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Scaling for Global Messaging Connectivity, Mitto Podcast

"This is the green and I'm the publisher of telecom reseller. And today I'm with John whitley, who is the vice president of sales Americas fito. Sean, thank you for joining me today. Thanks for having me. Well, this is going to be very exciting topic. We're going to be talking about scaling for global connectivity. We're going to be talking about great opportunities for companies that maybe have not thought of themselves in a certain way, so I want everyone to stay listening because I think this is going to be a really good one. So, you know, we've done a number of these podcasts about meadow, and I think our readers at this point have probably seen some information about you, but could you give us a better idea for those who may not have a clear idea of magneto more information about me? Yeah me too is a leading provider of global omnichannel communications solutions. So we're offering very easy to integrate SMS voice and other chat app APIs for any sort of customer, engagement, you know, end to end business messaging for your brand and the biggest thing for us is we have a very unique platform that really ensures that all the largest brands in the world are ready for what's next with their customer engagement. So what we're going to be talking today about scaling for global connectivity. And my first question is, the cost quality equation is always a delicate balance. How do messaging businesses prioritize? Yeah, that's a tricky one. It's always important to manage budgets, but at the same time, manage expectations. It's not realistic to offer the highest quality, highest conversion on all of your communication at the lowest possible price in the world. It is just not feasible, especially when we talk about globally, every market has its unique intricacies. And so providers have to really decide what type of quality do they want to provide to their customers. And what type of service are they considering offering along that at what price point? And so that's something that's really unique to me though that I really attracted me as to why I ended up coming to join the company was we set up our own AI routing system and our own test network of real phone numbers that allows us to constantly know what is the most efficient route at this moment. What's the most reliable route from not only delivering messages and having your users receive those messages, which is obviously critically important for their experience and for your brand, but the reliability factor of how quickly the messages are getting there from a latency is anything being manipulated or changed in your message, which could impact again what you're trying to convey to them, depending on the use case, but also balancing that with cost efficiency. So we're able to look at that on our platform and determine in real time which route is optimal for the best experience the expected experience and the price point. And this is something really unique to us because it's a global priority. We're not just a specialist in one region. Is this something that we're doing for some major brands globally? And I think when you look at it from the customer's perspective, they have to look at the overall experience of their user and determine what is more important to them. Is it really about getting those messages or those communications out to their users? Or is it about saving some money here? And what can they afford to save and as sacrifice? I mean, it's a delicate equation, but I think it's about the transparency between the provider and what their capabilities are and the customer and what they're trying to do for their end users. And you know, before we go on it, it seems like also I'm hearing that you really benefit from doing business with the company like me though because of the level of experiences that you have in other words the level of knowledge and data that you come to the table with instead of having to try to replicate all that on your own. Absolutely. I think our platform our background is we came from the wholesale market where we actually provided these FMS routes and capabilities using this platform to help them get the most efficient routing. And we've brought that to the enterprise brands directly in the last two years here. And all of that data of our test network, being able to see these real-time messages instead of just relying on DLR receipts or other conversion metrics provided by the customers, we see in real time what's happening with our different routes. And then our system can automatically take that data and make dynamic routing changes. I mean, that's real-time changes. And that immediately impacts the experience your customers get. So it really has been our differentiator in the market. Absolutely. So when we talk about scale, we must also be talking about a global presence. So, you know, why is that so essential to ensure a global offering? Well, I mean, the world is more connected than ever. I know I'm sure you've heard this statement before that the post pandemic world, the digital revolution. Everything is being accelerated at an incredible pace. And the more and more that people come online and utilize these services, we need to immediately connect people all over the world. It's not, we're not selling to just from the mom and pop shop here locally in this community. We're talking about these brands that have users distributed everywhere in the world. And so businesses need to be equipped with the right technology to do this and do it reliably and efficiently. And so it's not as simple as we can be the best there is in market. We need to be the best that we can be everywhere because these big brands and these users everywhere expect the same experience. They expect the same quality of service when they're engaging with this brand. It doesn't matter. It's not like a user in one country is going to be like, oh, well, you know, I know we're in this country and this communications is crap here. So it's expected that I'm not going to get a message from a brand. Like, no, they want to get that message from the brand. They want to engage. So as a provider, you have to look at the global scale, the same way that you look at cost optimization. And it seems to me that with the advent of mobility, that what you're talking about is more true than ever that, you know, we're continuously connected to the companies that we do business with and to your point, whether we're moving from state to state or province to province or country to country, we probably don't even think about the idea that maybe it would be different just because we're in a different place. I mean, with mobile and the Internet, there are no borders. It's the World Wide Web for a reason. It's global from the onset. And I just think like you said, the more you engage with the brand, the average consumer doesn't even think about where they're engaging from. I mean, obviously, if we're talking about like a Spotify or one of those where there's content restrictions, you can't access certain music or the licensing in other countries. That's a little different. But the average online service that you're engaging with social media platforms doesn't matter where you're accessing it from. It should be the same experience no matter where you are. You know, before we move on, can you give me some examples of this in play where maybe you had a customer that in fact really wasn't delivering this? And you've made it possible for them to do so. Absolutely. So we have large one of the largest social networks brands in the world that something they weren't doing it well, but they were actually looking for ways to improve conversion rates. Looking for ways to not only give a better experience, but at the same time, if they could save some money, they would like to do that as well, even if it was the same quality. So it was a combination of, again, that ratio. When we first engaged with them, that initial engagement was about I don't know 25 operators across the global scale. And this is somebody that's working with lots of providers. It's not like they just have one provider in place and now they're looking to make some changes. They had multiple providers. In fact, everything was based off of an algorithm based routing engine. So it would only award traffic to the providers that were performing the best in that price quality ratio. And there were certain markets that we targeted first where we knew we could make an immediate impact. And then the algorithm started testing some of the other destinations. And we quickly saw that traffic increase. I mean, we're talking about going from like I said 25 operators and now we're in several hundred operators that we're powering for them, including over a 100 million SMS a month. And the growth is just outstanding. It's an excellent example of being able to scale to support, not only the sizable volume, but also their globally distributed user base in the cost effective and high quality way. And so that is one of the biggest pieces that we've been able to showcase not just for these large brands, but even some of these medium sized brands that have users in all the English speaking countries, for example. And we're able to provide such value in different markets that again it's a consistent reliable way for the end user to experience the service. I'm so glad you included in your example, companies that are not necessarily huge. I'm wondering whether there's a story here for companies, organizations have perceived themselves as really regional. Because it seems to me they really may seem to have the same requirement. After all, the ultimate customer could be anywhere. Yeah, I mean, the story doesn't change if we're talking about someone who's a global user base or a more regional. At the end of the day, it's about creating an exciting experience for your customers. And that means to be strategically aligned across all departments, anytime the customers engaging with your brand, whether it's immediately through the product service website app, whatever it may be, or how they engage with their support team. All that is creating a brand image and a brand experience. And you need to be able to have your best foot forward at all times. So when you work with providers through all this communication and engagement use cases, you need to make sure that they understand your expectations of price and quality because at the end of the day, both of those can directly impact the user's experience. And so working with the provider that may have some advantageous routing capabilities like us, even in a regional play, a smaller midsize company, the value there is sometimes there's connectivity issues with providers downstream. Sometime there is latency that's causing delays in your messages. Being able to understand that that's happening in real time and have alternative routes set up to help you get around those situations in real time. And then once they're resolved, if necessary route back to the original providers and routes, that's something that's important rather than relying on someone who pretty much they have a direct connection that that's great. In typical cases, but stuff happens, you know? SMS is a store in four technology and things happen and you need to have a provider who's flexible and agile and that's the thing about our platform. It's all of those things. So Sean, you know, with a person is a lot of experience with this industry. Why did you choose me to? What made you decide to go with that? Well, I've been part of a startup in this CPAP space, and it was there for a very long time. I mean, over ten years now and when it was my time to look for my next thing, I was actually introduced to miso and got to see the platform under the hood. I know I've talked a little bit about it already and it's uniqueness. But when I really saw how dynamic it could be, the potential of what it could do for helping improve overall engagement and some of the use cases where it relies so heavily on deliverability, especially in some difficult destinations. I mean, the technology itself was fascinating and more powerful than I'd really seen at a lot of the other providers in the space at the time. And at the same time, the people that were involved were very quick to make decisions were very quick to share with me their ambitions. And, you know, I'm very big on personal growth. I'm very big on supporting others and helping everyone level up along the way. And I really felt like the group of people that I would be working with, were going to challenge me, they were going to pull me up. They were going to push me into new directions as I built out the team here in North and South America. And the ride that we've been on the last 18 months, I hate self promoting so much. It's really not what I'm trying to do here and talk about myself, but I mean, in the 18 months, we've been on a rocket ship. And it has surpassed what I expected us to accomplish by this point. And I'm very happy that I made the decision to join here and I'm very, very excited about what we're going to do over the next couple of years. Tell me a little bit about that. And let's connect it to today's discussion. What's coming up? Well, you know, when we talk about global and scale, a lot of the things that are coming up most consistently in our customer conversations has to do with the chat app channels. You know, different regions have different dominant market share players in that space. You know, you've got your WhatsApp, and your Facebook Messenger is your fibers, telegrams, et cetera. And we have all those available. We can have you integrate them build them yourselves with our API tools and we also have some pre built solutions. And I think this is where we're starting to carve our own lane is around making ourselves the easiest communications platform to work within the world. Whether that means how you engage with us or how the actual service is. That's our ambition. And along those lines, it's creating the ability for someone who's sophisticated enough to build their own solution. We've got all the tools and technical capabilities and on the back end, everything is connected and works. Separately, if you're not, so savvy or sophisticated when it comes to communications, we want to have pre built solutions available that are almost plug and play that you can just log in like a SaaS service and it works for let's say your support team. We have a conversations omnichannel tool, where your agents can just log into this portal and have one on one conversations with your end customers through any channel that they desire, whether it's web chat, WhatsApp, SMS, any of the other OTCs I've mentioned. And it all centralizes into one contact folder. So you know you can reach your customer through the preferred channel anytime. And besides being trained on how to use the portal, it's just as intuitive as texting and messaging on your phone. And it's a simple inbox. There's no limited to no integration necessary. And so at the end of the day, we want it to be available and accessible to everyone in the most easiest way possible to work really fixated on this build versus build model. And I think that's where it's going. You've got the large enterprises, sophisticated players out there that know what they're doing with APIs and the chat apps and SMS. The next level is helping everyday business. The mid market business, the ones that don't have those technical resources, be able to give their customers those delightful experiences through their engagement channels and go beyond just one channel, especially when we go global in different pockets have different preferred channels. So that was a lot to answer. You know, I'm so glad you talked about that because it sort of connects what we were talking about earlier. And I think you're right that the mother load of opportunity if you will out there might be these smaller firms that don't see themselves on a global footing to your point earlier, but who really, you know, the opportunity exists to get them to have sort of an offering that does allow that level of experience that maybe they didn't think they need or could ever offer. Yeah. I mean, look, we've got multiple high volume accounts these big VIP traffic accounts relying on us. But we also have a massive emphasis on serving the mid market in the S and B customers because we know like you said, they may not see themselves having these types of experiences because the current tools that are available are either really complex. They don't know where to start their difficult to get going. We're trying to make it as simple as possible. And as pre built as possible, so the level of effort to get started is minimal. Because at the end of the day, like I said, brands differentiate from each other with how the customers experience their service. And that applies to all industries. The apples of the world, they separated themselves and they bought the reasons. But some of the main reasons is just how simple it is, how elegant it is, and that applies to lots of different industries and if we can make the communications and how they engage with their customers, just a little bit easier a little bit better, a little bit more elegant. They are going to shine and that's I hope we'll be a winning combination for us. So, Sean, I want to thank you for joining me today on this podcast. So talking about scaling for global connectivity. And I really want to thank you for connecting the dots to almost everybody we reached to people that are looking for new opportunities for new conversations to talk to companies that may not have really thought of themselves in this way, and even for the enterprise users that we reach to some of them sometimes despite the scale of not really thought of themselves in this way or thought that they could really do this. And in an easy manner. So I want to thank you for doing that. So, Sean, where can we learn more? The easiest place would just be our website, which is mito CH. It has all the information you could want to know about the integrations, the different channels, all those different products and services we offer. Also, if you want to stay up to date on what we're working on, we have our blog page on our website there, which gives the latest and greatest information. And then myself, as well, I'm on LinkedIn. That's probably the easiest way for people to get in touch with me. If they want to connect, discuss any of these topics, you know, just talk about the industry, talk about whatever. That's completely fine. I'm an open book. Well, Sean again, thank you very much indeed for joining us. I know we're going to be podcasting meto. Again, very soon. And Sean, I hope I get to podcasts you again soon as well. So for now, thanks very much. Have a good afternoon. Thank you for having me.

