with the storytelling aspects. Being more movie. Ask as opposed to professional wrestling. I definitely believe in the drama. I believe in the Shakespeare I believe and all that sort of stuff that he brought the table and he was a big reason that that became popular. So he's kind of bringing it to Annex T. Well I've always had that mindset so the timing just worked out to where I could go Side by side with him and kind of make those types of matches and those types of stories and those types of things come true and he. He's the best of all time for a reason. He is very much. So the mindset wrestling evolves wrestling changes He's not one of these older wrestlers who sits back and says things need to be this certain way and I found that the guys who are very very successful have that mindset. They aren't so dead set in their ways that they need to be. They need to be right all the time. He's consistently learning anything physically growing and he realizes one hundred both realize that wrestling in two thousand twenty is way different than wrestling was. Say Ninety dollars so what? We through a typical afternoon at the performance center watching an X. T. footage maybe your own footage with HPK. So I'm not performed center as much as my Johnny Rescue. Monica would lead you to believe any more trying to help you here seeing as it as NFC is on TV on a weekly basis. Now we have like travel. I've invented as well like this is much bigger schedule now goes before so I am only here just to get a workout in and things like that so yes I am still in this building before though it was I was fully entrenched into watching my matches back with Shawn Michaels on a weekly basis. Which is again a dream come true but also a nightmare in itself because I hate washing any of my own matches. I hate all of my own work. I know a lot of people say like there's an actors like that. I Know Adam drivers like that as well But I I don't like watching us so to have to watch it back with my favorite wrestler of all time and my childhood hero is a bit of a nightmare but like I said he's very Very Open minded. I mean he's a little biased. As well known I'm forever so you probably just you know tells me nice things now but yeah But I'm normal like a normal daily normal. We'd come in. We'd maybe get a lift and then we'd sit down to watch professional wrestling with all these great minds at center. Which is you know. It's great as much as I didn't appreciate them at the time. I miss a bid skull session from time to time. Those were. You're right. I I got not intimate much anymore. I'm not intimate anymore. And I had to miss them now. It's amazing what you pick up and you didn't even realize it at the time until you go. Why why do I know that? Oh because I sat with Terry Taylor whomever in a room and I it's weird the things that resonate with you even at the moment you don't pick up on. I believe Kerry Taylor has skull session right now. What's going on currently right now in a conference room in the building. I'm in right now. So he just come on you. Can we can get one more in. I remember when we were in the performance center. In in a Lotta times we'd be. We would dread skull sessions in in for those listening. Skull session is essentially a gathering of you know individuals talent sitting with a coach or a dignitary is thus used to call them anybody coming in and kind of given their perspective on what we're watching whether it be critiquing a match or watching some of the greatest matches of all time and sort of breaking it down and and step by step in trying to pick out little idiosyncrasies that maybe were overlooked and I remember Just dreading those days because it was like I can watch wrestling at home on my couch. Why do I have to go there? And then and then you look back on the on the big picture and you go man. I can almost pinpoint remembering when and who told me these these crazy things so and some of these classes to like the amount of talent that are probably in a room at one. Time is mind boggling. Just from like at one point their carry. What have the finish in class? And Shaw finishing classes. Well so all the basically the top guys next see in a room together watching wrestling like they think about. Nfc throughout the years. They'll the people that have been in these rooms and done though skull sessions crazy absolutely. I I forget who I was talking to. I think it might have been Zara just having the conversation to to that exact same point about look at the roster now from raw smackdown annex t the amount of people we've shared locker rooms with over the years in the middle of nowhere USA or internationally and we've all. We've all kind of done it. You know what I mean the same timeframe from Cesar Samoa Joe to Champa in yourself and rollins and I mean we've done little independent shows with each other for forever and it just kind of it's crazy to see how the whole business evolved and it's funny because I remember when I first started here like I think like three or four years ago The beginners class with Robbie Brookside. So you always start when you saw the DC. You always start at least for like a month in the beginners class so the beginners class at the PC was like me to Moscow. Alison Killian Dane and like all of tool five lives. All these guys who've been arrested over ten years and we're just doing like learning doing roles and like they'd be into the classroom. Robbie Brooks cited. The Wild thing about is absolutely insane when you put it all in perspective aside