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"johnny brooks" Discussed on The Final Furlong Podcast

"But with Bristol to my obviously being, of course, specialist, you know, loves hey Doc. Well, we're not really going to have heavy ground, are we? The thing is, he's bold. He knows the course well, and he's a really solid jumper and when you see him in his head in front, you can tell he's enjoying it and he's so brave, but he's 12. There's no 12 year old that's ever won this race. Has age caught up with him. We will have to see. He's lovely horse to watch, but you know, I don't think you'll do it, but I think you'll give it a good go like he normally does it hey Doc. In last year, when only three finished because the rest were pulled up, it wasn't a particularly great way to watch, but this is the particular race that I was watching him and his mannerisms and you could just tell he loved it, you know? And then as soon as the girl up in bed got in front, you could kind of see it in him that. The fight in him. I love him. I love Bristol tonight, but you can just tell that, you know, when he's been beaten, he's beaten and I don't think he would do it again but it's going to be nice to see him run and I do think the Venetian Williams course will win. He basically he has one on good ground at hey Doc back in 2018, he had a river. But that was 2018. He was like, yeah. Just a little bit. He was dumped by tea for two and good ground. He never really got into it in a gold cup against sizing John and black Hercules took care of him on good ground over two mile four. In the year when black Hercules did not go for the amateur riders chase, thanks a bunch, Patrick Mullins and I did my brains with him. They're not going for the RSA as well. He went for the jlt instead to really just stick the knife on me. And how you final for podcast listeners never let me forget that. Oh well, but listen, I would love to see him win. It would be tremendous stuff. I wouldn't love to see him come and do fontaine cologne on the line, but I'm just not sure he's the horse that he once was. If he is, it's an amazing achievement from those recent days if they can get him to do it. But I would look elsewhere as well. Thank God for me. Hannah, are you going a content launch to? Yeah, I have also just, I noted down, oh maretti as well. I did not my pick, but just noted down. I think I just done the price at 11 to one this morning. I can't remember which book makeup that was with. But in each way, shot I'd have that weren't likely very safe offenses. 5 starts of offenses, got four months soft ground. What did you say the going was again and sorry, hey Doc? It's officially good. Good to soft officially. Good to soft officially. Right. What I've known to that one done anyway, but yes, my pick for this one will be fountain cologne. Okay. For the three of us, then come on Felicia. Back to ask it for the LK Bennett swindley handicap chase premiere handicap over three miles. Captain ord is your favorite for Christian Williams and Jack Tudor and 9 to two shot from lache Kalin for venetia Williams late Lucy Turner on board 6 to one Lacey Turner's actresses and she. Phoenix way for a lock and merton Harry fry's a 6 to one shot revels hill again for Harry fry, with Johnny brook on board, same price. And final for lump podcast legend Danny Kerwin. Why Johnny delahaye? Why, when Harry Durham set off his training operation, why didn't you move Danny kirwan with him? The icon of the final furlong Danny Kerwin, if you know the story, then you know what I'm talking about. Harry Potter on board for Paul Nichols, the champion trainer, a 7 to one shot. Take it away, Mark Milligan, who wins the handicap chase at two 25. Yeah, this is a competitive competitive race, isn't it? You could give chances to any number of them, but the one I'm siding with is Phoenix way. And two of them last time, he said really encouragingly considering he made an absolutely shuddering error just after halfway. And it's the kind of error that would have seen off many horses. And I think it's to his credit that he managed to put on and finish fourth that day. And that for me, that was a really encouraging room with one eye on the future. I think our time for reporter on the day noted that the coral trophy at kempton, which I think is next week, isn't it would be an ideal next stop for Phoenix way. So I think it's interesting that they've decided to forsake that. Well, they could still go there. Couldn't they? But they're coming here. I assume instead of going to kempton for that really valuable handicap next week. I think he's on a fair mark a mark of a 140. I think it's interesting he's been dropped two pound for that run last time. Which surprises me somewhat. So I thought that was a good run in the circumstances and you've got lock and murder taking off another three pounds in the competitive race, Phoenix, where we'll do for me. It's run twice and ask at one and placed there. He's gone right handed 7 times, one twice placed twice. On undulating tracks, raised 6 times one twice, placed twice, and at this time of year, January February racing, he's done that 5 times one three and placed once. I like him a lot. I like him a lot for this. Am I going down the profile route with my bedding these days? No, but it is something that I've been looking at. I think neon moon could run a big race here for the pipe yard as well. I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up. Well, but yeah, I would be with you. Danny carwin, by the way, is not out of this at all. I'm not just doing the sarcastic stuff. Danny carwin is capable of running a very big race here. And I will probably be doing some kind of a combination forecast strike asked. On Phoenix way, Danny carwin and neon moon, and I'll see you in Dubai when that comes off. Hannah, you're gonna blow that tricuspid completely out of the water? This is a bit boring, really, because I'm going for the favorites.

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