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TEI 321: How product managers can delight customers  with Chip Bell

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TEI 321: How product managers can delight customers with Chip Bell

"Welcome to the everyday innovator podcast for product managers leaders and innovators. Your host. is chad mcallister. Helping you become a product master. Listen and get ready for higher performance for the doctor is in hi. This is chat leaders. Managers become product masters getting practical knowledge influence and confidence that you'll create those products that your customers will love this. Podcast is getting a new name to better reflect our objective here. I just kind of told you was helping product. Managers become product masters. So that new name of course is product masters. Now you don't need to do anything different to keep listening. But i want you to know the name. Change is coming so it's gonna show up differently in your podcast player. Not as the innovator but as product masters now the logos essentially staying the same so just looked for that now for this episode your in store for a really enriching discussion with someone who has more experience delighting customers than most of us will ever see you. Learn a few important tools along with deepening. Your understanding of what it means to create products that customers love helping us with this is chip are bell. He's been ranked for six years in a row. As one of the top three keynote speakers in the world on customer service chip has appeared on mobile tv networks and his work has been featured in several prominent publications. And you'll soon find out why just a delight to talk with remember. We take notes for you if you want to go back to anything that you hear. You'll find those insights at the everday. Innovator dot com slash three two one long with a one page action guide to help you. Put the information into action now. Let's talk with chip chip. Thank you so much for being part of the everyday innovator. Podcast thanks chad. It's an honor to be with you gateway. This is going to be fun. It is going to be fun and you're talking about a topic that is near and dear to me because the very first time i got into i thought it was developing software project but it was actually a product works right and not knowing what any terms were or what i was even doing. It really kind of involve co creation. And that's going to be our topic today so kick us off with giving us a foundation for that. What is co creation. Well in a word. It's a partnership. And i think it is in my using the word it's win. You find a way to bring customer in the organization together in a way that they are equals and have equal licensed to make contributions many organizations make products and services and solutions for the customer own behalf of the customer. And this is all about with the customer. So that's that's an essence. The whole ho focus is is bringing in a party that in my case my case of my work not typically involved directly into that process. Okay so a a win win partnership exactly exactly ourselves as doing contract work for the customer. But we're doing work with them as a partner. Yeah yeah in my case at the application of co creation. Honesty is much broader. Than i'm using. I'm using it as an organization and a customer but applications much rather than that but basically it is code meaning equal meaning together partnership it is you are creating in a collaborative way co laboring together with the goal of something an output that is unique different innovative ingenuity. You know all of that so very good so strikes me that there's opportunities to co create that you kind of stumble across but there's probably some partners that are better than others. What are some insights for finding co creation partners. They cut the ones that i focus on. Is its customers who have a heavy need. Have an expectation and a need and have the experience to be a contributor to that. If i'm designing a new electronic device and i won't somebody who's working with me who has no sense of electronics. Probably not going to be a great partner unless that of the focus is its application. It's us how it hits the marketplace those kinds of things. So there'd be be be facet of it. But i need to have a qualified participants in the process so that's to me on an important criteria. I don't just pick somebody off the street. But i'm targeting who. I won't with a goal of saying. Can they make a contribution in a way. That's unique in different than the way in which will Normally approach it. And so that's to me. The the only criteria can think out as you're talking about that thinking one of the approaches we use them product management as lead users some of the time as a tool and so these are people that tend to be on the more front. Ed's they if we have an existing product they might be the ones that use more of the product than a lot of people you know and so lead users might want to be more engaged with us to better version of things it also. There is another group of customers participants in the process that are purely for catalytic purposes. That's when i might bring in. If i'm in the middle of creative process on a new product or service and i won't total innocence to bring into the mix and i'm working with customers a might bring in children might bring in a third grader and and so to me they are not there. They don't have usually the depth and expertise create product necessarily but they have a catalytic role and so that catalytic role helps stimulate. Because they ask crazy questions. Weird questions and questions. That don't reflect the normal rational logical view of the war and so often that can be a stimulus to seeing product development on a new wet. So that would be another criteria but again. They're not the focal point. They're just a catalyst. Yeah sounds like the catalyst is the way to help us break out of our normal thinking about the right exactly. Yeah and there's some good examples one of my friends that does a lot of consulting with the different government. Group says read into this more than once of the pizza delivery person being the catalyst right and when they're in a group talking about a problem and the pizza delivery person shows up they ask him or her and it's actually helpful absolutely. I invite advise when i can solve companies. I say your drivers because they see it all they know it all etc because they hear a lot their their scout for you and so they can provide input sometimes to help you better understand target market the customer in a way that the security guard in the in in the building. You know people who who here and see things in a different light can often bring a sense of the kind of intelligence that you might otherwise miss a and again that to me enriches the creative process absolutely and that's what we need for innovation right. We need multiple perspectives. And we need to keep doing that. And you know and and let's let's keep making things better so absolutely. Yeah i gave you good friend of mine. Go get example. I have a good friend of mine. Who used to be the general manager of a huge hotel in dallas. And so he would hold one. One thing he would do is he. Would every quarter he would go focus groups with the taxi drivers who frequented his property because he knew that when the gas checked out in the front desk says how was your stay. You're probably not gonna learn much fan. That's what they say. So he said. I want i'm not learning anything about my guest and what's important to a man know that when they get that taxicab en route to in this case. Dfw airport. They probably going to say some stuff. And so if i get the the scout in this case the the taxi driver and i can pick their brain i may gain some insight that otherwise wouldn't get. Well he did. Here's what happened now. Dominated a gain a deeper understanding but he gained insight for example. He learned that win. The guest complained that the towels smelled a little scorched. Like they'd been in the dryer too long and housekeeping. What was really going on is they were worried about a hotel fire started at housekeeping or if they complained about the fact that the the security one of the security lights was out in the parking lot but they really worried about with security in our hallway or they're devils onto my bed. I bet they're bugs in here. And so it kind of connection that led to a different level of insight that you didn't just get by superficial understanding and so i think that's another use for scouts. They would also have every week he'd hold. What stupid around here meeting with with employees but he would always invite a guest hotel guests to be in that one are meeting and he would always bring a vendor to be part of that meeting and the whole purpose was was stupid around here and people would say don't make sense. This doesn't make any sense. And then he job he said as general managers to go to work fixing those things that we learn about in here about but bringing in that guests to that the employees conversation vendor to that employee conversation shed a whole different perspective and a debt to the understanding that otherwise. He wouldn't that right. I love that Co-opting the taxi drivers to help improve your business breakfast. And i'm sure also helped on the other side of that once. They started getting involved and they started seeing action. They were probably also the taxi drivers telling the guests as they're taking them to the hotel. What a great place this. Oh yeah and on the other end they they would say what you like about the hotel because they will be in that meeting and so they were trained to be in scouts and looking for things and if the conversation don't go on would direct the conversation and so it was a great source of learning of the general manager. I got its product managers. We should be thinking about that right. Who are the people that we can go. Get more insights from scripts so you you give us a blueprint for co creation in your book insider customers imagination and you described five requirements of these partnerships. Mccollum secrets because they're sick. It's sexier cash is not five secrets of parts. Are you willing to give us a secret. Okay here's where they came from one. I knew that i was going to talk about. I was gonna. I was working on. My work has been for a number of years now. All about customer customer service innovation. Not that you added that unique. What do i do creating kind of new experience that you go. I can't wait to tell somebody about this. It's like if service was cracker. Jack's you know what will be the free prizes at so it's that kind of thinking so it's not linear value added is linear taking what the customer expects and adding more promise. You run out of room problem. Is you elevate the customers expectations so all of a sudden this like what are you gonna do. Form an next unique goes man. I never thought they do that. That's different so that's been my whole body of work for the last five or six books. And so i knew i wanted to stay with that and i wanted to focus on what would be like to be including the customer in that innovative process. So i said okay. Let me look at the most innovative companies. Anybody could think of it. So if you went on to straighten. Yeah somebody what. Companies in america are most innovative. They gonna talk about amazon apple. Google pixar companies like that. We we don't we all know the companies that are producing the most innovative products services and solutions. So i went to school almost companies to see what in their culture what in their culture help contributed to that environment where innovation occur and what was consistent across. Those were the five secrets. They're highly curious very curious. There grounded on what they're trying to achieve. They're very focused. They focus on discovery constant risk taking to learn to gain new laws. They're very focused on creating a trustful environment. So people are fearful to take those risks and they're very passionate and they encourage a lot of passion in what they did that energized everybody and so that's those are the five secrets. So then i thought okay. These are the five components of a great culture in an organization that produces innovative products or services. What would that look like if you applied it to a relationship with a customer therein lies the book. So that's that that's the secret. So for i call them secrets for creating partnership is we think about it. Imagination inside the customers badge nation machinations on the inside. I like to think of it as a door opened only from the inside so the question is what can i do to get that customer to open that door to share with me these crazy off all unique unusual insights that together we can apply to creating a new product services. Deliver a and and a partnership is a co creation. Partnership is what fosters that kind of relationship. So that's the overview of those five secrets. I'm interrupting the interview to share. Something really important. We'll get back to the discussion in just a minute. But i want you to know about an extraordinary system called the rabbit product mastery or rpm experience and just nine weeks you can have a higher performing product team needing only seventy five minutes a week with no travel required one product leader after trying. All the typical training workshops turned to the rpm experience to get real change for his team. He said that this is the only training that provides an integrated product management perspective. It did exactly what i needed it to do. If you have a group of five to fourteen product professionals learn how you can have a high performing team and just nine weeks seventy five minutes a week without travel. This is the system created by chat based on his experience working as a product leader coaching several organizations and deeply studying innovation during his phd work. Get the guy for yourself. At the everyday innovator dot com slash rpm. Summarize the your focus on innovation how companies innovate is really looking for opportunities to add something that delights. The customer and unexpected way. Is that fair spare ya yes it and do it in a way that involves the customer so two things one is you get their cool. It is mixed in with your creation but to in know the old people care when they share. If i'm part of it if my fingerprints are on their guess loyalty looks you know right. So it's all about creating a a an advocate of your organization because the customer got to be a participant. Not just a recipient. And so that's that's the other product is it's a path to customer. Walt yeah exactly. You're you're creating by in partnership you're getting them excited about about what exactly. Okay so let's just with the time we have left. Get a little more detail about a few of these. You might have some examples along the way too so you said the first one was curiosity. That leads to incite telescope okay. Good curiosity is approaching an enquiry without having any clue where it's going now when people do interviews with customers they do focus groups. They kind of know where it's gonna go so there any kind of looking for confirmation but what if you approach it this treasure hunting approach to as we have no idea where this is going to get now. I get the customer to be part of that treasure. Hunting process and out of that comes a lot of cool stuff. I'll give you an example. You ask for some illustrations. I was working with a large pizza. Delivery company one that you'd know soon as i named the company probably use them every week week. Get ring that bill rate so they asked us to do focus groups with a number of their customers and so we assumed that in the conversation with the customer that we would be hearing about three things price product process. Your pizza. good. When you're gonna come out with pineapple pizza the you know prices too much or it takes too long to get to me. It's too late the process but we got bored in doing all these things be honest because we hear the same thing you know because we were focused on their needs and expectations so we said what if we focused on their hopes and aspirations. What if we ask dreamer questions questions that deliberately took the customer in a whole new world and gave you different insight and so for example one of the questions we'd ask was what something no pizza companies do and that would be really cool and one of the answers. We kept hearing. Was what about the box the box. Yeah i get paid son. Eat the pizza. Further walks away. Well what did you do one hundred to do something with the box and it comes. You never thought about doing anything with a mouse and we said well. What do you mean would be so example. Well like the inside lid could be a puzzle. It could be colored book. It could be album mask. You cut out any number of things so sure enough. Several years later i'm working with a packaging. Company turned out to be the company that made pizza boxes for this company and surena inside. The lid was all kinds of cool things that draw or play with puzzles and all i did was put a sheet of waxed piper between the lid and the pizza so i didn't get soul but there's an example that came only out of out left. Feel bad been demonstrating that real curiosity where the customer. So that's i think that's one aspect to it is the dreamer questions you you might ask the question. S custom an addition to the the product. The cost very little to change and offers new excitement about the product. I go aces interesting. So we have built solar ovens before out of pizza boxes so maybe they could include on the lid for a solar oven with your laptop computer on top of one. You know the thing. I think that stands out to me in that example. And how you frame this for curiosity that lisa insights for product managers were often hopefully involved with customers and we hopefully no better than try to ask leading questions and assume what the responses are but that is in our head right as you said we kind of expect what the responses will be and. We really need to be curious. Gone the treasure hunt with the customer. Now absolutely and that takes you know new places. You didn't know you go and showed me. That's the that's it's kind of like you know when you go to a family reunion reunion a college reunion. Not only do you have too much but you get a lotta superficial conversation. Hey you still working at you still doing with and those are real superficial so the goal is if i'm demonstrate but you get once in a while a friend or family member who've leaving wants to know what's going on with you. What happened in your life and they. What's important to you. So they are interested in that they level you walk away from those conversations not just me on heard and understood you feel valued and so. How do i get my customer to feel valued in the process of demonstrating that curiosity one technique. I talk about in the book is is called. Be the custom. Now that eibar debt from little league and most of have kids went literally and somewhere along the way that was a coach on the sidelines. Go and be the ball haw. Yeah which was kept trying to get that kid. Bat to stay focused on the ball after the pitcher released it so they hit it. Well if you be the customer so to speak you wind up seeing their world from a different angle. We all know too much. You know we're too close to it. We don't see it. I give you example. My wife's hairdresser. Johnny adair has been known to get a permanent. I said johnny when you get a permanent he said well. I realized i learned that getting a permanent is for women. Wore most awkward and embarrassing and uncomfortable thing so i figured if i could get a permanent and literally be in their world and see it through their angles and i could make changes in their experience. That would improve experience of getting a permanent. So that's an example of literally being the customer. But i think finding all kinds of techniques and ways to say how can i be in the customer's shoes see their angle understand them and then demonstrate that understanding in my relationship with them which means they're going to be more open to open that door and share in the crazy off the wall ideas. I need to create an innovative product from the software product world. We've got this phrase to eat your own dog food. Yeah you have to experience the product and unfortunately a lot of prague measures. I talked to are actually an environment where it's not easy for them to experience the product they're trading something for customers that they don't have direct access to and you gotta eat duck and so you gotta eat your mouth either directly curiously so you know you know what that experience is like. You know what that products like you you. You've been there done that you've been you know. And you find ways to be in in that experience. Good the the way that you phrased the next secret in. Your book is grounding that promotes clear focus. Tell us about grounding more. Well grounding is what happens in the creative process is very easy to get rabbit holes are attractive and so we get enticed to go down rabbit holes if you've talk to the great product making companies that have done incredibly well. They're intensely focused on and in this case that intersection between customers hopes and aspirations and the organization's mission is you don't want to produce something that doesn't fit your mission. I mean you don't and that's the there's no going to be any commitment to that but you also make sure that something that customers value as well and so planning. That intersection is that focus. How do i keep it focused on on the customer. And and and getting deep in that. I gave you a fun example i live. I live on a lake. And i live on a golf course. It's a golf course by satellite hardest amount of golfer. But i have played some. I've played this. The core am on the thirteenth. Oh the fourteenth hole is one everybody talks about. It is about one hundred and forty yards par. Three hundred and forty orders. You can hit the ball to the pen with potter but almost the entire whole is over water because lake cuts in to the golf course and so the the consequently. they're la balls at lake real good golfers. No don't pay attention to the lake. Stay focused on the pan where you're going and so in much the same way. I think the organizations that stay stake focused on what. What did we really about here appeal away. What's the route calls if you will. And the route application. And i'll give you an example and one you may not. I did a lot of research to find the arginine. This story in in what it was all about but a large building contractor built a high rise office building and almost immediately when it opened the tenants in office. Bill were complaining about the elevators or slow and everybody was complaining and so you may know the story but they called it an engineer and he said well you got to bite the bullet and bill and another elevator. So you called enough time ocean study and no you gotta get your tenants to stagger when they come all showing up. Go to work about same time. Obviously that's gonna cry. But then he said why. Don't we talk some of our tenants and the process of talking to tenants they learned the issue was less about the elevator. More about their impatience. And the way so they put elevate they put mir's in the lobby all around the elevator shaft and so people would be so preoccupied with looking at themselves and other people in the mirrors at noticed away so again. It's that kind of thinking where we try to stay right on target focused. And that's why i call it grounding. It's gives you a sense a what are we about. Why are we here. And therefore i can make decisions and pursue ideas consistent with that and not get distracted a really good tool for us as proxy for that is customer journey map right where we examine. What is the customer experience through something. They're trying to accomplish. Where are those friction points like. I really hate waiting for this elevator. What is it you wanna get to. We understand better what they're actually trying to accomplish. And how to minimize or remove. The friction points exact. I'll give you a little extra footnote here. I invaded oh tell us more. Let's say this would have been early. Eighties ron's empty. Who was he's passed away now but a business partner man and working with a a large telephone company and we needed to have some way to go call management to understand what the customer went through around telephone repair. So we're literally with the client. The senior leader of that area in a bar. 'cause we interviewed in done dried alongs drive alongs and set along with customer contact center operators and listen to the customer. We'd have customers talk us through it and so we said. Let us draw for you ona flip chart in the bar. We had what the customer goes through what we're hearing. They're going through and so he goes. I'm not believing that. So i said well. Let's take it to the customer because at the end you gotta verify. We call it a cycle of service and much drew. The truth are anytime your customer comes in contact with your organization has opportunity for a thumbs up thumbs down or it's ok an what. What are they feeling when they in canada so we took it to the customer customer after we draw the map and take it to the customer. Is this what you go through tacos to and then what happened. Well i got out of my car. And then what happened. And i walked them now. So it's all these trail of experiences. The customers go through and they would say to us. No we don't do that. We do this or no. Actually we wait when this before that so he realized that senior executive when we finally begin to say this is what we get for the customers that they're going through because we had no idea that this stuff was happening. We have no idea they were going through these steps. This was off and so then he started getting executives to go through the same thing as a customer. And oh my goodness no wonder. Customers are upset when the call center as together and so then we kept writing about it. we've written. We wrote several books about it. Service age service magic all reference. All of that. And then over the years they got the name got changed from psycho service Customer journey mapping. But we were the first create that right about it in the eighties. that's awesome. yeah yeah. I had no idea. Yeah we could have a whole discussion about that. It's patented there. So i know right now we don't. We didn't think like that. You know if works for us at work with give it away let other people find it beneficial but it did and i think when we when other companies started using it the big secret they missed was. It's not about what you think is what the customer exactly. Now sit down android through. What you think is going to be wrong. Guaranteed go wrong missteps. You go stuff you think. He's not there it. It's not about your journey. It's their journey and so the only way to do that to get the customer to hook talk you through it and and and verify what you've got and so lou. You can't leave the customer now. Because it's their journey now your. It's a powerful tool from customers perspective. It's a tool. I use when i do design thinking workshops with with customers and i always i always involved their customer in these workshops. We can get that first hand information. Drop the mountain. So that's great. I'm glad to learn more about the history there so and it's also a good example that a lot of us we run into situations. We're trying to figure that out. And we we make tools right to break through and sometimes when we come up with is better than what we can find elsewhere a software project manager. We just kept running into similar issues and we finally moved to a two week episode eichel approach and at the end of every other friday. We would have demo day where everyone showed what they accomplished from a user's perspective and sure sounded like express and scrub to me and the i never wrote the book either so i if i had one right there one of the things that we did to. This is each time. We would take a moment of truth. Some action on the part of the customer. Some we would okay. We'd ask the customer what we call it. A moment of truth impact analysis. We'd take the customer's moment of truth and we say okay. What typically should happen here. What should happen here. So they've list in this one moment. This one encounter what should happen. Are these okay. Then we say what would be a negative. What would be some typical things that we call them detractors. And what are some things that would be lighters. And so we added that feature it so all of a sudden we begin to realize that the things just like hertzberg medication hygiene theory that the things that were on the detractors side weren't just opposite of the ladder side or vice versa. Were darlie different things. And so it gave a deeper understanding Any particular encounter and it gave a path to so what are some creative ways that we can enhance this particular moment in the customer's lap. And so that's you know it's a good example of of that is one just. I'm working on a new. Some new staff on. I wrote an article about hampton. Hampton is when you go to a hampton inn. You got a coffee machine into paper. Cups many yup. Well one of the encounters in there is you travel with your spouse or anyone and let if you both drink your coffee to fix the same way at some point in that morning when you're getting dressed with that coffee you're gonna say. Is this when miners. This when you're so what at hampton e ended on one cup. They put lipstick like somebody kissed it and on the other one. They put a mustache. Small little thing imaginative thing but it. It's what i call anticipatory innovation. It's less encounter predict customers. Go come along and go this. Which copy is this is not a big deal. But wouldn't it be nice to have them not have to worry about that feature abou- breaking my copy abilities are black and you're and so. They came up with a real innovative way to do that. So i think heart of analyzing what the customer's going through in a single moment and the kind of things that they can encounter you know affects two cups of coffee. Then what happens you know and then analyze that you go. We could fix that. We can have some way to identify which cow we make the coffee cups different something. They found a fun way to do it. Obviously with lipstick and a mustache made them different colors the same thing but and wanted to be a little different and so that. That's what i do with organizations of. Help them look at things like that and go. Okay do the mind of the customer from the machination the customer. We'll be a fun way to deal with this imaginative. What do with it and not just a traditional white blue and red ups blue and pink cups. That's kind of all hat lipstick and a mustache rights and the customer. remember it. And that's the thing but when you do it well and you have lots of experience doing this. Well it's those little moments that the customers tell their friends about later that stand out and there are there aspects of the product or the service that are generally really low cost sometimes no cost to just add to what's going on so i appreciate you taking us through this. We did it. Get to more details on all the secrets. But that's what your book is for and absolutely what the other three secrets that's right. We can dive into inside customers. Imagination have links and the show notes to make that easy to get to ask listeners. know i love innovation quote. And i asked you to bring us one. What is that. Well this is one of my favorite. It's from my last book. Kaleidoscope with subtitled delivering innovative services sparklys. And it's a quote by jacob. Norby but i think is a very powerful float it goes. We wait starving for moments of high magic to inspire us. But life is full of common enchantment waiting for our. How come this as to notice as that's a powerful land that innovation is all around us just waiting for us to notice it. And so as one of my favorite. It's all about enchantment and the magic of enchantment and it's every day innovation. Yeah and that enchantment relates well to those whimsical moments that you want to create part of your product very good. How can listeners find out. I assume your your book we would go to amazon. But what can you tell us. How can let's find out more about your work. Oh just go to my website. It's when i can remember is chip. Mel dot com dot com. Pretty easy for me like that easy to spell as well yeah exactly so bell dot com good again links will be in the show notes chip. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your experience and the things got to discover with you. We had a lot of fun. I appreciate it. Thank you so much. Thanks for listening to the everyday innovator soon to be the product masters now podcast. This product leaders managers become product masters gaining practical knowledge influence and confidence. So you'll create products. Love find all the details of what we talked about with chip at the innovator dot com slash three two one. Keep innovating thank you for listening to the everyday innovator which teaches product managers to become product masters for more resources. Please visit the everyday innovator dot com.