from having you know. World Class Coaching and the benefits of skull sessions and Reps. What are some things you would credit your rise throughout annex t to what what sort of contributed to your break in your opinion and I just say the advice? I'd give to everyone when they start here at x t like there's a lot of guys obviously we've talked about company and deeds and they get signed and they come here and they do these. These sessions and coaches and a lot of people have different opinions and they don't know him that well and and they kind of get lost where they're like. Oh I don't know one person's telling me to do this. One person don't mean that one person saying this. I don't know what to do. I don't know who I am anymore and I have to always stop them. I I consider myself the indy wrestling. Whisper whenever there's a new. Indy wrestler that starts to try to give them like the conversation. Like look man like you know what got you signed. You know what got you over. You know what got you noticed? So do that and be you and you can make little tweaks here and there are along the way and you can take their advice and it's almost like you need to have a basket and need to take all these vice throwing the basket and you pick out what you need at certain times but at the end of the day you to be happy with yourself. And he'd be yourself that's when you were gonNA be Organic So for me. It was so weird that when me and my silver started here we didn't come to. Pc We were obviously. We're like indies. So we weren't weren't signed contracts so we weren't in the skull sessions so we were headed to do anything on. Nfc TV and they've got over and the people saw you and they're like. Oh yeah that. And that kind of a whole new kind of style in annexed east. We started in and the today. They are not the same way. We know you guys came in and sort of the interim from the I hate to say old annex t but sort of what was leftover from the FCW days in sort of that class where we all did things very particular way and then there's definitely an in-between period and then sort of started the boom with the massive takeovers and whatnot. And you guys were definitely in in the interim part of it but do you feel like that's benefited. You would all sort of seeing the transition and being there through through the midst of all of it. I think so. I think that when we first started like you mentioned it was like the interim 'cause you always had that mind that where you need to do things certain way you do things to do like we do a certain way around here to get you ready for on smackdown and when we came along it was almost like why do we have to get ready for all and smackdown. Why can't we just make? This is good. It's freaking possible. Like why can't we go out there and make NFC whatever? We're talking about like people love to annex Cuba. They don't let me wrong. It was breeding thin and Bailey and Sasha Charlie everyone were tearing it up and they made an keyword is today but I do think like anything things need to evolve and change so I feel like really. Nfc changed when the first cruise away classic happened I feel like that really affected in the mindset where we did this and then like the Magic. Kinda opened up. Everyone's is this whole new world of like. Oh maybe we shouldn't be doing like four minute matches all the time. Maybe we can do things like twenty minutes or twenty five minutes or give you guys some time to go out there and put in work. And that's really what I think. Annex he became from that is they're like oh like all these guys can go like all these guys getting bringing tear it up. Let's give them twenty five minutes and see what happens and then like that ruined where it is day and then obviously me into Moscow story affected everything where the right right well that sort of long-term story kind of played out. It's just it's so different things happening and it's all just a timing thing with a lot of things but yeah timing is everything that you guys are definitely Still Tearing it down on Wednesday nights and speaking of timing I am going to invite you to play potentially the worst game in the history of entertainment here on after the bell it has spawned from one of the worst segments in Monday night. Raw history that I was proudly apart of with one. Sammy's Zane care. Oh yes e- you know where I'm going with. I was just in Stanford and I saw the chair. I went to the headquarters and I went to the warehouse and they pointed You know that is like Oh. That's the breeding chair. So now now that I know it exists. I WANNA make it my personal mission to make it become furniture in my home. I live okay. Well good to know. I'm going to send a few messages after we get off the air today So I have rechristened this in hopes of a fresh start and potentially less disastrous results. Johnny Gargano you are in the electric seat. You will have one minute to answer the questions that I ask you as quickly and honestly as possible if you win you get to be best friends with Shawn Michaels. If you I guess you're probably still going to be best friends with Shawn Michaels. So yeah there you go. We're just going to give it a shot. One Minute on the clock producers please Johnny. Are you ready yet here? We go phantom menace or attack of the clones. Oh Man I'm GonNa go attack of clone best video game controller of all time. I'M GONNA go with the nintendo sixty four marvel or DC marvel combined on over here and stuff on those morbidity guy when I was younger but Marble Lion King