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Fresh update on "john" discussed on KNX Evening News

KNX Evening News

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Fresh update on "john" discussed on KNX Evening News

"The turnaround time for our testing in Arizona is really bad. The state of Arizona is reporting a single day high on more than 100 Corona virus deaths today. The Supreme Court has announced. Chief Justice John Roberts injured his forehead and a fall last month. In a statement of the Washington Post, the court confirmed the chief justice spent a night in the hospital after he fell while taking a walk in the Maryland country Club back on June 20 1st Justice Roberts was taken to hospital by ambulance and his injuries required stitches. Although the justice has a medical history of suffering seizures, the court says his fall was caused by dehydration. By unanimous vote. The University of California regions have appointed the first black president in the systems 152 year history. Dr. Michael Drake spent 30 years in the UC system, including Chancellor to UC Irvine before leaving to become the president of the Ohio State University. Dr. Drake says he especially enjoyed getting to meet with you see students while being considered for the job I was students are tomorrow's leaders. Actually given the quality of our students, I may mean literally tomorrow they're ready to be R. Our leaders. That's a really great group of people who are very focused and very dedicated to that future and will be wonderful to help create that future. That future with him drank, will oversee 10 campuses at a time of financial distress. They covered 19 pandemic has cost the university system more than a $1,000,000,000 increased caused in lost revenues from March to the end of April. And faces potential state budget cuts. Pressure.

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Fresh update on "john" discussed on Pat Walsh

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Fresh update on "john" discussed on Pat Walsh

"A lonely reported more than 10,000 cases in a single day Tuesday that followed Governor Greg Abbott's retreat from what had been one of the nation's fast is re openings. It's not his call. But President Trump of the administration will be leaning on public schools to re open for the fall. It's very important it's very important for our country is very important for the well being of the student and the parents. So we're going to be putting a lot of pressure on open your schools in the fall. It happened more than two weeks ago, but we're just now hearing about it. Chief Justice John Roberts suffering a head wound after a fall on a walk June 21st Court spokeswoman says Robert spent the night in the hospital after stitches. Doctors think Chief Justice Roberts was dehydrated. Los Alamos National Laboratory confirms that 15 workers are being evaluated after a breach last month involving a glove box that was being used to handle highly toxic and radioactive plutonium. Richard Cancer ABC News And.

Chief Justice John Roberts Los Alamos National Laboratory Greg Abbott President Trump Richard Cancer Robert
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John Batchelor

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Fresh update on "john" discussed on John Batchelor

"Rapidly toward independence? Uh, still rose those dream in in particular as Mount Vernon. So that would have been itself. I'm sure Washington enjoyed showing Patrick can may be the beauty of his plantation. Edmund Pendleton was a more conservative Virginia Ah, not at all sure that America should move too rapidly toward independence. So rose those three men, in particular, all of whom were delegates to the first continental Congress. I'm sure discussed what the next steps should be. Uh, I would say that Washington Washington is the key man here, not only his own, but he's He's the man. And Washington. Although he is self control and self restrained, Washington's instincts are closer to Patrick Henry's than Edmund Pendleton. So I may actually think that it's probably like you that Washington and Henry forged a kind of alliance at that dinner at this time, Thomas Jefferson Wass on his way to the first continental Congress, but dysentery turned him back. They did have a booklet for that he'd produced a pamphlet that he'd produced for grievances. So his pen was was well known. Though he was a young man. We're going to proceed to the first Continental Congress here because Jefferson is not present. But another is they arrive. Washington and Henry Patrick Henry. They arrive in Philadelphia, They were greeted Ah, they arrived by a flatbed ferry across the river into this town that is dominated by the State Assembly building the new jail of the what the college that eventually becomes the University of Pennsylvania, where Professor Beeman is a professor. However, I want to concentrate on the delegates, one delegate from Massachusetts and one delegate from Pennsylvania, the delegate from Massachusetts. Is my favorite in your book Professor because he's so very difficult to like. This is John Adams. Pudgy, pugnacious, extremely envious of absolutely everybody. He can't help himself, but right? Stab in the back remarks about all of his colleagues. What drove Adams Why was he there? Well, I mean, Adam's wass, You know, if you're ranking the reputation of American colonists in September of 17 70 for Adams would be Below the top 20 Hey, was a rising lawyer in Massachusetts. But most of his reputation up to that time had been centered around Boston, not not beyond. You know, I should be grateful to John Adams hey was after all, one of the driving forces behind independence. But most important of all, he systematically violated the rule of secrecy enacted by the first Continental Congress, which said that none of the members should 10 letters back home, telling what was going on, But John Adams just poured his heart and soul out to his right, Abigail and a number of other politicians in Boston. So a lot of what we know about what was going on in the Congress weakened. Thank John Adams for Hey, Wass among the very few delegates who was already thinking About independence as early as September of 74 he was not Silent about his thoughts. Whatever. John Adams was thinking it came right out of his mouth. At times. I think many of his fellow delegates just wanted to wring his neck if he could be really obnoxious. But, uh, he was a passionate spokesperson for the more radical approach to a response, England while Patrick Henry was known as the Dimosthenis of America, because of his ability to take to the floor. We all know his speeches. Give me liberty or give me give me death, which will be in 75. John Adams. We would today call a man who is ah, person practiced in. Ah, what insult he's we call it snarky. Today he'd be a man. He would be a man. He'd be on Twitter all the time. Making unkind remarks about his colleagues is compulsive about it. That's right, Johnny. But when I think of Ah, 21st century counterpart John Adams I think Barney Frank got Pressman from from Massachusetts. Incredibly smart but incredibly outspoken and passionate. Ah, and people either love him or hate him and historians 250 years from now will be very pleased for Barney Frank's emails and all of his remarks because, like John Adams, John at exactly John Adams tells us what's going on. He can't not tell us now. One other player This is a very difficult man to recover because he's a moderate moderate. His name is John Dickinson, who is he in 17 74. Well in 17 70 for John Dickinson, along with Sam Adams. Is probably the best known defender of American liberties throughout all of the American colonies. Now Sam Adams was a radical organizer in Boston. John Dickinson Waas, a London educated, a lawyer who had written a wonderful set of essays called Letters from a farmer in Pennsylvania. Just a minute professor will return with John Dickinson because he's critical to understanding the success of the continental Congress. The book is our lives, our fortunes and our Sacred Honor, the forging of American Independent 74 to 76. Richard Beeman is the author when we come back, John Dickinson, I'm John Bachelor. This is the John battle show..

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