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5 Leadership Secrets for Innovating Your Products and Services from Chip Bell

The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show

51:32 min | 6 months ago

5 Leadership Secrets for Innovating Your Products and Services from Chip Bell

"The presenting sponsor for this episode of the chief customer officer human duct tape show is fix answers. So let me ask you a question. A customer support platform should be a flexible be easy to use see knowledge-driven or d. customer centric. Well why not. All of the above wickes. Answers is the industry's first. Customer support platform to solve modern support challenges and create impactful change for business. The solution takes a whole new approach to supporting your customers. See for yourself today. At wicks answers dot com. Hi everybody and welcome to the chief. Customer officer human duct tape. Show where we talk to leaders about how they unite their companies to achieve customer driven growth as the duct tape of their organization. I'm your host gene bliss so be sure to catch us on itunes stitcher and at customer bliss dot com slash podcast. Good morning good afternoon and good evening and welcome to the chief customer officer human duct tape show or as we should say because of our guest today. The daily dose of optimism and my good friend chip belgium. It's great to be with you. Hate to be with my gosh will be fun. It is going to be fun for everybody. Who doesn't know him if you're in our space of course you know. He's written gathering of abc's considered a major guru in our space A world class in dumped a friend. A really really good humor report one. That is the most important one. I agree about yourself to to let people know who you are the person. Well i'm i'm a guy that loves adventure and treasure hunting and Doing a unique and unusual thanks and I love The whole customer loyalty space particularly when it relates to innovative service which we can talk about toning. Yes anything important now more than ever and in the middle of was craziness you where let me get right. You have okay you go. You have written a new book. That's right that's right your customers imagination. Now this is super cool. Tell us about this cup. Well this i'll tell you the story. Dominic skinner was in the uk he was sitting in a pub and he's a designer and he overheard to customers. Say wouldn't it be neat. If our teacup had a way to keep our cookies warm and so did the sketched out and created that cup. That you say it's called dunk mug. If you google it come on mug and it has a place to slide your cookie in the heat of the coffee Keeps it warm. And since i had a previous book. 'cause sprinkles decided to cook you should be sprinkled got sense. Of course it right. But it's all about how he went inside his customers imagination to create a unique product. Which is what the books about. So i thought it'd be a good metaphor but also an intriguing cover about you to chip. I would say metaphor you say metaphor metaphor i live. We over we are. We are here to end up with a little bit of twang. when we're done awhile. Were here to talk about this book. Which is a very important book right now in a world where all of our lives have been turned upside down. We need to really understand the humanity. What's behind you know who people large get inside their imagination to really be a different kind of a company right a role in your life. And why is that what you did you start writing this during the covert was it. Albacore era i started. I wrote it all before. But you know it's it. It prophetically turned out to be a good fit for that because kind of framework for the whole book is all about building long term partnerships with a customer. Because you know their imagination is on the inside. And i like to think of it as a door opened only from the inside. So the question is. How do i get my customers to want to share their crazy off-the-wall unique ideas and in in a way that they consider safe and obviously a partnership kind of relationship is more apt to create that sense of safety and their likelihood of wanting to participate co create with you and so And i think the whole spirit of partnership is obviously. We're all in this together so it's fits the times very much so very very great and you know we always have a lot of practitioners that join us people pushing as i call it pushing that customer rock up the hill so go through each of these big five magical secrets for how to do this. What i'd love for you to do is give us kind of some tactics Minds your action. So so we're going to of do a read along land so bad at this today. We don't own with chip. We're gonna go through the big five parts of your book in yukon secrets ranked five. I just thought that'd be fun. Yeah sprinkles everywhere so secret one curiosity let me start by saying where they came from. Because that's important context. I think knowing this was gonna be about innovation innovating with your customers. I looked at organizations renowned for innovation. And we all know the names you know we google amazon pixar and you go inside their cultures. And you go okay. One of the features of their culture that are consistent across all of these companies in those five secrets. Keep coming up. Curiosity grounding discovery trust passion are elements in a culture that's all about innovation and ingenuity so the whole focus is. What if i applied that to relationship in this case a relationship with the customer so that sort of their arjun. Nfl starting with curiosity is the most important. Because i think it is the grounding and that is how we connect with the customer in a way that enables them to want a surface. These unusual imaginative At kind of ideas and so. That's that's the one that starts with. And i'll give you a story gasol. Let me give give example. I was working with a large pizza company. That's big on delivery. I if i knew the everybody knows the name says very very calm. Very can you tell dominance. Anyway they Doing focus groups with a customer and we thought in these focus groups trying to learn what matter to the customer that they will go and focus largely on price product and process. You know you're as good or it costs too much or it takes too long to get it but we started using my partner and our working on these and we said let's ask them some dreamer questions something that not just focused on their needs and expectations but took him into their hopes and aspirations. So an example of a dreamer question would be What's something no pizza companies. Doing it would be really cool and so customers started telling us things that weren't a part of price product or process like for example. They say what about the mocks you know. I buy pizza. And i got this box. Leftover why don't you do something with the box we said. Well what do you have in mind. Well you can create a puzzle on the inside of that lead. You could create a halloween masks all kind of stuff. You did shared on several years later that they worked with a paper manufacturing company. That made pizza boxes for this for domino's and sure enough. They had on the inside lid. They had puzzles or color in jar. Colored paid things that kids would have big kick outta and all you had to do was put a layer of pla- Waxed paper between in the pizza and clean. So that's an example of how do you go. Inside the kestrels imagination part of our attempt was to create a safe environment where they think anything goes you know what about this. You know we do kind of crazy so it's all about. I think be working hard to try to be with the customer even deeper than that. Try to be the customer. Be the customers what you say to a little leaguer. Who's facing the pitcher released about and you say be the ball. Be the ball. And that's all aim to get that kid to stay focused on that ball coming will in much the same way trying to get people to learn to be the custom. Be the customer. My wife's hairdresser. Johnny adair from time to time gets a permanent as johnny because he does his once in a while too and i said johnny. Why did you do that. And he said well out of realized that when when women get a permanent it can be an awkward embarrassed kind of uncomfortable experience. So i figured if. I did that if i got a permanent i would be able to experience what they went through and sure enough make changes in their experience so that it was much more comfortable for me. And that's that's an example of how the deepest level of curiosity is where you become the closest. You can be the person in which you are trying to build that relationship with okay. Perfect so what i do is now translate that or are folks into things they can do and i just have to say you rang my bell certainly about the boxes. People who know me know my big beginning at lands end. We actually turned the big shipping boxes. That we'll do a kyle cheaper horse that you could ride all over the hat exactly what it is. It was going back to who we are as people not in anything about the per important you know what enough about like you and i both love. Usaa call on for example the They make everybody wear the shoes. They make men where pumps now is not a woman. You don't know how your back leg searcher area. Oh yeah curiosity. It's it's a title. What's one a customer experience leader could do to start getting out the get beyond those everyday three. Ps tallies at a meeting. Is it a conversation how to do it. i think i think it can be a meaning. It can be a conversation but more than that. It's the it's the context in which you create it so that you get the good stuff you get the most important invitation or what i think it is. I think it's an invitation or it might be and it might not be the customer. It might be somebody who really knows the customer It's like my good friend. John long straight was the general manager of a hotel and he money getting the data he wanted like. How was your day fun learning anything. What did he do. Focus groups with the taxi drivers. It took his his Gas to the dfw airport after their stay because he knew they were going to be honest with taxi. And so there's an example of. Let's bring in taxi drivers once a quarter and feed them breakfast and pick their brain. Here's the cool thing about that. And this is what i won't people think about. Is he won. Just getting an understanding of the customer. He was getting insights because what he realized is what they were saying is. Customers didn't just report sort of negative things to what it really meant for example. If the towels they had i had smelled a little scores like they'd been in the dryer too. Long housekeeping. what was really worried about. Oregon is a fire starting in housekeeping or if they saw Decimals under the bed. What they really worried about our there bugs moran so it went from what you see and what they say to. what's really are they. Meaning what's behind that. So i think part of that curiosity is the search for insight that i saw the at a much deeper level than just looking for superficial understanding. And when you take the relationship that low that deep now you're building the kind of safety that customers. I'll tell you another thing. I'll tell you another thing. And now you're involving them in a level that partnership level where they go. Have you ever thought about doing this. Have you thought about doing this and so again. I think it's all about that kind of setting context to build that sense of safety. Okay perfect important. What you just said curiosity in one of the things that we're learning in kobe world is we need to move from validating what you said if you send a story. How would we do. Well they're just going to say well where you're not going to really understanding what's lying underneath. Now this requires a leadership and organizational shift also to be fearless about learning more than just how they're doing right. It's an open mindedness. That has to happen. So you gird your loins before you go out masks. Those questions is is is it. Where and yeah absolutely and it's getting leadership to be the out there doing that. I had the wonderful opportunity to work for a number of years with marietta. And i got to spend time with bill marriott and i watched him you know. Even in his mid eighty s he was visit one hundred properties a year and I'm sure he's still. Vincent visits him. But the what. What i've noticed is when he talked to customers and employees it was like they were board members at the residence with humility and respect and curiosity. And tell me what see. And what does that look like. And so it was a quest for taking that conversation to a level that fell compassionate felt pathetic and really felt a sense of kinship. You know repore comes from the old french word that means kenge. How do we build kinship with our customers. And and so. I think that's that's what that's what the great leaders do you know. They don't just take an empathy wall. They take they take a walk where they were there constantly. Learning they spend time out there with the front line. Bill would say you know leaders. Don't spend time with the front line that make you feel better. They spend time to out there to learn and so it's that learning quest for learning which is another manifestation of curiosity is never ending learning about what's important to the customer what they see in their world and we don't have many leaders that do that. They're busy in their meetings in the regular. Yeah so for leaders out. There are leaders out there wherever you are. You want to build curiosity. You have to create the attitude shift for the quest grind with your leaders and getting them open to understanding why they're listening to get a good score. It's unch and open your mind and be fearless exactly in its questioning. It's it's it's a query that you lot of times when people interview customers like i kinda of know where they're going no-one marinating rather than saying i have no clue where this is going. This is fuck a treasure hunt. And and when i get a cut and sometimes customers don't know what they won't they don't think about the power of when they get with you and your together on that treasure hunt not only when great insight occurs to a collective relationship but think about the law today comes from that that's right that's right so mindshift first opening yourself up being curious and being willing to curious okay. Number two what in the heck is grounding. I don't know but it's a colbert. Co word you're found is in those great innovative companies is. They are all about focus. Focus focus focus. Focus what it does. What what it focused when. I focused with the customer keeps us out of rabbit holes and and it keeps us focused on a what. We're that intersection between that. The organization's purpose and the customers aspirations finding that intersection and learning. That always be the intersection so it. It's i think. That's that's what i mean by grounded. It's looking for ways to say. Who are we together. And and how do we how do we continually pursue finding solutions to a problem. Finding a new product or service that will meet a particular aspiration that the customer. I never even thought of it. And i think it's staying around. What's what's really important here. At many good example. Many many people may know the story of chick-fil-a when When trump Kathy had a friend of his who grew chickens and he sold chicken breasts to the airlines industry. And if you're a member of the airlines that you remember when we had these aluminum trays and hedge entree one of those little sections exactly like a tv dinner. That's what they used to be. Don't remember exactly. And so he was growing chicken breasts that had to be precise size that would fit in that space will one year. He chickens were too big. I mean they're brands. Were two two large. I won't go any further with that. But but but he had all left over. That didn't meet the specs for the airline as so he stops by true. It is store in you know fast food store and got all these chicken breast. You could use them and enjoy it said. Yeah now he had no idea what he's going to do with it but he knew his purpose his purpose was going to find a great meal in a in a quick service way and so he began to experiment with keeping that purpose in mind and he becomes the largest chicken sandwich maker in the world. But it all started with this not necessarily clear on who i am and what we're about race okay. So i'm gonna push because we need to. Actually we need the recipe cards from you. Okay good okay. So second recipe card around grounding. How does somebody get to knowing the grounded purpose. So the questions. Can you know any asking can be get to that. I think that part's easy parts. If you said to the customer water waters what's a need you we can help with or we have a need in our organization. We need your help with you know when meg whitman. was ceo v bay. They the eero was come in when apps were and she wanted the new app and so what she knew. She said we create an app but we could miss it. So let's get customers in here and less get them to be equal partners with us in figuring out how we build it what it looks like and how we price it. And so they got involved using through their voice of the customer program getting customers involved in trading that up not just their input are actually participation design sessions and that well they were clear about what they were about their focus. Here's the challenge is not necessarily finding the target but staying on track having guardrails adds it year lane right. We love southwest. They were always like. Here's who we are. Not we are not right and so. Is there an exercise that we need to have with leaders is one of the things that we often do is who are we in. Who are we not right to get to them. And we built this crew are we not. That's exactly right. And it's having those kind of guard rails a and one of the kind of parameters principles and and helpful devices that we can employ in our discussions the cape us. Yes oh what we are what. We're not keep us on the target. And so i think that is that is a challenge in many section. That section in the book was all written about. Heidi stay focused on on not getting distracted. Yes yep so reduction section. Everybody three big things here. Put inside infocus construct value-based guardrails which we just talked about. And it's not is right now. Humanity those value-based guardrails did not be more important right. that really need a partnership warranty. What is that may be the partnership warranty will. I think it means take responsibility for the relationship. Not just your part and so a story. I told his we have nearby here. We have a farmer's market kind of place that And i went in there one day. And i was looking for a mop sauce. I love cooking baby back ribs on the grill and i was look. Let's wake up to something that keeps if you're cooking baby back ribs grill dry out real easy mopping sauce keeps it moist s my southern accent again mopping south so i went in and i said i need i need them up and say oh man have i got the mop solve for you is what the judge clients number nine and it's made bath to rouse from here and so i said oh good now. One of my concerns is i. Don't want them in there. This gonna keep me up at night. And so he said sir. If you don't love it by back from you. And i've never forgotten that line. He said i am the warranty here. I am the more d meaning. He took full responsibility. And so i think that concept Is is one that's important My daddy always told me that it one of the most important things about marriage. And i think the same with the partnership is you're not only accountable for your part you're accountable for all of it. And when both parties take full responsibility for all of it then it's likely to work. And so i think that's what i mean and that's part of that. Guardrails is to say. I care about our partnership. Not just my part. You're not you and your part. What is this doing to our partnership. What does this do into a relationship so to me. Being the warning means taken full responsibility for the entire relationship not just fifty fifty now. And you gotta permit. You have been having lots of conversation for example with people you know. Everybody were on nesting. We're all buying furniture more than ever little desks were it is and I've been having some conversations. People say well. It's the supply chain issue. Can you cannot tell your customer. It's about the supply chain is all they care is there so Not there on time right ordering a hamburger that you don't like in the restaurant tells you that the farmer was lousy. You even want to use her another. This be the partnership warranty is about owning it. Own it at all warning in in your people need to know they've got to own it to right on. That's it that's it starts with taken that taking that being that role model the wrong holding. Okay here we go number. Three drummer was sent. It seems that discovery discovery. What is that It's a it's a secret word for risk-taking but it's a secret words. This thinking is a scary. It's scary but discoveries about learning so what you write being open. What i found work with some of these really creative come is i had a great opportunity to work with skunkworks. Lockheed martin in palmdale and they are the ones who are creating air-defense thirty years from now. And so i did a lot of work with them and i learned a what. What was it that made them successful and creating unique can way out there. Air-defense guy told me he said. Did you see star. Wars and said yeah. Well that's what we do. We create those things you saw in star wars thirty air-defense thirty years. That's what's going works. Does lockheed martin. And i said well how do you do it. And he said it's all about learning. So what do you mean. Well we do some pretty risky stuff. Sometimes we gotta get people take risks and try things but if they hear it if framed as an opportunity look what we'll go learn from this go wrong but look what we'll learn and so. It's sort of like tom edison's you know. I didn't find fate way to failure. Make an incandescent light. Five hundred fifty ways it wouldn't work is all about learning so when we recast it and we make the joy of learning is what undergirds the way in which we take risks all of a sudden. It has a whole different outcome. We look for opportunities to do it. And i'll give you a funny example. My about my grandmother. Grandmother story row store matt. Grandmother had chicken for name again Christian she was. My mother's mother. And i lived about a half mile from my grandparents and so she had a chicken house. And so when i go up thing i'd always get to do is go out there and see the eggs in the end the thing they would like. Kirby's kids haven't built straw on the bottom and it had light on the top so the chicken would get in. There lay their eggs in the straw. And then you go pick up the eggs except when they were going to have beatty's we call them which we're little chicks now okay. The light was turned on now and chicken one interested in new bottom because they'll sit on. They were busy. They were busy and so they were not amused. By invading their privacy. Right beside the chicken house was my grandmother's guard and she sang all the time when she worked in the guard when she was out there picking vegetables or she was out there pulling weeds verbalizing she was always saying and i wonder when i was a little boy. I wonder if her saying is making. Those chickens lay eggs because it in think the metaphor you say metaphor medical this is seattle analysts metaphor north but rate. It's all about so. I think it's creating a happy joyful environment so that people wanna take we celebrate when they take risks relearn that it's not every day is not picture day it's not about perfection And and it's it's so it's creating that childlike innocent environment where your customer wants to take the risk again now wants what's tactic. We got people writing down what you say. What could what's thing. They could do to make it safe. But i think it's the leaders being a catalyst joy when risks are involved rather than a catalyst to judgment as tell. Tell me how to get somebody to be catalysts to join pushing out of the figure this up just an attitude that looks at keep using the word treasure on. Because i think that's what it's all about. It's looking for ways to say you know. Let's find a fun way to do this. Let's find a unique way to do this. Let's find a in this in this section. I put a whole bunch of really cool creativity techniques you can find finding any creativity l. So you can't amend just tons of them so we got tools in this section. Yeah we're gonna we're gonna little long enough to tell. Don't we ever not we ever see good for trust before we go there. I wanna use one more example to talk about my good friend. John long strips. One more one more this this leads to your technique and we want. We'll watching tom but he would have. Every week he would hold a what stupid around here meeting stupid and his job was just taking notes later and go to work trying to fix but anytime that was they were trying to find a solution to a problem. What will stupid around here. One of their code words was there's two more there's two more less fat. What about two more ideas to more ideas. And it was his technique to push beyond where we thought we had all out is to more and they will typically be to more than sometimes they're the most fruitful trust is rates are now shift to trust. Say something about that. 'cause important This notion of okay. What you just told me stupid might be. You're safe answers. Yeah what's two more. Because i really wanna know that's it that's it that's it. Trust me the peace. I wanna talk about trust as a low trust but the most court is about truth. What you find in environments where There's a lot of innovation. Ingenuity is an element of absolutely a truthful environment. I've always been amazed how when we get on stand as a witness and we put her hand on the bible and we raise her hand. We say ask where to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god. Now why did we go through all that rigmarole where we have to mention through trust three time the whole truth. Nothing but the truth is because people oftentimes hold back little white lies or because they don't tell the whole thing and so it's creating an environment where you say let's put it all out there. No-holds-barred we to be diplomatic and fair. But we would also we. We will total complete transparency. And when you have that environment it's one of safety and we've got so many examples in our environment where it's not quite totally the truth. Here's one of my favorites new experiences on dat back when we were traveling all the time every week. We see you know i'd be on an airline. They'd land and the file. It would come on and say ladies and gentlemen. We're you know if teammate you know. We're early landed early. And i look at my watch and i go where we landed on time. We landed on time another time. A line from airlines. And i've looked at my iphone. We're fourteen minutes late. And so i remember does stop one time. The the captain was in the door and the pilot. I said you were fourteen minutes late and you said we own time. He said well. Faa gives us fudge factor. Because we don't have any control of what's happening on the tarmac. I said so. You got a fifteen minute. Fudge factor that defined as old. You tell us that. Can you imagine that song from my fair lady. Get me to the church within fifteen minutes waiting. I don't think so what i'm saying. Is we need an environment in which there that truth is always there and so part of what part of what this whole sections about is always tell the truth insisted on. Always tell the truth if you if you if you tell a little failed or you didn't quite get it all out there. Go back and clean it up. Until i think that's the that's the that's the biggest message from that whole section on building trust through truth and there's tools in there is you're wondering that people can use. It's what one of the things you can do is create like meaning roles meeting norms. Always make sure. There's a norm about honesty. It seems obvious but when we point to that one over somebody's sorta not giving us whole level and truth then people learn. No no no no we. Can't we always had to be totally transparent. And so that's i think it's always having that as part of a norm for The environment and making it safe. Yes making it matter making. I am good friend But almost every other sentence he says to me as to be honest with you. You don't need. That nells me when people say that no mater wonder five big fine. I love passion with Here's here's the way to start thinking about passionate three words past own. Think about that. it's bringing passion is passed. I own is bringing the best of who i am onto someone else. Pass it on our own passerby on. I'm bringing the running. Rollo may the great philosopher said there's an energy field between all humans every reach out in passionate with an answering passion and changes a relationship forever. passion is infectious. Passion is energy. Passion is a doozy azam. Passion brings a sense of not only celebration but encouragement to keep it. Keep it going and now you use the word pass own eight take well. You're you're american. He's got the coolest thing he's he'll ask his audience. This is one of my favorite thing. Either he'll ask audience. Okay hold up your hand has has you can. And then and then they do at any goes. Okay hold them up. Low higher. He then of course will hold up a little higher. What's they the. First time i we hold back and i think if you find those relationships that are all about is how kesslers imagination. They're all about ingenuity creating breakthroughs. You know we know. All wack we deliver deliver the max and we celebrate when a new word i mean nobody is noble is is we make people feel a sense of nobility it you know in a previous book i talk about purple in your employees and your newborn year to call. Weren't here saucer socio. What was the other word kaleidoscope. No no around. I expected goodness call it sauce. A new word in here remember answer. I make up words like like eccentric listening now. You can kind of get. What that is i mean i. It's just sort of made up. I don't know but it's it's it is listening out of the out of normal bounds and so the same with mobilize. It's kind of creating the sense of relationship. That's that's respectful in and valuing and and And make it it. Making that sense matter My wife and i were arrested back. We used to go to restaurant Before covid and we waited on by a guy who had an employee of the month on his name tag. We said congratulations. You're an employee of the month. Would you do to get it. Hey said i don't know. I guess it was my turn and water tragic opera. So it's to me. It's about creating that again. At sense of innocence I just did a newsletter about power benefits. Breeding that sense of purity in the relationship A sense of openness often intensity ability all of those elements are incredibly powerful win. The context is one of innovation ingenuity and breakthroughs. It's taking all you know. Always said take fear out of the workplace. That is particularly true when you wanna partnership that's all about ingenuity so what's an action item on this for people out. I don't know how about over-celebrate amer over a firm. Hab out to you know looking for ways. I work with a bank. One time that brought in a bunch of customers and they brought in a bunch of third graders to pair up with them. It was the they've still years later. Still talk about that meeting customer meeting. They brought in third graders and they said what that did changed. You know the whole working with the ceo of a big retail company. Who brought it was a bring. Your daughter. ringer child work. Her eight-year-old came in. And then were the big in contact center. And she said. Can i talk to a customer. And the ceo's kind of like do i really want my eight year old. Be on the call center but the cost one operator said oh sure she could take my spot here and she said okay just for one call so they channeled lookout to her and she of course they'd given a little coach in about you know on the headset. The all that shit channel a college tour and the first thing she said my momma see when she's letting me help agreement conversation kept going at the end she's laughing and she gave her hints at back and say what the customer say. What's she said. She thought i was very brave to do that. And she was going to be a customer until was the ceo would net does. What is that all about when you look innocence. What if that does that feel like when you infused that kinda of authenticity and purity into a work environment. that's passionate that's passion authenticity. I think we're seeing chip that i'm loving. Is this ripping off the corporate veneer. We've got people in sweaters. Were seeing all our houses You know were and with that. We're seeing a little bit of who we are as people right ringing that to the table for neely level sets the kind of conversation you have to achieve things people who want to say hi to you so when scrolling up and say hi some folks and We're going to open up the question so you guys throw us some questions for my buddy here. So here's a question. How do you pass the torch from a leadership standpoint on this it. You know you build this kind of culture. You know we've seen it. I saw it lands end. it worked until it. Didn't you know now they're getting it back. I think one of the things. A lot of us have talked about is Zappala tony's created this mayors. And how do you keep it going. Southwest has managed to keep it going. But it's it's it's this right. How institutionalized this in a way that it's embedded in our dna. I think part of it is Is how we manage leadership succession. And i like. I like your use of the word torch but let's think about is realize and so won. Runner passes the the talent to the next runner. But what is a runner. Doing who's gonna receive the baton before they get it. Do they do it. They're running so that baton is passed at at top speed. So what it says to me is when you create a relationship that overlaps where we've got people who are going to be succeeding leadership bro. Get to run alongside the leader for a while before it's passed and not just from a cold stop and so i think the transition and how we made the transition how we get people to run alongside with us it would be would be my advice. our fall really. Let's talk about what you've seen since world is turned topsy turvy in march. What are some of the differences important differences. You've seen in the world and a world of leadership i think. per neighborly wholesome home late hung on homeland and sense of village. Like what i'm seeing is in the in the leaders. I'm communicating with particularly with writing. And all of that is because they are at home and they're having the lead from home. Most marta in their office. I you know it is bringing out a different kind of humanity in their style. But i think it also is bringing out the virtues values that are more village like more neighbor in what we do we are seeing less reliance on own Cold metrics and more on people And so right you're hierarchical walls is right exactly. I am too. And i think that's encouraging and i hope that stays because at the end of day particularly when we we i was talking to adrian. Swans s wins co yesterday. And he talking about too many metrics too many Too much dick too much. Arithmetic or drained it starts with twelve point type than ten point type decider. Who can't even figure out no money you know and and we know what happens. We all saw two thousand one space odyssey. It didn't have a good any But what i'm saying is is that if we rely too much on technology and and that whole world and not enough on the humanity side we get it way out of balance. Obviously we need to be. Yeah we lose the soul in and we forget that customer experiences emotional nazi the way i find it for people is it's about showing up as an elevated kind of company than other people show up with a sense of nobility the sense of noble purpose in what you do have questions years one january how to co create and pass on seed. Now we're gonna turn into thing for you. During a corona aunt lockdown how does still create trust in a remote way. Gifting people would be one way. I would do it Looking for the fun things to celebrate. Today is cameras day. I don't know what it is kim. Desert you miss national campbell day. But i mean that again another metaphor to say look look for things to celebrate look for things to build a sense of joy around look for ways to say you know life can be fun and when we do it in a way that's inclusive then it is passing our own ended. So that's to me is is key we you know. There is enough particularly with not only kobe. But now we're in the middle of you know trying to sort out. Election met this plenty of dark out. There there's plenty of negative out there and when we have darkness we need to bring more light and the light is is in the form of things that bring a sense of joy and laughter and and Again that sense of humanity. So that's i would bring more of that. And those are easy to create. Always imagine i work with companies that have turned national customer service. Week into a big deal. Make a big deal. They have signs the f. Contests have you know. People dressed up in costumes. And i go. What would that be like if we did it all year long term. Today's the day of the customer like what. What about the customer. yeah. I wanna share some fanmail. Let's put williams up there. I'm good so I had the amazing opportunity to work with jimmy project to creating a culture of service for bank had none here in. Panama was refreshing So hey wally thanks so much look at you. That love letters right here on a lot of it well while he special while he not only with trump hotel. She's a she's a special person and and a very bright. So i love working with you to go. Let's hear more manuela. So no one from my buddy jerry. Hey jerry how to get. Ceo's to see cultures most powerful asset. They have. I have no clue. I have no clue We've been working how long we've been working on this. Ever uber leadership this leadership. Yes i mean. We can think about lots of things that they do. But here again i compare i got to spend a lotta time with herb kelleher and you know i think. Part of new. He knew culture was so critical but it was also who he was. It was who was an colleague it was. We remember in their their their offices. Were next to each other like a hotel right with a door in between right now if everybody who doesn't know colleen barrett started as her calendars administrative legal yeah and his predecessor. And so you walk into colleen's office calling barrett and she rocking chairs are these people were and then the door. Next door would open in a puff of smoke cigarettes marlboro cigarettes mode. Yeah so anyway but you know he came that way but i also is saying we need to think about again back leadership succession are we bringing in. Ceo's who recognize culture each strategy launch every day as drucker said at so and recognize. That's a critical part So you know it's a big part of it is is in the selected. Yeah i always say just like marriage. You know who you select support decision absolutely okay. So we got our final question for you Chip by call the pay toward question. Good for everybody out there thinking about this work in reflect this far back on your life. Any dimension of your life What do you know now that you wish you knew. Then i think i wish i had known more The power generosity To give away more give give more that whole spirit of abundance an an an to be in that spirit to be non judgmental in what we do so we got time for one more story. Yes we always know. We definitely do. Oh good so. I was giving a keynote in new orleans and this was a high tech company. They they were involved in medical equipment. Field assist the medtronic one. now i've worked with chronic in minneapolis. But this a different company but in rate at lunch i had heard the ceo speak in the morning. He was like incredible and at lunch. He and i went to get a bite to eat and I was speaking in the afternoon. And so we're walking down the french quarter looking for a place to get quick sandwich and there was a homeless person up against the wall and cigar box. And it had please help. We've seen a gazillion times. If you're rich quarter you see it a lot. He walked over and put our bill. And the guys Box and smiled. Attic thanked him and kept walking. We had gone too far. And i said you know that dollars. Probably gonna go to joe to drugs or booze and he said you know i'm here to serve and he needed mass service then and this is the land that i will never forget. It would be arrogant of me to judge now. Gotten that. Because i thought an every time now when i'm in that situation and i say a homeless person are see somebody who's begging on the street. I look for a bill to put in there. Because i am here to serve and who am judge i still have those little neons probably going to drugs or lose. But it's not my call. And so i think the thing at i could have been more of is more like that generous and non-judgmental ship bell is a joy. No thanks you. i'm on the old man and woman of the sea of this. Let's show where your website is A not only a great great leader helping all of us but a really good human. Thank you so much everybody. please remember. Go to customer blinds dot com slash. Podcast you can automatically get this man in your inbox in if you have someone who stories amazing chips let us know. We'd love to share it as well. Please know that we are always here with our hand in the small helping. Push it stay safe. Everybody take care. The presenting sponsor for this episode of the chief customer officer human duct. Tape show is wicks answers so let me ask you a question. A customer support platform should be eight. Flexible be easy to use see knowledge-driven or d. customer centric. Why not all of the above wickes. Answers is the industry's first. Customer support platform to solve modern support challenges and create impactful change for business. The solution takes on a whole new approach to supporting your customers. See for yourself. Today at wicks answers dot com. Thank you for listening to this episode of the human duct tape show. You can get our show notes our links and any tools. We talked about today at customer. Bliss dot com slash podcast. And while you're there let us know if there's a leader you want to hear from on this show and finally only if we earned it gander over to itunes or stitcher and tell us how we did today.