Aladdin g favorites. Man. I'll go a Latin playstation four or xbox one playstation four shirt rockers Shawn Michaels or DX Shawn michaels go deacs Shawn Michaels suck at night. Who Do you pick in smash brothers? go yoshi Disneyland or Disneyworld. So my wife would kill me if. I didn't Disneyland but I live near Disneyworld. And we're annual pass holders the bowl Believe it or not So I got married in Disneyland Disneyland. There you go and Christian Bale and Michael Keaton. Did we lose him? I think we lost Johnnie Organic. I've offended him so deeply with my electric seat questions that he may have banished himself permanently from after the bell. Johnny I'll send you a text message to say thank you afterwards and come back and you're back I'm back. I don't know what's going on Johnny Dan. You hung up on me in the middle of the electric seat He. I don't think I hung up on you. I think this is your thing I think you. You kinda messed up the system but since you hung up on me. I think you were doing great when you did so you win. You killed it. I killed hotseat. I think the electric seat or the whatever. It was the rapid fire questionnaire about nothing. Johnny you were awesome added. I suggest you change your nickname to johnny rapid fire questionnaire about nothing. I can talk to people about that. T. Shirt so you you mentioned getting married in Disneyland. Was that a mutual decision. Or do you just love your wife that much that you decided to do that see. I wasn't much of a Disney person before I met candace. I'd never been to Disneyworld Disneyland. Anything like that but she grew up. Going to Disneyland. All the time grew up a big disney person So she just basically said like I asked her. I said like what would be your dream wedding. And she said she loved to get married at Disneyland. I said unless you do it as make it happen so I mean it came down to that like I enjoy Disney now. Because it's something we do together. It's something we share now. But before I wasn't a big Disney person now like up all the time and I love my wife and because you know Disney right on well Johnny I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to call and chop it up here on after the bell continued success in luck an annex t and we shall do this again in the near future. Thank you buddy. Thanks for having me on. Listen you may not think that. I know a lot about hiring while you're wrong. I know all about hiring and how difficult it is to hire good people because I fire bad ones seemingly every week. Move the light. No you're fired from search in hiring websites to sifting through resumes. How do you know if you're finding the best candidates for your job do yourself a favor and had to the place? This revolutionized hiring ziprecruiter dot com slash after the belt at ziprecruiter hiring is simple fast and smart they send your job to over one hundred of the. Web's leading job sites and their powerful matching technology scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience for your job. Invites them to apply. It's easy I swear. I don't have a lot of time but I have enough time to hire people with Ziprecruiter Ziprecruiter so effective that four out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day and right now try ziprecruiter for free. My listeners can go to ziprecruiter dot com slash. After the bell that's ziprecruiter dot com slash AF T. E. R. T. H. E. B. E. L. L. Ziprecruiter dot com slash after the bell. Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire my next guest without a doubt. The funniest person that I've ever had on after the bell has not saying much because most of you hate me please. Welcome Ron funches. How are you Ron Acorns? As having me I'll be the sugar to your spice I appreciate it. I need some balance. Here they put me in a room with a microphone all by myself and expect not to get in trouble. I mean I don't know who thought that was a good idea no I I wouldn't. Yeah you're in dark troubled person only on camera camera. So you're you're obviously a wildly talented very busy dude doing your thing the Hollywood way but you like so many others have a very very strong passion for all things. Wwe sports entertainment and pro wrestling. We can say that on this show for now for that yet. So just give me a little cliff's notes version. What really draws you to to this form of entertainment. Oh I love to talk about it. Yeh Fan If you don't mind me I will say pro wrestling liberal pro wrestling since I was five years old I grew up in a single parent household. Raised by my mom I have my sister and my aunt was there. I just had a house full of ladies and it was a lot a doing whatever they wanted to do. Watch a Lotta lifetime. Movie is playing a lot of pretty pretty princess and my only kind of like escape from that was my uncle would take me live in Chicago. At the time he taking out to the Rosemont horizon and we would go see how shows of a hope Hogan Ultimate warrior in earthquake junkyard dog and stuff like that and I just fell in love with it and it was just like this great body experience I had with my uncle and It's up in stay with me my whole life so you've taken obviously a different career path and done the the Hollywood the acting comedy sort of thing but I understand you also dabbled in Potentially becoming a wrestler yourself yeah absolutely. It's There's two things. I wanted to be my whole life. I either wanted to be comedian. I wanted to be a pro wrestler and I got this comedy thing on lock. Everything is going great. I might as