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Fresh update on "john wick" discussed on GSMC Movie Podcast

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Fresh update on "john wick" discussed on GSMC Movie Podcast

"The other side of midnight and condor man. In terms the actors Joseph Bottoms has been in cloud dancer King of the mountain in born to race. Jeb Raffin has been in forty carats touched by love and Claudia and John Wick. Liam was in the Missouri breaks first blood and walk like a man and what I like about this movie, and why I recommend it is, this is a true adventure that whisks you off to all kinds of places in puts you in all kinds of circumstances that you probably wouldn't normally find yourself in and the fact that the boy was only sixteen who sailed this daughter around the world adds a whole other level of intrigue. The next film on my list number six is called the black. and. You liked this movie. If you like movies that are shown magically through a child's eyes. It's considered an adventure. A Family Dome Sports Film. And to give you a brief summary, a young boy gets shipwrecked with a black stallion on a deserted island, and they befriend each other, and when they're rescued and return home. The horse comes with the boy, and he then at home works with a horse trainer to race the stallion against the fastest horse in the world. It's rated G. and it's just under two hours long. It was originally released in nineteen seventy nine. It once awards. It received the special achievement in sound editing award. It was nominated for two Oscars but Bruni for best actor in a supporting role and for best film editing. and. It was a nominee for a golden globe for best original score. Also for BAFTA. Best Cinematography and it went similar awards from different organizations. The director is Carol Ballard. And the key actors R Kelly Reno Mickey Rooney Teri Garr. And according to the APP just watch says this is available for free on Hoopla with subscription. This director is known for a few other films that you may have heard of including never cry wolf and fly away home. In terms of the. Kelly Reno who played the boy in the film. was in a film. The stallion returns and in the film. Brady's escape Mickey Rooney was in night at the museum babe. It's a mad, mad, mad, world and breakfast at Tiffany's. In Teri Garr was in Tootsie, dumb and dumber and the escape artist. What I like about this movie, and why I recommend it is, it's a very magical tail, and I like stories about horses, personally as well as underdog.

Teri Garr Mickey Rooney Kelly Reno Jeb Raffin Director Joseph Bottoms John Wick Oscars Carol Ballard Liam Tiffany Claudia Missouri Bruni Brady
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Fresh update on "john wick" discussed on Bodega Boys

"While Fisher price monitors. Doing aren't storytime. Keep it down to wash out to watch something. How how the bank? The big into baby, he blows down two houses and other ones that break house. He can't blow out. Shut up trying to ask. Your does puppets all right. All right you WANNA see a woman put her hand up. Someone's but come over here. Yeah, that's a real. Gross Gross NFC. They are the yearbook. To Show Sam then what show late night returns to TV learn tonight, but this won't be. Sunday night, the biggest super bowl of lights. We came to this done everything on on the net everything sixty minutes and Seven Hundred Club A. John Album took a off. Oh. Wow, why? Jen Alvarez on hiatus sounds like somebody's nervous scared. You know what I'm saying he got got. Green Bananas. You Talk that talk. Better by British. We do show London. Tomboy jump US this. Shit You guys you. May Jennifer might we go ahead and had a sock for the beans and Shit? Grows as wet. As cousin as my cousin, says, repeated the stop playing with England. We have guns. You, do everybody I mean. I mean. It's like this. Baby! Speaking of God's. You've ever seen. It seen John Wick. The move, yes! Sir. Upset like it like I can't tell you which part happened in which thing or whatever, but like. I've seen all like all of them. The best thing about movies is that's type of movie is like I like mad action gunplay type of movies. Yeah, what I'm saying if you just because. If, you said to use busy. You don't say you need something. Keep you up. I can't high-drama like. Other or like or when people movies whispering all the time. Sometimes you have to be in a certain to watch a movie with subtitles, because then you forget, and then you get distracted. You didn't read now you're. GonNa gotta go. You gotta go back and if it's on Amazon, forget it that interfaces Shit Oh. My God brought. You hit the fucking sixteen. rewind shaver one all the way to the. Beginning credits like. Now. Is even worse. If you buy like you rent a movie on it that you just like so you watch something two days ago and you WanNa Watch it again because you liked it. If you rent it, it starts it like say you did it. Finish End, and you just turned it off. During the credits it starts at the credits would fucking says, does that make this clearly not or trying to I just want to watch. And then like when you open it, it doesn't start. You think it will open to the page of the stuff you site. You've saved or maybe. Some random bullshit now here, hold this. Yeah, this whole if we think you'll like. Okay Oh! You clicked on the trailer for this all right. We're just GonNa make the movie star I was like I was just wondering. Who Your Netflix's Matt Abusive! Push! Play. With Joe, they gotta Fix Shit I. Think Michael Anthony Corona. Ange. No government trying to kill me because they knew I was gonNA exposed today. Don't think about.

