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"johnno festively" Discussed on Daily Sales Tips

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"johnno festively" Discussed on Daily Sales Tips

"You're listening to the daily sales tips podcast. I'm your host Scott Ingram today. I wanted to share another clip from my most recent interview on sales success stories with John oak lake what he talks about here does a pretty good job of summing up one of the most important success themes. I've noticed after having done over sixty of these interviews with top one percenters. Here's Johnno festively office out with my style. I think it's gonna be a while to to get my style that I looked what I I came into the business set like what the top people were doing and and tried copying. And I quickly realized that he caught copy you've got to develop your style. And you've got the person when you're speaking to people and spending so much time with them if I'm spending four hours of time in theater with a session com. Fake, the four hours might be able to manage to ten minutes or something that you you can fake that say being a relationship builder and just being yourself and. And then actually, obviously you've got to reflect their personality type so identifying what their personality talk this and a matching you'll self to that or at least having nice talk surrounded say, for example, some of our surgeons, and you might think rounded reminded allow them wanna talk about it Eto, but some of them Rudy to some of them will want lots of research papers to back up why something's happening. They'll wanna talk about that all the time that's of interest things that get them going. But then you've got other ones who just real drive. It's the end those the normally the ones that like the new innovative things wants to get moving straight away with the new product because they failed actually that's being developed than that might be a lot better. So they'll want to try that out straight say trying to figure out people, and that pessimists type says is a big part of my style. At I deal, Picasso say the the other day. I think you hit the nail on the head of will be looking forward to describe mine when I seen the question you'd the skin, and I think try and protect manage the opportunity in. I Dale an irony opportunity on us, and that is the point of contact the I know the on the most technically gifted person in team or have the best negotiating skills. So I lean on the people around me swings back to my internal relationships in terms of bringing people in when you need them. And that Enam do the wet probably take you forever today at like, this clip a lot because not only does Jon call out the importance of having your own style. But you also get to hear some of the very clear examples of how he applies that idea clearly understanding some of his strengths and weaknesses and adapting accordingly. I could talk about this for a long time. But the point of these tips is for them to be fairly short. So I'll say just. This like Jonah says don't copy instead draw inspiration from these tips, and these interviews and just try things and work to incorporate what fits you and make your own. I really feel like it's that process that is the true road to success. But you think how do you develop your own style and approach. Join the conversation at daily sales dot tips forward slash sixty three then come back tomorrow where I'll talk a bit more about the road to success.

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