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The South Florida Morning Show  HR 4  5-11-21

The South Florida Morning Show

37:35 min | 4 months ago

The South Florida Morning Show HR 4 5-11-21

"The south florida morning show with jennifer. Ross in bill adams on news talk eight fifty w. mtl are under attack in ways that they were center. Well the acting army secretary saying basically gen the group russian. Hackers aren't specifically representing russia. But they're based in russia. We think So there'd be there to blame for hacking are so it's russia's fault so when we have a like a home grown terrorist that lives here. It's our fault that he's a terrorist. Right that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. John whitley says even if the russian government is not involved. That's a gray area. Because what constitutes your digital active warri. That's what he was saying in there in his zoom call. Today okay Unless putin told them to do it. I'm not gonna blame russia. Why don't we just blame the entity of bad hackers. Why is it that all these people that have this incredible talent do it for bad things. I don't know i. It's it's frightening to me though. They can shut down the energy industry in the east coast like this at least as far as this particular oil pipeline. There are others. You know. we'll talk about that in a second here. But still now they're saying the colonial pipelines not going to be back online till they told us yesterday was going to be like by last night's yeah and north carolina just declared a state of emergency because they can't get enough oil to them. Oh so they're gas. You know what. I bet you're gonna see. Gas rationing in north carolina. Than if they can't get enough ga- enough oil there. I could see that happening yet. And they're going to In does it spread to other this pipeline. I guess feeds the entire east coast. Five thousand miles. Fifty five hundred miles hour in kind of shot. That i think yesterday and recumbent was i never knew. There was the pipeline that long in the united states. We just don't think about it. Why would you you know unless something like. This happens in his in the news right. Yeah i i never knew that guy's so we actually got an email about this. Yes it's not the russian hackers says. i don't know he's married to a kennedy. I remember that one one of our wonderful listeners. Very upset that we didn't know cuomo his ex wife was was it kennedy. But how would you not know. That's all right so no one of our listeners. Here michael Very interesting because you know we talked about you know we know on this pipeline was under those thousands and thousands of miles. I knew there there. I had no idea right. Just don't think about them. How much is really there. So he tells us actually that He worked for a company where they operated and owned over. Eighty three thousand miles of pipeline in the us slow. He's retired now and but he says according to his knowledge of the of the industry there's two point six million miles of pipeline in our country. How that from micheal one of our listeners. Thank you michael. That's incredible you. Think two point. Six million miles of pipeline makes sense the whole point of this to go a long distance. He you just never think about it here. We go about our day and we get our gas and we'd go home and but my gosh i mean the infrastructure that is underground we think about the keystone pipeline. Yeah which that connected us to canada drew. I that's incredible. Wow who knew. I don't know. But i i wish they would kind of beef up cybersecurity then when it comes to these things. It's almost like the train. The national train system. They're run by a computer system. This not somebody out there. I don't think you know still with the old switching the rails kinda deal all this is run electrically which means it's you know it can be hacked and i mean how big or these power stations that run all this stuff. I you know. I sit here i just. I just watched a video of how they put this. They use a very large ditch. Which by the way to dig the holes put the pipes in but what kind of powering system to you. Need to push oil fifty five hundred miles. Yeah i mean i'm sure there substations that they hit and they got thicken holy cow. That's a lot of pumps big pumps the things we learn. It's true that's why we do the show to learn stuff tomorrow the alphabet tomorrow basic math. Now we got dinner. We don't need basic math. Problem is immediately now given the the gas industry. I will even say it an excuse to raise prices all summer long. It may have happened anyway. He's start talking about well higher-than-expected summer travel rebounding from cova. We're going to get this summer blend in there. You've got this thing factored in. I don't know. I never understood why it costs more money to make the summer blend. What's in the senate. What is this cappuccino. It's like adams they're making a new beer back their summer. Blend a great france. So i i. I don't know i wouldn't i wouldn't listen. I think it's pretty much assured that gas prices are going to be high all summer long. I without a doubt the well. They're saying they're going to be three bucks by the end of today or by tomorrow so three bucks a gallon and then you're right then summer hits than they. Oh summer blend than all lot to travel old right. you know. Supply and demand prices. Go up to three sixty three seventy a gallon or if you live on the west coast five bucks. A gallon makes no sense. It's nuts is what it is most disturbing things as we put a bow on. This thing was the biden administration yesterday. Just saying well. It's a private industry issue. We're not going to comment on that. What do you mean you would think that when an oil company or a pipeline of this nature and this magnitude gets hacked that the federal government would be doing everything to help the industry. I mean and they are You know biden was talking about working with this colonial company. I'm sure there are many companies involved here. But i mean you can't just manages. Working directly with colonial to get the pipelines back online an operating at full capacity as quickly and safely as possible. They asked sake about it. Did they pay off the terrorists. Well it's a private industry issue. We don't know okay. Oh well saying well. She should have just said no because if they paid him. Let's stop what are they called the dark side when a great name for a bad bunch of hackers. What's to stop them from going after the electrical grid or the water greater whatever nothing. The system may be that they attack. Next time i hopefully it what it does is it sends up a big red flag to all these other industries that have this kind of system that that the united states and everybody in it is dependent on and they fix the problem so it can't be hacked absolutely geez at scary. Sometimes it takes a problem to security system. You know we don't take action until there's a problem so maybe that will lead to this. You would hope anyway. I don't know you can only hope that's for sure Big pfizer news. The fda as was really expected approve them to lower the age to get the pfizer vaccine. It's for twelve to fifteen. Yeah it'll soon drop down to six and five man three and then then birth than it'll be. Infants are getting it before the end of the year. I think what's going to happen is in new brought this up earlier by the time. School starts any school age. Kids going to have to have a vaccine and they'll have it readily available in two months. We've gone from sixty five to twelve years old with this mazing really whether or not you believe in the backs whether or not you want to get it. That's a stunning development. It really is. I mean you think about how they rolled this out and we'll just look at what india is going through right now. You know india's got a problem right now they can't get it out they can't just distribute it and enough places people getting. The numbers are through the roof. But still it's like we we we mastered this. There's no doubt about it so kudos to whoever was behind it. You know trump originally. And then i guess this administration just followed the blueprint you know when all of this. And what did they say yesterday. Sixty percent of the country's had at least one shot at a lot of people all of that leads into what was the number one thing survey after survey people had said the number one thing they wanted to do when they're vaccinated travel travel. It's going to be an hints travel season. So that means that. There's a gas shortage by. See because of this pipeline. So your airline tickets just went up Disaster track raise prices probably not. I don't know that's a good question. Were they running throughout the whole thing. I don't even know. I don't think so. I think they recently started. I and i think it's like dedicated lines. It's not all of it. Wow i i always like going by trump but like you said. I took the same one from rhode island in new york. I probably could've walked new york quicker. It's still going you oftentimes. It's like it stopped like every ten feet on my really. I couldn't believe it was horrible. Going from worcester mass to I think it was grand central station. I'm like this many train stations. i it really is. It's quite horrifying. I know you can take direct once. We took it must have been the cheap one we took us. It took forever like. Oh my god. I got sick everytime it stopped. I was like get me off this rat trap. Oh my god horrible so women that's out to you can't fly now. I'll take a train now. They have They have a really nice train car. That goes from lake Charlotte across texas. And it's supposed to rain express. Yeah it's it's a murder mystery but no it's just a really nice but it's really expensive because i wanted to do it. I wanted. Take it but it's like ridiculously expensive. Did you ever do the The car won the car transport. One what is at virginia. And it'll take your car down here but you gotta get virginia. Oh no no. It'll take your car lever moving down that's other. We'll get down here. I have taken what it's like trying to drive the car off. I've i've only taken the ferry to block island. Oh and and Province down when we went to the cape you can take to from right on but that was yes blah block islands where teddy kennedy ruined. It got married their private and then all of a sudden he gets married there and everybody wants to buy land there a chicken coop. Cost you five mil boy. It's ridiculous well. you have doesn't have to worry about cost of at all. Jeff bezos is in the news convinced. It's because elon. Musk has been in the news recently. does he line. Must caveat or does now the question would beat as zealand must build when bigger now robot to be just to be spiteful silva arriving super yacht because these things take like four years to build. Yeah that's what. I heard a long time. Well bezos building a yacht. That's so big it needs its own support yacht. This is ridiculous. The five hundred million four to twenty foot long sailing yacht so the three giant mass mean. The ship won't have to have room for a helipad because the masks get in the way. Why would he ask for big problems. You know i wouldn't have a motorized. Yeah i is. He doing okay. 'cause i guess he's trying to be green. I know absolutely no idea yet that big that sales. Let's keep in mind for a second. Jeez this is a website that started off selling books and the amazing amazon is turned into. It's incredible and now the so the support yod is a yacht on its own that most people in the world couldn't afford this is just a support yacht for the regular yacht so it can carry a helicopter right. You've gotta be kidding me. Nope maybe it's an emotional support yacht. Oh gracious. I don't know that's the kind of out when you get in a fight with your wife or husband. Go year over there. Go on the so-called. it's going the dinghy. Get outta here. It's like the guest house. His is bigger than anything. Oh my goodness get some more Headlines to talk about coming up next. The queen is up to two awesome things today. Oh i love you. Drink the queen's beer absolutely me too. Yeah i bet you. It's really good at more next. These south florida morning. Show this bill. Keep it here talking fifty. Tlc wfan's the morning show on this gen. This diener bill cairns news coming up in hold on the minutes and forty seconds no. I'm not saying it's right through a number you'll get excited. I think it's more intimate but that's okay. Well i could. I don't even no one knows. Pseudo-state said tuesday. That feels like a monday. And we're drinking the queen's brew here. This is great great new. I think what's happening. Is she signing off on things that she always wanted to do. She's ninety five now lost her husband. She's like. I am going to have some fun. But does she already have like a wine. Queens wine or a buckingham palace wine. That happened last year. Okay and it was more music. Do you just want to play the music. They won't sue us. Don't worry so there's a the queen beer is gonna is going to be happening like it's really you know. Obviously they have a brewer. Come in and everything She's approved the sale of a range of beer. Brewed from plants. Grown hunter sending a mistake in norfolk. Ow five fifty. Four eighty five hundred milliliter bottle to varieties cold filter traditional english bitter and a stronger goldeneye described by the gift shop is uniquely natural. That's the lizzy lager right there. I guess so. Wow i don't know they look like wine labels on the cover of the Now can anybody by this or is it just like exclusive league when you go to buckingham palace or kensington or one of those places. I don't know but i was gonna ask you. Do you remember. You found that you k. Liquor distributor and we got the downtown. Ed jin the hi claire. Yeah i wonder if they're connected to get us some queen beer i'll ask. I don't know. I'll send them an email right sure. I'll be on that no problem. Here's what it says on the label. The sandringham state is a wildlife haven for pheasants hares owls and many other species thrive in the woods and farmland habitat or putting owls in my beer. I hope not. Okay checking no. Hey you're right though. This isn't the first time she turned her hand to producing alcohol They did a celebration. Jin last year g from a distillery on the estate holy cow in has made a big comeback. Hasn't it it sure has did they drink it in downton abbey of the same. Because we're all started. I don't know herbs member in the flowers and state. That's pretty cool. I don't know good for the queen. Here's the other thing going on today. I'm waiting to hear. This is gonna make a speech today. Apparently tonight i guess it would be over there now. Pretty soon okay. There are five hours ahead of us. Okay guess what. She's pushing Pot voter i. She's not going that crazy. Jam the only ninety five. That's what she's ninety eight. Okay the queen's speech will include this in all the conservatives across the world one voters will need photo. Id for general elections all across the uk. Oh can you imagine that guy in london. The mayor there that we don't like what economy he's going nuts right about now. Well just like over here. The left over in the uk or saying it's voter suppression racist. Oh okay and it's backwards so just like over here. But they got her on board with this great. How about that. She has a lot of influence in the uk. People you know. And and now that i think she's a great deal more respect now that she has gone on after the death of her husband. Maybe a lot of people are looking to her. so that's it. I want voter. Id now and my one envier. I want my face on the bottle. That's right this her face on the bottle no okay is a rabbit. Something looks very earthy okay. I don't know voter. Id thing is big trump comments on this queenie coming through in the clutch queenie understands the importance voter id. They have also had some election problems over there which with claims of fraud so in order to cut down on that voters the best way to do it. The prime minister winter said. Could you do this for me. I don't know should be interesting. Isn't i mean not being a resident of England would know this. I thought she was trying to stay out of politics as much as possible. You can't jump into something more political than this now. But i mean you watch that special about her right you know and when she would meet with you know the the various prime ministers. Y'all get come over and suck ed's kind of like when they go to mar-a-lago they go to the palace and up to the queen and get her blessing. Because you don't like you you're not sticking around has a lot of influence. Yeah it's brave chimed in on brexit. Though did she. I don't know i have no idea. I think charles did not her though she was saying. Well it should be interesting. You know i. I think what. You're going to see in england now as williams and kate are gonna take center stage. They're going to start talking and showing up more and more. They get their own youtube channel like the day after. Philip was buried boom youtube channel. I was like wow. That was quick. Because i think i really think they may pass over charles and go right to william i think they are and because they probably used this people. I but. I don't know if kabila's going to go for that but you'll never be queen so when make no exactly. She's just doesn't care. Yeah go william and kate o. Squeegees screen so they're bloggers now going to like gopro video. Now they did. You re are at grampus funeral. They did their first. Video was of them with their kids. For mother's day. I guess no one had ever seen william and kate like just hanging out in the backyard with the kids. Right you know riding a horse. Or whatever is epa I know pippa with pippa come over an pissing taught. She is though she is kate's good looking to. Yeah but okay. I get They only take her walking away. That's it and that's all you need to see boy. Did they hide her away. After the wedding though kate gut pretty jealous got jealous. Too damn sisters dress walking behind me get all the attention. Yeah you're the queer the bright and you're marrying the future king of england and and your sister in her hot backside steals all that funder world was introduced a pippa. Pippa middleton easy there ten years ago. Yeah they had their anniversary. I got three kids. Jeez wow anyway all right. We got over there. Nbc