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Immigrant pride in Britain

Jonny Gould's Jewish State

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Immigrant pride in Britain

"Trevor Phillips talked about a sense of mission creep in diversity and heroin Hera Dane distinguished between power and influence, arguing that the trump and Johnson were in power. Many of our institutions were influencing against him. Scroll back after this episode to hear the first part of this twin podcast on Johnny Gould's Jewish state. Today Catherine, verbal on the unifying goal of Britishness for those of US lucky to live here and Nyah philomen Iman on how humanity and its possibilities should always be counted about identity. Listen for those who are willing to listen. This is Johnny. Gold's Jewish state of Richard Kim joked with me. The Jews actually more patriotic than the general population. I mean most Jews. I've met in this country. Patriotic, the most non rights hunter, yes, and if you you just you just take for example in a synagogue on Friday A. Press for the Queen and their press listeners now. Donna very much doubt you'll find those in the church. Of England and multi million selling record producer Trevor Horn quoted Leviticus Jewish faith, it says seek the Fortune on. Successive the city to which you have. No I think that's I think that's the way. That's what they do. Jews try and make things better that. The country and and they you know the gross like you separate religion. You need them to help with an. Amazing Resource. You know scroll back for these two amazing views earlier. You'll have expressed today which chimed from within Jewish family. Catherine Bob I'll saying came to prominence ten years ago. When at that is conservative? Party conference speaking support the Party's education policies. She slated a culture of excuses of low standards are see bureaucracy and the chaos of classrooms because it keeps poor children poor. After huge rows and barriers put up in front of her. As she confronted a prevailing culture, she sets up the Michaela Secondary, school in Wembley. Her pupils read five. Shakespeare plays in three years that told a culture of kindness which includes helping each other and their families and offering adults there seats on buses in the tube. She also has an incisive word about how black a nation kids are subtly told, then, not British. Do you feel you've had to prove yourself more than most because of your philosophies on education? Yes we take a slightly different way of doing things. God behavior got teaching methods got the ethos, and so it's been a bit of A. Bite to persuade people that this is an option that's worth trying may now with our outstanding off stead, and with our grizold Jesus last year. It seems pretty obvious that this is a a valid way of doing things. But when we started, it was far from being valid. People thought we were a bit crazy frankly to to be doing what we were doing. There is a prevailing wind in education. Still blows against you, Catherine sued. You still are people. They're trying to trip you up all the time. If there are any sort of dropping of standards, I know, that will be disciplined, standards are central to your ethos, but but there's a lot of people not on your side. Yeah, that's true although I have to say many of them have owned by the wayside over the years and not I do feel in a way. Many of them have just given up because we kept on going and it is hard to. To argue against the school that is giving city children chances that they wouldn't otherwise have had. That's teaching them so well. They're you know they really are just defying all the expectations, and also we get over six hundred businesses every year. Mainly Teachers Knoll is teachers. Say My goodness. They're so well behaved. They're so curious there so independently minded. They're so nice, you know. The children are just nice, so when when you got anecdotal evidence like that and you've also got kind of data that shows that we're doing very well. It is hard to argue against it so. People who do argue against it tends to just be. Personal attacks. You know they just don't like me or they don't like. Is They? Don't like school. Stands for an tend to say things like all. No, not at school again. They don't really have any off because there are no arguments, so they dislike as without. Prejudice basically

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