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NFL Holdouts and NBA news

Debate Amongst Friends With Doc & Prof

25:52 min | Last month

NFL Holdouts and NBA news

"Happy thursday and welcome to what will call the eve before the rest of docs life i. They were here when a cryptic beginning johnny by. We're back debate amongst friends right here. It's thursday you're hearing this at four. Pm eastern standard time. This is doc. Lease hide casting beasts alongside the man with allah nicknames. J. gatty yes. The cleaner best podcasting machine least hype machine but always trying kilo duck in either low freshly squeezed rich only one positive abs- as he sets the sun today as tomorrow begins. How're you doing today. Doing good now looking forward to future reads of of life. You know boy. The future terrible. Try to have your alway- today you succeed. Jay has become I i wanna say. He's a mime in trade podcast. Monsters and a mime enshrining You killing it. By the way. I mean you really you really nailing that move how it looks great but sporting news not a whole lot yesterday but we do have some people pushing back on the teams Looking at nfl news first here. We talked about jamal adams yesterday in the seahawks. Looks like they're in a steering competition. I mean it looks. As though dave begin negotiations on friday they made their quote unquote final. Offer for jamal adams which would be around seventeen million dollars per year and a four year deal. Thirty eight million guaranteed. I w- which would make him the highest pay safety personally. I don't think he should be the highest paid safety. But that's just my opinion. I i don't. I mean maybe because he played for the jets and i didn't see him really a lot for the jets to make him deserve that. But i guess we're going based on potential alone at. That's exactly what i was gonna say. It's going to be basal off potential than my question is since you've mentioned you don't think he is the best safety in football. Who because the people to know stick in my ear. According to doc is the best safety in football right now. I would say it's a toss up i mean you. I love what certain people bring obviously harrison smith at. The vikings comes to mind derwin james if he could stay healthy comes to mind a minka. Fitz patrick comes to mind. I got a lot of people come to mind. Even taryn matthew. Honey badger comes to mind or ham in in theory. And it doesn't matter you know But yeah i just feel like they are some better safeties and him for him to be considered the best And i'm just not a hundred percent sold even. Pf has him ranked at number eleven number ten So it's it's just one of those things. Where yes i think. He's a great safety. And yes i understand. This is a great opportunity for the seahawks. Kinda set the market on safeties. But i don't think he's the top safety. Well obviously they to add some transparency things. Chris decided to send me a quick little list. And we'll get you on this. You know how of course the down. That's fine but pro. Football focus may or may not be a reliable source. Sure but could they go but they will be facts. I will say that they go based off their degrades in effects. I will say that so part. Yes for the most part. So harrison smith on this list is the number to safety heading into the twenty twenty one twenty two season. Exactly number one coming from the denver. Broncos justin simmons is the better heading into the twenty twenty one twenty two season. And obviously chris sent me this list prior to me making mike by bold claim that he wasn't number one. Because i wanted to make sure. I didn't sound like an idiot of course but i mean i skipped over justice simmons because i don't i think the broncos last season in the season before they've been really struggling so it's hard for me to judge them based on what they did last the last year and again. That could be why jamal adams in my opinion is lower because he came from the jets and i think i picked him once and fantasy football. That's another thing and he might burn me. Didn't help out for the broncos that their offense was absolutely abysmal so they were on the field a lot exactly so they do have adams as number ten number ten years. Exactly yeah. That's exactly where i just had a at yep Ladies that is edited him per blyleven which is none of them are from dots tampa. Bay buccaneers doesn't make me feel any worse or any better pilots. Anyone mr longman deal. Who's a rookie. And you think about it. Our safeties i would say and then will move on but are safeties. I would never expect to be on this list. Only because we rotate all four of them in and out of the game all the whole game so none of them ever just play like jamal adams like the top ten guys. They play most of the snaps. Our guys we don't so the fact that antoine winfield made on the list in is in the top twenty five and you know he didn't play a full game ever probably. Yep that's pretty big. It's pretty big. But some other notable players are holding out for new contracts. Along with demo- adams we have t. j. watt and we have dwayne brown teacher water steelers. Obviously and dwayne brown of the browns it. I mean obviously tj is going to come manned. Yeah he he he held on you rain. Yeah of lee rings ish. Yeah he's pretty much. The santa clause of this man he he holds the reins i was going with the rains trying to cope complex. Let's say no life live tv. Yeah i was alive. We're alive But yeah tdy definitely holds all of the chips. Go without those chips and dwayne brown. Obviously you who struggled over the asset dwayne brandon of the browns. I met dwayne brown of the of the seahawks But dwayne brown has struggled over his career and obviously he's still i would say top fifteen tackles in the league but i'm not one hundred percent shore if number one. The seahawks can't even afford to extend brown at this point. Because i know that they spent some money this year. Obviously to go spend some money. Which adams and i wonder if they can't make a deal mall adams do they trade him and in focus on brown yet You know like. I mean pain. Seventeen million dollars for a safety. I kind of like what steelers. And what the patriots often do typically don't overpay for certain positions and i think the patriots got away with that a long time and that's why i now with their high price corner that they have right. They're sitting there like. How do we really want to continue to pay this guy this much money even though he's really good when we believe in our coaching abilities and our ability to evaluate talent. And if i'm the seahawks. I'm like we can find a safety. That will give us number ten efficiency. Why right for less than probably twelve million dollars so that would be my take on it if we're going to extend them because think about if not. We're getting ten to twenty efficiency and we just not even bother to do this. I said he was top. Five dead or alive and yes. It's up on l. p. than sure we'll be fine but right now i'm not seeing as far dwayne brown goes i mean he's thirty five years old right. Yep so i mean at this point. It's like you're not gonna get much you're gonna get you know that that bet you know that at bet money later on the career money so i mean i hope i wish him the best loved but at thirty five. You're still a solid player. But at this point in his career he starting to become a little more expendable and could wind up becoming a cap casualty test. Sign this api. Yep if we're being honest but in other. nfl news. One in which. I wanted to get your opinion on actually before we'd be at their forty nine sign safety high clinton dix when he is on. He's a solid safety yes. He played for the cow was last season but then was right and if you think about it like when he played for the packers he was a solid player. And honestly. if i'm the seahawks probably would have brought him in. You know what. I mean on a young. You know a young guy still. I think that's a sign that you could just bring him in for debt. And if you can't have anything done with jamal adams and you move on yes He's going into eighth season. So he's like he's complete young like he's been know block a few times already so pretty good solid gift for san francisco secondary so this is the other thing i want to talk about it and i don't know if you read or heard about this and i don't know if there's sti- this is just blowing smoke docks but right back with me exactly call it. Napa valley apple valley down t-shirt. Chris thank you but it on t. Shirt thanks urban meyer. Says it's still an open. Competition at quarterback sarthe maladies kicking in the spring. But come on. I'm definitely allergic to s are are coming is like tickling news. Israel bathroom like it's trauma. Guy gardner menchu. There was a post maybe two weeks ago. That said i'm so focused on number one that i don't even go to the bathroom to take number. Two's first of all that's way too mature secondly if you're not trying to be the starter started kief professional football club. Would he doing. what are you doing. yeah so going back to urban said. Here's what i'm gonna say. There ain't no who's gonna start leak one right either grading trevor lawrence out there. Or they're going to have him sit behind guard you for a few games right which puts a lot of pressure on. There is no competition folks. All this is is trying to generate clicks at you know urban did a heck of a job cheers to you but i know in dock in you've got there you all know to competition is nothing more than a red herring angry and now listen to what meyer said on menchu. He said he's earned my respect. Hey i love that guy. He's a warrior. Competitor is a fighter. You know what. I told him that i just got a rate respect for menchu and what he brings in every single day act. I just got. I just needed some so than you know. I'm just exactly what he's doing. He's buttering him. Are you kidding me. If like if you wanna take it like three thousand galaxy accused from this as well to. He's also trying to drive up menchu stock for two. I mean listen. I don't. I can't say i don't blame him here today for these types of comments. Dorney off season around training kit for the. It's all about what's underneath. Don't take what they say for gospel. Of course always underlying motive behind what they're saying dot utah this without question without question. I wanted to get your take. I knew i knew it was better when i saw it. I was like he's joking right. Like unless unless garnham you is just like i mean it would have to be something amazing because you think about it. The jaguars have been through this before right. They had a a young guy on a bench data. A veteran playing in they left a veteran in the next year attended over to a young guy and in it just kind of fell apart. So i don't know. I mean it's going to be tough. I mean the question. The answers easy you just start lawns. You drafted him number. One overall These the person to to go in bilger franchise around and that's pretty much. All there is to it. Tis nothing left but to say yes. He's the number one overall becky's starter but even again let me tell you what i came up with that i thought about this. We'll continue one so if you ever watched the nineteen eighty nine movie of batman and joker was looking at one of his henchmen he was like. You're my number one. Well exactly the feels like you know it's gonna come. You know what's going to happen. Yes i am saying. Garment shoe is bob books and if you have like movie first of all why could watch it. It's it's amazing. Is the last thing that. I'll say what we can definitely move on in that. Stan obviously number one trevor. Lawrence obviously win number one. We know that. Zach wilson at number two for the jets literally no-brainer san francisco. I really haven't heard anything. Mum's the word right. They spoke a little bit. But it hasn't been like to this love because of course the one pick and he's a she. I feel like. I hear more about justin fields and mack jones than i knew any other quarterback in my opinion justice fields in chicago right. Many chicago's still has nicole's people love nick. Foles i can't. I can't say nothing on the stream but you know let's say i'm going to just close this arc. It's get in in being news. He has returning to the at forty one being the oldest player in franchise history. When you deal worth two point five million dollars. I'm actually surprised that not the that. He went back but surprised at the amount. I mean. two point six million unless this has some type of salary cap. You know inclination. I guess like you have to spend i know. They have to spend a certain amount of money by a certain time. But i spent the whole any boy spent oletta cash sign and trades. And i mean i mean. This is an extension this huge discounts from out. No i played they overpay also to this is a contract of you know being consistent than being loyal to the brand for so long as well too so should have chris check something really quickly. I want to know what the nba coach salary is his. Maybe yes maybe. They're paying him you know. He doesn't really. He doesn't play a lot i know he's on the bench at the bottom of the bench. Obviously he doesn't have a soon on he. Actually you know. He has a warm up on like everybody else. What if. He's just an extension of the coaching staff. I mean i don't know two point. Eight million is a life coach. Coaching assistant coach. Nicholas to mill. Okay so i'm sitting there. And i'm like well. Maybe just maybe veggies paying him as a overpriced assistant coach. That's i'm thinking because you know the head coach is get a lot of money. I'm the assistance you know. I was curious but it looks like the highest paid assistant coach. Let's see here. Let's look at. Chris just gave it to me here. The highest paid assistant coach usually get somewhere between. I guess a little bit over one hundred thousand yet but yeah yeah a little over one hundred thousand between one hundred thousand one mill is. I think it depends on experience at that point so yeah i guess i don't know i at this point i probably would just bring him in as an assistant coach. I mean if you're going to be around. I mean he knows obviously exposure for ninety thousand years at this point he knows the eating knows. Rally i if i be edgy. He probably really gm and we don't even know it but let's go to our last story here I mentioned it right before we jumped on. Jr smith going back to college and he intends to play golf. Johnny adair smith one of the last members of our high school to nba correct. Is that correct. I believe he didn't go to college. I believe he's one of the. I don't want to say he's one of the latte but i believe that he in that particular i guess time frame. He was one of the last people to go straight to the nba from high school is going back to north carolina a. n. t. south carolina. That great state. I mean he's. I can go hi five. Jr right now but going so. I wonder how that works. You know like you can play golf for the men's team. I'm curious obviously. Obviously he can't go play basketball. Obviously people i mean. I don't nobody would think well it doesn't go play bass clearly. He can't somebody nothing he can't play is just ryan at play. He cannot to play. Yeah the way the rules were he for four or go. Four went that particular eligibility but in a different sport. That's actually a pretty cool. I'm actually actually like this. Because this actually gives people an incentive to go back to school if they approve it of course they might be like. That's the thing. But i mean they have to make a compelling argument. I don't know this is just stay review board or does this have to deal with lawyers but if it does have to lawyers. Hopefully his lawyer has very telling case to argue a point to allow us to do so. But we'll see. And i mean who knows nothing about it you think about it. He also would have had multiple opportunities to play golf. You know obviously not professionally but flooding technically do amateur professional golf and rise up to professionalism to become a professional but i mean most of them usually starting college right happy. I would be surprised. If they do overturn this. Or i won't say overturn. They allowed this to go through. But i mean it would be a lighthearted story I would like to see how it works and again. This might give a lot of people who maybe didn't use all of their eligibility or in his case none of his eligibility because he he skipped it So it'll be interesting to see if they allow that to actually happen. We shall watch and see we have. But i know you heard this show on your favorite podcast platform. If you didn't you can always go to our website at. Www dot debate amongst friends dot com to listen to this episode as well as all of our previous be showed a tune in monday through friday at four pm eastern standard time as we will continue to go to the news analysis. And you always know you're going to hear.

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Trumps Last Day, Anarchy Surrounds BLM March, and A Dismal Future For Americans

Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin News and Analysis

43:31 min | 8 months ago

Trumps Last Day, Anarchy Surrounds BLM March, and A Dismal Future For Americans

"Bill o'reilly here. Welcome to the no spin news. Tuesday january nineteenth thousand twenty. One stand up for your country last day of the trump administration so we have lots to talk about The president himself has apparently recorded a videotaped message. I guess some outlets will play. I would assume fox news would and maybe newsmax and a an. I don't know when that's going to be released but apparently has already been recorded. He is expected to issue. Pardons not gonna do that now and do it tomorrow. I want to see the individuals. And on all of that. Before i blow. V8 and say whether the pardons are worthy or not so. Let me do a little research. We'll do that tomorrow There is a gallup poll out today and there was an nbc news poll yesterday. They are shockingly different now. That doesn't surprise me because his whole poll thing is a scam. Now in america all right they charge a lot of money these poll outfits and they pretty much give the people who are paying them what they wanna hear now. Nbc news though. That is an anti-trump operation and that was favorable to trump whereas gallup poll is not so. This is a thousand adults not registered. Voters adults all right. Republican twenty-seven democrat thirty independent forty two. Do you approve or disapprove the way donald trump is handling his job as president approved thirty four percent record low for his presidency. That's approve and disapprove. Sixty two percent in october. The number was forty. One percent of seven and disapprove was fifty seven down five now when they left office. Jimmy carter had an approval rating of thirty four percent. Same as donald. Trump reagan's sixty three bush. The elder fifty six clinton sixty six economy was booming. And you'll remember bush. The younger thirty four tied with trump and barack obama fifty nine percent. This is according to gallup. Abc as we reported yesterday different story. Do you approve disapprove. Donald trump job. Performance a thousand registered voters not adults registered voters no political affiliation given. They should do that. Approved forty three percent disapprove fifty five percent huge differences. I said the daily tracking poll rasmussen as trump about forty eight percent approval. So i think you could say that. Most trump supporters are stayed with him. With one notable exception and that would be mitch mcconnell aka the turtle. That's his nickname now. I don't know why. I like the turtles pop group and one of them. Looks like a turtle i guess. Mitch mcconnell look at him. A certain way could resemble tortoise. But i'm not sure but mcconnell has we've been telling us shifty kind of guy doesn't like donald trump at all may have good reason absolutely. Donald trump has alienated an awful of people in his own party. And who actually worked for him. Well here's what mcconnell said today it. The mob fed lies. They were booked by the president and other powerful people and they tried to use fear and violence is stop as specific preceding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like but we pressed on we stood together and cetera. Angry mob would not veto power over the rule of law in our nation. Not even for one night. So that signals that trump's on his own When the senate hold its impeachment trial which it will according to the new senate majority leader charles schumer of new york rolling after what he has done the consequences of which we were all witnessed to donald. Trump should not be eligible to run for office ever again. All of us want to put this awful chapter in our nation's history behind us but healing and unity will only come if there is truth and accountability not sweeping such severe charge such awful actions under the rug. So let me be clear. There will be an impeachment trial in the united states. Senate there will be a vote on convicting the president fright crimes and misdemeanors and if the president is convicted. There will be a vote on barring him from running again. And that's what it's all about. Now i can make a case that Donald trump did not incite a mob to attack the capital and that is the charge in the senate and that is what the house said. He did by a Mostly party vote. i think would nine republicans came over. So there is gonna pretoria evidence as you know you've heard it but there will be a trial. Donald trump will not attend the trial. He will send lawyers. you need. sixteen republican senators remember. The senate is now tied fifty fifty. You need sixteen. Republican senators to vote for conviction can the republicans stop that. Well you gotta figure that romney makovsky safes then. Face and susan collins will vote for conviction so that means twelve more half due to a more republicans. Don't think that's gonna hap especially if the lawyers. Donald trump uses are articulate methodical and fact based all right so the american people. See the defense of this not in a historical way but in a very calm deliberate way because if you are a republican senator in a state that voted for donald trump. And you. Vote to convict him. You're probably gonna lose next time around. These people unfortunately are in it for self interest. So why did mcconnell turn well mitch. Mcconnell wants joe biden's ear and he has it. I understand biden and mcconnell may go to mass together. I didn't even. I don't think mcconnell's catholic but it may go to mass together on sunday and as we reported and no one else did mitch. Mcconnell was the only republican senator to attend beau biden's funeral so mcconnell and biden have a strong relationship and mcconnell wants to keep that and if he jabs trump. That's a plus. You see what i'm talking about. This is the way the system operates now. What mcconnell is doing badly hurt. The republican party in the short term by pitting republican senators against one another and sending a message to republican voters. All seventy four million of them at the party doesn't really back donald trump. That's going to divide the party. Mcconnell's got to know that. I think he thinks that after a year of trump being out of office all of this will decline. And you know. Joe biden has got a lot of problems as we said yesterday. A lot of policy problems so anyway. That's where we are Donald trump will take off tomorrow from andrews air force base on air force. One you get to ride down out palm beach before he goes going to have a little thing there in andrews with the supporters and then the inauguration is at new all right so we went overall. This look past. No spin newses on bill. O'reilly dot com. If you want that. I don't want to be repetitive. That's what they do on cable until you the same thing a thousand times now the The most important part of our country since january. Six the siege of the capital the insurrection. And i do believe it was Is that the fanatics who support donald trump destroy donald trump the people who are most rabid in his defense. Or whatever you wanna call it about. The election destroyed him because the image of those pictures will never ever go away. It's like the nine eleven towers never going to go away. And donald trump is going to be linked to that perhaps unfairly but he did address that crowd now. There is mounting evidence. And i don't know whether it's going to be used in peach or not that the insurrectionists the people who lead that break in had planned it all along whether donald trump said anything to him or not. They came to washington armed with Pipes and things like that to do destruction think that will bear out that you'll see that whatever trump said really didn't matter. This was going to happen anyway. Which takes away the incitement of the insurrection out of the impeachment charge. And that's why. If i were in the senate if i were a democrat or republican would not vote to convict donald trump. Is it a vengeance. Play by schumer if you saw him on sixty minutes sunday night. He was dripping blood out of his mouth. Schumer is a vengeful man. He's worse than pelosi. Pelosi is one mean lady. schulman's worse. I know them both. I don't know pelosi very well. But i know schumer longtime all right now. Donald trump himself leaves with a mixed legacy as we reported yesterday a lot of his policies very successful and helped all america's. There's no doubt about that. But he lacks discipline and that failure to control himself at certain times led to his demise. If shakespeare were writing play about donald trump that would be his tragic flaw that he lacks self disciplined and that got him into controversy to controversy controversy and the nation on november third when they voted was worn out. Donald trump wore them out not his supporters but the middle of the nation which could have gone either way worn out. You can't fight every battle. You got to pick him okay by the way i wish personally. Donald trump the best. And i wish joe biden the messed about that. Call me a fence sitter. I'm not offensive her. But i think trump helped the country and i wish him the best. I don't wanna see him persecuted. And i want biden to succeed to i think biden. We'll succeed no. I hope i'm wrong are usa Today is a poll out. And the reason. I'm giving you these polls is is basically to track the mood of the nation. Do you feel the country's headed in the right direction. Wrong track right direction. Twenty two percent wrong track sixty five percent republicans right direction six percent wrong track eighty four percent democrats right direction thirty seven so it has now bonus either but the nations depressed. We're worn out on politics. I know don't take it out of me. Because i have lots of good information that you need to protect yourself coming up joe biden. Today he went to an event to honor the victims of covert. That's fun he appointed. Dr rachel levine. As assistant health secretary. She is a transgender pediatrician. And then he went back and took a nap. I don't know maybe he did. I would have our new york city last night. Black lives matter. March for martin luther king day and of course. They cause trouble as march. Okay and the police said. Please don't block traffic. The demonstrators threw bottles vandalized property and attacked police eleven. Nypd offices hurt thirty arrests and black lives matter. Continues to be a disruptive force. Okay now this will get worse. Under joe biden especially in the blue states where these protests they can guarantee none of them in manhattan us where this was last night. We'll be prosecuted all dismissed and not and black lives matter and antiques all these people. We see what happens next year. You're going to continue to destroy. Property and press won't even report on cancel culture. Update not immoral. I am going to give you a solution to the cancel culture. I've come up with it. It's genius but it's good now. Just need somebody to step up and do it. But i'll give it to you tomorrow. So you know. Senator josh hawley got his book cancelled by simon and schuster because holly was one of the politicians who said we should have a ten day pause to investigate alleged voter fraud. That's all he did. all right. so and schuster cancels book regna republishing picks it up is a op ed. No wall street journal by publisher. Thomas pence rectory saying why did i thought it was a very good op. It so holly has got his book out in may and it will be a big bestseller because all of this now. Cnn is on a little campaign to cancel. Its competition will tape. And then we're gonna have to figure out the an newsmax problem that these companies have freedom of speech. But i'm not sure. We need verizon comcast in such to be bringing them into tens of millions of homes. I this is allowing people to seek out information if they really want to but not pushing it into their faces. I think is where we're going to have to go here. So he wants All the cable companies to throw newsmax and a. n n. off the air that censorship. of course. Why don't we throw. Cnn off the air. Cnn reported falsely about the russian collusion for three years. Let's throw them off the air right now on in the washington post economists named max boot o. Ot he goes further than this are boot wants fox news. There's a nice little hat there max. Very good Was that a two for one deal. You get a little another hat with it. I don't know if i would pay for that outright. But there's max max boot wall street up. Sorry washington post and i used to like maxine talented writer. He's got he's in crazy. Ville you take the left at lunatic. Allie and you go right into crazy ville. So here's a quote from max large cable company comcast and charter which carry fox news or provide most of its revenue in the form of fees to step in a kick fox news off the air and small competitors such as one america news newsmax continue to incite viewers. They too should be booted off. Says max boat this. Fascism pure fascism is what they did in the soviet union what they did in nazi germany. What they did in tow joe's japan so what they did. In castro's cuba that's what they did in venezuela. This is fascism cancel culture. That is a nice name for fascism. That's what it is tomorrow again. I will give you a counter to cancer to cancel. Culture are so yesterday was martin luther king day. I have an analysis of black white relations in america posted on bill o'reilly dot com under the message of the day. Audio i did it for. Wabc radio last night. I think it's worth a listen ties. Of course into martin luther king day so there are a number of people who say that if you are a trump supporter. You have no right to mention martin. Luther king's name. You can't ever mention his name. So these people are jake tapper again. Cnn one of the most vicious persons planet. All right joe. Lockhart former clinton white house press secretary robert reich secretary of labor onto bill clinton. You might remember early in the factory. He was on a whole bunch of times art and others that if you voted for donald trump you have no right to even mentioned martin. Luther king's name in any context. Don't say he's great. You can't talk about him. Are this is congenial. Assault on freedom of speech and the absolute worst and the absolute most vicious in. This area was on the view. Go ted cruz with a challenging the electoral college. You know kayleigh mcenany just over and over again with her propaganda how dare they. How dare they try to quote dr king on the celebration of his birthday when they enabled enabled a racist president. Okay so it doesn't get more hateful than the view or i should do be cancelled. Should disney be forced to take it off the air. I mean between that woman and joy. Behar how you could be more hateful to an entire segment of the population. How it's impossible. You couldn't be more hateful than the view and come over. A guy was on a view. When barbara walters ran about fifteen times. And i didn't have a problem with dan even when whoopi or walked off. When i objected to building a mosque on the site of nine eleven they walked off. The show and i was happy. They did because. I got more airtime. They were gone all right. Now you ought to google and see it but compared to what they did back then to woods going on now i mean this is just pure hatred schumer and pelosi vis-a-vis trump hatred. I mean trump is no boy scout. He loathes the people who criticize but he's not even in the same hemisphere as far as hatred is concerned. Then these folks are and that's what it's all about art. Here's a story that i haven't been able to get to because we've been so much and this is a very very important story for all americans to here and you will not hear it anywhere else but here on the no spin news. You're not gonna hear this anywhere else. So in los angeles there was an illegal alien named herbert forty six years old areas. He's from el salvador was from a salvador. Ms thirteen gang member. Herbert was deported ten times and came back eleven times. He shot and killed his girlfriend. Karen ruis in front of their three-year-old daughter babies right in there. He kills karen res all right now the cops finally in los angeles finally tried to run him down and he killed himself all right so floors kill them so now since one thousand nine hundred ninety flora's have been convicted of carrying a concealed weapon burglary transportation of a controlled substance. I'm usually dope dealer all driving under the influence resisting arrest. Vandalism criminal threats all of that the port at him ten times. Okay came back eleven times in september. He was arrested for domestic violence on misra. We's beat her up. I said to the la county authorities. Hold him he's been bored at ten times. We'll take him now. La county let them out. Let them out and he killed mr ways. You'll remember in two thousand fifteen. I propose cates law. It got all the way up to the senate who killed it the turtle mitch mcconnell number that he killed it single handedly. Karen would be alive today. If case law had been passed and it would have been past if not for mitch mcconnell who wouldn't put it up as a standalone vote why i can only speculate because i wrote it. I was the one who wrote it. What did it say if you are convicted felon and your deported and come back you are immediately arrested and if convicted and you would be because you're back you get ten years in a federal penitentiary. Ten minimum commit a felony. Usa convicted of felony deported. Back to your home country you come back. They catch you ten years. You don't have to commit another crime just affected you stand here now. What is wrong with that. Law who one object that law hundreds if not thousands of people are dead since two thousand fifteen because the turtle wooden put it up for a vote. Because he didn't like the fact that i did it. So you know how. I feel about senator mitch mcconnell los angeles homicides up one hundred and fifty percent compared to last year at this time shootings up two hundred thirty four percent victim shot in south los angeles. Okay that's the minority district up seven hundred forty two percents get the feeling that there's anarchy in la there is there's no law enforcement and they cut back on the cops defunding police all right. So they've the lapd can't even answer traffic accidents anymore. That's how bad it is. Atlanta another chaotic situation. In two thousand twenty last year one hundred and fifty seven homicides compared to ninety nine into nineteen they have defended the police there and more than two hundred officers in atlanta have quit because the liberal leadership will not back them. Nbc news poll. Are you worried about the country or hopeful and optimistic hopeful and optimistic. Forty four percent worried and pessimistic. Fifty three percent were state for anxiety over the country missouri. In missouri people spend three hours and eighteen minutes every day worrying about stuff. They're stressed out mississippi. Second let's go to la or are pow ben stein. Who's one of the smartest observers of american culture that i that i know good measure. So you're right in the middle of this maelstrom in los angeles but let me ask you on a whole country. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about america. I'm very pessimistic. I think we've lost a lot of the constitution free speech digest memory and About politically and in terms of law but in terms of economics. I quit doing quite well surprisingly well. I think president trump's policies in response to economic chaos caused by the pandemic brilliant and. We're doing astonishingly. Well now you wrote speeches for both president. Nixon and president ford. The culture back then was so different. Even though we're coming off the vietnam war with nixon and it was divided country over the vietnam war but there was still a respect for tradition. That's what i see that traditional bit. It's all gone over the cliff so my question to you is why i don't know. Why javale madeira. Just a climate of hatred. I think generated by the media of basically buying largely. I live live in extremely good day by day. Incredibly good about The media is generally blasting out hatred of trump's hatred of white people hatred of a well-to-do people even other people around me. The of course are very well to people. But they're blasting out hatred of anything that is not left wing non white and preferably a lawbreaking for people who are just ordinary shutters. going their job There's nothing but contempt of republicans trying to get their job. Done johnny adair work done there. Johnny contempt the amount of hatred. And you were extremely brilliantly. The amount of hatred coming out of the left wing is astounding astonishing. When i was my left the nixon ford regime. I was dealt with job over deluge. And i very very first day that i was told that they wanted me to leave the white house I had four job offers. I don't think that would happen today if i were. Trump may draw trump anything just by being a friend of i. I've never actually madame in the flash just by word of either. I got to be blacklisted inaugural. Speeches that that's really a shame. But i'm old. Get bhai and do my dying day but The the hostility of the air is fantastic and breathtaking even worse than it was in the next days. Now i get a lot of letters to say why the companies like disney all right like comcast trans nbc. At and t. Which runs cnn. Why do they want to tear apart. The traditions of america and divide people along skin color lines. What is in it for these big corporations that depend on a mass market to generate their profits. It's a psychological thing it's not a economic saying it's on worked out of asia private washer balance-sheets it's worked out on zags. There is something in their ads which has a lot of hatred. And i've got expressive somewhere. Bob dylan the great great genius. Shed there are a lot of people have knives and plates. And there's nothing site knives and forks. And i've got nothing on her plate and i've got to cut something so in this case The people run. They're very far from walt disney. They are very entirely different group of people from the days of walt disney million billion present. Evan they're very angry. People even hollywood nowadays are very angry. People i came out here in seventy six. I worked for norman. Lear extremely liberal left wing guy. We got along great. I got along great with all his writers. Not one of whom was republican only republican in the whole company. That could not even conceivably happened today. It's a whole different world. When you see some showbiz people around town in los angeles and you do you ever say to. What's the difference between the mccarthy blacklists in the nineteen fifties where accused communist people couldn't work in hollywood and now when if you supported donald trump. You can't work. It seems to me to be the exact same thing is it not is action thing. Unfortunately i don't see any people anymore because the restaurants here are all closed. And i do all the cooking at my own house. I just go out to a grocery store and buy sham. Stag and cooking for my wife was an invalid and the show. I don't see those people as i would have. Restaurants overjoyed. Can't ask him. But i will just tell you. They are different guy people. They are eight filled bunch upheaval. This this is a are extremely ungrateful for the gifts that god has bestowed on them for the gifts of america's be still they don't like america they don't like white people that i don't know what's what's what's west them. I have been in psychiatry myself. A larger eating problems because i eat too much And nineteen sixty six and my psychiatrists have two of them now. I asked him all the time. What is it that makes people hate trump so much and they're both trump fans and they don't know what is it makes people hate trump but there is something going on here. The makes the people that run. Hollywood hate trump hate white people hate middle class. People hate working class people. I don't understand it but there's something going on. Its tell harvard snobbery. You tell your psychiatrists two reasons. Why the left the committed left real ideologues. Hate trump number one. His demeanor all right. He doesn't take any bs he does it take. He's astro very true very true. A number two the three supreme court justices. He appointed that blocked. These temporarily left wing agenda for could be for a while. Those are the ari reasons with the greatest respect. You bill a my perspective for some considerable time. And i by the way your your speech. This morning was just brilliant. I think it's something deeper that there's some deep psychological problem i rather. They are associated Trump with father. They hated with such a trumpet. A mother they hated whether associated trump with some other relative or dominating figure in their life I do not know but it is. There are some deep shaikh logical problem in these people's heads so shopping. deep going non here Describe it to tell you. I live in a very very nice neighborhood. I don't deserve it. I don't know how long. I'll be able to afford it rounded by a very rich people in ferraris and very very nice car and the day are full of hate. They should be granted. It should be under deeds with graduates. Not absolutely i ben. Thanks very much. It's always a always nice to talk to you and your great. Thanks coming on c. In history forty four years ago january nineteen thousand nine hundred seventy seven president. Gerald ford pardoned. Tokyo rose wow. Tokyo rose eva to gory. American citizen was the chief propaganda voice in the pacific for the japanese fascist empire. She you know her name tokyo rose. You don't know a real name. I've a toe gory. Now she traveled from the united states to japan. Right before pearl harbor to care for an elderly aunt okay. The japanese authorities knew she was an american spoke english and japanese. And so they so says all rose forced her to do the propaganda. Well on september twenty nine thousand nine hundred forty nine. She was convicted of treason sentenced to ten years in prison. Fined ten thousand dollars stripped of her. Us citizenship but on the stay forty four years ago. One thousand nine hundred seventy seven joe. Ford pardoned her. Because i guess. He believed that she was coerced into being tokyo. Rose interesting story While we're on the subject of pardons. I got a good meal segment and a good final thought. And they're coming up after this message. Well one thing we learned in two thousand twenty s. You can do it all on the net groceries movies doctor visit to all online and of course going to the post office online with stamps. Dot com stamps dot com allows businesses. No matter what the size to do all of their mailing and shipping from their computer think of the time in hassle. You will save by never going to the post office again. Plus it's a fraction of the cost of those expensive postage meters. Make this year the time you stop wasting on going to the post office and go to stamps dot com instead. There's no risk and with my promo code bill. You will get a special offer that includes a four week. Trial plus free postage and a digital scale. No long term commitment contracts. Just go to stamps. Dot com. Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in bill that stamps dot com promo code bill. Stamps dot com. Never go to the post office again. Mail we go to nancy. Davis law michigan. The you said many times that if things don't go well in the next two years. The voters will take the democrats out of power in congress. Why do you think the electricity fair in two years when it was fraud this year. Do you know that there were thirteen. Seats picked up by the republicans in the house. Nancy thirteen this time. So yes i think it was some fraud in in very select places like philadelphia. Detroit atlanta but nationwide are honest. Janet concierge member which means janet has direct access to me privately by email can ask me anything i. She wants privately. Now janet post this on the message board. I'm bill o'reilly dot com with all the biden plans. You laid out bill. You still want to give him a chance. Democrats have been courting emigrants since the civil war just for votes. We'll give him a chance as kind of guy. I am i. Maybe he'll surprise me. Maybe he'll enforced the border denise. Tell me again bill. Republicans take back the house and senate when biden will give millions of citizenship to illegals. Well if he does that that's going to help the republicans the more chaos there is with the legal immigration the more the republicans will be held. Robert bill you said biden wants to raise. Corporate taxes was a pfizer ceo. Too stupid to know this. When he torpedo trump pfizer would have made less money under trump because trump was going to cap the amount of they could charge for their drugs by never going to do that. Drug companies lawyers gonna run wild under biden. Okay so everybody thinks that biden going to keep the costs down. He's not so it was a pure pfizer. New trump was worse for them than by. Eugene concierge remember thank you gene when lady gaga sings the national anthem. I wonder how many will be kneeling. Think you're gonna see anybody. Kneeling at the inauguration. More could be wrong. I don't think you will. Paul butko sarasota florida. It seems to me that the new administration we leading america down a godless path. The opposite which america was founded upon. Well by just going to go to church every sunday. He's always has as i said. He is dragging mitch mcconnell in on this coming sunday. But i'm a catholic. And i can't understand. Joe biden's abortion posture. Just can't dawn not getting into that. I'm not casting aspersions on biden's catholicism between him and his got but to me donna. Pike olympia washington though. Would you please explain in simple language. Big tech was able to dismantle parlor parlour needs a distribution service right amazon shut it down and so did facebook and a few others and the apps went dark and partner couldn't get. I don't know technology. I'm not sophisticated there. But their distribution was shut down. Diana brian maple grove minnesota we know. The corrupt media hypes news when he shouldn't leave out important information and they are corrupt the event of a crisis national local. How can we trust emergency information. They provide you. Can't you come here. that's why we set up the web website. Bill o'reilly dot com. I mean this has been going on for a long time. I was in the middle of you. Saw me for more than twenty years. Once i left the corporate media. I knew i had to do this. We'll always tell you the truth. So you have a resource here. We miguel largo florida. Thank you for your final thought and word of the day perspicacious. I will try to be that. Excellent word and i am not gonna watch the b. s. new shows that fuel bill. You'll be much happier person day because here's remember thanks for sharing in today's final thought. Your advice is precisely what i've done. And i am a much more calm. Happy person for not watching garbage on the television news agencies. Okay so we have an unbelievable deal by the way if you wanna write to me. It's bill o'reilly dot com bill bill o'reilly dot com name in town. If you wish to apply if you preorder killing the mob which is you're gonna love this book we'll give you fifty percent off killing crazy horse or the united states of trump. I last two books your choice fabulous deal so i hope you take advantage. Where did the day. When writing to us not be occur mudgene some people allege that i am commercial and i can't believe they do that but they do. Don't be a commercial. I'd final fought in a moment. Investors are you seeking steady cashflow ready to diversify have you considered a proven real estate investment fund and our i as one of the nation's leading realty specialists and offers ten percent annualized monthly payout with bonuses targeted to twenty one percent. That's right you could receive steady ten percent return monthly payments with bonuses. You know they specialize in realty investing done right even. Use your 401k or ira to invest. And are i as fifteen year track record in one point two billion in new construction development. Back you so learn how you can invest in his heart asset real estate cash flow fund today and receive ten percent annualized monthly payout with bonuses. This is something savvy. investors should research and consider. Please call now two zero one. Two one zero two seven two seven two zero one. Two one zero two seven two seven or visit an r. I a. dot net an offer to buy sell any security is only made by private placement. Memorandum national is a real estate development firm cis dot net all right. Here's today's final thought. You know this hatred. Ben stein was absolutely right. It's just off the chart. Don't don't do it. You know i mean. We love our viewers and listeners. On radio and premium members on bill o'reilly dot com. But but i get some hateful. Now i do and i don't i don't want you to get sucked into that trap oppose absolutely. Speak your mind all day. Long get annoyed. I get annoyed. Come on look mcconnell tonight. On case law. I mean steam coming on my ears. But i don't hate mitch. Mcconnell that emotion is destructive so you got a separate. You've got to take a step back. You can pose. But those people at the capitol. As i said they wreck donald trump. They wreck the republican party temporarily. For what because they hated all he had to do was stand outside with the sign. You have to break the window and threatened people and kill five five dead. Don't hate see tomorrow.

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1229: "Orange Tongue"

No Agenda

3:09:10 hr | 1 year ago

1229: "Orange Tongue"