has cancelled the golden globes. They will not happen this year. They're going to tell you it's because we want to work who want to take a year off and work on diversity. It's really because the ratings horrific for all these shows it was going to be terrible for them. Yeah i know. I you know what an i also think. It's because the academy awards did so badly. I bet you they all sit there and say well you know what two weeks before that we get all dressed up in liquor up and go to the golden globes. Then you got the academy awards in. How many shows do you want us to go to. I betcha this is from the academy to let to bump off the golden globes. The wards will be next will be next. There's only one award show for hollywood in. Its they the academy awards. Yeah probably there's people still aren't gonna watch now if they keep it. Where these these actors and actresses spouse about their political convictions. So people used to watch the used to have the golden globes ray rated just as high as the oscars used to be bam bam member back and forth. The they used to be fun. I know anymore now. A ever since you know what it went downhill when they get started getting rid of the hosts and these two have hosts forever like johnny carson was host forever and people like that you know didn't they have like The guys from saturday night live do it. wasn't it. steve. Martin and dan aykroyd and he used to be fun. Anyone else's name from there but they won't bring them back because he insulted. Everybody could your evasive love him. Yeah no i. it's just it's bad. But but they're so they're going even more politically correct in more woke and so if they take a year of whenever if this thing comes back. Can you imagine how insufferable it's going to be. Then it's it's crazy. You know seventy seven years into this program. They decide now. They're not diverse enough in the past. You've all gladly accepted those trophy. So yeah i didn't hear one of squawk about it. No but you. But now you're squawking sure. Okay sure absolutely ridiculous silly. It really is We gotta get to our florida man. floor dope story. Go ahead whenever it's connected with leonard skinner d- but it's not a good thing that terrible i. He's not nice terrible person that coming up with some good news though might be a tiger king reunion. Yeah i think there is. You know there might be coming up next self learner morning. Show is jenna. Bill keeps d'aquin fifty w. f. t. l. florida morning. Show this gender diener bill Make sure when you can safely. Waste your bosses band and check the morning show blog online. It's the whole wacky crazy story. Weird video about the tiger loosened that houston suburb. Hey really was kind of scary. And this guy just weird grabs it by the collar jumped on it drags in some like. But it's not his tiger. We found out they even. Okay then. who's tiger is when you first saw that we like how's he handling the tigers confidently and i'm thinking. Well you know what he's the. He's what's even more concerning about all of that is i. He lives with this thing. But he's on out on parole or Bond for an alleged murder. Yeah it happens. I'm gonna let somebody out. Who's on trial for murder waiting to go to trial for murder charge. Lets him out on bond. Does that happen. Am i stupid. I didn't think they'll let you out if you were in for a murder charge. Well maybe with kovic gen. Oh jeez everybody's out of causing chaos these days. Well they were trying to find him. They finally found me shoved the tiger in an suv. He took off. The cops caught him in his parents. House they arrest him but he says he didn't have the tiger with him and he says it's not my tiger and then he won't tell the cops. The tiger is no holding them. He's older that information like hostage. It's his only leverage. Well maybe it is somebody else's tiger and he dropped it off at the house. But i can borrow your tiger holy jeeze. I like that. Karen has this new sound. You'll have coming up here. This lady in the neighborhood good. I could a bit as next snack snack outstanding wants to be. I thought that cop was going to be a snack. The video standing in front of and he's walking back very slowly and he's talking to a beacon tell. The thing was scared. Yeah exactly it got out of its environment wherever it was. I just have it in a cage. Now it's hiding somewhere or thing weird story though but you wanna talk about weird right on the news when we have the pfizer vaccine being approved for kids between twelve and fifteen think. That's the range now. This lady in italy she got six doses all at once. And i love the doctors. The doctors description was the nurse was momentarily distracted. I'm like distracted. She gave the ladies six doses all at once so they were really concerned about her so they kept her. I guess it was at a hospital. They kept her and they said she was fine. She had like no reaction whatsoever other than the injection site hurt and that was and she has wings now. But that's okay now. She's actually a great study. Because who else would be crazy enough to get that many. You'd never do it on purpose now. But she's a good case. Study to say look. He left to war. Was it moderna. We'll even know what i don't know which one it was. You could say. Look you'll have to look at this lady. She said sixty six shots of it not have to worry about it. But i'm wondering how do you make that mistake. I you know because it all had to be all in one. Syringe righteous ongoing. Yes yes yes. I don't know. But i mean the shots i've got. It's just dedicated. A little tiny amount they stick in ya. It's not like they're it's loaded with. Maybe they do things differently in italy. I don't know but how do you get that distracted that you give somebody six doses of it. Maybe they're really casual over there. She's doing the shot but she's also a tuna spaghetti. They oh almost done wonder. Does she have to go back for a second one. Oh you gotta be okay. You ready for shots. Seven and eight now. can you imagine. No hey we want you back to weeks. No that's incredible. That's i think. I was like holy cow. Poor woman though. Because it's a time thing. I probably on my god. It doesn't matter how many you get up front. Who knows that's ridiculous but this is this is the best news ever. We were talking about tigers. We gotta go back to tigers just for a little bit just so you can play one of your favorite pieces of music jeff. I don't know what you're talking about. One of the stars of tiger king. I don't know what you mean. I thought that was your note. Hugh alerted let me go ahead. Leamy me out here and the wind dry. Oh ahead has alerted authorities about an anonymous letter that he received from someone from providence. Rhode island boy that would be the mob capital of these. It is just so you know anybody right you. An anonymous letter from providence is in the mop letter. Alleges the location of carole baskin's ex husband don lewis. It says on her big cat rescue property in tampa. The corpse lies under her house. Have to kill me shrimp me. The note is signed by the faithful witness. What if joe exotic was right the whole time. Oh that would be wild. How it's apparently the the authorities have had it. Since may of last year. They requested the letter when jeff received it however they've hold held onto it at the request of tiger king to producers. Here you go this. We're gonna get a second season. Carol baskin saying tigers can't have these titans she's that will have somebody ground up in the meat grinder and then the rest of them buried. Who would you call somebody in the mob. Not without a doubt. And i'm telling you hillsborough county. They've been talking about reopening this case if they haven't already they gotta dig under that house and they're gonna find old What's his name. Don lewis it ninety seven. That's a long time. What evidence is going to be left. Still go back to. I can't remember who said it in the show. But somebody goes what you need to do is dna that meat grinder. It might have been the guy that was down here. Oh the one that everything. I'll remember him. He ought to do is talk to this lady. In tampa who killed her husband is the producers. What does that guy still have. All those animals on his place. Where was it coral gables coral springs zone. No that was a while there was two of them. There's the guy down he was like this the scarface analysts and actually he sits scarface was partly based off the other guy. Actually up by me unlocks hatschi. And i'm not sure he has his place anymore. Mccarthy i think his name is yes. That's right in san out there. He had his own. Little thing with bobo own nor bobo but think it was. I think it was mccarthy. I think that's just last mccarthy macarthur outlawed the hatchet where he is the wyans a siberian tigers. I've been to his place before before. All this tiger king off for we knew any of you what was really about and I think he was the one who said he as you should check out. Carol baskin in tampa. I think that was that was sam because he was the one they were just going to do an illegal pet documentary. Your oughta go look at this ladies and he might be listening right now and yelling at us. And i never said that. So if we're wrong we apologize and come on the show. Yes and bring a tiger with you. That's all i did. One the baby tigers over there. One time i see now carol hate. Ubs you would. You touched it. It was like ten years ago really. I never knew kristen's who told me that. I said yeah there's this place he would tigers and lions and like what. Are you talking about five minutes from us. That's pretty cool. It was crazy the whole help. This was the great. This was the video. Ri- the actress playing carole baskin and she had like don's body parts to the tiger. Why we always. Joe exotic was always dressed up as a preacher video. Well you do weddings and stuff. Oh that's right the second season i just know it. I hope so. He had to be in these imprison. I i don't know maybe the information let them off early. Maybe biden little. Pardon him that that would probably be given josh. Oh my goodness got florida up to talk about. He's no hero though. I don't like him. he's a bad bad person. I don't understand how he stole this. Much twelve thousand dollars worth of skinner memorabilia. Any supposedly homeless. How does that work. I don't know anyway. We got some headlines coming up next the morning show general bill. Keep it here morning. show news. Talk eight fifty w. f. t. l. There's jam is dinner a bill. We got news coming up top of the hour as well. I'm sure she'll have the latest what we know about this colonial pipeline. That's happening they're saying the thing is going to be back under operation by friday. It services most of the east coast. Yeah the the question would be in. I guess it's the million dollar question is did they pay the ransom or did their high or are their computer people better than the hackers and they figured it out That's the million dollar question. You're exactly right so it's it. The second part about that is if indeed they did pay what is to stop the dark side. Akers from doing this again right. Nothing no right which really worries me which means you know if if you're in charge of some kind of entity like this you'd better securite right now. I never quite understood. Why don't you just go. Hi what didn't like the cia and the fbi go and hire all these people that are what do they call them. Black cats when they first came to be worse. You know the worst criminals and then you take them and work for us absolutely. They would know the ins and outs right. They'd be a lot better. President talked about yesterday. Said they're working with the fbi to find this criminal network at the i. Released details so the attack so others can take steps to prevent being infected. Yeah should we use this as an opportunity to beef up the cybersecurity. 'cause obviously there's a problem and you would think so without a doubt you know it's and it's always. It always amazes me that people that know this much about computers and they always do it for the bad. i know i. It's like you know it's infuriating though they'll tell you what we did it for the good so that you can beef up security. No you didn't make money already. Gas prices are higher and they're expecting to go even higher throughout the summer now because of demand. Don't forget summer blend bill. God demand in summer blend always mean fifty cents more. Gallon like okay. Thanks don't do me any favors. We're going to florida up to talk about. This is not too funny though the four day. Hey man go bad person bitty bitty bed because this the first of all. It's an awesome collection of things of a leonard skittered d- memorabilia collection worth twelve grand. That this guy stole it was gonna go to charity. It's terrible it's terrible terrible human. Be did he now. What was going to this charity. Though i don't know indeed he know was kennard stuff. I'm thinking it up. Wow william james walker. He just sounds like a problem doesn't he is a serial killer three names. They say's homeless gen but still managed to steal a trailer full of the stuff from parking lot of a days in on april ninth. So he must have long. It's been going on did he. He must have seen him come in. Then right maybe that could be. He was staying. Maybe he was like hanging out near the hotel sleeping on the doorstep or something. Where does a homeless guy fence. Some of these items and some are incredible by the way is is the day before the items were set to be auctioned off at a cancer benefit that jimmy van zandt cancer benefit in middleburg was going to honor the ladies issue. Jimmy vasser cousin of Donny johnny and ronnie and Stolen items included some irreplaceable mementos from peace. And then some extra stuff that other people who would not get wanted to help out for the cause including a nineteen fifty seven. Les paul guitar signed by gregg allman. Brian how butch trucks and others are you kidding me. No all gone. So they don't even know where he he's not telling them we're all his stuff is telling me he just didn't like away to his friends on the street is different stories here. Now coming out of The orange park police department they. It obtained arrest warrant for walker charging him with felony grand theft. So that would tell me. They haven't found him yet. Jeez so so in other words if somebody comes up to you and says i got a you know a ronnie van zandt signed les paul guitar. It's probably real. That's absolute shame though. Oh and it was all for a cancer thing. Yeah even worse. He is a bad purse. Well grant worth of stuff like this great stuff. I don't like this guy. he's terrible. Terrible terrible terrible tell you what's a good thing Today is what you want day. Oh so that means. Everything is calorie. Free so dean. Are you gonna chime in on this if you could eat anything you want. Not worrying about the consequences. Eat as much as you could possibly have every day of your life. What would it be home in. Just one thing now where they are if a pasta Any type of really manicotti stuffed shells lasagna. Chico for the the stuff stuff stuff. Wash it down with a swig of hot chocolate. He's on a hot chocolate. Yeah and it's not good. He found the machine here the station. Yeah i'm trying to cut myself down to two times a week. Tuesday only person. I know gets done hot chocolate. That's crazy so you said pizza and pasta. What would you pick. Cannolis know all of this stuff. You know fattening stuff. This is going to be great news this story for all the people at home. You know not coming back to work. Great right never one thing on the list pizza. Yeah oh of course pizza followed by pasta. Oh really inter- no saw the fattening. Foods thought by burgers ice cream. See i'd put as number one. That's that's pretty much my top four right there and you are five and wonder if this is five wings now not on the list. Fattening though are they no. That's true a protein. Yeah tacos come in fifth okay. So we're going. Just fattening things then chocolate. I will tell you the with pizza though. I'm going to have it anyway. I'm going do. I'll just work it off but nothing's going to stop me from eating pizza. I admire you for that. Yeah so do i. It's the food of the gods. Your pizza hero. bill fries. Donuts cake and chips around out. The top ten yeah. I haven't had donuts a long time. Ever had ice cream in a long time but pizza both love. It's not gonna stop me really. It's it's telling me aca it's killing me. Oh i'm on my diet but like macaroni and cheese or god knows macaroni. Like yawkey or something of the worst. Because they're made out of potatoes and eggs. Fattening can make this a little fat protein in the aches healthy fat. But i got news for you diet or not come christmas and easter and every other holiday. I always make my homemade sauce and homemade macaroni side to do it. Yeah you can cheat every now and then yeah. That's the holidays afford. Then you have you know then. I have remorse for three weeks. February march april may and. That's that's where i'm at right now. Time still getting back in shape from the holidays so it's eat what you want and friday. We'll be watched started diet day. Yeah yeah all run by. The industry had some bad news in hollywood. And we usually don't talk about hollywood but i thought you would appreciate this Good news dave petit sta has signed on to star in out too. That'd be good daniel craig. We were just. I just watched this movie. I watched the ending. The ending wasn't a good lot of work. That movie it is. I was like cheese. Whose attention but it's worth a real whodunnit. Tv grey's anatomy renewed for the nineteenth time eighteenth season. Why dancing with the stars. It was over like five years ago to stars. Yeah good doctors back in big skype. It's tbs acts to my show macgyver. No and my and fox get rid of prodigal son. I'm bummed. i like that. So it's about a serial killer. Those popular surprised they get rid of the died in the second season. Abc bring back. Tom bergeron for dancing with the stars. I don't want to know about it. Don he is the legitimate host. None other i agree eighth rodzi still around. That's incr- that is surprising. I don't astros. Could they possibly have in show now. What's her name jennifer What's be next sean spicer. They'll put her up. We gotta go have a great day. Enjoy life and we'll be back tomorrow morning at six. We'd love to have you join us take care.

