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"john winemakers" Discussed on VOICE Global 2021

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"john winemakers" Discussed on VOICE Global 2021

"I mean all about how can we get people into the Entity system into the cloud ecosystem Certainly so given given that what do you think in our audience. These are folks that are you know well steeped in this industry. They are the you know. They are the pioneers. If you will Is there anything that that the industry should be paying attention to with regards to getting ahead of of any sort of regulatory challenges or anything along those lines. Do you have any have any advice for for industry leaders leaders. Yes it'll be real interesting to see if the non leaders do the same thing to my mind what we really talking about. Pd is biometrics. Right and i think one of the great challenges in the next decade and so is going to be what are the boundaries of biometrics in commercial. Life i'm more concerned about. Voice biometrics frankly than i am a facial because interesting worried about facial already and the rise. You know san francisco and other places at least have abandoned for government not that we shouldn't worry about facial but right voices seductive. We set it ourselves. People voice in the in the intimacies their bedrooms and other places in the home and once you begin to say that your body is fair game for the commercial commercialization of your thoughts. That's a problem we could go through and it's fascinating to think about the ways in which people have been categorized since the nineteenth century. You know moving from basic lists with addresses and names to demographics to psychographic still location behavior online and off to the interconnection of online and off and one of the points. I try to make in the book. Is that every one of these categories particularly when we get to the internet era. The era was really interesting because when we got to nineteen ninety four and the commercialization of the internet advertisers thought they had finally solved john. Wanamaker's dilemma you remember. John winemakers dilemma. So he's remind me he was the guy supposedly you said. I know that half of my advertising works. But i don't know which half right right so the notion was now with the internet. Solve that problem because you could follow everybody. You know what everyone's doing baloney i mean. We look back now on that and it just doesn't mckay. We love to believe it but look at all the issues that come up in terms of trying to understand what's happening online. You have air blocking you have click fraud. You have all these issues now with the third party cookies we have you know people signing up with other people's names and and so what's happening is at every step of the interpretation of people in the use of people for categories. There's a step back. And say hey. Can we find a better way to do this. And it seems to me. And i think in talking with you you used. The term value added that a lot of advertisers are beginning to see voice potentially as a value added to understanding about people. Because i mean it's incredible. What some scientists say that you can learn from voice. I- emotion is the one that they're least prepared to say is definitive. But i've spoken to people who say age health weight height. It's amazing what you can So the out of a person's voice right and that's the kind of thing which you know if people run after that. I've been checking on privacy policies for example when i started writing the book writing it in twenty nine thousand nine. I looked at bank of america. Which has erica. You know the voices there yet. And i looked at the privacy policy..

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