"Parents may be in China. They're not Adam Curry Jones Sunday march. Twenty nine twenty twenty. This is your winning Nation Media Assassination Episode Twelve hundred twenty nine. This is no agenda counting masks broadcasting live from opportunities on thirty three here at the frontier of Austin Texas capital of the drone star state in the morning everybody. I'm Adam Curry and from northern Silicon Valley where there's a ventilator going down the road I'm John Devora Peterbilt have you seen do we have is deaf report yet for today. Have you seen Zephyr I guess not no. I haven't but it's possible I missed it okay. Well I'm just curious to see how many How many cars it has. It'd be funny if it got down to six. No no that would. That's that's when we really need to start Activating all shit hits the FAN systems. A six cars effort unheard of very bad news but a seven cards pretty weird. I'll tell you while we're at it talking about transportation. I would like to express my appreciation towards The truckers we haven't heard we have many truckers in the no agenda media tribe and and an additional. Thank you to the dude's name Ben. Do debts named Bernadette who are keeping your net flicks working believe me. There's actual work going on to to change these bandwidth requirements to that you're border gateway it down the Border Gateway Protocol dudes named Ben. And there's all kinds of people making your stuff at homework so just wanted to say that off of the Bat and while we're talking about masks and counting. And let's debunk some stuff. Shall we you into the mood of debunking to start the show? Yeah I just one one clip. It's the clip that matters the most to me will actually two clips. Well it's in two parts if you have to interrupt for has priority. So why don't we start with Dr Burks? Who now of course is your buddy. Yeah well you know after after. I started paying attention to her and looked at her credentials in history. Jimmy got debunked or What's the word I'm looking for? He's being canceled. She's in the middle of being canceled And I'll I'll start with that then. This happened on Friday. She did an interview with CBS. Cbs Candidate Broadcast Network Broadcasting. What could be Christian broadcast network could be? Let's see C. B. N. I think you're right. It is the Christian Broadcast Network. Of course not that anyone watches the would not that. Many people watch the Christian broadcast network. Few people do but it was put online and once it went viral then Dr burks appointed by Obama in thousand fourteen. Of course he worked for George W Bush. I mean she's been around. She's an ambassador. She was a colonel That's that was her last rank before she left the military services not enough. She is just an orange tongue liquor. Didn't you know that yet here? It is how would you describe the job? President trump is doing behind the scenes and in front of the cameras during these daily. Briefings that we're seeing. What's been your perspective Dr Burks? He's been so attentive to the scientific literature. And the details of the data. I think his his ability to analyze it. Integrate data that comes out of his long history and business is really been a real benefit during these discussions about medical issues because in the end data is data and he understands the importance of the granularity. And I think he's been really excited about finding the level of detail that we've been able to now bring over the last few weeks to really understand. Who's at the greatest risk for severe illness? Who will have mild and less and a symptomatic disease and really calling on every American to do that social distancing because some people may not know they're actually infected and be unknowingly spreading the virus and that all comes from the president seeing the data and then really directing these policies in these guidelines that go out to the American people well. This was no good. This mentioned you'd flipped. She's she's no good she's useless you can't listen to. She said something positive about the president's ability to comprehend things. Oh No. The social media went nuts. The most hated woman in America. This weekend this was all preceded by her speaking very frankly to the media at the press briefing which I think now I know was completely ineffective because the media is still not reporting on it all of the information. I think we have most of it. We've discussed a lot of it and we start with the imperial model which apparently into this mess. This is the a model that was created at the Imperial College in the United Kingdom. And that was done specifically by Neil Ferguson who downgraded his own model significantly. We can talk about that right. After we listened to Dr Burks telling the media that It was wrong and I think she doesn't do a great job he or she treats the media children which they don't respond very well to It would have been better children by the way I think a different approach might have gotten more attention but this is really the information l. Candy a candy works. This is the Info you said that in a very creepy knowing way. I don't I don't like what I heard the I'm sure. Many of you saw the recent report out of the UK about them adjusting completely there needs. This is really quite important. If you remember. That was the report that said there would be five hundred thousand deaths in the UK and two point two million deaths in the United States adjusted that number in the UK to twenty thousand troops. So half a million to twenty thousand. We're looking into this in great detail to understand that adjustment. Something a little bit complicated. But I'm going to try to do it in a way that we can all understand it together. Okay children you ready Kate Blah. Hey by the way this if I pointed this out years ago and it ended applied actually even before we began to show. That is the way. Hillary always talked to depress it Murray. She stopped doing that by the way she as she got older. She's kind of lost a casino so angry but she used to say every word very distinctly and I complained about this a number ties because what happens to an end style speaking where she spent every word very clearly it which was just a horrible way to speak and the women in the bay area to Oshii such a wonderful speaker and Hillary was always speaking down to people. When you talk like when when I talk like this to you it's demeaning I think yes I do not quite pulling it off but I understand what you're saying and look at where she comes. Freiburg Stammer I can't barely talk myself. Look at where she comes from. She comes from that millio. She comes from the Obama Administration. Which doesn't matter by the way because you know she's still has an orange tongue. It's no good this. This was really. That's the kind of stuff you get when When when you see video online that's hilarious. How people are responding to her so I think this should have been breaking news. Top of the news. Oh my God check it out for whatever reason and there are reasons the model was adjusted downward by twenty a factor of twenty five. That's not an insignificant is it? Is it top of the news? Of course. Let's listen to what she said? Let's understand it together. I'm GonNa say something a little bit complicated but I'm GonNa try to do it in a way that we can all understand it together in the model either you have to have a large group of people who are ase symptomatic who've never presented any test in order to have the kind of numbers that were predicted to get to sixty million people infected or six million people infected. You have to have a large group of ace symptomatic because in no country to date. Have we seen in an attack rage over one thousand so either? We're only measuring the tip of the iceberg symptomatic cases and underneath. It are a large group of people. So we're working very hard to get that antibody test because that's a good way to figure out who are all these people under here and do exist or we have the transmission completely wrong so these are the things. We're looking at because the predictions of the models. Don't match the reality on the ground in either China South Korea or Italy. We are about five times the size of Italy so we were Italy and you did. All those divisions Italy should have close to four hundred thousand. Deaths they're not close to achieving that so these are the kinds of things. We're trying to understand models or models were adapting. Now there's enough data now of the real experience with a corona virus on the ground to really make these predictions much more sound so when people start talking about twenty percent of a population getting infected. It's very scary. But we don't have data that matches that based on the experience. Okay so again. It wasn't top of the news. This is very good news. This not only is it top of the news. It definitely should be top news but this is just like the glow like the global warming guys who are not deniers. They just don't buy it and they have good data to show that this is a lot who are bad. I disagree this. This is the equivalent of the actual global warming models saying. Hey our models were wrong. It's not the same. That would be fantastic news. This is not some contrary. And this is Neil Ferguson. Epidemiologist Cu created the model and two days after Boris Johnson. Locked down the country e went before parliament and testified and said okay Yeah I've adjusted the model and his answer to why this drastic change is well. You know I didn't take into account we'd be doing anything which is total horsecrap. Because he's he's the data is the are numbered. Our own number. How many people one person will infect is an unknown still so as you heard Dr Burke? Speaking we don't really know the transmission rate so it just filled something in and then he changed it and it got a different result. Not the first time he's had some interesting Miss prognostications such as with Who have and mouth disease where they guy? He's a hoot mouth guy. Six million heads of cattle were destroyed. Likely unnecessary it really put The agrarian sector in the UK into a very problematic state. Same with the swine flu took. This guy has got to go. It's not just this guy here. Here's what I understand. The imperial college is a form of research entity of record for government for think for policy groups and for the media. This is the study that got everybody all jacked and started the whole media thing along with politicians of course because you know they were reading two million dead in America and I still want to know you recall the president said they. They couple people three. I think came to my office. You GotTa shut the country down. I still would like to know who that was. Just just just for history's sake who was it. That convinced the president to shut down the country because it seems like it may not have been necessary. And WE'LL GET INTO A. He was reluctant to take any of this. That seriously And they came and they started hounding him in the media. Went nuts. Of course. The media would CA- baffles. Me Is as your point is good good catch by the way and apparently you had to go catch. It is the me seriously don't you? It's it's disgusting that you had to just catch this and the media didn't because the media caught the other side of it and they don't catch the correction. This is the way they do. They're you know they're all. We made a correction in the paper. You know the wrong direction. The papers on page thirty two. You can find it right. There is at the bottom. Well it's fear point and they're profiting off of it. Although that's becoming sketchy. I wondered by just interrupt that part of it. Yeah I will. I WanNa read a note from one of our guys. Yes that's why I bring it up. Good you have the no two because we're bitching about the media the exploiting this and he says what's the media's play here I were and this is a guy who works at. Cbs local station. In bismarck North Dakota I'm the production manager it's thirty two Our ad buys are dropping off a cliff events or canceling. These ads are gone stores or closed. Those ads are gone. People aren't working. Money isn't flowing propping. This virus up does no good for us. We have more eyeballs. Which is the thing that I pointed out right more eyeballs but there's less way less demand for customers is not like Walmart and target need to advertise the cell toilet paper even at the At the national or at a national Disney level universal comcast. Nbc Parks Close. Stores were closed. This is costing everyone money at cars high of just finishes I have. I thought about this all night. I don't hold the purse strings on. Tv Stations British on my employees have brought up raises until Johnny goes on about the reservoir the inner workings. But I was thinking about this. This is true what he says. And what you just said brings the point home. I think even further the media will take a beating on the bottom line if they can get rid of trump. Yes yeah the so stupid stupid. That's how hard they'll bring the country. Do you gotta remember. We have the clip bill. Maher going. I'd rather see recession and see. I'd rather see the country going to the toilet. Then see trump get reelected. Do we have the that Bill Maher Clip? I hope we do have the defining it is going to be a problem but he did say it. We everyone knows it. I remember and he and this is this example here that he's pointing out to me because I'm saying well they're just explaining the situation when at least it bleeds. But if they're taking a beating their their purpose why won't they turn it around and get off this? No no no. This is the way to go because this this will this will doom trump and now that trump's numbers are going up dirt beside themselves. They don't know what to do. And there's also a secondary part. Remember these guys. And when I say these guys these guys these guys and Gals of the media certainly the on air personalities are really wrapped up in it they are in for them into the equivalent of their Vietnam front lines. And that's how they're acting that's how they feel like okay and all. These hardships like man had do. My own. Makeup ship had to do my own hairs like hardships on the front lines. Corona virus reporting. We're social distancing house. My Home Studio. Yeah Man Hoping Hunker down now. It's sad it's sad and pathetic where this is great news for the world the world breaking news they cannot bring themselves to be positive because it doesn't work in their mindset doesn't work actually in their business model their business model no longer there used to. When I was a kid we'd actually have at the end of the broadcast at the end of the broadcast. Mind you and now on a happy note. That's what they would. We don't even get that anymore to remember that the last minute and a half of the newscasts would be the human interest story and now on a happy note and they still do not really not really now I I disagree but okay so they try to do something uplifting at the end and nor could maybe put a smile on her face. So let's just look at what was predicted. Two million if you You drop that down by a factor of twenty five. You get to what does that. Five hundred thousand twenty five to four hundred thousand something like that helped me out. John. It'd be five hundred thousand. It'd be a quarter of a that number right and you're saying it's twenty five percent number. It's it's a factor twenty five. Oh then it's try to pull up the calculator to get that correct low. Why don't we do? The mainstream media is not doing it so at two one two three four five six two million factor of twenty five so it should be eighty thousand eighty thousand dad. Well we got a long way to go and you know this thing has to be at the end just for seasonal. These things are regardless so seems like and that's where Burke said either. We just like an iceberg under there. We can't see anything and essentially everyone's infected. I guess cheesed implying. A lot of people have had. Yes yes well and this brings us to the second part which is the actual reporting of what's of the of the virus itself. I have another clip from berks but first confirmation that there are indeed two strains the L. Strain and the Australian which I know for sure has not been reported in anything of mainstream. Notice that even though this has been published we got it from the Oxford University. Press the no agenda Pharmacist. Who I've been communicating with. He's a former professor of pharmacy. Who's worked in hospital and Massachusetts for the last five years and yes? He does have hundreds of coverted positive patients. Currently he is in the process of creating two different protocols for the treatment of each of the strange because they are different so this is happening at the hospital level. But you have not heard about it. And I don't know Dr Burks doesn't WanNa tell us because maybe all get freaked out because one is apparently much more severe than the other. It's very possible we have the L. strain a New York possibly L. strain in In Kirkland Washington. Who knows but we don't know because there's no reporting and all the reporters are in their in their in their spare bedroom with the hardships of putting on their own makeup. So he gave me a whole breakdown of this. He sent it to me especially for the no agenda producers. I just want to go back and forth as make sure I can publish it. Because it was a little something unclear to me in his email but that is something that's just not being reported. It's not being reported at all that there are two strains and it's highly likely that if you had the Estrin which may you may have had a little cough. You may have been congested. You are immune for the more severe L. Straight. That's what it seems like again that all does fit with a bio weapon. But that's a different story. Now about the damn ventilators. All my God. So much hysteria from the media truly unfounded unwarranted lies about the availability of ventilators and burks goes at the media again unsuccessfully. I might add and finally the situation about ventilator we were reassured and meeting with our colleagues in New York that there are still. Icu beds remaining. And there's still significant over a thousand or two thousand ventilators that have not been utilized yet. Please for the reassurance of people around the world to wake up this morning and look at people talking about creating. Dnr situations do not resuscitate situations for patients. There is no situation in the United States right now at warrants that kind of discussion you can be thinking about it in a hospital. Certainly many hospitals talk about this on a daily basis but to say that to the American people to make the implication that when they need a hospital bed is not going to be there or when they need that ventilator. It's not gonNA be there. We don't have an evidence of that right now and it's our job collectively to assure the American people that it's our collective job to make sure that doesn't happen right now. You can see the state. These cases are concentrated in highly urban areas. There are other parts of the states that have lots of ventilators and other parts of New York state. That don't have any infections right now so we can be creative. We can meet the need by being responsive but there's no model right now. I mean no reality on the ground where we can see that sixty to seventy percent of Americans are going to get infected in the next eight to twelve weeks. I just WanNa be clear about that. So subsequently in the question and answer session journalists who of course heard that from Dr Burleson was wide awake and staring right at her. Ask the president a question. Are you able to guarantee to assure these states? These hospitals that everybody who needs events later. We'll get a ventilator. So here's what I'll tell you. I think we're in really good shape. This is a pandemic the likes of which nobody seen before I think we're in great shape. I think that number one. We've distributed ventilators a big deal. We've distributed vast numbers of ventilators and we're prepared to do vast numbers. I think we're in great shape. I hope that's the case. I hope that we're going to have leftovers so we can help other. People other countries needs a little luck. You'll be a cutie pie okay. Nobody's ever done what we've done. Nobody's done anything like we've been able to do and everything I took over was a mess. It was a broken country in so many ways in so many ways other than this. Now where does the stem from again? The media hyping some lie. Although you're about to hear it being walked back from Governor Cuomo of New York apparently propagate or originated with the BLASIO. Oh we don't have enough ventilators. We don't have them trump's not sending him trump socks really cuomo so reporter asked Cuomo pointblank. We're there ventilators found in a storage facility Or something to the president's is claiming that there were ventilators. Found that they need to be distributed is your chance to that that is that is incorrect. And grossly uninformed the The point is we have ventilators in a stockpile and we didn't send them to the hospital. That's grossly incorrect. In uninformed it wasn't a stockpile we had them in a warehouse it's not the same thing as grossly wrong. Of course we didn't. That's the whole point. The hospitals don't need them yet summer and their apex. The hospitals have enough ventilators today but the numbers are going up. We're planning for an Apex High Point in about twenty one days. That's when we need the thirty thousand ventilators today right now. We're putting them in a stockpile so the point is whether an stockpile you must not need them just ignorant of course it on need them today. We need them when you hit the client of the apex which is thirty thousand. We're not there yet. So I don't know if the media misquoted the governor and the mayor about this huge ventilator shortage in New York but It certainly being walked back but of course it's ignorant to think that we that we That we still have enough for not enough for. It's just it's shit show but this shit show is coming from somewhere else. New York City wants you to believe that the corona viruses overwhelmed their healthcare system. Please pay no attention to the sixteen hospitals in New York City that closed since two thousand three Thing was cutting Medicaid Reimbursements. And this is an administrative issue where these were hospitals are funded by the insurance companies who give them a lump sum every year. Here's your eight hundred million figure out how you're going to build where you're going to bill for it. I'm I'm being brevity here because obviously it's not how it works. But that's the essential idea and the idea is to run at ninety percent capacity all the time it's a commercial business and again I have to point to the insurance companies mainly I I feel that they are at fault or the whole insurance system so they no one was really ready for a pandemic. They talked to be gained. And now they're everybody. They can accept themselves. A couple of emails we receive from our producers first of all from a well. Most these want to be anonymous. I'm a person who operates ventilators Adam. We are registered respiratory. Therapists are T. You're right you can have as many vendors as you want but without someone to operate him. You got a problem. Our training is very similar to a registered nurse. Both jobs require at least a two year associate degree or higher national board exams state license to practice. I'm receiving job ads every day. Everyone is trying to prepare for the surgeons urge our local our local hospitals licensed four hundred fifty beds for town of forty thousand. But they're trying to prepare for patient. Load before hundred as a worse case scenario. So as you've astutely noted the talk is where to put the patients but not who is going to take care of them administration just reissuing the same talking points over and over to US rank and file He does say he's a ham so he doesn't get to save the world twice which is kind of cool. Thank you very much And we have. This is again anonymous. Adamant John I'd like to say thank you for keeping Sane these past few weeks with a donation of fifty dollars against showed. She's on the list. It's been awhile since my last donation. I'm a registered nurse at a major medical center in Los Angeles as a Friday. We have eight cases of covert in the hospital. Every morning. I walk past these zip up white tents. They've erected outside looking for activity so far. I've seen one person going into a tent. I do of course remain hopeful. The case numbers remained low. I learned the interesting tidbit about the much sought after masks our morning yesterday. Apparently we have an abundant supply of them however the fifth floor. That is the deep state of this. Hospital are rationing them out. Yes the fifth floor. It's where those in power stay never to be seen though doesn't sound too busy in that Particular Medical Center Cook County Illinois. I live in suburban Chicago. Not exactly the hotbed of New York. City is but the over nineteen hundred cases in cook. County one thousand hundred cases in Code Cook County. Two of my friends are nurses. Different suburban Cook County Hospital's both are either on reduced hours or on vacation. The reason no work all elective or discretionary services at the hospitals are over only emergency and covert. Work is being done. Most of the floors are empty. The media would have you believe that every hospital is storing people in the hallways and it looks like Armageddon. Yes that is what's embedded in your mind and you saw on the tick tock videos a couple of months ago. That's what's in your brain. It's embedded there. I I have to. I can't help it. That's not the case in a lot of places. I'm not saying it won't get there. Maybe and it won't be all neck deep soon but I don't see it that way now. Tomorrow might be a new day. Then we have clinician. Jason we are all seeing the consummate posted news about healthcare professionals. Running out of masks and gloves and you possibly ask yourself. How does a hospital run out of mass? So quickly do they prepare for this. The answer is no. The white collars who work in the executive suite of hospitals went to business school were taught an implemented Sigma Psi lean process improvement and especially Toyota's just-in-time inventory management which usually provides only one to two weeks of inventory supply to make things look better on the balance. Sheet works very well when the world is running perfectly. Don't work so well a time like this. Who would funk while the lab people and perhaps doctors and nurses have been forced to undergo training and testing on how to react during some sort of microbial attack? Oh catastrophic or catastrophe since nine eleven the corporate side couldn't bother to throw a few extra cases of masks in the basement invent. There's a sudden run on them or short interruption in the supply chain so when healthcare providers start getting sick or worse due to lack of personal protective equipment. Don't blame China or even the CEO's who centre manufacturing there. I do blame the suits who work in the same facility. As the doctors getting sick who are also considered non essential employees. Who get the sit home during all of this? We've been forced to train for an event like this almost twenty years in places running out of masks in days because just because someone thought it was a good idea to implement the same inventory management auto manufacturers use in hospitals that provide essential emergency healthcare and Kirkland Washington well the Washington healthcare system apparently announcing layoffs amid the cove in nineteen outbreak. It's so crazy busy. And Pre the Corona Virus California had mobile hospitals. They had fifty million masks. Twenty four hundred ventilators kits to set up twenty one thousand additional beds but they sold them all so stop already and this is the administrators and people in the hospitals pushing this out to the media because they know their asses on the line if if if if and looking at the new model if it is as bad as originally predicted then they would look pretty stupid. That's all this is about in the flooding the media with it and they're scaring people in the process. It's beautiful well done everybody. No wonder you're losing your ass. Well not the people who are hosting their much richer than we are but actually the guy's lives near asking it'd be US didn't want to mention that but yes that's possible the clips. I have to their about some of the industries that are getting screwed. Oh yeah they. Let's look at that something to look at because there's nothing you can do about it but it's good to know what they are and then there's also a k. Contrary and reports I've been I it turns out that. Al Jazeera is the best place for a lot of interesting. Are you say that? Yeah I found some some clips on Aljazeera as well. Well most of most of the news is just one thing that's it. They don't say orange man bad anymore. That's IT I do WANNA play this. This is kind of a This guy to send no to his disk as a doctor in New York at one of the top hospitals and he sent a note to his family which went viral. And that it when it's an hour long but I took a clip from it. It's about how to catch the disease and I thought it was interesting as a good educational piece we can take a break from complaining and The guy is the covert guy and he does all he does is work on covert cases And he doesn't he thinks it's actually not that he's a cat. Oh wait a minute. This is the Guy. Is He under the Banyan? Podcast from time to time. This Guy Steiner no price. Yeah I think so yeah. I think he's he's done. Some of the hydroxy chloroquine Testing is could be here. He is telling you how to get Kovic so I think the first thing is. How do you get coated? You actually said cove is you know that right. Yeah Kovic because I wrote it down the clip. Yeah so I think the first thing is how do you get And I think that this is really important and we've really learned a lot Over the last couple of weeks to months about how you get this disease and so. The overarching theme is sustained contact with someone. Who has this disease which the best majority is people with fever and aches or someone who is about to get the disease so someone in the next one to two days who's GonNa develop symptoms of this disease and so the way that you get this is the transmission of the virus almost exclusively from your hands from your hands cheer face and so two? They're insecure is into your nose or into your mouth so there's a lot of talk about contacted are getting it through contact hands the face. There's also a small thought that it can be era socialized that can kind of exist a little bit in the air. The thought at this point is that you actually have to have very long sustained contact with someone. And I'm talking about over fifteen to thirty minutes. In unprotected environment means you're a very closed room without any type of mask for you to get it that way but to very simply state. The overwhelming majority of people are getting this by physically touching someone who has disease or development in the next one to two days and then touching their face and so that actually as incredibly empowering and that's as I've been in the hospital the last two days I've the thing that makes me smile a little bit is that I actually know now that I won't get this disease. Yeah this guy needs to stay away from hot tubs small aviation etc. Because this is not the way it's supposed to be communicated and this is how social distancing works which yeah there is that and Where's this it stays in the air for twenty four hours touch a dollar bill? You'll get it. I seriously I can't watch it anymore. It's just zero value. Zero value sky. News has a little bit better. Rt AJ Aljazeera the US media is completely worthless. And I hope they're held to account when when this is all over. The of the tape will be down at Javid Center. They're turning into a giant hospital which is completely empty. That's where Cuomo completely empty. We're CUOMO does his his press conferences from. There's no one there. Now he says this is for the surge that's coming and the surge the media surges there which is fueled by the damn chart with the blotches of red everywhere and the increased testing. If we're testing one hundred thousand people a day. It's going to look like it. Spike gang this is now anyway. It's it's hard enough even for us to just see through it. I'm sure people who who don't listen to the no agenda show or similar programs. If they're out there they're probably terrified. I think they are in fact. I'm pretty sure people are terrified. Yeah in deep always at what you do you. Don't you scared I get that from somebody? No Oh you should be why I don't get it. Okay whatever I don't know what it's just beyond me let me. Let's play this clip. Because what you just said about the testing. I want you to listen to this clip. This is a real short clip from Amy Goodman. And it's called Corona in USA. And I want you to listen to the logic of this. The number of cases in the US has surged eighty. Five thousand people. The number is far higher because of the lack of testing. Wow the lack of testing the lack of testing. It's now at one hundred thousand a day but the media including amy want more testing more testing and end who were like Nancy. Pelosi more testing or testing so we can show. It's getting worse. Because she wants a fourth bill. Mind you she. Maxine waters want a fourth corona virus Rescue bill so they need to have more terror more sphere day and of course as we'll all surround the president's you know wishful Statements of US going back to work at least being ready to raring to go by Easter April twelfth. No no this is now being politicized course course trying to kill us a bad orange man now. Don't wait one more one. More game. Eclipses is corona debts and trump. Yeah all good. The number of cases in the US has surged. Eighty five thousand people. The number is far higher. Because of the lack of testing as president trump continues to defy his scientific advisers and downplay. Here's the way of the highly contagious disease. At least thirteen hundred people have died across the US and the global death toll is more than twenty four thousand okay so this is Egregious play that beginning again. The number of cases in the US has surged eighty. Five thousand people. The number is far higher. Because of the lack of testing as president trump continues to defy his scientific advisers and downplay. This is a lie. It's not even close to true. It's unbelievable the threat of the highly contagious disease. At least thirteen hundred people have died across the US and the global death toll is more than twenty four thousand. I have trump's fault too. By the way. Of course it is and this is going to come in. Let me see well if you want. It's being politicized. I'll just might as well play it. Nancy Pelosi on CNN and remember she is setting up the she setting up two things she setting up another. Be like a real boondoggle. Bonanza bill which. I don't think we need any more will. We should see somewhere. But it's already in her head and she's ready for impeachment again when you hear politicians in a true crisis politicizing i. I'd love to see if you can point towards wartime. Mrs Been declared a war by the media by politicians by the president by multiple leaders. So it's a war if you hear politicize politicizing going on then. It's really not that dire. I think in real war you don't hear going on with Nancy. Pelosi says here to Jake Tapper on CNN. Trump is considering relaxing federal guidelines for corona virus for some of the less effected parts of the country. Do you think he showed well. First of all let me just how sad it is that even since the president signing of the bill the number of deaths reported has doubled from one thousand two thousand in our country. This is such a very very sad time for us. So we should be taking every precaution. A what the president his denial at the beginning with deadly his delaying of getting equipment to word continues is delaying getting equipment to where it's needed is deadly. This is unbelievable. Just showed you this not true but his delaying of equipment getting to where it needed to get to his deadly ally by any account by any account no one has died because it didn't have a ventilator this is Pelosi is really an evil human being now I think the best thing would be to do is to prevent loss of life rather than opened things up so that because we just don't know we have to have testing testing testing. That's what we said from the start before we can evaluate What the the nature of it is in some of these other regions as well. I don't know what the purpose of that is. I don't know what the scientists are saying to him. I don't know what the scientists said to him. When did the president know about this? And what did he know? What did he know? When did he know it? That's for an after action review but as the president fiddles people are dying and we have to. We have to take every precaution. So as the president fiddles which is her reference to Niro as Rome burned. Is that what she's saying? And we'll figure out what he knew when he knew it why he didn't act after the fact because there's going to be another inquiry. Why the hell should we stop with that cheese? Meanwhile there's even some thinking that the botched testing which was completely contained