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3/15/21: US flies newly arrived migrants across Texas only to immediately expel them in El Paso and more news

The Dallas Morning News

04:24 min | 6 months ago

3/15/21: US flies newly arrived migrants across Texas only to immediately expel them in El Paso and more news

"This is the dallas morning news. It's monday march fifteenth here. Today's headlines brought to you by state farm like a good neighbor state. Farm is there. Today will be very sunny and warm with a high of eighty. Tonight it will be partly cloudy with a low fifty four. Our top story migrants are being flown from south texas to el paso only to be expelled back to mexico by customs border protection. That's with the dallas morning. News has learned the migrants. Most who are legally seeking asylum are flown to other cities. After crossing the border in the rio grande valley el paso county officials and migrant advocates. Said saturday that they had been told they would receive as many as two hundred and seventy migrants per day in two separate flights from the rio grande valley but instead many migrants are being sent back across the border to sudan horace under title forty to a public health order put in use. During the trump era it allows the government to immediately expel migrants at the border because of the coronavirus pandemic cb bp is not said how many people have been expelled from the us since the flights began last week but the news has learned that at least fifty were expelled to horace on thursday alone in crime news. It's been thirty four years since ben. Spencer went home to his wife. Deborah back then. She didn't own the three bedroom home in cedar hill where her walls are decorated with photos of him in their son. Ben junior she bought the house while he was in prison for eight. Nineteen eighty-seven deadly robbery that he's always said he didn't have anything to do with still. He felt at home when he walked in friday night after a judge released him from the dallas county jail. The judge ruled. His trial was unfair because prosecutors withheld evidence and witnesses lied but spencer's not quite free. The highest criminal court in texas must agree with the judge and dallas. County district attorney. John crews hasn't decided whether to try him again. There's no dna or fingerprint evidence but prosecutors and state judge lee. Lamaze aren't ready to say spencer is innocent. Spencer's defense team is also still fighting to prove it in vaccines. Dallas county's covid nineteen vaccine fair. Park site won the approval of acting army secretary. John whitley on friday. This comes as the federal mission to inoculate of people. Day at the site enters. Its second phase the site jointly operated by the us military federal emergency management agency and dallas county. Health department is expected to begin offering booster shots next week to nearly ninety thousand people who previously received their first dose of the vaccine. Whitley said this is a model of what our country is about and finally student enrollment is down at universities and colleges across the country as the coronavirus continues to disrupt plants according to the national student. Clearinghouse post-secondary enrollments declined two point five percent in the fall of twenty twenty almost twice the rate of enrollment decline in two thousand nineteen undergraduate. Enrollment was the primary cause for the decline decreasing by three point. Six percent from two thousand nineteen texas university enrollment declined similarly at about three percent but public two year colleges were hit the hardest with nearly an eight percent drop that's according to the texas higher education coordinating board but now a new initiative called future focused texas wants to stop declining enrollment by taking a personal look at the needs of seniors and college students as well as their counselors and mentors through a public private collaborative that supplies resources and leverages innovative tools. Thanks for listening for more on today's stories and for the latest breaking news visit dallas news dot com and don't forget to check out the dallas morning news rewards program for our virtual events for more info on upcoming events please visit rewards dot dallas news dot com. Enjoy your day. The news moves fast from stocks to sports and weather reports anything could be in the day's headlines but a scoop even more surprising state farm has surprisingly great rates on car insurance. They offer the coverage. You need at a wallet friendly price. Now that's newsworthy. Like a good neighbor state armas their spoken layer.

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Capitalism Is in Big Trouble | Guests: Ken Paxton & Brian Riedl | 1/27/21

