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"johnny nelson gm" Discussed on Izzy and Spain

"And when he got here showed no apprehension whatsoever. I think Dirk had a healthy kind of respect for the jump that. He was making from Mayberry Germany, and it took him, you know, the full year and a half to kind of get a sea legs. But once he kicked in you know, he he never looked back. Was there a balanced for coming in make because you talk about the adjustment to the game of basketball? But he's also Justin to life in the US. I mean, how did he balance that in the beginning? Yeah. No. I mean to your point look, you know, we had to teach him where the Bank was how to bounce checkbook, you know, how to get groceries. I mean, it's literally literally or in a brand new culture. And that's where you know, certainly having you know, the city and the community, and you know, the Mavericks and having guys like Finley in Nash back in the day. The kind of teach him the ropes was extremely important. Donnie, Nelson GM president of basketball operations for the Dallas Mavs Spain and fits or Spain and Jason Fitz. So obviously even back at the Nike hoop summit. You saw he could ball put up thirty plus, but how long into his time with the Mavs before you really knew that you had this hall of fame generational player. Well, it was really you're too. I think when you really saw him kind of get confidence and come into his own, you know, year one really for, you know, any rookie, you know. Sands. The superstars is is really one of learning. So yeah, it was really kind of your to where you saw him to start to kind of get that that confidence a swagger. We're talking to Johnny Nelson GM president of basketball operations for the Dallas Mavericks. I'm gonna ask you a really difficult question here. But if you have to look back at the body of work, Dirk is there one particular moment that stands out as your all time favorite. Well, yes, it's it's when he brought a trophy and a parade the Dallas. And it's the first time in history. That's the city that we experienced that. He sang a very very bad rendition of we are the champions. Then. Yeah. That's that was remembered for many many years, you know, I wanna ask you about Dirk the person you've already alluded to it. But there are so many anecdotes about him. How he has an unlikely superstar won a great guy. He is can you tell us about the man off the court may be an anecdote or to that kind of shine a light on who he is outside of basketball. Well, I mean, you you can go no further than our last game. I mean here he is. He just you know, played a full contingent of minutes. And I walk out, you know, my door which happens to overlook the practice court in you know, in the bowels of the American Airlines center, and it's about eleven o'clock at night, and he is down there with attorney ill make a wish kid shooting jump shots and playing horse. I mean, it just shows the kind of part and compassion that he has for kids and certainly kids in need. And you know, really what kind of a humble superstar. He is. You mentioned the word superstar dear Dirk is obviously impacted not only the world. But specifically he's impacted the NBA. How has he changed the NBA? Well, I think you know, really the power forward position. And a lot of respects, you know, prototypical, if it was kind of one of those enforcer positions, I think Burke, injected skill into it not just being able to stretch defenses, you know, but to be able to, you know, put the ball on the ground, and, you know, you know, have the versatility of inside out in a lot of ways he kind of you know, maybe redefine the power for position a different way. But equally as effective as a guy like Kevin Garnett that did it with us lettuces them. And you know, all the things that he brought to the game..

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