within the Centers for Disease Control May actually have been sabotage towards the president. Wouldn't surprise me now. The former assistant secretary of Health and Human Services for preparedness and Response. Tell Sinclair exclusively. Why he believes. The testing process was held up for so long in my conversations with members of the task force both inside and outside the administration and PD US government secretary as the president relied on the Centers for Disease Control to produce a test failed. Cdc said they would handle it and we have found out these leaders at the CDC lied to both the HHS Secretary and by extension the president and as a result the nation got weeks behind Dr Robert Redfield director of the CDC was briefed on Sinclair's reporting a spokesman responded by saying it is making the former HHS official who trafficking in misinformation. Cdc rapidly developed a diagnostic test for CD and the nation's public health labs. The statement said today more than eighty nine public health labs in fifty states and the District of Columbia are using the covert one thousand nine test. Cdc encouraged our government partners to work with the private sector. We regret that some are being misinformed during a time when CDC or US government partners are working twenty four seven to protect Americans however in his round of televised interviews Sunday. Dr Anthony Fauci the nation's top official for infectious diseases. Let it be known that the administration's experience with CDC in the development of testing was an unhappy one. I would hate to think that a government employees inside the Centers for Disease Control Purposely misled the director. Who'd look pretty well? Yeah that's I mean you worked as a government job when you screw something up like that. What do you do well as a couple of things you're screwed up on purpose just because you're like as president which is a lot of people are like. I mean there are certain people I chat with her seemed very normal but they hate the president and in a very irrational way would love to see him get get rid of the guy and I could see people doing this in an agency like the boss give them a given the benefit of the doubt so it was a mistake. Would you get tossed? But after the mistake you tend to find a rationale for happening okay. Yeah it's not like you go on admit it. They also didn't deny it. That just said that guy's lying it didn't deny it these not according to the report. I'm more suspicious than that. Because we've seen three years of this sort of thing by what you know. They generally called the. Da These old these technocrats that are that have been in there forever and they worry about their slimming down of agencies and cutting budgets and all the rest of it that trump seems to threaten. And I can see these guys. A working against the president is working him. There seems to be a huge light. It up muddy up to gears you just doing. There seems to be a huge discrepancy in. How the dead are counted. And what the cause of death is attributed to we already know about eighty that they pretty much just said. Everything's Kobe everything's Code. Nineteen Spain's national. Just before he could go with those numbers and you also point out at a at most of the people who are over eighty. You said that in an email in Italy the number that we got a couple of weeks ago is at nineteen percent of the people dying might have covert that number has been reduced to twelve job. Exactly now if you look on social media The keeper pointed out to me today. Person after person is mad because there's their loved one in a press briefing like a little blurb and obituary died of corona virus. That's my dad. He didn't die of Corona virus is just account after account so these hospitals are not only counting every death as corona virus. There publicizing it spills. I I believe that there is some sort of EU scam. Going on by these out liars. And I would put Italy in that category because e you is not treated Italy. Well I S now. You get there and Spain when I leave him when I was visiting the last time when I was in Madrid. I would driving around these beautiful new buildings that were playing by the EU and my hosts were pretty much in implying that they weren't gonna they had no intention of ever paying the EU back. They did not like the EU but they they like their money and so Spain following suit. I think the Spanish numbers are just like the Italian numbers are bogus. They WANNA get some cash. While Spain's National Health Institute is tell has told their corners to not perform autopsies. Because it's a biohazard. Germany changed their way of counting Kobe. Nineteen deaths midway somewhere including persons. Who have been in contact with Kovic nineteen positive individuals and showing symptoms. If you die then I'm sure it was corona virus but you brought up the e U. This is an important point because there are there. Some big game stuff happening as well. There's a lot of big things happening in the background. That that of course our media is not paying attention to what is really happening in the European Union. Nigel Farraj now. A citizen of the country formerly in the European Union the United Kingdom. He was on Australian interview. Listen to what he has to say. That was such a wave of optimism. The property market was turning. Things were happening and now of course we've got this crisis the deal with the all I can say is thank goodness. We're not in what is going to be after this. An even more German dominated European Union. We may have problems all of us. But at least we're free When it comes to death to put it frankly that is a national thing. Not some vague concept of a supernatural state. And that's why you've seen borders being reimposed than all the rest of it. I always thought the European Union. We'll come crashing down. I always thought this sort of move towards global governance was Bologna. I never imagined it would take serious global illness to finally finish it off but there is a danger real danger. And it's this you know when Germany refused to export medical mosques to Italy despite the desperate state labor in guess who stepped into the breach. The people who caused it the Chinese and what we're seeing over much of the world is China now acting as the Charitable Godfather. Dishing out money dishing out medical equipment. I'm trying to use this crisis to going to gain global power and I wouldn't say idiots in Brussels replaced by Chinese communism dominating the world even more than it does today and there's a real risk of some of that happening not to the extreme. He's saying I don't think but that's exactly what's happening the the The Schengen agreement. You might as well throw. Am This throw it out. That's a big part of the European Union of the concept is that there's no boarders that's done Germany's got checkpoints everywhere one's going to have their checkpoints bringing it right back. Not that we're in different by the way is a real danger of this kind of stuff happening in the US and here in southern New England some residents are concerned about people from New York coming here and potentially spreading the virus. Starting Tomorrow Governor Gina Raimondo as ordered the National Guard to go door to door and coastal communities looking for people from New York. Today state troopers began pulling drivers over if they had licensed yes thira. Kobe drove up from Staten Island to pick up a new puppy for her family. She was given a packet by the National Guard team. Several saying that New Yorkers are required to quarantine for fourteen days if they plan on staying in the ocean state. I feel bad. That New York is getting such a bad rap sheet when it's really all over the place the Aclu of Rhode Island called the order by Governor. Raimondo unconstitutional acclaimed. She disputed Friday. Saying it's what needs to be done with New York City. Just one hundred eighty miles away. It's consistent with all the guidance we're getting from the federal government and from experts. And it's what I know to be necessary in order to keep Rhode Islanders safe. I sure hope we don't go to Shutting off states from each other but Jay inslee wants to shut off Washington. Yeah well it's possible. All in Kirkland. Just Quarantine Kirkland. Let's talk about social distancing. For a moment I was incorrect. I thought it was only a US term. Which I thought was that it's It's an international term. Which is it just makes it that more evil. Social distancing is not what you're doing in fact we're trying to be very social with each other you are distancing yourself from somebody. This is a very evil neuro. Linguistic programming new world order kind of story? I should be called ongoing physical. Whatever you WANNA call it. Social distancing is not okay but what is happening. Actual social distancing is taking place Christina says in Rotterdam. She went to the grocery store. And it's horrible You have stripes and lines and stickers everywhere where you can stand as you're walking through then on the ex and they have watchers watchers. Are you getting and everyone's looking at each other with distrust and and an evil stink I? That's that's the result of social distancing if you WANNA call it that and you want to put that into people's heads yeah yeah well really really really evil this term. So let's go over my experiece going out to the different stores for picking up booze and food so I notice a couple places. They're very friendly about it. Like I went to total wise. It gets them Cognac. And they had their XS on the ground but they weren't making a big fuss There was you know they might tell them to move along or something like that. There's lines now in front of most of the grocery stores 'cause they're keeping a minimum number of people in the lions are all separated by six feet and it's stupid. I won't stand in one day. By the way that's outside in Rotterdam the nut job. Yeah no it's outside. Nc insight you get the lines at the cash register. Same Way. I'd find a store I can get into get in and get out of and of all places. It's the Asian giant Asian supermarket ninety nine ranch. Empty no there is no lines and because it's an Asian store every Asian in. The store is wearing a mask you're safe. You're safe and good to go over there. You're very safe in there. Because everyone's wearing a mask and everyone's got gloves on their all and the stores bustling and it's just fine. It seems very normal in their shepherd. Everyone wearing a mask and there's no long lines. It's fantastic so I was pleased with that little discovery. The counter intuitive here in Texas. It's still very laid-back. You can go out drive around this you know. There's not much open except for food We've been going to curbside pickup from the restaurants we went to previously. And and this is something I would recommend if there's a restaurant that you've been to and you're going to use their their pickup service or you know to take out Just leave a tip. That's equal to what you'd normally pay in that restaurant because money comes from booze the keeper and I have two glasses of wine. That's twenty six bucks right there at almost any restaurant you go to so bad that on because that's the money they're really losing moves. Bush DUBOSE RIB offers. I would call it. Sure it is. They make their money. But it's it's yeah exactly now. So the social distancing is a fan of this global experiment is just all inspiring to watch how? We've all decided to do this. Even though there's not really regulations in the United States who did get a criminal prosecutor hounding me so high in Virginia. The governor actually can force you to stay home. The governor has put all kinds of tricky stuff into their their state laws but in general people are staying inside. But you know we have to keep an eye on. We have to get them. Get them used to their future. So in the Netherlands on the beaches. They're using drones to disperse people who on the beach in the UK. Actually got a little audio of the drone taking off of its Giant voice system which is not that giant. Only this time now. Here's the joke of it in both the UK where I got that audio and the Netherlands. It's like a drone it's like you know like a three foot diameter drone. If that there's three people to operate the thing they're standing right there flying the drone over to a group of people and then the drone goes. You must stay home. Three people standing there who could go up to the group and say hey none. Oh No we have to get used to this drone idea very odd. This is not like a reaper. Drone flying overhead. It's one that you know like amateur pro kind of deal. You know it's just a it's got a speaker and it's got a camera and if the still three people on the ground so it's a total exercise in mentality training people. This is your life to be ready for it. Yes this is not good. I should mention a couple of things going on around the Pacific northwest. Mimi's bitches about this constantly and it is the locals Hicks will call them. In this case They are narking on any little business. Thinks it has a right to stay open all narking. I forgot to mention UK NARC loans. The government local governments have set up NARC websites. You can knock on your neighbor's exactly what we predicted. Exactly that's an go you have to do is look at. Ubani how that society went to get the whole thing happening here. How about World War Two? How about the Nazis? How about the collaborators? How about the? Ns Be Oh yeah. I don't know that person has to go outside could deal. You'll she says it's mostly older women who were narking. Yeah of course should be in China. And they're not exactly so but that's social that is that's why it's called social distancing because it includes social control and the control is coming from the group itself. There's gotta be some psychologists amongst our producers. Who can tell us that how this is this? I'm sure this tactic has been used in the past. This is not something new at all very now so now we have the new player on the scene. Who's not the new player? He's the guy that's really behind a lot of this. I think a lot of the fear. Due to the perfect setup the alleyoop of event to O-on the pandemic exercise the one hundred million dollars in the World Health Organization. Good Buddies with Ted Draws. I'm talking about Bill Gates. Bill Gates is now doing media interviews. Almonte something the Other Day and he was like a useless functionary on one of the CNN shows. You're talking about the corona virus town hall which was with Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta. It was a virtual town hall. You know because they couldn't actually ever tell Virgil Day three guys in a box to me boxes. That's right. That is now three boxes. A town hall Maketh. So here is Bill Gates discussing social distancing quarantining but definitely not getting out of jail anytime soon. Let's say you have one hundred cases and let's say you don't do shutdown let it grows thirty three percent per day. You take one hundred thousand and get ten thousand it's exponential growth. If you're not stopping in the sooner you engage in the shutdown the easier it is to get to that peak we have. We have not peaked. You know the parts of the country. That aren't shut down by the in late April. We should start to see the numbers peak there. They'll still be to hide. Open up seal. Probably go another month to really get those numbers down but any part of the country that has pieces and truthfully because of our problems with testing. Because we're not testing the right way. A lot of those places actually do have cases but even if they have one hundred that will grow and people do Cross county boundaries and so basically the whole country needs to do what was done in the part of China where they had these infections. So he's talking about end of May that we should stay inside by the way. Nice thirty three mention their bills always in there. They'd never asked him nor did he ever explain although he brought up several times in his virtual town hall. What the prioritize testing means exactly. And all you get you know wait wait. He said prioritize in the right way which which narrows it down even more and he should have been grilled was not asked. He didn't offer it. I'm at the. Tv didn't help but he's full of Shit he's full of Shit because he contradicts himself in the next bit about this staying at home we got a stay at home like the countries who were successful did it. You know we keep hearing that the virus is going to dictate the time line. Dr Vouch Lia said that to me when you look at this virus got three and a half when he said that by. I should mention this when he said Dr Chee said that for some unknown reason he laugh laugh with a very odd like Cheshire. Cat Smile I saw it too. I didn't understand why but you know FAO. She is in the deal with him. Fao She is a part of the Bill Gates System probably bill got a kick out of hearing FAO. She gets them free. Pr Now that's there. You go that that would be the most innocuous reason he was laughing but when you look at this virus we got three and a half months worth of data now one hundred and fifty countries if you apply all the analytics that you know Microsoft all the analytics this is Sanjiv Gupta. The big the big medical doctor on CNN. Hey Man if you apply all the analytics you make yourself do you. Don't you have like a computer company? Even do some crunching the numbers. Dick few apply all the analytics that Microsoft. All the analytics that we can possibly apply to. This is how this is going to sort of progress and end knowable. I mean can you. Can you give a clear answer depending on? What sort of mitigation measures? We haven't place a bill. You're really rich. Man's she'll you can give me the answers. I mean you crunch numbers crunching numbers. It's very likely that rich countries uniformly throughout their country. Sirius shutdown that they will able to able to avoid a high percentage of their population getting infected. That's what the exemplars like. Some of the work in China and South Korea are telling us. Oh I'm sorry bill. South Korea didn't shut down the whole country and shut down anything. They had small pockets of court quarantine. I looked it up because when I heard that that's your exemplar then nights exemplar is China. Who shut down their provinces but South Korea who arguably have given more information that is trustworthy than than China. If that's your information you're full of Crap Bill Gates because they had an APP that Dr drew knows how we're going to get back to work the way or Safeway for us to go back to work. That is as I've said from the very beginning. That's going to be the toughest part in this whole thing how we do that. We're going to probably do something. Like what South Korea did which is using technology and testing technology. Oh there should be three. So it's treatment technology and testing and we'll have ways of monitoring people but that they have antibodies whether they have virus whether they've been treated whether they have viral shedding whether they've resolved the illness. I mean we're going to have all kinds of repugnant. I imagine sort of multicolored wristbands or something that we can identify. Who's safe and WHO's not who we should distance trump. Who shouldn't and there should be technology around that too if you saw again. I mentioned this yesterday Dr Burks. Dr Burke said Day before yesterday that she had been doing this in Africa and had been very successful in the she can do it in countries at undeveloped. Certainly we can do it here. Yes well the wristband is a cute idea. The Dr drew but no eventually we'll get to the chip and that's what everyone's worried about but it's not even in our lifetime that'll be our kid's lifetime probably not everyone's already gladly downloaded the APP. The Kobe nineteen APP which was promoted universally by apple by Google roku Amazon Alexa. Of course I Repurpose an iphone just for this reason to see the APP T. What it was doing seems like it's only communicating with one Ip One server which is aptly named covert nineteen dot cdn dot something got apple dot com and this is where they get their initial information from of course your phone all the ID information. Everything's in there. I can't reverse engineer the but you know it's in there That's how we start and this going on. I think almost every state in the United States has now Evaluated their data protection their cell phone data and said fuck it. We're just going to get as much data as we can. Were forcing the phone. Companies to give it to us or whatever commercial company will give it to us we can buy from and we're starting to put up maps so we can have people make sure there's no one roam around their neighborhoods a narc on you shoot you. Maybe that's how it starts and everywhere but new data health rules. Something changed always fantastic. How this coincidence takes place? Let me see this New York Times article. The date on it is from March ninth in a move intended to give. Americans greater control over their medical information. The trump administration broad new rules on Monday that will allow people for the first time to use APPs of their choice to retrieve data like their blood test results directly from their health providers the Department of Human Health and human health and Human Services said their new system was attended to make it as easy for people as possible to manage their healthcare on smartphones. As it is for them to use APPs to manage their finances but here is what is interesting once you take the information out of the system which is regulated by hip. Hippa. That's the very strict data privacy rules for health data. Once you put it take it out of that realm. It's almost like a like an open source license. You you get it from your doctor's on your phone once it's on your phone you hand it to one other person. There's no hip even on your phone. There's no hip if some other APP gets a hold of it done. This is how they're going to integrate because of course everybody wants. You're going to be encouraged to download your health data encouraged and you're going to have it and they'll be all these APPs. Oh I should probably put that in there and then before you know it you'll be tagged tagged as a possible infected. Pi Possible infected human resource over there dot net zone thirty three. Let's see doing over there. What's he doing at that store? Poland has no we know that South Korea has an APP. We of course we have the the. Us APP I think it's a coordinated effort I don't know if they're gonNA let states do their own We have this secretive group. That's working on behalf of the governor's which I'm getting updated on continuously And they're looking to hybrid APP of social distancing by the way six feet is an interesting choice of distance. Isn't that How far you're supposed to be buried. Is that how far the casket goes down six feet deep French six feet under six feet. Under deep six Poland. Six Poland made an APP for Quarantine Kona bias patient. So you're you're told to download the APP when you leave the hospital or with or whenever you get your test and you have to upload sell `this on a regular basis the apple Gopi time for your Selfie and then you have to upload the yourself into the APP so they can see where you are. You have to show the battery about this idea. There's plenty of ideas plenty of ideas. What's this yeah you gotta use this? What speak up the phone okay. I got my phone here. What am I supposed to do? Download the APP. Well how do I go out? Download the clip phone doesn't do apps well be even if let's say you have a if you have the flip phone boom. You're done. No no no no. If you got the flip phone then you get your corona bracelet. Trust me they're not going to let you go infected human resources ways. You can get your old if you're over anything old you're old. I'm old head used this APP. Oh wait wait you the yet to send his selfie every hour. Yes take a picture of your dog's Day every hour. That's what you meant. Said he said that's what you meant. Picture my dog. I don't know why no it's going to be this President Obama's coming. That's what we're getting public rebels against this sort of thing. Yeah there are some dummies out. There that will go along with anything but JAS however I wanted before you continue. I gotTa Stop. You because I I have you brought something up gates clips and it was gates going on about how we need this kind of coordinated effort and this is one of my one of the things I want to get to today which is some of the the out some of the kind of unexpected outcomes of this whole event and one of them. We've talked about it before which is global governance. Yup Oh did you see the? Did you see Gordon Brown? No you have a clip. I wish I had to Clinton now Gordon Brown wrote a huge op. Ed Calling for Global Governance. We needed a global government during these trying times and here comes right from your boys in the UN. This is the baby s promotes global governance clip. Hold on what is it called. Pbs Okay Rona. Virus Pandemic has hit the globe at a time of massive refugee crises confrontation between the world's great powers and armed conflicts in many countries. How does one coordinated global response to an invisible enemy for answers? I spoke earlier today. Was someone grappling with this and much more is Antonio Gutierrez the Secretary General of the United Nations Mister Secretary General. Thank you very much for joining us. You told the leaders of the world's richest nations yesterday that every country on earth is in a fight against this corona virus but not winning it Why not and do you think it's a fight that can be one well. This is a fight that can be one and the demonstration is already in some parts of the world but it requires the very clear strategy and the strategy must be to suppress vitals and the strategy that needs to be adopted by all countries in coordination following the guidelines of Louisville's organization goes and he goes on it has to be done by all following the guidelines these guys and now convinced the media and his hatred of trump in many ways is really the globalist fighting back. That's why they don't care if they make any money. Here's The Guardian Article Gordon Brown calls for Global Government to Tackle Corona virus as Gordon Brown urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to tackle the twin medical and economic crises caused by the caused by the cove nineteen pandemic. I mean that's a panicky thing. Yeah and the way it works. Is You try. Well look it worked because of course this is this whole thing is overblown and so it gets put a global global system together and it worked. We should just do this. Use It for more things and then more things than pretty slim take over the place. This you know this is a few tile I mean I read Meyer their attempts at this in some sick way. It is like it's almost offensive when you start really looking into the loss of sovereignty and all the other things recent nations exist in the first place I mean. It's it's just not happening. I I wish I don't think they're done trying. They're trying and they don't and they get a guy you know. Trump was a real problem because he is a anti-globalists from the get go and even though he's an international business guy but he sees the problem well and the Democrat. Party is all in on this. I just remind you just because it came from you. The outcome of the Bill Gates Open Society Institute. Harvard event to a one the outcome was global. Governance will bring everybody together and solve it. That was their outcome. The Not at all what's happening in reality. That was their model and that was I think what they were ready for. That's what the the policy raper said. Yeah well they were hoping for it. Yeah you'RE GONNA come up with a better bug than this one. It does remind me though of the couple of. Let's just get this. It was an interesting What is it on here? Tom Clancy doesn't 2013. There was this trailer made for the division. Tom Clancy Story It kind of like was pre-programming. Everybody for the corona virus thing and. There's an element in here that makes it interesting input. Play this clip. Is Tom Clancy money? Americans spend ninety billion dollars in a single day of shopping last year. Two hundred million people swarmed. They're local stores on November twenty third. We call that day black Friday. Did you know that a flu virus can survive on the surface of banknote for up to seventeen days? One day there will be a pandemic. It could begin during the crush of black Friday sales. A pathogen will jump from tainted banknotes to human skin onto food toys children and loved ones by the time patient. Zero feels the first sore throat. Millions of people will already be infected from this point. The breakdown will happen fast day. One hospitals which capacity panic was strike day to quarantine zone established. He's would ration transport will go into lockdown day. Three international trade with star. The oil will dry out the stock market with laps day. Four the power will fail. Shows will be empty. The taps with one drawn at once hunger and despair. Cold people will do anything for survival by day five. Everyone will be a potential threat kind of interesting. How Black Friday would have put us in right kind of in the beginning if not the first week or two of spread in the US. Yeah that was a nice coincidence. I got I got talked to pick now. This seventeen day desires on a dollar. Bill is bullcrap now of course. But that's just one of the obvious outcome. This is not government mandated. The people themselves are saying. I don't WANNA touch cash. They've been made of and thank you. World Health Organization. Tetris piece said it himself. Don't touch the money corona cash. Everybody you know once you Rona cash again leading global governance if you get rid of the individual bills and that's what the euro-zone was all about thank you. And luckily a couple of countries including Great Britain didn't decide I don't want to be in the euro zone because this is some sort of this is not good and they didn't join and so they still have the British pound so they can extract themselves other countries that are part of the euro will have nothing but trouble trying to get out of the EU. They don't have their own money anymore. So there's a cup of olive some more of these things. I'd love to hear him. Otherwise I wish I had more of that. One and the It's just a numbers reminds me I'm going to go back and get that event. What are one or two to get the The projected numbers because by now if used models that were out there including the one that's now debunked. We should have a million people in this country. Yes Roy Moore Moore. Where are they? There's a million dead in twenty one days from now so mark. Mark did calendar in twenty one days. No no no no. The surfer deaths were Cuomo said well. The surge is being created by the testing. So it's it's completely within our own hands you want a surge tests more right. She says just the opposite. Yeah no testing. That's why we have a surge. It's worthless it's I hope the takeaway for some people in the world of this exercise and I say exercise on purpose is that you really can't trust your normal information sources the way we used to and luckily but we're finding out is we are pretty good we collective. We are pretty good at parsing information and it's not like it's secretive Zelic. It's written on the web pages with Dot H. t. m. extensions blink tags now. It's the University of Oxford Press. Now it's actual information put out by the people who put out the misinformation the first place your media is failing you to a huge degree now. I think we're decent at calling some of it. We have our biases. Of course we call as much as we can to to get some real numbers but what happened with the model where we started. The show with today is irrefutable. The numbers and the Brits are pissed to like what what you shut down the country and we were. We were worried that half a million Brits with die and now you're saying twenty thousand and doesn't look what we're GonNa make that. What so this information is not even being broadcast the way it should be. It's very good news in the world of locked down. Shut down. Shut INS and social distancing. What else didn't we hear well? There was talk one yes. The Taipei Act was signed. Okay the Taipei Act which basically threatens consequences for any nation that fails to recognize Taiwan as its own independent state looking at you. China Belgium and Immediately trump said a warship through the Taiwan straights to just show that. We can do it while the same time he saying. Yeah I have a great relationship with President. Gee We talked to talk for him doing for an hour and knows even better than that. Hold on a second. I think I have a clip of this. It was pretty funny. Maybe don't have. It's thought I clipped it here. This MR president thank you. I parallel heard you in the press conference. You had a nine. Pm Call with President. Xi a China let me start there. How did that go well because of you? I made it at ten thirty so that just shows you how number rated show and television. I better now. I mean I'm talking to him at ten thirty right after this call. I'll be talking ago now. I had to mention something here. He went on Hannity for for political reason. It was really funny. That should be people chilies. Know about this. A number of the networks decides. They're not gonNA listen to trump's the briefings press conferences anymore Is the feet all he does. He goes up there and he lies. Lie is going and so their technique. The idea was that let's not. Let's stop giving him the attention that he needs so much. Because he's a narcissist. Let's stop going to this idea because we blame ourselves from being elected president. Let stop going to these. And so trump says yeah that's great and says always going to be here. I'm going to just go on Hannity. And so handed he gets huge exclusive is like the exclusive press concert who conference with the Hannity only and all the news network heads of the network. What are you guys doing? How come you giving Hannity this whole thing? You're not even going to see what president has to say you have to report on it and it became a big Brouhaha in the media about all my guy got okay. We'RE BACKING OFF ON THAT IDEA. But it was very funny when they already tried this once when CNN and MSNBC didn't carry the briefing live that must have been Tuesday. Thank Tuesday or Wednesday began but then but then the next then the next day trump did the exclusive with Fox and the day after that everyone was like. Oh Shit we better cover it but yeah this is insane and I hear the same and is lying is burks lying is the CDC director lying. Everybody lying I who cares. We've got our own facts over here back to Taiwan. I said they're big things happening here. This is all this happened. Within the past few days the Taipei Act trump sends a warship. Not just a some clunker through the Taiwan straights Also European and US. Let me get the exact quote here. I WANNA make sure I get it right have refused the Saudi oil no more Saudi oil. Which of course is making the price drop even more because now we have a refusal. They've got a huge glut. Remember this is. This is the thing that it was going on in the background that really trip the market badly was the the so called war between Russia and Saudi Arabia and Russia my feeling now is Russia and the US are playing together to bankrupt. Saudi Arabia because what is now coming out is that there could be. I gotta get these terms right now like an irreparable trade indifferent difference or something like I like indifference that would be better. Wouldn't it That I I think the opposite may be true by the way just as you continue to bankrupt Russia either way. So someone's going to lose. It's not going to be the US. But Russia is routing their oil to Europe and to China so it appears that that the Saudis are being targeted. And this would this could and this. It's sputnik report from art. You know from Russia. So you understand the slant it could be that This puts the petrodollar into some peril. The Riyadh may may not be able to be pegged to the dollar as it has been some which was in one thousand nine hundred ninety three when we start this Petrodollar it's possible that that is that peg may no longer work acres. It just not gonna be able to handle that for their economy which brings us to not technically in the second half but there's a lot of talk out there. The trump would love to see the dollar get back on the gold standard or a new gold standard and there is actually some weird reference to the the gold is the gold standard act called what was used to repatriate all the gold. I've no idea I don't remember that. Of course it was nine hundred. The Gold Standard Act was nineteen when everyone had to give up their gold but that was in the thirties that was roosevelt. Pegging gold was demolished by Nixon. Much later right but the the act itself in the thirties. There's a reference to that in the cares act and it inserts the Corona Virus Act into the Gold Standard Act which I don't understand I'm GONNA hopefully find out tonight because the former New York banker his wife and the two of us have these zoom video date tonight about that whether you just come over. No no no no no. They invited us to zoom video date. We're all going to have a glass of wine together on the zoom great. It's the most hipster thing in