The Glenn Beck Program

2:03:03 hr | 8 months ago

Capitalism Is in Big Trouble | Guests: Ken Paxton & Brian Riedl | 1/27/21

"Thanks hillary Appreciate it We are brought to you by keeps dot com keeps keeps will help. Keep your hair. That's why they call. It means that really. Because i just realized that yeah If your hair isn't looking maybe as full as it used to. Or maybe you're noticing a couple of hairs in the sink or the shower rub on your no so the here doesn't grow in your nose your ears no. We'll have to ask him about that. I'd like to keep my hair on my head and lose the hair in my. That doesn't accept if you go to keep if you can have. A recommended hair proved peru. Fda approved hair loss treatments but Offers the generic versions about half the cost. They make it very easy can do it at your house. All you have to do said a couple of pictures of your hair. Not your nose hair. Don't do that can help you on that. Don't send them a picture wife on that. So she's just to say you've got gross hair in your nose and Anyway keeps k. e. p. s. dot com slash save. You'll save fifty percent on your first order of keeps hair. Loss treatments really simple. You don't have to you. Don't have to leave the comfort of your own. That's right hermit capes k. p. s. dot com. Go there now and save fifty percent. Make sure you use the keeps dot com slash save. You are l. What you were here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment dress. The glenn beck program. I have this little theory that when people are out dolls bureau of flying coverage jazz and and just skiing at night partying away and then talking about the little people and how we can help when they're so busy and they are meeting with world leaders and the partner of klaus schwab he is the guy who runs the world economic forum when they are in their big week meeting with prime ministers heads of corporation leaders of state when they take their time to do a thread directly at me because something i said yesterday on the program i must be on to something. Why would you take time from all of the patch. Hey there dollhouse to respond to a guy on the radio I'm going to give you the response. I'm gonna tell you what i said. Give the response. Then i'm going to use their definitions of this new capitalism that we're all gonna love and you tell me if using their own words. This is something we're all going to love. Yes claus claus and pay her. I'm going to respond to you as i apparently now. No you're listening the truth behind the great reset and sixty seconds program so janice lives in texas. She's been a substitute teacher. You know her whole life. She has to climb stairs every day and she said there were times i i i. I just couldn't do it anymore. I had to refuse to go to class. Well let me tell you something. Janice i know you live in texas. So it's not the same but you can refuse if you live in california or you know or illinois you could refuse to go to class because it's so unsafe because of covid there anyway She actually wanted to go to class. She developed pain in her hips. Her knees or back just got worse and worse. Every day she heard me talking about relief factor. She was skeptical at first. But eventually i another gonna lose within the first three weeks. She tells us she found that not only was she able to climb the steps pain free but she was bouncing up them. She said relief factor made her feel young again and she got out of pain. She got her life back janice. I'm sorry that you're dow bonding up the stairs. Cause i don't take the elevator. You know what i mean. I wish i had the excuse. You got your life back. Congratulations and thank you so much for just trying it. That's what you have to do to get out of pain. I know you've tried a million things. Just try it for three weeks. Seventy percent of the people who tried for three weeks go on order more because it works for them. Relief factor dot com eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four. It's relieffactor dot com on then the shareholder capitalism which does not look and so. We must have stakeholder capitalism. This is great now. They've released a little chart yesterday because they say what. What i'm saying is completely wrong. And what i'm saying is This is an this is an oligarchy. That's all this is. This is for the oligarchs you are going to be run by the people. Well we'll not by the people's representatives. I mean we have a house of representatives rights do. Don't we right right. Right representing our needs representing our needs. They don't have freezer full of ice cream in freezers. That most people can't afford. I mean you know what. I'm saying and multiple freezers in the same kidger right. They are just like you and they represent you. Okay so would never happen. In america where the people who get power become suddenly very very rich and even more powerful and then they start making new laws and dismissing laws for their friends for the businesses. That are helping them. Like for instance. We would never have social media here going around the constitution doing things that constitutionally the government should say. Hey hold on. You can't limit speech you can't just e person people you'd think those representatives while i know in our country those representatives would represent the people right. I'm sure they would okay. So there are types of capitalism. Okay this is the this. This is from the world economic forum types of capitalism state capitalism. That's where the government is. The key stakeholder government steers the economy and can intervene where necessary china's model right russia's model and theorem tried to the state capitalism Business interests are subsidiary to state interests. Okay so the state says we're gonna do something. The businesses have to do it that state capitalism now what we have is shareholder capitalism where the key stakeholders are the company shareholders. You buy into the company. The social responsibility of that business is just to increase its prophets short term. Profit maximization is the highest good. And who really touted this milton friedman. She's i hate him. Now here's the new one. Unlike anything else that i've just. This is completely new stakeholder capitalism who are the key stakeholders all stakeholders matter equally. Wow that's really good sounds great. I love equal right Okay so everybody matters all right Key characteristic societies goal is to increase the well being of people and the planet. So the implication for the company's focus on long term value creation and es measures. Oh wow this sounds really great. I like that all stakeholders meddled matter equally. Okay so now. Let's get into who defines stakeholders yesterday. I said this is the governments of the world coming together and working with big businesses. The government's get power the big businesses. They get money. And you lose. Peter van nam panther. It's me piece of home from the world economic forum. His my friend klaus schwab accent. Is this exactly describe. Don't just making it up. Paid her soi painter von so. I'm sorry you're this guy and you're making me like with his accent and over here. We beautiful paintings seems to like. He does have some venus all wrapped up in little blanket. Peter tweeted now. He's the he's the co author of stakeholder capitalism a global economy that works for progress people and planet klaus schwab and pay turn von So he writes we address the false notion that any global elites quote the corporations and world leaders glenn beck talks about should rule this system instead we plead for subsidiary meaning that decisions are made at the most granular level. Local stakeholders should decide. That's why my mayor of my little town is in davos. I'll town dollar is trying to get a hold of the city council just the other day and they were all like. We're at davos. Working on stakeholder capital is really. Yeah yeah okay. So this is because it's so local it's going to take power away from centralized government right all the prime ministers and all the big corporations are there and my city council member. They are lecturing him right now. Really slopes yeah. Wow with the little leaners. Playing this is paid or says. This is not propaganda as glenn beck asserts So this guy is disguise at the world economic forum in davos with the with the wieners. In the in the blankets. And he's texting this to me. This is not propaganda as glenn beck asserts. Subsidiary and stakeholder capitalism are approximated in western european countries like scandinavia. bana looks. i'd have benelux never even heard of benelux and germany. Oh business in governments. Consult with one another on wages and social security at cetera and governments. Now listen to this. This is how they get to you. Because you're a stakeholder in this your stakeholder and governments made up of representatives of the people regulate the markets in part to avoid the market concentration and formation of any law unlawful. Ogle gallipoli. By the way glenn just to reiterate how local this is yeah. Benelux is the combination of three nations belgium netherlands and luxembourg so local control rier. They've just brought those three nations. Just count them. As that peop-. I that that was driven by the people. You know what i mean. I'm sure it was when populace on the right and left claim that they at least agree. They dislike global elites. They miss a much larger fundamental disagreement. That they have over the kind of economic and political system. That's needed to avoid the oligarchy. They both fear the system. We propose is one of stakeholder capitalism it's capitalism as it recognize the benefits of private enterprise competition and market forces but it's a model of consultation with the people meaning the government's because we're all represented right. Don't you feel like don't you feel like our government listens and responds to you. The little people. I know i do and it's a model of consultation on. I love this. this is really important. It's a model of consultation with the people and the planet hang on quiet. I'm consulting with the plan right now. Shut up really. Oh i mean you're positive. I wanna make a mistake on this one. All right stu the planet said you have to throw yourself into a volcano really. Yeah i don't be sorry. I've just i've just i've just taking consultation and listening to the planet. That's what i'm doing. So and i believe if i go to the representatives in washington i believe i could have a lot of them that you should throw yourself into a volcano if you're tied to me yes if you're tied directly to me so pay her. Thank you so much darling for writing in that's vanderhall but don't like it within like it say don't know i like my mayor you know and maybe the local boss of the local restaurant. I'm just saying although you're wieners. In the blink or wonderful let me go over. You can't possibly believe that we should try. Let's say kind of an experiment of people governing themselves. You wouldn't think that would be appropriate. That people should make decisions based on their own. They don't know they're not smart enough. Not smart enough. What we need our. He's world leaders and quite honestly yesterday. I'm going to give you this quote Yesterday at the world economic forum in davos said that Let me see here papa. The in fact. I have the audio instead of reading it. Let me give you the audio. It is ben and off the mark bed enough. Ceo of I don't know people that do stuff for you. dot com. Here's what he here's what he said at davos yesterday. Ceo's around the world need to realize they must manage for all stakeholders not shareholders and there has been a mantra for too long but the business of business business but today the business about business is improving the state of the world and this is more important than ever. We realized that in so thanking claus for that and we don't have to look any farther out to that mantra than twenty twenty itself near the pandemic in the pandemic it was. Ceo's many many cases all over the world where the euro's board air financial resources resources factories rapidly. Yes not for profit right. Went to save the world right. That is so that is so true. Finally somebody saying it the. Ceo's are the heroes. Amen a men to that now. The secretary general of the oecd said. We don't want to return to normal. I mean don't you feel that way. We don't want to return to normal. We don't want cove to end. And for us to return to some form of status quo because the status quo caused. This brought us to our knees. Those wishing to return to normal must inherently wish for disease and destruction to return and must secretly wish for death in the future. How man prime minister spain said. Let's not delude ourselves. There can be no social justice without tax justice. Now there's a guy speaking for all of us. It's time to go one step further. It's not enough to distribute income more fairly through taxation but take serious steps to ensure equal distribution of wealth to all people all races and all nations prime minister of spain yesterday. Man i let me tell you something. This is an organ. I was wrong. Pay third. thank you This is absolutely an organization of we the people. Oh i'm going to show you how we were. We were actually warned by one of our presidents In recent modern history about this very thing coming up in just a second blinds dot com is is is our sponsor this half hour. You can do something about those old window. Blinds the lens. It looked like somebody flew an airplane through them. Yeah yeah blinds dot com best in the business right now. They're offering huge savings on everything site-wide including blinds shades interior shutters even outdoor shades whether you're looking for blackout shades. More that perfect glow you can choose from a beautiful array of options. And they're going to be customized just for your home. Blinds dot com guaranteed. Perfect fit whether you do it yourself or have them handle the install from start to finish. Don't wait to save. Take advantage of blinds dot coms. Incredible new year's savings event kickoff. Twenty twenty one by turning your dream home into a reality with a brand new view you can all enjoy all year long start today. Visit blinds dot com. Now save big on the new year's easiest home improvement project rules and restrictions may apply. It's blinds dot com ten seconds station. Eisenhower president eisenhower general. Dwight d eisenhower. The guy you know that really kind of won the war force in world war two in his farewell address Ah people miss the point and and this is something that you know. You know one line from it. You know this line about the The military industrial and military industrial complex will roll oral. We've all heard that over and over again. He is speaking with real foresight. He had learned about the power of large corporations discovered that public and private power tend to prioritize their own interest. And well being over hours right now in twenty twenty one. America needs to hear his words again. We finally have an answer to the question. What happens when corporations are in league with government programs. We know now. The bad news is our nation is turning into an oligarchy. Exactly like eisenhower. Warned everybody remembers comments about the military industrial complex but he also warned us about something else. Dangerous merging of industry and government and education listen to and responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial military. Posture has been the technological revolution. During recent decades in this revolution research has become central it also becomes more formalized complex and costly a steadily increasing share is conducted four by or at the direction of the federal government. Today the solitary inventor tinkering in. His shop has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing feels in the same fashion the free university. Versity historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery has experienced revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge cost involved. A government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. You hear that. They're not curious about things they just follow the money. Technological revolution resulted in. Its own family. Tree of industrial complexes. Do i have enough time here to play. The education industrial complex listen the prospect of domination of the nation scars by federal employment project. Allocations and the power of money is ever present and is greatly to be regarded yet in holding scientific research and discovery in respect as we should we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger. That public policy could itself become the capital of a scientific technological elite. I can't imagine that happening is him in the nineteen fifties warning exactly against something like the great reset. I want you to do your own homework. Their own words spell it out. You know it's interesting. How they just keep referring to stakeholders as you but what you need understand. You are only representative represented by the government. This is the glenn beck program. We can paxton on coming up in just a second. He's intel's about Lawsuits they just one against biden here in the great state of texas. What have you had a time machine could allow you to go back at any moment in your past. What moments would you relive. You don't have a time machine but we do have old photos and videos and films the videotapes and audiotapes. All those moments that were captured. Now sit in a box in your garage a jumble of bygone formats now. Here's the good news. Legacy box can transform that old box of fading memories into something lasting use their kid to safely send the moments you want to preserve and their team will create a digital collection. 