Jen Alvarez London John Wick Fisher Netflix SAM A. John Michael Anthony Corona Jennifer England Amazon JOE
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Fresh "John wick" from Disconnected

"Riot Johnson Star Wars and director I believe. Or whatever the fuck is these director? He directed POKEMON. Go Commercial, which was stupid I. Feel I. Don't know why they use him because anyone I feel like a child could have directed commercial. That's a bunch of idiot. Kids going around and ripping the world open, and when they do a Polka on behind the wall, I don't know it was a stupid commercial. It was a thirty second waste of time and God knows what they pay ride. Johnson and to direct that. He probably didn't even remember directing that. and. He's the fuck director this piece of ship. Before. Get into the main. Maybe. Let's look this up. John. Spoiler Free Your final. Take on last of US before we get to the other what I'm going to plug the email and talk about that. added of go for you as it wrapped up. final regime I gotta give it a point. Seven five overall, the Gameplay was tight sword was good. I can't speak for any defended community, but I felt that what? Presented was fair and not to denigrating to anyone at all. once again the apocalypse. People are generally bad and then the apocalypse. They could be a worse. I wasn't disappointed with the ending. Personally I know there's a lot of Ireland that. I think should. I think people should play the game, not just like Oprah game to learn, but if the Jin generally good game yeah, it's interesting. Jimmy Laura did say that the game's pretty damn good through a majority of it, but rated the final act as the shittiest part of the game. That it just absolutely, no sense lost the plot and Elliot. Apparently just because this is utter a piece of Shit for no reason towards the end. I can I can understand that that logic and yet she does kind of GO OFF! The rails just changed their moments of reflections vacant. Oh, yeah! That's another thing like she. She's kind of a reflection of Joel, but to a different extent it's. Too late yeah yeah. I will say this though as much content as the first two ax contained I felt that there was some some more that could have been added to the third. Act The game could have been long. Pacing issues were is like it was fly is pretty good is going well does make sense. Weird memory hopping. fucking character in a floor I really. Stupid. But aside that apparently, it's like five to kind of makes sense aside that, and then here comes the final acting like what chapter did I. Miss All this went down like it'd be world. War Three, all of a sudden and I. Don't recall when that happened. The other day. This is a pretty significant time jump, but I mean now. It's the thing that I'm real. Is it? Is it? Is it a perceived time job, or is there a very clear three years later type of situation? No No, it's very clear and with the fans are the people that play that I've talked to. We're assuming that there's going to be DLC Fillon. Just. All right well, you know what given point seven five nine. We'll probably review copy next time because that's the kind of shows. They were looking for wanting dude, but. You didn't give it. Give free copy. yeah, so that's that's John and there we go, and we before we get into the main topic of ever. You can email us at disconnect cast. Mail at That's disconnected has been at all right so well. That's continues to be a raging fire, not in the sense of the Games like that awful, but because of the situation surrounding so Neil Druckman and troy. Big butthurt boys that have been especially as of late in They're really upset now because people are disrespecting the art man Troy. Troy. All right, so there are fans out there who are defending that the critics who said that the game was like Schindler's List didn't say that. I'M GONNA. Read the tweet. Oriole out. There can tell me if it sounds like. He said this okay, because the fans claim that he did not say that. Here's the tweet verbatim. Jeff Cannata said in a medium where everything's John. Wick the last of us. Two is Schindler's list. And just like that film. There were times when I wasn't. Typo and there were times when I wasn't could keep going. That must be cut off. I wasn't sure I could keep. Going assures English a little bit better than that. It's a relentless emotional assault houses back when A. JADED JADED! Yeah, so even even insensitive jules ordeal feel emotions, basically what he said. Isn't that. Did I not actually say that last of us? Is Schindler's list. of course, the old Druckman decided to come to that guy's aid because he gave us to ten on ten, so must protect right pawtucket off hawks. Neil Druckman said to me. It's clear that Jeff is comparing emotional response between two pieces of media, not subject matter importance I did not take it as a direct comparison between our game, and the Holocaust itself or even as a way to diminish the weight of that film. In a world in a medium where everything is John Wick the last of us in part two is Schindler's list. To me. It's clear that Jeff isn't marrying an emotional response within the to inaugurate, so the point is. They're fucking. And Troy, Baker, no for being very defensive of his art, even when he's not that good a game..

John Wick Schindler Director Neil Druckman Jeff Cannata Troy United States Go Commercial Johnson Jimmy Laura Elliot Ireland Joel Assault Jules Baker