the world to do. So it's that is the that there's a theory out there. It's certainly if you see how much China and Russia have been gobbling up gold as fast as they can. That's been going on for a while for years. I think whatever prices give it to me is that this may be a way to for trump wishful thinking or not to get the dollar back onto some form of gold standard. Well if you listen to these reports which I have four clips On dollar is king and this is a bunch of stuff you will not here in our media about the power of the dollar. There is absolutely zero reason to do what you what you suggest. Especially when you consider MoD modern monetary theory And that the money is not necessarily something that has to be attached to something like gold and not buying that so. Let's listen to these clips because this is very interesting. This is dollar is king. Aj nine trillion dollars and counting. That's what rich nations have spent so far on the corona virus. Pandemic the trying to make sure there's a functioning economy. They get to grips with the outbreak. The damage done is likely to surpass the financial crisis. Maybe even the Great Depression. What is known? It's the worst economic crisis in the last seventy years. Well at this time there's a rush to safety the eleven year bull run in. Us stock markets is over. And there's one safe haven. Everyone is banking on. And it's not gold. It's the dollar for all the talk that the dollar would lose. Its reserve currency status. It's proved to be just that talk. Let's take a look at some examples now. Emerging markets have borne the brunt of the rush for dollars. Indonesia's lost almost fourteen percent of its value since the beginning of the year the Russian ruble and Mexican peso lost a fifth of their values the problem for emerging markets they might want to cut interest rates to stimulate corona economies but that would undermine their currencies further and interest payments on dollar denominated. Debt is just soared unbalancing finances sterling fell more than ten percent or two a low of one dollar fourteen. A level last seen in nineteen eighty-five the UK's divorce from the European Union has broken the resilience of the pound which was considered to be tethered to the four tunes of the continent. Well not anymore. The best performing currency just happens to be the Argentine peso best-performing of course in the sense. It's fallen the least compared to other Latin American nations. We'll have you know Have the red book my own version which I got off of Amazon. The no agenda Journal by the anonymous producer. I've put it in here. March twenty ninth just so I have a copy of dollar to gold. Standard AFTER OIL. Glut destroys petrodollar. So it's just in there recorded in the book. Good Okay if you listen to this report which comes from a Middle Eastern source with more objectively that we seem to have in this country It seems as though the dollar is crushing it and by that if they're going to be crushed demis the petrodollars going to be crushed. So this dollar of ours is just becoming worth a fortune. Which I one of the reasons. I believe that we could do this. Two trillion dollar bailout is because unbeknownst to the American public this dollar of ours is becoming so strong it is and it's so dominant that it's going to it pretty much. Put it back thirty years in so far as their fetching up. Apollo the dollar the dollar two now. The dollar is being the world's leading currency for more than a century today. More than sixty percent of all foreign bank reserves are in dollars. Let's find out what happened to all those challenges to the dollars. Crown with Jimmy Will Smith. He's the global head of currency strategy and market research ethics TM. He joins US via skype from London. Good to have you with us. Jimmy so this crisis has shown is just been a lot of talk about the DOLLA ending. It's still the world's reserve currency of choice right absolutely. Yes listen. Dollars remains the king. If this was a game affirms the dollar is only frown. A has been on the dying friend for extremely long period of time it dominates all of the seven kingdoms under and this has been something that's been in play for close to a century now since wartimes and we are still twenty thirty years away from anybody being able to say they could challenge the dollar. Yes some parents have made progress but the dollar still funded every globally for so many different reasons and we look at the dollar performance over the past week. We had the dollar strengthen by close to five percent on a weekly basis. That's its strongest performance. Since two thousand nine hundred currency such as British pound as a result the dollar domination plunged levels. I have not been seen in thirty five years. Gold recently had its worst chip since the late nineteen eighties and even the Australian dollar has lost over twenty percent yet today. There is no contended to the dollar. This is this is the game but Donald Trump is so strong right now. It's superior like if you're a sports fan And the primarily the season. That's no second cello. You said this is the end game. Hang on Jimmy. Does that mean. The yuan has squanded chance. There was a time when some were predicting the on could be the world's reserve currency. This is still unlikely. And we don't see this for even this being a possibility for the next twenty or thirty yes. I much progress. As the Chinese yuan and the Chinese economy has made to global contributions over the past twenty s still has so much more for Suco for example. If we look at the human self that Donna's we look at our foreign exchange reserves international debt international loans foreign exchange turnover. The dollar is still supreme and actually the only second character that can come into play on this is the euro. Let me ask you a question if the dollar is so incredibly strong. Is that not detrimental to our forthcoming new manufacturing base that will have to also be exported in order for it to be profitable as we use some of these materials in our own country which have formerly been one hundred percent outsource. I think we'll we'll come back to at least thirty thirty three percent or more of a lot of things being done in in the country but that makes our goods more expensive for export for. Export. But we're not an exporting country. Where an importer? So right now. It makes imports cheaper so we can load up on imports and rebuild our infrastructure on cheap imports. Because there's going to be a lot. Cheaper says our dollars where so much and we can build up our infrastructure that way and then let it slowly. Turn AROUND AND GO THE OTHER WAY. So we can make our exports more appealing. How do that magical turn around and go the other way which is getting the dollar manipulated. But they don't have to too much of it because if everything else is so destroyed you know you can pretty much control everything by the way we always do. We loan people money. We loan them are valuable dollars. I thought we just went over and kicks. Someone's ass what we can do that too. But that's the only Moan saw if the if you don't take over that kick your bag. Oh Hey hey. Hey look look at our big guns. We got the strongest military in the world. Okay BORROW OUR MONEY. I got you okay. We flip the script is what you're saying is bid big lip police stunts over the years ever since one thousand nine hundred eighteen or actually since the foundation of the Federal Reserve. But let's play part three of this and get it so ever this is. It should be a confidence builder for people listening to this show. But it's been a bit of a disaster. This rising Donna. A disaster for emerging markets. Though right it is. We have a recipe for disaster right now when it comes to a merchant marcus performance currencies. You have a global disease outbreak. That is a disaster. This is going to contribute to a global recession which means as low growth everywhere as a result of this stuff. Marcus bean and freefold which essentially means that has been. No appetite was a merchant markets. Because they see never skied assets that you don't invest in in uncertain times. I'm with this. You've got the dollar that it's strong feeling across the just amazing. Some of the casualties the Russian ruble has declined by close to thirty percent. Share the presidium reality as much as that to the Indian rupee has hit a record low. The South African rand has weakened by twenty percent. That's been simply no end in sight when it comes to prisoners against adults rain here own emerging-market currencies declined gets diet and even those that have been declined as much such a Malaysian ringgit as one example. It's still has declined by beyond five percent man. We're peaking where peak peak dollar. What this is doing is playing into the V. Theory of the stock market recovery. As you call it a theory. Where are you going to put your money when you when you finally have a place to put it? But you're not gonNA have a lot of it so that's why. I don't think it's going to be as as you. The banker like to believe but that but then there's this little element which comes in which is which is the key. It's not a catch twenty two. It's a it's A. It's not a catch twenty two this last clip. It's kind of like a vicious cycle. I don't even know how to describe it but it it's Horwitz and I talk about this wire people putting their money needed American stock market. Because it's the only thing you can put it into that. Has You know any reliability or what but listen to this now? Explain this for us. The Federal Reserve is pumping dollars as fast as they can into the system. It's even getting a commitment for what's been termed as quantitive easing infinity yet. The thirst for dollars doesn't end. Why essentially because everybody wants to cash is king right now by cash? That means we're sticking dollars underneath vile cases that's essentially. What does what the failures in the market right now. Essentially even despite more than star despite to emergency Federal Reserve interest rate cuts the Federal Reserve announced in huge quantitative easing. Everybody still wants the greenback. That's because the greenback is funded in so many different methods from loans to debt to oil transactions. Go to your name. Everything's dominated and at the same point it's again. It's been a world reserve currency for a century since wartimes and that will not change anytime soon which gives president towards why everybody still wants the. Us dollar we shouldn't call it a greenback. This just factually incorrect. I don't like it okay. The greenback was something very specific which I did like the idea of the greenback because the back of the bill was green. Yeah but they dollars greenbacks not enough. It's not the same as you. Well that's mighty interesting and I thought so. Why do you want to dollar because we went to dollar cut to me? It was like right right. What's interesting how this and this was funny. It was a Bloomberg article which I immediately sent to the former New York banker. So what the Hell is going on with this in the article went kind of something like this Trump has effectively nationalized the F. parts of the Federal Reserve by bringing Black Rock in to a manage billions of dollars in bonds and assets in the market on behalf of the Federal Reserve. So I guess somehow the Treasury bought into it so they have some say over it and the and the conclusion from the Bloomberg article written by a Hash and the Fed type guy Is that this because the ending was congratulations. You're new FED chairman. Donald J trump within me. Oh use the black rock power which is pretty powerful pretty powerful outfit to manipulate and and push the Dow Jones up to forty thousand plus could all happen but the nominee or banker laughed off of that and he says it's interesting that people think that this is so much bigger than the tooth out. The two thousand eight bailout. He says he doesn't think so. He thinks it's comparable may even be a little bit less. Because it was way different types of assets that were distressed in the two thousand eight crunch so it may look big on the on a piece of paper two point two trillion and the four trillion for the Fed. But what really what happened in the back end of a tarp and the two thousand eight bailout was just astronomical so. I think that seems to not be happening. I don't know I. I look at trump and thank God. The Guy Really Loves America. He really loves the dollar would he? Would he do you know? I think your point is very valid. Why why go to a gold standard with everybody else and and maybe the globalist theme. Actually maybe the globalist want that. Well the global don't like what's going on no because they don't like this dollar situation which going WanNa talk about in our media with this guy would they just explained on our which was our. Why don't we Celebrating that because it would look good for. It'd be good for trump. We cannot celebrate anything that makes that makes makes trump get reelected why. They even think that he's not going to get reelected the worst biden. We'll get to that in a moment after i. I thank you for your Kurds and say in the morning to you. The man who put the sea in Cova cash flow the okay to you in the morning. Y'All see boosting Rafi in the air substantive dame nights out there in the morning to our troll room troll count. Here we go. Let's see we have one thousand nine hundred thirty eight trolls in the troll room right now. Almost almost at the two thousand fantastic. Hello trolls you can find your fellow. Trolls had no agenda STREAM DOT com. That is where everybody hangs out during the live shows and not just our show. There's a lot of live shows Wednesday night nick. The rat smoke a bone and since the nicorette on the livestream getting the troll room to all on the same page and hang out with everybody and while you're there asked for an invite to know agenda social dot com as kind of delayed response mechanism where we can also post off and you know people have jobs looking for jobs. Jobs jobs jobs testing testing. You can get post something on no agenda so nice so once it. Hey do you know dude named Ben? You can help me with some problem. Having with Windows Ninety eight and wave files go to Noah. Jenness go and I used to have to think about it as far to help you there. I said how I wanted before the email to you but I decided Social DOT COM. And the answer by the way is upgrade And in the morning to artists for Episode One Thousand Two hundred twenty eight. We titled that stunning stunning stunning. Stunning stunning stunning. Coal Wall was honored with that. And this album art which we like to change with every single episode because it draws attention to the when we post the show shortly in all podcast apps that that now adhere to the standard of showing the new art. Comicstrip blogger nailed. It nailed it which I think John are two critiques. The artist with the most knowledge will explain why this was so incredibly good but it was divorce law portrayed very simply with the chart down the hookers getting better looking and cheaper and it just had everything it was dynamite what was done in silhouette fashion to which was simplistic. But it's also stands out as art and it was It was just well done in a lot of different ways. He had a lot of elements that were just. It was really a weld done. Peace and the thing with do he can do. He doesn't want to ask you about whenever he really tries to do something like okay. I'm GonNa Women Okay. I'm going to make a great album odd this time. Watch me with my talents. It sucks but when he does something that's almost a throw away and know because he'll post high just put this together is going to sleep and it's funny and it's hilarious the stuff that he tries to target and tries to create. Well we talked about. This is a practical of our show. We do not really do anything other than chat we have our own agendas. We bring our own clips and then we ad Lib an entire three hour show twice a week with very good material and it's all off to cough and we're forced to do it that way because we know that if we don't do it this way it would be overproduced and crappy. Which is what most podcasts. Our lives as stiff most happy ended be stiff. It wouldn't have any flow and of course. Yeah we do get into tips once in a while. They'd come and go. But that's beside the point. Sometimes it technically. That's good broadcasting. Was John Wants to admit so triggered by real. You'd figure so people who watch reality shows would be used to some actual reality. Guess what you're getting on television. It's not the same thing. So the point is is that as a FRAC though is like the best material actually much of it is developed on the show on the fly yes based on going back and forth in this and so people who sit down and just get a quick inspiration. Crank a piece of art out often will win this competition Because they're not over thinking it and if we over think the show of railroad think anything which is the modern. This is a very post modern way of doing everything and the overthinking a real is a detriment yeah. This is a true postmodern performance. This is not a pod podcast but it's we're performing but podcasting itself as postmodern and by the way yes this is exactly how comics blogger talks. Yeah it and people has confirmed it with me so I must have a podcast himself was it what was it. The anti no agenda was always yo eye with the candyman and it was. I actually enjoyed it and they would rag on us and talk about. All they did was bitch. That was good and was you know they don't do this. They suck and what turned out. It was very hard to do two shows a week. Seventy game up actually. They started right at the beginning when we started and then once we went to two shows a week they tried to keep up there. You know they couldn't do. It is very hard toughest part of me the most six hours of terrorist not possible. It's not that easy on. We're on their topics. By the time they're corrections analyze three hours of animal of analysis cards. You analyzing analysis. It's not a good thing but thank you comics blogger. You know that we love you. We do and just as has been with us for a long time a decade. He's been with daily source code for longer. Yeah you brought him with you. He's like a virus. Virus doesn't go away but he's a force of nature and we love him and we're especially very appreciative of the artwork and this one in particular. It's just one of those that everyone went. Oh my God. We know what's going on here. The insiders who understand divorce law loved it and even people who've never heard of divorce ex law I was like that's gotta be something interesting so I think it helps the show as does all of the art that we choose carefully we choose it with the ever changing reasons but yeah on the fly as John just explained and I wanNA thank blogger but all of the artists who were always diligently just trying to get something good in there. It's it's a competition but it's also open Twice a week and we use the the art for newsletter and of course no agenda shop dot com uses it for mugs and t shirts and hats and hoodies and the artist talk amongst themselves. Those are the small community there and it's part of that is on no agenda social dot com which we can't just just can't promote enough and thanks Airliner keeping that running as well value for value means whatever value. Get Out of the show. Just translate that to a number. It's very different from person to person. That's why we leave it up to you and we appreciate it no matter what it is is certainly if you're donating something to the program because after all we call you producers and the people who come in with the bigger support we give them titles associate executive producer and producer and will start off with our first one for today. I do want to mention that God Darren O'Neill a Yes for being a triple threat. Because he does art and he does broadcasting and he does also has been reaping co producing our show for Chicago air for should confer Chicago station that we used to be on that station before. And if somebody used to edit the show and I think I'm Doin' adopt also O'Neill's kind of cut out the middleman which would have been me. And they're getting this for the extra work. The guys up the guys at work all it seems to me. He's up there day every every every Thursday second Thursday. The Sunday's he's always doing the pre stream. We had the handover. It's seamless. It sounds very professional for a bunch of were really kind of dude named Ben and do debts named Bernadette were inherently shy introverted but put a mic in front of our face and we become something different but we do have a few people thanking. Let's thank him for being executive producers starting with serve mittens of fall city and he came in with the the number one seven. Eight thirty one. What doesn't really? Why ONLY TRAVEL? He's sap saved the day. We didn't really have a good day to day but that really helped. Yeah so Let me and he sent a note in that got con good cut off but I did find it in the email or actually did look through pay pal and found it. He's got a lot of quote marks and other kinds of characters in I think is a rhyming words for times absurd fuck the Dumb Shit. Hunkin buzzkill trump disruption. Yuk here comes hill. No jingles Goat Karma Short. Tito's vote Pharma. Those people roughshod him. Joe's deal is Don Dada the accounting and shrouds me with the title of viscount. Thank you for your courage. Dame's nights and the like out so so wait. Does that mean he gets an upgrade of title? Apparently okay because it wasn't no of course not of course not because it didn't come through on the pay pal. I got you put that. He'll be upgraded. Viscount viscount psych not sure mittens of fall city. He's looking for go Karma that's about it. Oh we got that you've got Armagh. She was an interesting of rhyme. That was pretty good. I wasn't structured so I can read it with the right cadence but I think it was pretty good now. I like short. Tito's need Tito viscounts. Okay he's on the list for the title China. Way THAT DR. Who went on and on about not your hands and face. He said he was our he said at one point. The reason for wearing a mask in this situation is because the mask will remind you not to touch your face. That's good point. So you could just use a Bandana then really although I see people around town with Bandannas and you just know. Everyone's looking at him like you idiots paper around the faces a good one. Two Justin feel in Davenport. Iowa comes in with three hundred thirty three dollars and he's got a soul in red. That means he's going to get a call out here Jets his jingles. Listen don't eat meat bones giant Obama and that's true please thank you for years of deconstruction of the five m bullshit. We are fee fed daily. I used to listen to the boner pill peddler until I was hitting the mouth and I haven't turned back since your Karma has definitely worked in my life. I won't go in to it for brevity but this shows this show works people. I requested De douching okay. You spent deduce jobs. Commerce for my essential and non essential brothers and sisters call out to Z. And I'm sorry Z. Was the first douchebag and Bobo as the second ship in chip in all right. Thank you very much Justin feel. And here's your requested Sequence died in your skin. You might jobs jobs jobs and jobs. Jobs Dr Eliot Chatel is next. I'm a huge fan. And this is my fabulous. Hot Sexy has been John T shadows who turned a certain age on March thirtieth And this is so and so did she send a picture huge fan. And so is my fabulous. Hot Sexy has been. John turned a certain age on March thirtieth so wanted to wish him. Happy Birthday on your show over which he is absolutely obsessed. I Love John. Shadows more than anything in this world except possibly the no agenda podcast. Yeah off not only as my husband John. Hot is the smartest funniest man I know and without him I wouldn't have been introduced to your podcast. I wanted to ask him. I wanted to for him. His De douching listening deed douched as well. Some jobs Karma followed by one of your best sound bites whichever you think is best for a wonderful human being and his birthday. We love you guys and cannot live without you. Thank you for being the best podcast in the universe Let's see what is one of our best sound bites. I don't know anything I think. Share a secret is a good one. Okay we can do. That won't be fine the EH and Just a job Scott Carr yeah It might med phones. Feeding back locked today K. Where's the seek I haven't played that one Hold hands and share a secret. I can't remember it goes on you. Rename them as you get here. Renamed it so many times and every time you rename them. You can't find him against your no. I know because I always leave the old one in place. Oh how does that Klitschko copy no competition here? I thought it was all hands until I can't find it. This is horrible. Give died it. I got it okay. Finally got there's no winning we don't like to foster a competitive atmosphere but we laugh a lot now. Everyone can share a secret jobs. Jobs jobs and jobs. That's the job Karma Simmons in Fort Lauderdale Florida two. Oh four twenty. She's I associate executive producer. Show twelve twenty nine and she. Will you know it would be nice if I if this thing would move over sending you this donation while cruising past the Dominican Republic right? I'm catching up on she on a cruise ship. She on the ocean princess. She might be the Dominican Princess. I'm catching up on. A few episodes of no agenda wanted to send my appreciation. Your Way Karma come our way as we hope to get back into the USA with no issues. I'm traveling with other crew members. Awhile of course we're going to give you some get home safe Karma you bet you've got Karma sure Moser the Muslim Oserian Moser Zarian in Bloomington Illinois two or three twenty nine. I found out through Ancestry DOT COM. Yeah that After my family came over from Ireland that they lived in Bloomington Indiana Illinois Indiana A. I'm sorry that's okay. You can jump in anytime my amazing friend all around swell guy. Scott Shelburne gave me a valuable piece of this guy. Right already. Freaked out after this note. And I'll tell you why the valuable piece of hardware them using to fuel my raspberry Pi addiction without going into too much details valuable to me but but that jerk won't allow me to repay him like I said he's as well Guy Scott his fellow podcast her and a fellow producer of no agenda on a subscription plan. I know he appreciates an actively support to show. That's why I hit him in the mouth. So may I humbly submit the idea of value for value for value donation I value his device of e values a boost on his trip to Knighthood Support the best for the best podcast in the universe. Y'All and you all value the cash. Everybody wins now. Here's where he freaked out. He sent another note saying hey by the way this donations for Scott. He never actually says it in the note. He's getting getting credit for the associated. Executive producer ship to Scott will if you'd also mentioned him into birthday segment and he's on. The list is for Jingle Segments Scott's favorite Obama a team some some friend Karma and for me just play some random sound hits during the new World Order Song. It's always great fun so I agree this group of the show and you so keep up the great work. Hope this idea at least a more support in other words people kind of do that given for somebody else but we just yeah we just heard it Ellie Ellie she give but I understand so he hooked him up with a Raspberry Pi which is nice people. Do People do Nice things absolutely? You don't always have to do something but you're right. In this case value for value for value does work. Everybody wins her. Moser the MO zero. Thank you very much. I'm sure Scott is delighted as well and he's on the birthday list. There's a need for rescue mission. When the world is threatened the world needs help. It calls on American. You've got Armagh. Nelson comes with two hundred one dollars and twenty three says I who San Jesse Coin Nelson one of our End of show mixers. Yeah and he's in Bussan Korea. Why not just just like Jesse? Is the tune man. Who's been going even remember? He did the meet up in Israel the meet up Palestine the meet up in one other place. He's just been going around the world and Jaffa was in Jaffa. Yeah he's just the guys like nonstop doing stuff for the show's fantastic Burstein contribution of financial variety. He says but no deducing. I've never been a Douche bag in my life at nor will I ever. I made a vow to myself to being associate executive producer. When time was right in the stars aligned and at the time is now so it can get a vowel keeper for my first time bread donation to the best podcasts to in universe avow keeper the also. I'm looking to create with others. Yes he plays well with others. Jesse does yes Gore and teen got you down searching for something to do. Casey Koi is looking for a few good men and women to join starship exile than old school theater of the Mind Radio. Serial style production with geopolitics and social satire underbelly. Any level experienced welcome but it passion is a must contact. Casey Coy at raise her. I press razor. I press at Yahoo DOT COM or razor I press at Proton Mail Dot Com for jingles. Can I get a blistering rock and roll followed by an on the Mike and finishing up at all my God? That is amazing. I'm laughing because that Jesse actually sent the jingles because the blistering rock and roll is a sound. I don't what aunt on the Mike Is. Which he said the blistering rock and roll me in swamp thing. Thanks JESSE ACCOUNTS FAR PUBLISHED. Three awesome heavy metal. You've got I didn't know that this is that you ever heard this one of yourself. I have it again. I remember that one I do clip. It is another question someone sanity Stained Sheila The lady of Lisbon Lisboa SPA two hundred dollars in. She's in the UK right now. Going to at least to this John and Adam boots on the ground from Portugal with a bit of Info from Spain to we are fortunate to be living in the center of Lisbon which is deathly quiet. But we are able to walk and cycle around as much as we want. Yesterday we went for a drive. Adam Insert your audience's shocked. Sound here please. This out to Sintra Centro which is normally packed with tourists. It was completely deserted and we had a wonderful walk in the forest and drove back no issues. This would be impossible in Spain which has been on full lockdown since March sixteenth or thereabouts. Our friends have an army truck outside their apartment in Spain and there are allowed ten minutes outside each time to walk their dog. Gone insane up there. We have a house in the north of Spain. But we won't be able to go there until mid April maybe to be honest after all this shit show. I'd be quite likely to sell it. The Spanish government along with other. Not come out of this well since the people realized they've been duped or should. I say should I say if and it is a big if there is a British Peter Hitchens? We're familiar with him. Yes it was dealer hitchings brother who as far as I can tell is the only voice of Sanity in the UK. Mainstream Media. Put His blog post in the show. Notes is a yeah. I recommend I haven't read that. I recommend it to fell a UK producers to follow him on twitter also UK. Call him as a great source of news. Anyway thanks for the reality sanity nor gender reality is the best podcast in the universe. Especially in these trying times I for one will not be getting that vaccine jingles. Lots of combat and I can request the no agenda producers who are having or living in lockdown towns and citizens them sorry in cities to buy some bird seed and go out and feed all the birds that are currently starving to death as their food supply. Parents are leftovers and rubbish from eating outside have just disappeared. Thank you for your courage Dame Sheila so Nice Dame Sheila Lady of Leash Boa thank you very much and you think that's the homeless of course are also starting to have problems now because there's no food well in San Francisco there take care of the problem. They're they're taking the hotels which are shut down. And they're turning the highest the grand to hide into a homeless shelter shelter putting all the people in two rooms in the room service. I shifted. Call Down Maybe. I have no idea how far it goes. But they're moving them all in there and the city. Oh pay for that. And is also another little breakthrough in the city. Apparently they've decided that no no. It used to be nine hundred dollars or something like that if you did damage the police investigate now they've jacked? Add Up to the DA. Who Doesn't want arrest? Anybody says if depletes were not respond to any robberies or anything if it's under twenty five hundred dollars. Gosh so now. They're every shopping. That was left open before they shut everything down which they had to do. In the grocery stores are still subject to this people just going in loading up carts and stealing everything. And this is encouraged by the city of San Francisco and the city says they will reimburse you if this happens to you crimes as crime. This town I want to hand out the biggest. Did they give a Karma to give commerce to her? Did you do it just in case you throw a goat in just a good measure? You've got off by thank you thank you. Thank you are executive producers associate executive producers really came through? Today you'll see the second donation segments going to be quite short. This may be the tipping point for US. Kind of expecting it. I'm not quite sure have doing Are The I know I know? A lot of people don't have income right now. A Lot A lot of them young and hopefully these are the crisis. Checks will be coming in the mail soon. Who knows how long that will take happening everywhere? So those you who are supporting The show to the best of your ability. Thank you very much. It means an incredible amount To us but to all people who produce the show. And if you'd like to do that for our Thursday show please check out this fab website of dot org slash and remember during these times in lockdown. It's easier hit people in the mouth. Virtually formula is this. We go out. We hit people in the mouth. Aw dropped a penny all right. Where we're we got a couple another report we can do yes. This is a bit because it's again we talk about these changes that are going to occur because we're stuck with these changes that were going to be permanent. Some of them are are not so much. Let's listen to what's going to happen with. The airline industry is another special report. That was a half hour on again. Al Jazeera which seems to be the only going to get any news. Other than trump trump trump. Let's start with airline travel doubles every fifteen years. Airline travel double every fifteen years. Ano- was making the point that people might not want to get back on a plane again. They might WanNa do a station. They might WanNa go someplace on a bullet train so tell me Alex. How the big hub? Airports as well justify carry on EXP- carrying on with their expansion plans if nobody's going to get on that seven four seven eight three eight. I'm optimistic. I think there will be a queue of waiting to get on that seven seven or eight. Atm We know history demonstrates this bounce back not just for the economic side of things but actually for the fact that the large majority of the world now or in-home isolation and they will be waiting for the day that they have been given the clear that they can travel to New Territories and see the Walden and this guy and sorry what he really sounds like. Boy It's not done. Well let him finish the nation and they will be waiting for the day that they have been given the all clear so they can travel to New Territories and see the world and we will see. That bounced back. We know within the immediate aftermath of the SARS outbreak in two thousand and three at troubled amount was right back up to pre saws level after nine months of the crisis so that bounceback back Daza Airlines have to do that bit to ensure that there is better travel confidence yes suddenly who seems relevant as to who has the best talk of seed or the most recline actually airlines are doing all they can to convince you that are at craft are the cleanest and that record so the most hygiene ick. There's definitely been a shift here but I do believe that bounced back will occur not just on an economic side of things but for the public to a nine month lag which means and we did low gas prices. This tells me there's GonNa be some dirt cheap flight to get you have to now. Let's go onto this. This is part two and this is talking about. What was the lag after nine eleven? What was the like after two thousand eight airline travel after nine eleven to how to take the next big crisis? Which was the two thousand eight financial crisis and the industry had a almost. You know the first year that that's the second clip. I'm sorry you're right. You're right travel after nine. Eleven prophets starts in London. Would it be fair to say that this is the worst crisis to hit the airline world inasmuch as aviation when you get your bum on a seat that's relatively speaking a very very cheap way to move around the world anyway? The profit margins are so tiny. If you're flying in economy down the back of full eighty say at cats are airways Ba. Whoever they're not making lots of money on that seat and on top of that you've got to convince