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We're going to take a look at the major stakeholders who have their tentacles all over this white house. The new biden administration already showing america. The natural end result that comes from decades of being dominated by special interest groups. Eventually you get government that at the top of so beholden to these groups. You can call them. Stakeholders the stakeholders have vested interest in the actions and policies of the government financial interest ideological interest. Often both these stakeholders always take priority over you and me tonight. I'll show you the stakeholders in this new stakeholder capitalism and the biden administration what they want who they're working with inside the biden administration nine pm eastern on blaze tv dot com and blaze tv youtube nine pm eastern blaze tv dot com or blaze tv youtube. We have ken paxton with us He is the fifty first attorney. General of texas. He has fought and won many of the cases against barack obama's administration and they've just posted their first victory on the biden administration. The first one to bring a lawsuit and within six days texas halted biden's illegal deportation freeze joining us now. Is ken paxton hike. Ken how are you. I'm doing well good morning. It's been fast star has an i. It is breathtaking. How quickly things are changing. And quite honestly we were talking about it in the break. A little frightening it. I agree. It is frightening. And it's it's i've never. I don't think it's ever happened this fast. I mean i think a biden is off to the fastest of any president and just issuing executive orders and changing sort of what we had going. Yeah he had a. He's had a record of Think thirty eight Which is just smashes all the other records of executive orders he signing more today. This one They are going to preserve. I don't know what that means. Exactly i fear i do. I've read agenda twenty thirty preserve thirty percent of all federal land by twenty thirty. Not good. I don't know exactly what that means but that doesn't sound good doesn't sound good first. Let's talk about the win that you had Tell me about the lawsuit and what it means. So we had a an agreement that we signed with the department of homeland security recently. That said that if they were to change major immigration policies that we were going to be provided notice And so obviously the executive order that came out that ended all deportations and the invitation for people to cross the border Didn't meet those Those requirements and so we follow law student on president biden's third day and we challenged that executive order not just based on that agreement but also based on the fact that federal law requires him to do certain things that he is said now he will not do and so we argue that he violated federal and his constitutional duty to enforce the laws that now exists and so what did the judge say for the judge basically gave us. We were asking for jackson a temporary injunction i. We're going to seek a permanent junction next and we did that. Because we had to show that there was harm to the state of texas if this went four while we were litigating cases. We haven't won the merits of the case. We've merely made a good argument showing that we will suffer irreparable harm the state if this goes forward and it wasn't hard for us to show that given that we already have a massive people coming up from the southern border essentially have covert that potentially have other communicable diseases potentially are criminals and that will cost the state of texas billions of dollars and so that harm was not hard to show in my opinion. So how are you going to argue for permanent Especially with the way this administration is moving where social justice outweighs everything well. It's going to be pretty much. The same argument i it just to say we are going to suffer damage. We need time to to have this question. Answered as to whether the president is volume federal law by stopping the you know the implementation of what is federal law is can he do that. And and the argument that we need a time or we will be harmed still exact same argument just that we need longer to decide the merits of the case. So but but what i'm saying is if if you're arguing and You know biden. This is all changing now. We're not talking about rule of law anymore. we're talking about Social justice outweighing absolutely everything if they If they win and he can just say. We're not gonna do any of that. A isn't that what they've already done with with You know we're not going to enforce you know busts on pot so i haven't they already done that and if they do codify this in the courts then doesn't this make him in some ways a dictator to where he could just administratively do whatever the president can not just biden but any president could just do whatever they want and it never has to go through legislation. No you've you've hit the nail on the head and it means literally that congress becomes almost irrelevant. the courts become not so relevant and two states. That are supposed to have all these powers reserved to them. They're not specifically granted in everybody also lose their power. It does become a real focus on one person having all of the power which clearly was not. What our framers intended. So can i talked to other attorney generals around the country and they are just as concerned as i am and i'm wondering i know many of them are all working together to try to stop this onslaught but is there. Is there any conversation about a a sanctuary state of of not secession. Or anything like that but just saying this state will not violate the bill of rights and the constitution. And if you try to do these things that are unconstitutional. This is a safe haven. A sanctuary state for rights. You know it's interesting. That conversation has not come up among ag specifically. I was at a conference with technology leaders around the country and and most of them were actually pointing to that by saying they were either considering or they were on their way or they'd already moved to texas or florida because they still like those were states that they could go and be safe and that the risk in the states that there is is becoming untenable for them and they're trying to find a safe haven will be where their rights will be respected and they will have continuing opportunities to work and i mean how do we do that. They are already talking about de person that you won't. What was the head of mastercard said yesterday. We don't have to do business with just anybody meaning if we don't if we don't like the business that they're in we can just say we're not doing business with them anymore and this is a growing trend and when it comes to businesses like mine or for anybody that is unpopular This is extraordinarily dangerous. Are the states will texas stand behind the universal god given rights that we have always stood with. We will in my office. You know part of you know. I've of the entire state. I'm not the entire state but we will offer full toy. We are now investigating the five companies that were related to the parlor d platforming. Because we wanna understand how how can they. How are they doing how. How do they have the authority. That d platform a whole company because they disagree with their their views. Are they disagree with the people that they allowed to speak. Are you in the governor having conversations at all about critical race theory to make sure that's not being taught in our schools. Well i haven't had this conversation. I that's not an area that i can do much about as attorney general Unless there's some specific violation of law. My job is to enforce whatever laws we have so i always have to look for my way of getting into court. We can't we can't teach discrimination in schools. Can we know but that would be a probably if they were teaching discrimination loss loss in schools that would be a probably a lawsuit by at agreed party. A student apparent who said hey. I can see you. You can't do this the school and then it becomes under your purview. Well so then if the school asked me to represent them. And i think they're all no i am represented you. This is a legitimate lawsuit and and you need to be accountable for doing the right thing. Okay what do you have any advice. For what the average person should be doing right now in their state at absolutely. I think they should be speaking out. I think the more voices that are speaking out because what is going to happen like it started as they go after the president and people don't say anything if we if we keep quiet right now. If people are afraid to speak which i see some of this i see you know some of my fellow. Jeez i see this. In a lot of circle of people are afraid that if they speak out they'll be platform they'll be cancelled so if we if we don't all speak out if we don't address these election issues and states were there was. They weren't following their their own laws. We have to address that now or will be too late. They will come and d platform all of us. And you think you're gonna hide from that you're not gonna hide from it. They may get to somebody else. I unless we're all working together. It's going to be a problem. Ken thank you very much for. Thanks for staying on top of things and thank the governor for us as well. We are counting on our state reps and our governor and you to stand and fight the good fight against this onslaught. That is coming our way quickly. Say this is texas. Doesn't fight if we are in the middle of the fight I don't think we have much hope. I think it's texas has to be in the fight texas has got to. I mean i've. I've talked to sheriffs and they've said if i have to deputise every single citizen in my county so they have the right to carry a gun. We're not backing. Were not backing down. It's got texas. Must i mean it's really sad. I talked to kristi nome and i'm like you know i'm a little embarrassed. Texas should be knocking you into the dust right now We need to be texas. We need to stand and be very clear and be a leader for freedom -sposed to be the elementary. Thank you very much. Appleyard appreciate it. Ken paxton attorney general of texas. If you're cyber criminal you're going to have to get up pretty early in the morning. If you wanna pull a fast one on you know on some of us some of us He didn't want to challenge anyone but Every time i sit down on my My computer. I've got a rubber gloves on wear a mask. I wash with antibacterial. So i'm not getting one of those viruses not going to do it and Now you're really healthy. Yeah i don't wanna. 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Apparently read it is pushing stocks and game stop has gone through the roof. I mean like yeah. Crazy amounts of course a brick and mortar largely mall based physical video. Game retailer not exactly the best business to be in in twenty twenty and twenty twenty one. It's been sitting at about five bucks a share throughout entire twenty twenty twenty. And but there's a there's a red message board called wall street that's been around for a long time. They take really risky bets and they talk about him. You know it's been around for a while and there's been lots of really interesting stories that have developed out of this message board over the years this one they decided one guy decided to vist fifty thousand dollars At because he saw something interesting in the game stop trading world which was everyone predictably was shorting game stop stock. They all thought it was going to go zero which is seemingly where it should be should be going probably at this point. So these billion dollar hedge funds multibillion dollar hedge funds came in and they able to identify that there was not a lot of shares available that they had actually shorted more shares than were available in the entire stock so if they could get if they get enough people to just start buying the stock it would go up and it would. It would trip a bunch of different trip. Wires that make people buy the stock back to cover their positions so they would buy the stock back. Then it would just keep going up and up and up and it's it's what's called a short squeeze but it is a. It's a little bit complicated to go through the details of it but it doesn't really matter. The bottom line is this. They were able to push the stock from five dollars to this morning. It hits three hundred and fifty dollars. A share at is crazy. I in a matter. I mean really. It's all happened within the last week or two. So if you're game. Stop i mean are you freaking out. Because it's gonna to it'll collapse once everybody's made their money. It shouldn't it's not valued vic the big french they were targeting finally gave up and said all right. We're pulling all of our money out. I mean they basically beat this hedge fund now all this sounds very fun and it is really fun in some ways. Like these guys. Basically you know david. Taken down goliath in some ways. And they're looking they like because they don't like some of these billionaires they don't like some of these hedge funds what they do to companies. There's a there's a sort of almost a left-wing anti-capitalist a message in here as well. The other side of this. Is that when things like. This happen to a lot of and a lot of people by the way. Also you know teachers unions and Pension funds and all the things that are wrapped up in these hedge funds When they don't have no retirement the government see usually cracks down on such things. And you could see this going the opposite way really fastly from happy happiness to sadness. We'll see what happens. But it's now down from three fifty two to seventy so it's already started to drop again. It's going to be a fascinating thing to watch has been so far. How would you like to be an employee at game. Stop the glenn beck program all right. Let me tell you about american financing. Let's say you wanna get one of those lizard guard right. You wanna refinance. Take some of the equity out of your house to buy this multi. I've i've already taken a lot of my equity output it in game stop and i'll get one of those get one of those lizard cars. Hillary is really going to need to remortgage because of all the money spending on our car. Yeah by the way we have Some solutions to the masks coming up So Just you're safe. It really important. 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How this all works We do that in sixty seconds to hear about mike lindell permanently ban now on twitter terminally band on twitter. Unbelievable i mean this is. This is insane you know they. They already went after his business when he was the president. you know the The better business bureau. And i know the story i know i know. All the details of what happened there And it was a political hatchet job. Mike does not seem to care. Though i mean he keeps he keeps talking. Doesn't doesn't mind telling you exactly what he thinks. And he doesn't care how much you threaten his business and look if you don't if you don't like what he says. Don't don't listen if you don't like what he says. Don't buy his pillow. I happen to actually like his pillow. And if i don't like what he says. I still sleep. Well if i do like what he says. And i like his pillow. I might buy the sheets i might buy the sets to. I might support somebody who is being de person right now. 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Just let people know that you're ear at my pillow dot com or their number eight hundred nine six six thirty one. Seventeen it now. My pillow dot com. It's science man. it's science okay. I'm a doctor and We want to get into some heavy duty science. Let me start with. Cnbc's report yesterday on masks. The experts telling us that wearing masks is really about protecting ourselves. Second others from ourselves in the event that we are contagious aren't wearing their mask wearing them. Improperly we need to protect ourselves so experts say you can double up with a tight weave fabric mask for added protection. Virginia tech researchers found that doubling up. These cloth masks increases efficacy from fifty to seventy five percent A three layer mask could walk up to ninety percent of the particles. Wow so you get three masks. You're up to ninety now. You could just by the end ninety five which filters out ninety five percent of all dangerous particles but and when those were tough tough to get it one point but now you can really go into any home depot and in the end ninety five. That would stop you from having to wear three masks. Didn't stop mitt. Romney who's always leader. He's always a leader. And i just i just He's got a sweet spirit. I just love him to death. And he was on the floor of the senate and he was wearing masks just and i thought you know mitt. I know you know. I know you know about these things. You may not be a doctor. Like i m but i know you know these things. I mean. just leave penalty tire dog to the roof of your car without having some idea of science. You know what. I'm saying And so I i say this with all humility to that sweet sweet. Dear man. mitt romney. I have twenty-five mass. Now yesterday. we got it up to ten but your ears start to a rip off your head structural collapse around ten to twelve masks. Where your ears do not hold your ears. Don't actually have any bone surprisingly most people. Emma doctor but most people don't know your ears don't have actual bones in the so there's no real structure there now and so they'll just rip right off your face if you put. I had eleven. But i think that as doctor i would not recommend more than eleven masks tidier however we did go and we found these little mask things that you can put on the mask that it's like string and then you can adjust it on the back of your head. It's like the fat guy. Seatbelt extender on airplanes. Exactly right Not that i know. Not that i have to use the not that i've ever set next to my wife and she said why aren't you buckling up. And i you know. I don't have any experience with this. Is anyway so now. Twenty five masks this this will filter out seven hundred and well let me just now. You just put it up here now. My nose hurts a little bit from yesterday because it kind of crushes. Your nose really really tightened up so now these are forty four lou filter out seven hundred and eighty percent of all particles seven hundred eighty percent and hundred and eighty percent at another ten europe with thousand percent so if he had another ten You had colder now. This speaking of the doctor and i hate to get into signs like this. If you're if you deem of coal veered and you're wearing falls in marriage it actually sucks the coal veered of your body sucks the covert out of your body and it in and in in you cheered now artem wanna talk about cures. this is just. I haven't run it by the fda yet no no no sign off by fao. She on that one yet. Either frozen nasc will really know you're gonna have a hard have. That's going to be like niki. You know when his nose weren't really long you can't easily 'cause es fouls in masks right thousand mascow but this is just the twenty five north and feel comfortable on old. Think that not life is being disrupted all. Don't take the dickie lewis. I think we'll see this isn't going to make it safe. There's a lot of pressure on the nose. Mean the nose is also our bones in the nose. Doctor there are bones in a new. You know here you're really worried about telitha leads. Yes right here at the end because really knows for it. I figure i have oath. We'd the thing is or completely of warming all of them warned. It's like a maxi pad for your nose. Thank you thank you so scientifically it. Sounds a little. It sounds a little life from a non doctor. Dr phil You know there's nothing wrong steph. And a couple of serving in t your faith now. Only four feminine hygiene products is a hundred faith. Well i'll hundred hundred face faith. That's one point now. My understanding is if you go you thousand face masks will suck the covid out of you. So thousand world. Let's i want to throw his theory by you. I'm not a doctor. If you were to put on five thousand face masks if your family is safe okay now let me ask another question. Okay all right. If you put on ten thousand face masks puji bring people