well try this other thing and truthfully thing happened where a friend of mine passed suddenly and You know when something like that happens if is hoping Has We know that kind makes you take stock in your life and a few things. I want to try them. Not Getting any younger at and I was like I wanna see if I would be if I have any skills that all in progress and I just WanNa take a bump in a ring. I WANNA go run the ropes. I WanNa see what it feels like since I watched so much and I talk so much trash I wanna know what it actually feels like and I went in and I to suspend Tino brothers in Los Angeles and I went for three months and but I knew the first day I was out on my death. That comedy was much more. High was naturally gifted a comedy of a wrestling. Her ally I really gave me a lot of respect that was like. Oh It's it's acting. It's grappling and it's like acrobatics. All these things mixed in one and I. I'm just going to stick to the acting. What's more painful in your opinion pro wrestling training or bombing on stage? Oh pro wrestling training for sure. I never had the soak in the TUB for two hours after a bombing on stays maybe four an hour maybe for an hour it just hurts your hurts in your with best thing about bombing in stand up. Is You get stage and you go on still here. I'm fine like it's suck. It didn't feel good to be rejected as a person but I didn't. You know I'm not bleeding. I'm not cut open so I think that's easier. Was there a particular moment when you were going through training they made you realize okay? This isn't for me and wasn't in horrible shape. A big part of it is that I had taken control of my health at I used to be about three hundred sixty pounds and then I got my health together in las over one hundred and forty pounds and I was like I wanna see how far I can push my body and what I can do and so we would do the the regular warm up than I could handle them with some. Sometimes I threw up but I would make it through class but one day. They do squat together as a group and they're like well. You're not doing them in unison. Fifty more fifty more fifty more and they top US off about three hundred fifty squads and I was like you know what I'm thinking. My legs are on fire. I've had enough. Yeah and then you now you WANNA start rolling. No thank you well. Luckily for the fan in you you're successful. Career has opened some doors and leads you into our little corner of the world so much so that Rick flair one of if not the greatest of all time recently. Did the INTRO for your special giggle fit. Yes I is it. A REAL DREAM COME TRUE. I mean Especially coming out and I wanted to separate myself because it was coming out on comedy central and it was gonna be on. Amazon is available now for like five dollars a less most most stream in places that are not Netflix. But the plant is that I knew. It wasn't coming out on Netflix. So I wanted to make sure that stand out and I was like maybe this might be my only chance of doing a special. What would I want on it? And I wanted a big intro. In the biggest thing I could think was to get one of my heroes and and get ric flair on there and didn't like to takes and he nailed it and then I am. I special come out in my own custom ric flair Rove made by one of your wwe. Taylor's which was very happy to get to work with him and I think it came out. Amazing it's I think. A lot of people gave me a lot of great feedback on it. The Rock treated about it. It was amazing for me. A real drink country so ron looking across the WWe landscape all raw smackdown Annex T. What's catching your eye right now. Are you enjoying the most? I mean so many things that catch your I love. I love the ascent against just Murphy Murphy. Now is having lost his first name in a fire. Well that's how you know that things are going well for you when your name starts changing that means people are paying attention to I still have a first and last name so I still suck obviously but I bet big fan of his longtime so since he was on exceed in so to see that I think he's just so athletically gifted such a great worker. So I I love seeing him. Get more shine I'm loving loving across the landscape. I've been a big Fan of paper niven like I think she's just a unique. Eric Garner in so cool to see. I think there's just so many in the bruiser bruiser the browser weights Broza wits. And as you say that Pete done on the screen. He's been as as Matt Riddle. There's four screens in my studio. That just play the clip on loop and they're about ten second loops and I watched the same thing for hours on end to the point where I see them when I close my eyes and sleep so I will likely have browser wait dreams tonight. No idea if that's good or bad thing. Yeah it sounds like you live in purgatory or again dark studio with just four screens playing the same things in a microphone. Which to talk about. I feel like this is a plot. Someone's out to get me. They know I'm GonNa self destruct rejected episode of the good place. I'm just a dark troubled person so tell me a little bit more about beyond what you're watching. What sort of experiences have you been enjoying or lucky enough to have within our business lately? Oh I mean some great things like a had ric flair on my special and then his wife and him. We're looking up our gracious enough to invite me to his birthday party. Which was amazing event. That's where I saw like. You can see that. Shula fact that pro wrestling on something like his birthday party. Because it's something that people still make fun of