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"john william justice skinner" Discussed on Typology

"That there is something. Yeah, you know, you're just making me think, and I don't want to go too far down this wormhole because you and I could go down a wormhole right here. But well, let's just talk about the Bible for a second. Certainly the Bible would say that there's intergenerational trauma, right? I do. It's pretty clear, right? That thing's passed down generation onto generation. Right. Sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge, right? Yes, yes, right? And I do think that you mentioned Carl Jung earlier and I'm a great fan of Carl Jung. And one of his contemporary author who does, I think, a beautiful job of making young accessible to people with James Hollis. And it seems to me, young would have said, oh, absolutely. Intergenerational. Things pass on to us, right? And so there is, as you said, a great deal of wisdom and insight to be found when we look into previous generations in our genealogies and that may help us understand who we are because of who they were, you know? And I can, you know, I think about my own family. My father was an alcoholic and an addict, his two sisters were alcoholics who died from alcoholism. I'm in recovery for substance abuse. Substance use disorder. I can just go on and on and on. Now you could say, well, that's just a genetic predisposition. That has been proven, but let's just say it is. But I just think also, it's just intergenerational trauma. I just think that once a ball gets rolling somewhere, it can begin to pick up momentum. And part of our job, I think, as human beings is learning how to reverse the momentum of some of this trauma in our lives so that we don't continue to pass it forward on to others. Hey everybody, one of the lessons I've learned over the years is that not everybody benefits from a traditional 50 minute counseling session. And this is why some people can go to couples therapy or personal counseling for a long time and never really get anywhere. This is why I'm such a believer of intensive counseling and my friends at restoring the soul in Colorado created by my longtime friend Michael Cusack to help couples or individuals experience deep change and half day blocks over one or two weeks. Now listen, if you can't wait months or years to get to the bottom of an issue or to experience breakthrough, you need to get in touch with my friend Michael and his extraordinary team of counselors at restoring the soul. If you're looking to get out of the rut, you're in, but can't wait months or years, call restoring the soul today for a free consultation with Michael's staff call 303-932-9777 and learn how their intensive counseling process can help you as a special bonus just for typology listeners make sure to visit WWW dot restoring the soul dot com slash typology to download their PDF called 5 ways unaddressed trauma may be derailing your relationships. I was doing some research with my family and when we were when we were pregnant with our first son, this is 21 years ago. And I was looking for names, so I was going back. And I found my great grandfather 5 times removed. And I found where he was buried, and I had just come out of a 7 year stint of working in the inner city. And I'm a musician, a songwriter. So those were the two parts of my life working in the inner city with the underprivileged and music. And I found where he was buried. I found his headstone, and he had this huge headstone, and the top of the headstone had one hand giving to another and it said a friend to the poor. And underneath his death date, it said dying, he's saying amazing grace, how sweet the sound that said drenched like me. And I'm sitting here looking at this tombstone with a grandfather 5 times removed and these two huge pieces of my life that Mark my life and I realized I'm walking in an inheritance, you know? It was just, it really bowled me over and we ended up naming our son after him. Well, you have to say, you have to tell mod your son's name. So my grandfather's name was John William and so we named our son John William justice skinner. I love it. I mean, I love it. Yeah. And the justice was all about because I just spent the last 7 years working in the inner city. So he's named after that season. So John William justice skinner, yeah, so. Can you just give us a word of wisdom and encouragement or instruction for our listeners around looking into their histories to understand their present reality? Yeah, I would just say, you know, one legacy I've carried forward of my very evangelical Christian childhood is the idea that the truth will set you free. And I really, I believe that to be the case, you know? A lot of painful stuff can come up a lot of joyful stuff can come up the kinds of amazing recurrences that Anthony was talking about and, you know, but being willing to look at all of it and really understand and feel our way into all of us all of it can help us show up so much better in the world. Well, thank you so much, everybody. Martin Newton ancestor trouble a reckoning and a reconciliation to dropped on March 29th of 2022. So I want to encourage all of you to go out and get this remarkable remarkable book. Mod, can we have you back on? This was too good to just be a one off conversation. I mean, anytime, you know, because I'm such a fan. I can tell you that I can tell you that quit melling about is going down and type biology history. I had to bring that back up. We really, even if you haven't had that said to you, I know you know what it feels like when somebody is like, just stop. Well, technology listeners from king of Prussia, Pennsylvania, to the words, may you have love, may you have joy? May you have peace, may you have healing? May you have rest until next time.

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