back from the dead. That died of covid like that cemetery as adopter. Okay i don't have this tier reviewed yet. you don't have a peer reviewed. Okay you're saying in the studies that i have done if they are if you're wearing five thousand and ninety five minutes yes okay You can't you have to be extraordinarily careful acting near graveyards. Really yes because the new will just wake up. And then you'll hear from under the ground or out and this because you don't know who's been killed because they were hosted by and you know they were a killer or something like that. The executed arifin just started because if mandy farm. It's as everybody. Is it possible this is how will the walking dead started that documentary. Where people are those else. Can i tell you something right now. the walking gird Yeah i mean you know when you see speech. Your scientific opinion is yeah. Okay the down for. If you wouldn't mind prescription you could right. Yeah i think You know break it down. Yes i think so. Yeah the a bit of physical pain involved in this In this bit again you know. I i i hear this. In honor of that fleet he dear dear tweets dude man mitt romney Who are just think is a leader who is a genius in film not even really really respect that indiana center. It's it's a little hard to understand on here. You can understand what affirmative butler landon. Do you think that you are a hateful. Covid denier that should be thrown off the internet. If you're only wearing masks we'll definitely under ten under under tan. You should honor ten thrown off a platform. He will use a bank of novak's but if you if you're not you're not to hearing You're not wearing eight executed exit. I'm sorry excellent different. They kind of execution suggest that if you're willing under eight mass He were sent. New york and andrew can into one of the nursing homes. Just give free free lodging andrew nursing in the state will kill you there slowly. It's classy thank you there okay. The no further science it really is it hurts. Your nose hurts. But it's worth it if it just saves one child isn't it worth it still why it's mostly worth it because both of us have already had covert so there is be absolutely no improvement. Not ninety percent improvement zero percent improvement. Because we can't you know we're not gonna get it again while a thousand has three zeroes in it. So if you're wearing a thousand masks it's three times as better as none That's not how it works better. You don't know it's true. Let me take you a real quick break and tell you about amac knowing who you can count on has always been a valuable commodity. For instance. Can i trust this thousand mask theory. Yeah you can now. Did you get it from a reliable source. Sure me but what about what about if i read it. You know. from some organization that does work in washington probably not as reliable. Unless it's a mac aimak is a is a Association for mature american citizens to senior group that has now over two members. They give you everything that you everything that you need all the discounts and everything else that you're like. Oh my gosh. We're going to go rhino across the country. And we're going to need triple aaa and we're going to need discounts on hotels and whatever whatever people that are fifty plus. I don't know what those people do but whatever it is those people do you'll get the discounts. Shut up stu you'll get the discounts. Now the other thing is they really work in washington to represent you. They represent faith reason. Courage solvency for the national debt. Bomb the sanctity of life. They have a full-time presence in washington and amac has been pushing back for years against the radical left socialist agenda. A believe they started around. The obama healthcare time They're in it for the right reasons. The benefits are great. The cause is greater. It's our freedom amac a. m. a. c. dot us amac dot us slash beck amac dot us slash beck. Amac is better better for you and better for america. Ten seconds station. Id you want to you. You want to see somebody who's been i think red pilled. Maybe i don't know if she would say it this way but tulsi gabbard what happening with tulsi gabbard. I'm relatively certain she would not say it. That way. i mean can explain it another way. You see what she's saying. She issued a dire warning to the american people. On tuesday expressing concern quote that domestic entity enemies of the united states in the national security community and big tech industry or plotting to create a police state in america. She said the cia director. John brennan and adam shift to leading proponents of expanding national security powers labeling them domestic enemies of the country now is that different than adam. Schiff or is that as adam shifted new guy. I need to be aware of no i. it's kind of a adam. Shift adam shifty counters. In between it's i want to remind people that and it also You know if you It's also adam you take the sea out and the apps and just the t. closer in and you'll know and you see. I think you explained it. Because i can put it out on the chalkboard and really working out for you if you'd like surprisingly no you don't need a. The mabus stormed the capital january. Six try to stop congress from carrying out its constitutional responsibilities. Were behaving domestic enemies of our country. Gabbard said but let's be clear. John brennan the atom shifts and the oligarchs in big tech who are trying to undermine our constitutionally protected rights and turn our country into a police state with kgb style surveillance are also domestic enemies and much more powerful therefore dangerous more dangerous than the mob stormed the capital. She doesn't she doesn't have a prayer in. She doesn't have a prayer of. I mean i'm surprised. The helicopters haven't picked her up already to take her to a nice little summer camp. Yes i mean look. She is a lot of really far left wing policies but she's always been very against that sort of she loves establishment type. She loves america. The there's that's one thing you can save. Yeah there's one thing you could say and that's why you can have disagreements with people but when they when they actually love america. I couldn't take that from all of these democrats during the the inauguration with all of the flags up there and all of the things in the star spangled banner and those but are use a tear to my. I know it doesn't no it. Doesn't you've been saying for the last five years how much this country sucks. How this flag is a symbol of oppression. The star spangled banner is a symbol of oppression. And a song of oppression. I mean i just can't take it. But i take differences of opinions easy but at least believe in the bill of rights and i think tulsi gabbard does. We've been trying to get around the show for some for some reason. She doesn't wanna come on the shell. It's weird that is very strange. I'm shocked by that. Oh you know who. I have on for the podcast tomorrow. Oh you're gonna love this if you are a blaze tv subscriber. You get two days before anybody else tomorrow. I have the head of the astronomy Department at his credentials are a mile long. Who says We've already we've been visited twenty in two thousand seventeen by aliens and he said You know i can make a pretty good case. He's got a new book out called terrestrial. And it's about that. Remember that that sh- cigar shaped the asteroid. I got up to like chapter. Four last night's he's like it's not an asteroid and here's why and he explains it. He explains how it was shiny. It was like mirror like or metallic and The way it behaved he said comes destroys everything we know about the physical universe if this indeed is an asteroid or a meteorite or something it did not behave within the the principles of physics and he said so it would be impossible it would be impossible or our physics are wrong and he said we we. We should have this talk but nobody wants to talk about it because you know all right right. It's an alien ship. Well what else is it. And he is not saying. It's an alien ship. He said it's the best easiest explanation. But if it's not what is it and the way he talks about it is phenomenal. He's gonna do podcast with you tomorrow and you'll be able to hear that tonight for blaze. Tv subscribers and also. I think we're putting this on the blaze. Tv youtube channel. Tonight i'm gonna talk to you about What's happening in the biden administration and all of these oligarchs and the way they are now structuring The government at recent article in foreign affairs written by samantha power. Yes she's back. President biden has made her the new head of us. Id and then he put usa id that seat on the national security council. Why here's what she says. No leader wants it. Known that he has used his position of power and privilege to help himself and his cronies profit at the expense of citizens. That's the accidental definition of joe biden. So we started looking into the crony capitalism. Two weeks ago on glenn. Tv and tonight we're picking that baton back up and we're going to look at more than deep-pocketed stakeholders from black rock and big tech who have unprecedented white house. Access to further the worldwide agenda. That is happening right now in davos. It's amazing that the world economic forum actually responded to this program yesterday. I said something on this program yesterday and from davos they tweeted back. And they said that's the glenn beck has just. This isn't right. Yes it is and what. We explained it in the first hour of this of this broadcast today. Something is very very wrong and you need to know about it. Happens tonight at nine pm eastern on blaze tv dot com slash glenn or blaze tv youtube. Don't miss it. Share it with glenn. Beck program stakes. Is there anything better than a great stake. I'm thinking children a great steak. I can't think of anything better than a great steak right now. And the best steaks are from omaha steaks. 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I don't think they send you any stakes but you do get a lot of good conservative programming to blaze tv dot com slash. Glenn the promo code is glenn and you'll save thirty bucks so fifteen dollars an hour. Why only fifteen dollars an hour. I mean it's like the masks you know love one mask is good to mass better when three why. Not seven twenty five. Same thing with with minimum wage. Why why shouldn't the minimum wage be something really living. And maybe you know something that includes like were. You could buy a house. Maybe like sixty thousand dollars. A year i mean. Why don't we just do that. Why stop at fifteen Brian retail is With a cc. A senior fellow at the manhattan institute. He's a guy who doesn't care who's in office. Republicans or democrats he He points out both of them sock when it comes to actually living by the budget And we want to talk about the fifteen dollar wage and also How long can we lasted these kinds of spending limits We go to brian now. Hi brian how are you. Are you very good. By the way. I forgot to mention you were also one of the Researchers co authors of the book broke which was fantastic. I at least they tell me it was a great book. I was honored to help in my own little way. Yeah thanks brian. Okay so brian. Let's talk about the fifteen dollar wage. What will that do to the nation. Well you know the congressional budget office said even if we did it gradually during an economic boom it would cost between one point three three point seven million jobs instead. they're talking about doing it during a recession. Which means you're going to lose even more but that's not even the worst of it they would also raise the tipped minimum wage waiters and waitresses make from two thirteen to fifteen dollars. Restaurants are going through right now. Restaurants are going through the worst crisis in history. Millions have gone under many others are on the brink of bankruptcy and the solution and the stimulus bill is to increase their minimum wage by six hundred percent. I mean it is economic malpractice bryan explained to people who don't who don't understand you know these big companies. They could afford fifteen dollars an hour. Explain why this cancels their jobs because not only can big companies can afford it you know. Profit margins aren't that big and and especially small businesses really often cannot afford it especially in low cost like mississippi in puerto rico. You know they tried raising the minimum wage. Really high puerto rico about fifteen years ago and it costs something like forty percent unemployment. But here's another point even if companies can't afford it it doesn't mean they will because you know companies aren't charities if they're going to take a loss on on an employee if the employee is only worth ten dollars an hour they're not gonna pay them fifteen even if they can afford it. What they're gonna do is which automation and that's why the higher the minimum wage goes the more likely it is that you're going gonna walk into a taco bell and go up to a little machine. Impress a lotta buttons in order to get your big mac. I mean it was the old the old auto matt or the old. What is automatic. I think was the Restaurant up in new york where you didn't have anybody waiting on you back in the nineteen thirties. Now there's no one behind the machine to stuff the food in now it will just be a machine and we would call that progress anywhere else but because it's going to put people out of work now. It's it's going to be devastating to the economy especially when you have truck drivers who are going to be the first on the block when automated trucks are everywhere on the highway. And that's part of the plan you know andrea has been saying we need universal basic income for all. The jobs lost to automation well. They're speeding up the shift to automation by essentially banning. All jobs that. Don't pay fifteen dollars an hour. you're gonna put a lot of people out of work. Then we're just we're going to have to spend a trillion dollars on their on their universal basic income payment. So you're gonna end up paying for that too so there. There're places like in new york city and not today their places in new york city with fifteen dollars an hour would be reasonable You know you you've got you've got to pay higher if you're living in in new york city but there are also places all over the country we're fifteen dollars. An hour is a quite hall. Yeah this is. Why fifteen dollars is crazy for national number. It's not sensitive to local economies and local conditions. Seattle in san francisco ca can afford it much easier than places like again mississippi or puerto rico where prices are lower. Wages are lower. You know the in mississippi. The average manufacturing job doesn't even pay fifteen dollars hour. You know forget fast food. Even even you know manufacturing job doesn't pay that. And that's why i think the better solution is leave. Minimum wage up to the states. Some states have been raising their minimum wage. Some cities have been raising their minimum wage other cities and states with lower costs having because the local pas local elected officials understand a little better. The local economic conditions needs a fifteen dollar. National floor is bonkers coming out of washington. Tell me about seattle. Because the initial response was this is going to put the restaurants out of business. What has happened to seattle since they put this in seattle It has done a fifteen dollar wage and it it has slowed down employment certainly. It hasn't caused an epic crash in the state But the the employment growth over the last couple of years certainly slowed down. there has been somewhat of a shift automation. Even the trade off exists in seattle It hasn't caused a crash but but there has been a definite slowdown in the growth of low of a lot of the jobs that are affected by the minimum wage. So we have. According to president biden now a eleven trillion dollars in new spending over the A decade. They're no longer looking for the offsets He's saying that three trillion in new taxes. will help offset I mean we're just we're printing money right. I mean we're really on modern monetary theory at this point right without calling it that we are in fact last year when we ran a three point. Three trillion dollar deficits two thirds of that was funded by the federal reserve was funded by the printing press. So we are. We are printing money. Were not taxing it or not even really borrowing it refunding it out of the printing press. And you're right. I mean but by has proposed is eleven trillion dollars in new spending over the decade. You know to put that in context. John kerry proposed two trillion over the decade. No four obama proposed one trillion. Hillary clinton proposed two trillion then biden proposed eleven trillion which shows that although biden ran as a moderate. Today's democratic party has shifted so far to the left that eleven trillion dollars sounded like a moderate amount and by the way that eleven trillion. That's top of the baseline deficits of about fifteen trillion dollars over the decade so really biting total deficits of about twenty six over the decades. Is that number optimistic to brian. I mean does that. Reflect reality even twenty six trillion. It's optimimistic in that. Those numbers were before the recession and also assumes no interest rate hikes. Exactly these numbers the the scary thing about all these numbers as they assume interest rates. Stay low forever and let me tell you. If interest rates rise one point higher than the congressional budget office assumes that would add thirty trillion over thirty years in crash. One home gosh. Wow people's eight this is not weimar. It's not zimbabwe and it's not yet do we you know it wasn't weimar until by point like oh my gosh and it's too late any idea when it becomes too late. I mean we are headed and correct me. If i'm wrong. We're headed for zimbabwe or a or a weimar. If we don't stop this at some point right. The trends are absolutely unsustainable. I mean in total The congressional budget office proposed two hundred and four trillion dollars in deficits over the next thirty years even before the recession even with low interest rates hundred four trillion over thirty years. You know you add in interest interesting crease. You add in what we're going through right now. You could be up to one hundred fifty trillion over thirty years. He's numbers are so big. It sounds like monopoly money and will be believe money at some point. The system can't hold it up and that could be in five years seven years years a lot of it really depends on the bond market it to the extent that the bond market is lending washington money at some point. They're going to say we're gonna stop lending you we don't think you're good for this. This is ridiculous and you're going to have to pay us twice. As high of interest rates to compensate for the risk at that point you get into this vicious circle where washington has to pay higher interest rates in order to attract lenders which only makes borrowing more which makes them even more nervous which requires even higher interest rates that point. I think what happens is washington says. Okay forget finding lenders. Just gonna use the printing press. And that's when you start looking like germany when we didn't we already kind of hit this in some ways. I mean i think it was over last summer or the summer before we offered bonds and nobody took them in the feds started buying them y- short-term we're facing that right now because with deficits three point three trillion dollars last year could be even bigger this year. There just isn't enough. People buying bonds to pay for that as a matter of fact the number of borrowing. We're getting internationally. New borrowing has been pretty much zero China and japan have not been buying our bonds at all and domestically there just isn't enough savers in order to pay for all this so right now. We're facing you know the printing press running it because we can't. We can't find three to four trillion dollars a year for domestic people to lend to us now. Hopefully as the recession ends the deficit goes down to only one or two trillion dollars a year. I only in air quotes. That'll be a little bit easier to finance but but it's not sustainable term to keep borrowing one to three trillion dollars a year. Have you seen what's happening in davos with a great reset trying. I'm everybody's carrying such a heavy load. Yesterday they said all we need is fifty trillion dollars and we can. We can do all these things fifty trillion. That sounds like we're politics are right now. You know a couple of years ago. i i wrote an article that said the democrats proposals would cost forty two trillion over ten years and people thought i was crazy to use number that big. No one would ever propose that and now these numbers are old hat you know. Green new deal Medicare for all all of this stuff. We were hearing fifty hundred trillion dollars thrown around like they're nothing. Thank you so much brian to have you on again. But i need to take some medicine here before i talked to again. Brian thank you so much. I appreciate it. We'll talk again. I i would like to go in a little further on what it means when the dollar starts to lose its value and and who really gets hurt. It's the people who always played by the rules and people who have their money in a savings bank. All right brian thank you so much. Appreciate it better than anybody i swear. He's great. follow on twitter at brian. Underscore riedel believe it is our i e de l. Great place to go. Because he's got this stuff and he's been saying the whole time he was saying it every president going back even through the trump through trump although all time now a lot of conservatives having focused on the budget here and the debt for awhile hopefully that's going to return here with biden is president. 