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"john zombies" Discussed on Comic Dwarves

"Sledge through all. The zombie poop walked through the burning cities. Eight some zombies cooked some people we lived in the community a community that you would share with the rest of the world. Tom absolutely absolutely. You would recommend every walking dead ever for a new comic book reader. I would absolutely one hundred percent every single issue including the deleted chapters all at once. And that's a tough sell all right. John zombie flesh poop. Peter's with us you're going gonna fling some bugs. The walking dead for everybody. I would say if you could pick up the indians in order and just start real so the break your hand as you're reading you just love the whole are you holding. Are you holding back when you read it but you have to. Do you have to hold all of them. No just whatever you're where you're you're wearing you read the first seemed like you've got a jacket with pouches. You're walking with all of the my okay. that's fair. the most powerful walking dead person in the rain then nobody saying absolutely to two huge thumbs up to the walking dead so far michael brown. Tell us what. Say you a slice and zombie heads with shown out of your legs. Don't he liked ruins. No i'm meeting him. He liked ruins. You know that he is going to end up wanting to vote for this one to heal anything. That's even kind of edgy. Kind of distill bec- yeah he's gonna give it unfair credence Irony no he's gonna vote for it but he shouldn't have and he has terrible taste and he's fired from the rest of this episode. So that's for michael. Because i'm not i will not have this sweep. I am not going to let you guys all of a sudden. Have three two right away from here. We're cast michael. Brad this episode. It's it's unfair where i'm not. I will not be to vote. But he only allowed him to vote. No i allowed him to vote through me. I will not be. I will not be outweighed in the rep before i even get to cast my vote. Not a chance. It's almost like that. One arc in the walking dead no. It's not okay. Move on last night. So i can tell you now all right would you. Would you try to the dead. Would you tell someone to read this. Wait i've never read any others. Do we really need to ask that. I'm sure anybody who's been listening to the last two hours Is well aware of the fact. That i mean if you think. I'm even kind of on the fence. I don't have words for you. Go eat his ambi- poop not not a chance zero. You should read one. I mean okay maybe like the first two volumes cool but especially if you get anywhere near city on fire. Just just google. The pages zombie birds. And then that's it. That's all you need be done. No zero percent. Chance we've got two thumbs. We got two thumbs down kinda no definitely thousand solitude thumbs down. Go ahead and join us josh. Don't be a dick. Don't be abusive to our readers. Don't let them think that this is okay. Although the underground van bids into the zombie eating shit eaters was a great arc. I mean the rest of the book just doesn't hold fire man like nothing up to monster to me. I just couldn't live up to like that. Was the high point for you. You can't break out. A poop monster in the compendium for under an underground city that was established in compendium. Three and just like expect me to go on with life with normal shit with military's and weird militia stuff after a poop monster. I can't give this a thumbs up man. The walking dead gets a big thumbs down. Because it's going to disappoint you. If you're into that high fantasy poop monster shit victims down that's it. Walking dead failed us. All of it do you say to with what's your conclusion here. Give us a- as you made us read all this what what. Why did you make us do this. Because they're everybody at least one point in their year needs to sit down and read every issue of the walking dead ever. it's that significant and that's it. We found a bunch of coal bunker cope with dead. And i think i hear a beep in an open and a bopanna believe john. Pull that lever. i'll do just that. I mean reluctantly. I don't feel like i don't have the emotional fortitude to go on. I'll do it for the listener. The readout and next week we will be reading. We are going to be catching backup with fables volume. One legends in exile. So yeah i think we'll all jump into that everybody who's here just remember. Volume ones legends in exile atomic clear before we start reading so we can record next episode where reading fables volume one legends in exile. All right so. I think everybody's got so all will reconvene next week and we'll we'll record that episode and with that our job is done. We invite you to join in the conversation and send in your own recommendations by reaching out to us on facebook twitter or instagram. We are comic doors on all platforms or you can send us an email at comic doors at g. Mail dot com tune in next time as we tackle our next door selection fables volume one legends exile. Don't forget san diego. Listeners can get twenty percents off both fables and every issue. The walking dead ever at kamikaze by using our secrets. You can you out there. They're going to give a discount. Anybody who walks in there to bite walking ever. They will more than gladly. you should clarify. Twenty off is not as any walking dead. You have to buy them all for its account but you can only get that discount by using our super secret code word. select o matic for the comic doors. I'm tom pitas voice beavis. I'm john butler. I'm sean corporal..

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