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"johnny fosko" Discussed on Business & Biceps

"About ten minutes, and they can literally quote out your college at a much lower rate on average. They say people twenty four thousand dollars. You've heard it before. But you're gonna keep hearing it because people keep saving money, and they've even had cases where people have saved one hundred grand, which is absurd. Breese they should subscribe and share with their friends. Subscribe share it with your friends everybody new years past everybody's happy. Everybody has goals. And like we've said in previous podcast that the only way you can change yourself is by getting information into your mind when a process it, and that's the starting point. But the the changing points consistently acting on information in a pro myself, I think John prides itself on Corey prize himself on giving like real life examples, and I'll say that like deeply like we give real life examples of just business of just life. I don't think that you'll find any other conversations that are openly about race that we all deal wit and some capacity about just relationships family. I don't think that you can find it shit. Nowhere else doesn't exist. Literally. We were talking about this last. This is like therapy for people therapy for me, these these are these are just that you couldn't find on your average platform, and to be able to do it and share it with people. I think it's can be life changing because. It can help you to unfold any Volve yourself where the realist, there's there's you know, there's no way that we are the realist that period, and it can't be stopped so MAURICE call read Johnny Fosko podcast be stopped cast. Can't stop..

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