all the time or you either get it or you. Don't I talk about it a lot in my standup and a lot of times when people get started if people are grown in our like WanNa make fun of it and it's just like when I went to replace birthday party and I see a mayors in senators in football players in wrappers in abandoned. Holyfield in you just like this manufactured a lot of people through his talent that a lot of people take for granted in That just really opened my eyes for me and I had just had a great time there and I got me Dennis. Rodman he was he was weird. It's crazy how wrestling brings people from all walks of life together and I think we're starting to see it more so with our generation because you could argue in the late nineties early two thousands when the business was as hot as it's ever been everyone was a fan became pop culture. Americana you had stone cold in the Rock and the attitude era and now we've all kind of grown and we've all kind of started carbon our own paths in life. Whatever that may be but I find that that wrestling's become a lot more acceptable in relatable much like comic books or anything that was sort of. Maybe maybe frowned upon at any point in your life. Now it's very common. I've got friends in so many different industries that have nothing to do with pro wrestling other than have been being fans you know whether be guys in bands or you know I it. Comic shot up the AGM marvel who takes care of all of us. I it's funny how it's it's sort of become acceptable because everyone in our generation doesn't it doesn't look abnormal anymore. It's kind of like just that thing that we do. Yeah I think a lot of ways you grow up on it We're the generation that grew up on these things video games and comic book a little bit older generation that Unites People and there's nothing negative and you know when you love something and you're interested in something and you WanNa know all about something. That's that usually means that you have like a knowledge our intelligence about you kinda leads you down different path from other people who manages general about things. You know So I think I think unites all those phantoms in what I love about a resume in January and then I. I think I'd trailed on go anywhere more with Ron funches. In just a second you flew halfway or would it be the whole way around the world to watch a particular event in January. Yes yes they went to the Tokyo Dome and Japan For many reasons I got engaged November and we thought we should celebrate that. And I'd always wanted to go to Japan big fan of wrestling FAN OF ANYTHING COMIC BOOK. Anything video game related. But when I knew that you should thunder allegra was retiring and et me and all my nerve centres of like growing up watching him and Brian. Perelman just being a fan of of when I was a kid seeing him like that is a live action power ranger so all when I knew he. Those are going to be his last two matches in. I had the The time off and the means to go I had to go with the dream. Come true because I've gone to so many resin events but there's nothing quite like the Tokyo Dome in the way that they kind of just sit there respect reverence for the sport because the sport over there. It's still looked at more of the sport than anything and I. It's absolutely crazy. I was lucky enough to do a tour over there. I did. Some death matches over there a long time ago. Many moons ago Which was not in the Tokyo Dome and was not in front of forty thousand people but the the culture itself I had a crazy appreciation for. I definitely fell in love with it. But your point about lighter. That's another one man. I remember him in Bryant Perelman in his whole run in WCW and when lighter did takeover in Brooklyn a few years ago I got to call it and I remember sitting ringside thinking. What the hell has happened in my life. I am in Brooklyn New York calling a thunder liger match and he's wrestling my friend tyler breeze it was just like one of those weird. What the hell's happening moments but it was really cool and stand just when you know. You're you've made decisions in the yourself out. There has been worth it and I had that same type of fill in it I My my fiancee left over me at the Tokyo. Dome and I'm almost near in tears in my eyes is I'm like I've wanted to be here since I was ten years old. I'm sitting here and I'm watching thunder lighter and I'm watching it for Romeo and watching all these people who I watch all across the globe hearing the Japanese women screaming in my ear. And it's like the dream come true eleven important to just take take note of what you get to accomplish. I I get that still from time to time like any time. I get to call an undertaker match or even Goldberg Goldberg. I came back me. I was never even a huge Goldberg Fan as a kid. But just knowing what he meant to that time period that really solidified my fandom. I still get those goosebumps thinking about it. And there's there's nothing cooler than when the glass broke in Madison Square Garden and Stone Cold Game. Walking out and I all of a sudden. Was You know twelve years old again? It was crazy working in entertainment. Kinda gives you this more relevant for like the people who I didn't live in comedy that I love. I Love Dan Cook. I love all these people. I love anyone who's bringing more is what I'm trying to do. Because if they become a fan of them then it brings makes maybe they'll become a fan of comedy and then it gives them and become a fan of me so I just kind of started looking at it that way and stop