people who now cannot afford to fly who don't want to fly to stop flying again at some point in the future so all these carriers have got to plan on taking a massive hit that might be so big. They have to face the prospect of going out of business. Yeah I think you're right. I mean this is not the first major crisis that the industry has faced. And actually the industry's very resilient you. Go back to nine eleven. The industry had a significant hit there in terms global profits. And if you look a wire also published. They took about five years off tonight at the industry to recover and become profitable again any mentioning that interview of people putting puts on the airline industry before this happened. Now Corona virus. No okay no but you had a lot of opportunity to do that. You had to do it before the virus you had it till the oil crash that was your you had a window and I just want to say that airline. The airline industry certainly in the United States is part of our infrastructure. That is that is a pretty much a government business and it has to be because we were the country's big the trains don't work again mountains it just. You can't have high speed rail that you know whatever happened to that. Oh you're talking about the talking about the the high school read. An article the high-speed train those supposed to be taken from was it Los Angeles to San Francisco. Apparently now it's going to be a private train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas Deriving. Eru private train brother. Well let's play part two of this and get another data point then you take the next big crisis which was the two thousand eight financial crisis and then the industry had a almost in the first year a significant hit bigger than probably nine eleven but the recovery period was within about two years than this is a slightly different crisis. I think is this two possibly three reasons why this is a slightly different crisis. One is that we have a restriction globally from various governments about the movement of people so even if people wanted to fly. They called the second. Major reason is because a lot of people around the world in various sectors have been laid off. They're unemployed that's GONNA hit their because of finances in. The amount of disposable income is reduced dramatically. And I think the third major impact of Demaim. He's going to be once. This crisis begins to recover what Abou- also some of the perceptions of passengers regarding health concerns e is sitting in an aircraft cabin for several hours. Are you more likely to catch the virus then? I think those three things have to improve dramatically for the industry for demand to pick up again. It's going to be interesting. It's not a type of crisis that we've seen in the past you know. And how quickly will the industry cover is going to be a quite a long recovery? Likely Soft Nine Eleven. Or is this going to be a recovery is gonNA bounce back relatively quickly h but what are they really talking about it? Talking they're talking about prophets and finance talking about routes. Because that's more important to me is. Can we get everywhere the way we used to? I don't give a crap if they make money or not. We bail them out or forty years. I don't care aren't going to change that much. There's not gonna be that did frequencies gotta do but usually they keep routes because you don't WanNa lose those rally. Yeah Yeah that's why I give up around you give up a gate. You can't get it again but frequencies in issue Which is again which is similar to lose that sly too but they can't fly bungee empty planes around so they're going to have to change these but everyone is going to have to back off. I think there'll be an aggressive airline just decide to take a beating and just keep a lot of routes going but a lot of frequency and a lot of routes and just take a beating. I guess if they big enough they can do that anyway. It's going to be a shakeout there's NBA Shakeout when you've got covered. This shakeout in cash war on cash is continuing even though the dollar so strong. The read that Square think it was square has a got a licensed to be bank. They should be a bank yup. Well it's it's not all that easy to just say I want to be a bank. I WANNA be a bank here Square clear by regulators to open a bank. Yes that's FDIC approval. I guess the FDIC to get the FDIC. Yeah that's a big deal so it that's GonNa those guys are going to. You know they all want to be your bank. This is it was to be a bank here it comes. I have one more clip about a industry that is affected by this permanently. And in this case is the NFL and the guy running the NFL is so oblivious. They actually think that everything's fine. It's going to be football season. Be just people go right back into being a huge crowds and all the rest and I'm not convinced of this but the NFL is totally convinced of it. And if you start to say anything bad about it and your member of the club as it were. You're going to get disciplined. Draft will be held from April. Twenty third to the twenty fifth. You Dell said in a memo Thursday that the NFL Management Council Executive Committee was unanimous and unequivocal that. The draft should go forward as scheduled. He also added. Everyone recognizes that. The public health conditions are highly uncertain. And there's no assurance that we can select a different date and be confident that conditions will be significantly more favorable than they are today. I also believe that the draft can serve a very positive purpose for our clubs. Our fans and the country at large and many of you have agreed. Public Discussion of issues relating to the graph serves no useful purpose and is grounds for disciplinary action. Shot up slave. No kidding wow yeah see. Nfl BUNCH OF CREEPS. How's the NBA by the way? How come half of the teams don't have the Rona teams have not like Should be no sweetie sweaty men. Yeah bought together all the time slapping each other around to slap at each other slapping their asses. Tell me about John told me about Craig's Sweaty men and rock and rain. We missed it man. We miss what I got to clip every year. We talk about it. And somehow just got slipped right by didn't entail enough trout. No this impossible that we miss this right not enough trumpet therefore they should up that this year. They could've found an angle. I don't know why they didn't. You know what clip. I'm talking about a symbolic annual event with powerful images earth. Our has been a moment for millions has come together and think about our impact in the world around us. This year's event takes on new meaning as billions take part in another shared experience in light with all that is happening with the current virus wind up at tennis into a super special activity with your household. You can prepare candidate dinner at eight thirty evening. Switch of fall to the enjoyed her company. And why not talk about all the ones who get that mother? Nature has to offer and all the things that we look forward to doing once if this was spokesperson. No wonder didn't get any traction conditions gifted and we'd be out of the game and enjoy the one that we live in. Let us learn the lesson. The Universe is desperately trying to teach us that the time that we're spending in isolation not have been in vain in situations like the moment and there is one in terms of the climate and reduce levels of pollution. Okay now curry consulting group is in session. Who is responsible for this complete ball of poop called a promotion? Earth our the opportunity of a lifetime for a marketeer or communications expert. Here's your opportunity to connect the stay at home movement with the reduction of Co two with a saving of the Earth. No squandered because you have this failed notion of flipping off the lights of important buildings around the world which no one has given a crap about for the past ten years here was your opportunity and you put that woman on squander. No message fail. Thousand total fail failed so sad to like. I said we didn't even know this happened. It was a couple of days ago. I can't believe this. I can't believe that they couldn't couldn't. What did we had a meeting? And we decided this was a strategy. So we're not GonNa win this nanny. Don't you hear someone saying that? We NO GANGWAY NASA. Good boy still. It's a woman by the way we discuss strategy. And we'RE GONNA keep. Everyone has that tactic stranded. Gamay we know exactly the plan when executed the plan. No Flexibility podcasters flexibility baby. Something else happened. Something else happened sealed indictments. Yes yes yes not so. We had already one sealed. Indictment opened up remember. That was the Harvard professor. Yes now we have not one not two but three sealed indictment opened up three three so that means we only have nine hundred and nine dollars. Ten thousand seal indictments. Isn't it while it's thousands? I'm just going over. Just saying thousands of right and so we're now down to nine hundred ninety six sealed indictment still left because China General Bar opened up three of them. This is the first time we've tried a virtual press conference at the Department of Justice. Yes and next time attorney. General bar called the divorce a consulting group please. Because you put the picture in picture over the heads of the guy standing behind you it was. It was horrible and I hope it goes Okay but I appreciate all of you participating this morning today. I'm here to talk about the former Maduro regime and its direct park. Just what happened? Did we go to bed and then? Madero is no longer running the show. It's now Guido and someone didn't tell us a moving. Guido was at the State of the Union. I have no idea what he's talking about. Well Guido is now formed. Zero Era Madero is former. But that's not exactly determine Medeiros running. No you heard it was form. Listen to former. Its former listen here to talk about the former regime. This is this is all this is now. There's Daw I know here's what it is. It's parsing you didn't Parse it right. He's not talking about the current Maduro regime a host talking about the former Madera regime which is the one that existed before Maduro got reelected today. I'm here to talk about. The Foia will listen to the whole thing former regime and its direct participation in narcoterrorism corruption money laundering and drug trafficking. As you will hear the Department of Justice is announcing the unsealing of the superseding indictment filed. I think assume unsealing of a superseding indictment counts double that should. So we're now nine hundred and ninety five. We'll give you those okay. Thank Parliament of justice is announcing the unsealing of a superseding indictment filed in the southern district of New York against four defendants including Nicholas Maduro. As well as the current head of Venezuela's Constituent Assembly the former director of military intelligence and a former high ranking general for their involvement and narcoterrorism in addition a recent superseding indictment charges two high ranking regime leaders nine nine four eruption further. The Southern District of Florida unsealed charges this morning against the chief justice of the Venezuelan Supreme Court involving money laundering additionally this morning the Criminal Division unsealed an indictment charging the minister of defense for his involvement in drug trafficking. These charges are in addition to charges. The Department has previously filed in the Eastern District of New York Southern District of Texas and the district of Arizona against former members of the Maduro regime. Right isn't this how we take over the place? Isn't this how it starts you? Indict every Buddy Ryan fifty million of my question. Sorry there's a lot of logic here So you're in the Maduro regime former Madame Jeanne. Let's say whatever it's Maduro regime during a winner now or whenever? This is a country sitting on the world's largest at least the largest supply of oil in the Western Hemisphere more than Saudi Arabia. Probably more than Russia is a huge pile of oil that can bring in tens of billions if not trillions of dollars. So you're gonNA traffic in drugs. It's much easier to transit skimming money off of this huge cash flow. That is that is outrageous is over the top. You're going to hell with that. Let me ask you may ask? We'll let me ask you. Yeah indeed I mean that's your question. If go to an oil oil convention are there hot Babes and hookers there? No that's where the drugs are brother. So it's bonus bonus time it's easier to transport it's less it's not so messy issue it's not as messy don't need ships in pipes you just need mules and put it in some snakes so it up in their bellies. I'm just saying you gotTa Look. Lily hookers and blow. I wish there was a press conference or somebody get asked. Barr this simple question. Why when you're sitting on trillion dollars worth of oil or are you GonNa Dick. Around selling drugs on this side. It may Ab- well tidy up this on. For size. The people of Venezuela Need Work. This lots of working. Let them up no. There's the shovels and your you dig. I mean you got A. There's a lot of packing. The labs is a lot of work in the in the drug business. You get to do submarine trips. I don't understand you're you're you're thinking in this. How could how could borey oil boring? We're all going electric. He was probably sold on the The he probably has a tesla. Look what I bought for my drug money. That's exactly the thinking I don't know I don't see why understand this but we're taking over. This sounds like we're on the way in. We already lane introduced well. This is the CIA. Vert portion of the government doing something. That's all the does this think in terms of drugs. Yeah what is the last time a CIA did an oil operation never always about smuggling drugs or build taken heroin really hard to have a gushing pipe in the evidence room and say see. We got him. No you want the stacks and stacks of cash and guns and dope. That's what you want. Yeah well maybe it's as they come to their senses and realize this is stupid doing it. They're willing to see what it goes on. I got a story here but touchdown about oil. I do Aljazeera story. That does explain a little bit about what happened with this is tiff between Saudi Arabia and Russia. The oil got oil. Prices could be headed to ten dollars a barrel as the global economy. A gold standard coming soon and the oil in bucks in this country. That ten bucks is I mean that would bankrupt shale oil. They're already have trouble. What is to be sixty eight or something? We think it's fifty. I think is closer to fifty. Okay Anyway. Ten dollars oil oil prices could be headed to ten dollars. A barrel as the global economy heads towards recession and the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia is adding to the crisis problems piling up for countries that are both importers and exporters of oil. Such is Indonesia Algiers Jessica. Washington has the story from Jakarta around the world. The Corona virus outbreak isn't just a health. Emergency it's also an economic one disruptions to supply chains were given but such dramatic price war in the oil market was unexpected falling out between Saudi Arabia and Russia sparked to the sharpest one day crash in oil prices since the Gulf War. Indonesia is one of the country's that's both an exporter and importer and economists think it could be a challenging time for the country and its oil industry. The experts will really going to feel the pinch I think the first is With the corona virus impacting the global economy. The China's economy Will feel slow down? The global economy will slow down like almost everything in recent weeks. The slump in oil prices comes back to the corona virus outbreak China. The world's biggest importer of oil was turning back tankers as its economy began to contract. Saudi Arabia called for a massive cut in production but Russia disagreed and in response. Riyadh ramped up production This whole thing still. It's either we're either in with Russia in it was Saudi Arabia. And I I don't know I said I just wanted. I want to reveal the story as the as the official story. Not Our interpretation right and the official story is that once the corona hit China China. Being the big abuser of oil. They've Saudi Tadic Bunch of tankers going in and said No. No no no. We got too much now. You gotta go back. You can't put it in anchor. Some don't we can't take your oil. And so the Saudi freaks out and they call the Russians are their partners with in terms of running OPEC whatever's left of it and they say hey look what just happened is going to be a disaster. We got to cut production. The price is high in Russia's said thinks so miette this net and so the after saying yet to the Saudis for you. They're going to be double crossed the Russians are going to try to steal the Saudi contracts with China. And this is okay. You WanNA play that game. We can play that game and they cranked up production. Because it's pretty well known that the Saudi Saudis can make money off their oil Iraq. At least this is something I brought up on the show a million times. I don't have to clip anymore. Where the guy says you can do about twenty five bucks a barrel and Russians. Can't they need like forty? And so they figure this screw the Russians and so they ramped it up and now the Russians are going to have a problem in everybody else's to especially I mean except California where they apparently pay no attention to this and the gas prices have actually gone up at the pump because of California's legislature. Thank you very much. Your gas prices have gone up. Yeah four now so you can steal two and a half thousand dollars worth of goods. Your gas prices went up half your your places on fire or earthquake shaking. Sounds like fires earthquakes. That's a lot of crime and homelessness. You guys need some extra take some fire. Get some fire back on. That was better a better picture. Sure some of these people that moved into the high it will probably set the hotel on fire. Because they're going to be cooking with a small small little would fire in in in the room there cause problem to take a brief moment to to talk about the. Political Sich the Paul Sich because Joe is is operating from his bunker Poorly I will say okay. I want to play one quickey though Joe because I want you to tell me this I was like I said. Listen to Al Jazeera and there is a commercial for the politics going on in the United States for some special show they're doing and there's a voice of Joe Biden in here This odd Joe Biden voice and they show him talking and tell me that somebody hasn't screwed up with. This voice screwed this voice. How much is the corona virus on the stock market? Kale's affecting the race to the White House will be Joe Biden Sanders you secure the Democratic nomination. I believe we can beat down trump. Follow all the developments in the US. Election campaign on Aljazeera actually sounded like Hillary Clinton in Joe Biden's voice oddly doing of southern accent. Yeah believe we can beat Donald Trump. I've never heard Biden do that Maybe when he's an ally in Al Jazeera land thinks. He's in the south. I I mean I just have three short bits. Three short soundbites. It's all I got. Because he was he was everywhere he did a the CNN virtual Democratic presidential town hall. Are you familiar with the rumor? Are you gonNA break my heart? I don't know Joe Biden. Supposedly had a stroke when just like dislike during this period the last show. Oh Shit I. I didn't hear this rumor just a rumor. I don't know it's just floating around the net Joe's make he he can't it's cruel and abusive and this'll be the last time I laugh about it now. Maybe not. It's just it's so mean. So he's he's on the CNN virtual Democratic presidential town hall which is basically Joe in his living room and pooper in the anytime. The tonight show with Kimmel is doing stick. It should never be done in the US even if it was good connections continuously. It's more a skype easy. Or maybe I think probably if it's MSNBC that use Webex or you know so that trying different things but there's always a delay this lag. It's you can't be that funny. It's not as good as in person especially not. When you're Joe just a couple of quick soundbites Zouaydi able to sleep with my wife. Okay and this was my favorite. I'm the only one in. My family has zero talent zero. That is got to be one of my favorite and then this Our state insisted and this broke the meeting. Basic concerns or influence that this called Luhan virus. Okay a the Luhan virus. That's sad man. God it said those are mediocre chose not EH STAGES. This is nothing. There's that bad that's true. He's not he's not really faltering but whenever he says well. Here's what I do as president. I'd have daily briefings at bring the surgeon general daily and he should be talking to the American people in Joe. Yes this happening every single day. Drome Adams's on everyday everywhere talking. Whatever you want to do just kind of on. The screwball subject signed picking up. I'm listening to one of your stations during Austin which one call kicks in the name of it like I think you would have been a UHF news station. What who is this evil and Mysterious Austin Company? This lousy report for your local high tried to to get the report myself. In fact I clip the report and threw it out. It's so shit while I have the report here anyway and what's missing. Obviously it's the whole thing is about thank you. That's what I thought the minute. I hear the voice changer. Come in. I'm like okay if you're not even going to name the company and you're going to do a story is not a story which what what's the title in your Klis Evil and Mysterious Austin Company. Those who earn between seventy nine thousand dollars. We'll get less money based on a sliding scale Cayenne an investigator. Jodie bar got a tip about a company planning to reduce paychecks by those same amounts. Jody is that even legal. Well Robert it might not be that companies disagreement out just a few days ago asking its workers to sign it a signature on this form when allow this company to essentially? Walk Away with those relief checks. This is the employee. Emergency Compensation Program. This man's company is waiting on him to essentially sign away his next paycheck reducing employee compensation by one hundred percents of the government distribution for the individual as well as fifty percent of distribution for any individual claims to protect his job and his company. This man asked that we not identifying him. I I saw the story. These cakes reported I did not see any other reports on it It's total crap and if someone's doing not GonNa get away with it. That's not how the system works for some reason. They sit company to Shane. It's exactly what you know. Now this is bullcrap. What is not bullcrap? However is our second segment. I'M GONNA show US move by donating to know agenda. Imagine all the people who could do. Yeah that'd be awesome and we have a few bureau thank for show twelve twenty nine starting with Mark Valentine Grantham. Uk A one hundred he says upstanding work gentlemen it. He says it in a British accent. Brian Burgess in Pelican rapids Minnesota Eighty thirty three Ronald Schill eight. Oh eight that came through pop money which actually was actually works. So cool pop. Money's very good mechanisms works like a champ. Actually show Neil Eight. Oh eight ten has a call out to you. Wants to call out as a Douche bag Son of Don Tutt Hill. David Tutt Hill a douchebag. Do David Get your act together really. Brad Ashburton Alberton Alberton and Kingston North Carolina. Another boob eight. Oh Eight Sean Thorpe. Sixty seventy one Gary Blat in Wayne Pennsylvania. Sixty six sixty dame's Zelda of the turtle realm sixty six and. She is having a birthday to her best friend in better half her husband. Yes sixty six. 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I do remember that And I didn't always a ham nine eight. Yeah that's weird isn't it? Well they they ate. Ncd They recently dropped some one of the one of the letters. I think from call signs I should see me New Zealand. Yeah it's ninety eight Enza Delta no. No no no. That's that's how much it wasn't New Zealand dollars. Oh Gee doubt okay. Great yes we do. Well tried to figure it out Kiwi. And then we'll we'll get you know and Eric and help you. She'll know agenda got range. This lost checks and everything and who knows Oscar Kuraoka second in Huffman Texas fifty five ten double nickels on the dime also for Peter Chong in Lakewood Washington. Tom Miller another double nickels on the Diamond Schaumburg Illinois Illinois. David Doyle in Jones Double Nickels on the dime for Tom. David Doyle fifty five even Johnston Johnstown Ohio and he's got a birthday calling out. Kp THREE DA seventy. Three's Take on a minute. Richard Bahour socks looks like Bauer. 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Don't kid yourself so so I found a website and it's it keeps the story separate so you can punch through him and without commercials they don't throw a bunch of ads on their stories so it's just the stories. Yeah semi that's fantastic you know. Cnn has There's a twitter account a CNN. Twitter Account. I gotta find what it's called and it's it's all the the the local affiliate stories so they've links to the just the packages so you can. Actually you can do your own wraparound find. It's like CNN affiliates or something like that some grants yeah yeah these these are really handy things. They all ended the wraparound. That's good. Yes so Jeffrey is going. To Be Knighted. We have Mondelez yes. We do. James Nici in Hopewell Virginia fifty thing. It's Nicole James Nicole. Yes it's Nicole. James Nicole Nicole comical probably nickel nickels. Nickels Bobby Nichols Stephanie. Sutton and Mesa Arizona Richard Gardner Sir Richard in Chicago Elizabeth Gunter in Los Angeles California. 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Indeed have a nice list of birthdays. Today is the twenty ninth of March twenty twenty locked out the shuttle's happy birthday tour at. She was very clear her hot sexy husband. John T shuttles celebrates tomorrow. Sir Moses Mozambicans as happy birthday to Scott Shelburne birthday today Dame Zelda to our best friend and better half sixty six tomorrow James Scouts and and David Doyle returning fifty five and Maryland Madden says. Happy Birthday to Jay who turns forty five on April second. Happy Birthday for everybody here. At the best podcast in the universe agree we have one change and that was thanks to really extremely generous donation from Sir Mittens of fall city Coupes by adding. I'm out of control here by adding. That was very interesting. I thought it was Kinda noisy by adding to his Total support of the show. He becomes a viscount today. Wow that must've been sounded really interesting. All those jingles playing at the same time one nine. 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We have new ones coming in very excited about that. Getting everybody the rings and I see some ship during this lockdown also. Very nice divorce dot org slash aid to support the show value for value. Whatever you think it's worth let us know and Notice for the affiliates of all. We're going long well. There was one thing I wanted to discuss with. You is quite interesting. We just weird things happening during this time and some of it is like the Maduro thing. It's a weird time to do that. Some things are just kind of odd but what happened The other day is this came out. Did you see or hear the saw? The voice will Louis weightless November. Three and Bob Dylan doing the Kennedy Song. I sixteen minutes song. And it's all about the Kennedy assassination. Yeah and what's interesting is that in this The one of the LEARY's a lot of weird reference. I'd like the whole song is weird references. He says the Wolfman kill JFK. A know the Wolfman is with Nanjing Wolfman Jack No secret secret service. A name for Timber Wolf is Bush senior Bush. That's that's not an that is the theory has been out there for a while but supposedly actually was there. Why does Bob Dylan pop this out now? Well a song that he said just had Elena. Hey just had it laying around almost unintelligible measly little man who agree so Maybe he's just really bored. Really really bored Davis told YOU AT THAT. So that is the theory you recall that one of the president trump made that he was going to. I think the court was. You'll find the two things you'll find you know who shot. Jfk and killed them. And you'll know who really pulled down the twin towers to this would be a good one. He has the what was it. The the the John F. Kennedy Assassination Paper Collection Act or something like that some weird thing and he the president declassified most of it in two thousand seventeen but then held back to the severe disappointment of Tinfoil hat wearing podcasters everywhere. He held back on some pieces. That didn't Didn't the weren't published release. There's GonNa let it go not yet but then when you hear When you hear Bob Gill Nejra let me put his arm. Going to call my buddy. Hey Bosch worked for me at the Casino aid so Sorry that's possible. Trump also gonNA release the flying saucer documents. Well he has declassified some anti-gravitational technology that will be unveiled in that new triangle plane. We're seeing sneak pictures up. Yes there's some interesting there's been around for a while but I think there's a look if you're going to lock everybody down. You better give us something so I think at least at least to kill. Jfk would be would be in order to give us that information. We we may. We don't do nine eleven just yet but give JFK. And I think the I think the pope is very smart. Right on right on point with his timing. He did his special smoke in the prayer Which means you know in seven days. We should start to be released from this. Hell which I'm still on board with. I'm still thinking April. Six is a good date to get started. We'll be social distancing. We'll have APPS. We will be told to work from home half the time. We'll be eighteen bait b-teams There will be eight teams and be teams for. Eating restaurants will be spaced You will have all kinds of warning systems telling you Badri that maybe the back office. GonNa be stuff like that but somehow will somehow we will get out of it and certainly the agenda media tribe who always sticks together. Do you have anything else to take home. I don't think I have. What do I have? I have oh no maybe see have won this interesting. This is actually. I kind of like this and I didn't like it at the same time Cgt An which is China. Uh state television or China. What did they rename? It used to be. Ccc TV or C. C. TV. Then they named a stupid. Cg Just China Garden Television Network and China China global television network. Okay well they have information. Of course we've heard about this from a lot of different people that these these drugs are apparently working. The Ministry of Signs in technology have said Clinical Trials. Show a conventional anti malarial. Drug is effective in treating coronavirus patients. Experts have confirmed the drug is safe for us. It is being on the market for many years. There also said that certain traditional Chinese medicines are also effective in alleviating symptoms. In addition the National Health Commission said early diagnosis and treatment are an effective approach which is reflected on the declining number of the cases. That's good news. Plotkin NIL is apparently the commercial version which Very odd there was taken off the market. Put back on but Hydroxy or hydro chloroquine seems to work with the right combination. We have this and this is all just the good news to make feel good as we leave the show and leave you until Thursday Stanford University despite dire warnings making headlines all over the country experts suggest there are actually very good reasons to believe. The colonel virus could soon be in remission the same researchers at Stanford University who correctly predicted China's rapid recovery. By the way. I'd like to take this one American news where I think it. Many top forty disc jockeys to are urging Americans to remain calm explaining their data shows the. Us should pull this much faster than health. Experts are expecting while some epidemiologists say the virus could take months or years to run its course Stanford biophysicist and Nobel Prize winner. Michael Lebanon says. The data just doesn't support that conclusion. Levin Explains Controlling Panic is the first priority and says is to blame for frightening people unnecessarily pointing out the normal flu has infected thirty six million Americans just since September. He adds that shutting down. Large sections of the economy can cause its own health problems increasing poverty and with it depression other researchers at Stanford agree saying. There's no reason to panic based on what they call utterly unreliable data about the virus explaining the data we do have suggests. People are severely overreacting due to limited testing. They warn the fatality rates reported by the WHO are meaningless and just lead to selection bias because only patients with severe symptoms are being reported based on mortality projections from the cruise ship. Diamond Princess alone. The death rate could be as low as point zero five percent even lower than the seasonal flu which makes these drastic measures not only unnecessary but potentially catastrophic and according to those at Stanford totally irrational. Thank you very much. It was great. So there's the worst voice I kind of like it because that means I can get a GIG. This thank finally voice over eighteen. Fifty Horizon Nineteen fifties. Am radio JOCK. I do want to remind everybody as we leave we just want to one. More reminder do not fall for spike in cases increases. I see it all. The time is might troll room. More testing means more cases. Positive cases doesn't mean they're going to die doesn't mean they're being hospitalized doesn't mean need they'll need ventilators doesn't mean there's a surge beware your mic. Della. The this is more testing more cases. Just be wary of that every single time. This is what they indoctrinate you with all the time. Do you have anything else for For the AMY would disagree with you know kid. There's more cases would look less less testing. Somehow anything from your side before we got some stuff I can carry over. I'll be glad to and the rest of it is just redundant or not fun at your interest take wrapped it up perfectly all right. Well I would like to leave everybody with a mainstream media clip. We started with Dr Burks. We started with with her analysis. Of course if she's a spook she's all this horrible stuff but I think that she's been honest From the get-go she's been around for a long time she's military which I do. I do like military. People Trust them for the disciplinary disciplined. Reasons We're we're going to leave you with the mainstream. Media's interpretation of Dr Burks this is from the fabulous. Npr RADIO SHOW WAIT. Wait. Don't tell me I don't know if watching this. But the president is doing almost daily press conferences which are mostly devoted to him praising himself he's clearly not socially distancing his face from his own. He's not as a woman. That woman with the scarf stands behind him and I can tell she's a realtor because often like a different not each day which is one of the things that they teach. Realtors is A lot of realtors are trained. They take at least one class in the scarf not book. That's Paula poundstone. If you never heard of her this is the reason why. She's a comedian. So there you go. And that's what the mainstream brings. I hope we brought you different value. If so let us know divorce dot org slash and we'll be all over the TRANSOM. The wires cables the connections. Send US anything you not to get a hold of US and coming to you from the semi locked down Austin Texas capital of the drone star state here in Opportunity Zone number thirty three that is smack in the middle of seeing region. Six if you're looking forward on the governmental maps remember US divorce dot org slash NA until Thursday in the morning everybody. I'm Adam Curry and from northern Silicon Valley. Where there's nobody on the freeway still is Sunday and I missed Zephyr so I can't give that report. I'm John Return on Thursday right here on no agenda coming up on the show on the no agenda stream bands with pandemic sandbox and end of show mixes from Sir. Joe Joe I guess and Fletcher Thursday audio SMO- foes powerful. Very powerful game changer. Wow wiggly to defeat the invisible enemy to be a game changer by drugs drugs. Jj Direction I work with powerful anime powerful drugs immediate relief immeasurable comedian removed. Horrible immediate relief till the end of May get relief wiggling definitely sir. Joe No Joe. Let me repeat it again. You just be straight with the American big right here with me. Won't you go to the Youtube right now? Five implying again showers hours. Not your own. What is true is everything was everything was on the table. That's what I just said. Are you know all right? You're right good just said. Oh No. You'd never know. Have you been on the floor? Whoa you just contradicted yourself down our time. After time. What is Patricia? We all make mistakes. I wold but the fact of the matter is Bo did not support any of those cuts. Fam- Has Zero Talent Zero. Sir Food you now Voracek dot org slash.

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