being like. Oh why don't the people who I alike? Or why aren't they always the most successful? You know personal question. Who are your favorites in comedy? Right now oud. Thank you for asking There's probably a few people who you know who? You don't know This gentleman I'm Andrew Santino Amazing he's great meetings. New Show coming out on fx with this. Rapper named Little Dicky and he's one of the best comedians working today. Just real Personal stuff but also like just some types just flat out route stuff like he's just amazing comedy I've grew up just levitation. Pell and and people like Mitch Hedberg just Lucille Ball. Those were my biggest influences in my comedy and day. Chapelle still is one of the biggest influences who still touchable right now. He is either Mazen. He's a is fun what he can say in in This skill set. He has and one of my favorite things is when someone is whether the music wrestling comedy is when someone has been such tremendous skill set that they can kill in this. Just look like they don't care effortless absolutely are not even just. Everyone's just like they're like at home. I don't care if your ear or not your favorite. I am a massive Bill Hicks Fan. Oh Cool Yeah I love. Bill Hicks one of his best friends. Growing up in Germany named Dwight slade in He was one of my mentors. I started in Oregon But Yeah Bill Bill Hicks Fan since starts before I started very right now. I'm a I'm a massive fan. Anthony Jesernik oh yeah. I love Anthony because of his ability to just go as far off the deep end as possible and still make it funny. I admire that sort of freedom. Yeah because he's got the heart difference between people who say that and it sounds like hate. Speech is Agua exactly on the delivery. Man I mean He. He's he's a master of it right now but I am and I could sit here and talk comedy with you all day but I know you're a busy man we're Can the after the bell listeners? Find Ron funches in the near future you find me. I have a game show coming out on a platform. Called Quimby is nice one. It'd be out this spring and you can check me out on that If you could take your kids to go see trolls world tour where I am. Cooper and that Nestle The franchise people like that. I do stand up all over the world in a mostly American Canada with yeah. They'll run punches dot com and you can find out about that and I have a great podcast called getting better talked to people about their path of getting better at life in their craft. Or whatever they're working on People from Let you from your with negative woods. Catholic Kelly's don't go Steve Austin been on my show and Conan. O'brien has been. It's a pretty cool podcast. It's it's pretty optimistic. Aspirational so I don't know if it's for for your darkness run out of my mouth man. I was GONNA offer and when I don't know man I might sink the ship but I think you'd be actually be really good guests on there because I don't know if you've talked a lot of people giving you enough credit for You know the shift that you've made in your life from being an active wrestler to being a such and break commentator in great Just utility men all across the board for what you do. You work so hard. I remember You probably see me but I was I was whipped Until I was hanging out with him for winning we've got into the duct into the hall of fame is All. I think he worked. Twenty seven shows that that weekends accurate just watching. I was paying attention and I was watching it. I was very impressed with how you were able to maintain your your your cool and maintain your Your head in consume in. What must have been some points being very frustrating. So I would love to talk to you sometime. You say the word. I'd be happy to do it. I appreciate your time. Ron Thanks for calling in man. You're always welcome and keep in touch with me. The pleasure thanks for having alas our time together this week on after the bell is winding down which means it's time for me to impart some wisdom. It's not my wisdom. It's just more general wisdom if you don't agree with it then it's not wisdom at all but these are words that I searched diligently for on my cell phone with my producers prior to this recording so that I can leave you on somewhat of a high note the man who said it is Alan Watts and he said the only zen you'll find on mountaintops is the Zen. You bring up there with you. I can relate. WanNa thank Ron funches and Johnny Gargano for being my guest today. Fun Chats Fun to talk about wrestling when it makes you happy a much happier this week than I ordinarily M. maybe it's because I've taken to these damn vitamin. Iv drips they. Tell me it'll make me happier to be honest. It just makes me a lot more. Follow out after the bell on instagram twitter and facebook. Use the Hashtag after the bell. If you're using your android follow. Heb On stitcher spotify. Google podcasts Pandora. Or the PODCAST APP of your choice so that you never ever ever miss an episode subscribed after the bell. Please throw me five stars on Apple podcast. Get the word out looking at it this way. If you don't like the show but you still give me five stars and then say bad things about me. More people will likely read Your Review. Rather than if you give it one Backwards professional troll ish right there. Follow me w graves if you want if not. I don't care I'M NOT GONNA lose any sleep over it. I'll be back next week with more wisdom vitriol more. Wwe after the bone this has been an original WWe podcast.

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