'cause it's freely important that is i mean that is the one good thing about the biden administration is at least conservatives will start paying attention to the dead again. Some people find their faith. Yeah John lives in kansas. Few years ago back injury made it so he was living every single day in pain. He tried a number of different things to try to make it go away or at least dole at the. Nothing really worked. Fortunately john listens to the radio even more. fortunately he has good taste in radio shows. Hello john he heard a certain velvety voice. Talk radio guy. Talking about relief factor. John was like anna nov. I believe this clown wait. A minute was by the by the point that he heard me talk about. He was living with back pain For years and he had aids leaves it the point of give anything a try so he ordered the three week quickstart well. That radio man turned out to be right because he writes within a few weeks. I felt better That i have not only in years. But i i felt better than i had before my injury. He got his life back to. It's not a drug is developed by doctors and seventy percent of the people who try it for three weeks go on or more because it works for them order the three week quickstart in see if it works for you. Nineteen ninety five is the three week trial pack. You can get it at relief. Factor dot com relief factor dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four. It's relief factor dot com. So they're keeping the national guard in washington. Dc and nobody will explain why Yesterday we asked the army secretary Wh why are the troops still there. They referred the washington examiner to the fbi. The fbi declined to respond now. The acting secretary for the army. John whitley told reporters yesterday in a conference. Call that what i can tell you is in terms of what the fbi is briefing us. Is that there are several upcoming events that we need to be here for When pushed on it he said we don't engage in intelligence work ourselves. We rely on federal partners and particularly the f. b. i. to provide that information after the january six capital riot intelligence failures by law enforcement were cited by former trump. Army secretary ryan mccarthy He said You know we. We should have been notified of this and had the troops there they said we don't do domestic intelligence. We don't know it's against the law for us to do this. Whitley said f. b. i. Briefings have indicated that an upcoming unlawful first amendment protected protest could be used by militias actors to incite more violence where posturing our forces to be able to respond to these threats if they emerge so we've got we have seven thousand guard members that will be there until this weekend and they're going to keep five thousand national guard members at the capitol until mid march. Let's not normalize american military troops on the streets of our nation's capital. The can we not normalize this. I think the people need to demand some answers and your governor needs to say what are you doing. I'm pulling back glenn beck program. I tell you about our sponsor it's a real estate agents. i trust whether you're a buyer or a seller. You need somebody who knows what they're doing. Especially in this game boy you you wanna buy a house. Holy cow if have houses are. I don't know what it's like in your neighborhoods a crazy market right now with somebody in my neighborhood. Somebody just knocked on their door and offered them a bunch of money way over what they would even have thought about selling it for was even on the market one even on the market and they just knocked on the door and they said give this one give you a million dollars more than what your house is you know. Was you pay for it. And he was like okay. Hang on get my stuff. You need somebody that really knows how to make sure that they can get the best price for you for your house and also the best price for you get into a new house. It's real estate agents. I trust dot com. that's real estate agents. I trust dot com word. Were not to hear detainment. Manson dress the glenn beck program friends. I want you to put your hands together. And i want you to raise them up over your head and i want you to say tight. Kitschy says because there is a covid. Nineteen that is happening. All around this great. You know joe biden said miracles. Just don't happen. But we gotta joe biden covid miracle right here on our hands and i want you to recognize. Is that miracle in the next few minutes. We're going to tell you all about it with a great preacher friend of mine. Mr steve dais in sixty seconds. Bill barr yes. Bill barr is Saving my bought because I don't know about you but i have a real sweet tooth i am trying to lose Over fifty pounds In the next year. And i'm i'm down five pounds. I think now total since the beginning of the year. And i have a really big sweet tooth and There's nothing that i ever had that Kind of cures that. I'm up at night looking for cookies or ice cream or something until built bar. It is a tremendous tremendous Treat especially if you're trying to lose weight It is a protein bar. And i know protein bars. Oh that sounds awful. They are truly truly gag worthy. They never taste good. And if it's a diet protein bar it's worse because then it tastes like chemicals. Not the bill far this made with real chocolate. I don't know how they do it. I don't care if it's witchcraft voodoo witchcraft. I don't care. Bill barr keep doing it because i love it You there are about one hundred one hundred thirty calories each one Like i said they taste like a candy bar but they have everything in it that you need. It's a great protein bar and great for your diet. It's bill barr go to built bar dot com right now. Use the promo code beck. Get twenty percent off your next order. It's promo code beck twenty percent off. Bill barr dot com Mr steve days is here to talk to us about. He thinks it's strange that this miraculous turnaround on it has happened. But i'd say it is part of the miracle. That is joe biden steve days morning guys the right over here. You guys had this thing. What's that yellow thing in the sky. I haven't seen that where. I'm from a month and a half. We have it all the time. I rolled the window down in the car. And i felt like rusty on. Remember the movie mask. I felt like rusty and the shining on america is here. It's nice so steve. Let's talk a little bit about the covid miracle we have to touch the hem of joe biden's dementia and look what happens. It's gonna happen or he'll new york is opening up. yes california yesterday gavin. Newsom came up and said hey all of this. Stay at home stuff. Yeah it's over. Yeah what have. They have the worst spike in the country. Actually right now. In the state of california it is it's cynic it's cynical and its sinister and we knew it was coming but to watch it. Unfold in real time is still a sight to behold nevertheless if you go back and trace to when joe biden was certified The the winner on january the sixth. And if you look at the the series of fortunate events if you want your life back that has occurred since then you you cannot do anything but read connett and trace it back a guys to the fact that. Hey we're in charge now and lockdowns just aren't politically useful to us anymore to me the most you mentioned several examples. There's gretchen whitmer and michigan. Remember oh you mean last winter and spring. You couldn't buy seed to work in your yard in michigan right. I mean it's this is happening all over the country. Except if you're in ohio governed by the appropriately named republican mike dewine who seems to be completely drunk on branch davidian cooling but in a lot of other places where democrats just talk. The woke game in order to power but really. It's just because they'd like to be sitting in box seats at their favorite major league team. This summer said the republicans suddenly. They're like you know what we need to reopen this thing and the most cynical of them all was one hour. After joe biden was inaugurated the world health organization came out and said stop testing. All these a symptomatic people. Your cycle thresholds for pcr testing positive tests are all too high. You know the stuff. People like us got crushed with our facebook traffic and demonetized by the quote unquote facebook science team. For saying all asked fall now the world health organization is saying it now. That joe biden is in there. So stu you know the opposite Argument for the testing. You know. Because i've heard a lot of people say this testing is going to make things look a lot better. 'cause the cycle you know you run forty cycles in it. It picks up things that aren't necessarily there or dead virus it's entered cetera. Gimme the opposing argument. I'd like to hear you too. Well i mean. I don't think that there's an opposing argument to whether you should be able to post what you believe is true. No no no no not not that the actual testing that. It doesn't really change that much. Well i mean the. I guess the argument would be that you know you have the pcr tests right then they. They run a certain amount of cycles. And so the basically these are heating cycles that try to manipulate to magnify the virus basically so you can detect it. Most of them run thirty forty fifty cycles as a matter of when they get picked up. There's a certain percentage of those tests that wind up in a late sort of rotten right where they'll be like. Maybe in the forty th cycle the concept is that those tests should be rerun which is what they were trying to stay in this in this alert. They've been terrible at communicating things from the very beginning and we've been hammering on them from the very beginning to explain these things in a way. That could understand if these tests come up. And they have they wind up being There's a certain percentage chance of false positives if they run in those later cycles. Now there's very low chance of pcr tests generally speaking coming out false positives. That's typically not the way they work right when you amplify something. You're looking for something very specific. You're not going to see that Amplify like for example you had like a lady gaga song playing really quietly and you turn it up as loud as you can and you kept amplifying lady gaga would get very loud right. You would never detect barry manilow. And they're right right. That's just not how it works. However if there's if they screw up which they've done many times if the testing if the sample is manipulated or a defective in some way you can have those situations happen. If lab isn't run appropriately. You can have some of these positive tests so it is significant. It's just that the question is whether it doesn't. I don't think he'd make the case. I mean i you know. Seen many steve's posts were you talk about. This is a serious thing and it's killed a lot of people. The question is why do we have to deal with these sensors who come in and every time when you make a point like this you get thrown off and when the world health organization comes in and says yeah. There might be some of these. They don't come back and put you back on the guy. I check my inbox before i came on. I know pahlavi's received anything. Facebook science thing not really nothing and there's no good answers to your question. See i thought you were going to raise the point that if we if we had a more accurate testing system. You're right that. Pcr testing is considered the gold standard. But there's always the human element right meaning. How many times do i look at something. And eventually i'll find if i want. But is that some kind of viral artifact. Will it actually be something that if someone comes in contact with it will it still be infectious right. Yeah okay. there's no distinctions being drawn. There haven't been until well an hour after joe biden. Got right now. There are but reason why that's so important to note the other argument is will they get rid of all these symptomatic positives than you guys always want to talk about. How low the f is for this the infection fatality rate that it's actually just slightly higher than the flu like anthony fauci originally wrote in february and the new england journal of medicine. You guys always talk about that. Well if you get rid of all the positives the iof afar rate's gonna go way up. And i agree that it will but see that's different because the strategy from the beginning has been to control this virus by locking down the healthy locking down the as symptomatic if we if we specifically identify who is the most prone to this then we will do what human societies have been doing since bible times with outbreaks isolating the people who are infected or the most vulnerable to being infected. But the rest of society has to go on. that's we have been doing that as a species for thousands of years this one time for reasons only llanos. We decided to do the exact opposite of that. It seems to the the antigen tests are an interesting part of this battle and that like it seems to more accurately identify people with active within virus. That can go. that's really the important. There's there's two things that are important. Knowing who has had the virus. Six months ago is important to know higher spread and and there's a lot of things that scientists scientists can prove out of that we can understand the virus better but as far as like. Should you be able to go into work next to right right. like that. Like the antigen tests seems to do a much better job in the nfl has been used the and that's with other college teams used and then if you had a positive they went to the pcr out to to verify that but even with the national football league which you would assume those people have as private health. Insurance is any private industry in the country. They had dozens upon dozens upon dozens of false. Positives the share. So let me bring you back. Because i honestly feel like We're entering the days of galileo again. Let me give you two comments. That came out of the davos speeches yesterday on the great reset from the world economic forum This one comes from the president of the european union quote. A new study by the center for human progress demonstrates that fake news spread six times faster than real news owed to the fact that fake news does not have the burden of having to go through the journalistic process of verification of facts therefore new regulations must be set for social media platforms around the world requiring all news stories and articles to go through a validation process before they're allowed to be published or shared. This comes from the editor of the times of london yesterday at the world economic forum. Freedom of speech is a sacred right but freedom to lie to mislead and fool others is not if your speech disagrees with science. It is a lie if it disagrees with facts it is ally liser not protected by free speech. Well maybe not not in london but lies are protected. Here in the united states mall speech should be protected and is under the constitution. But what caught me here. Was galileo if you can hear me if your speech disagrees with science it's ally which science i mean one of the things that has been in. We've i've talked about this with you guys before the the biggest surprise to me since i started pushing back on this last march is i is. I was hesitant to go out in front and push-back. Because i was concerned that it was just going to be the blaze breitbart brigade of of deplorables against the climate change agenda. This would just be a proxy for that. What shocked me is how in academic circles there was pushed back right away. How how epidemiologist at oxford pushback on imperial college and it's doomsday model like the day after. Boris johnson succumb to it. How scientists at stanford long before i even knew who scott atlas was all right but but epidemiologist at stanford johnny needs and others. Were pushing back on many of these things. Scientists at harvard. Yale carnegie mellon These are not insignificant places of academia. Most of these are places that teach people that life came out of nowhere because proteins and amino acids i mean oh acid spontaneously combusted. One day fifty-nine genders right. They're not on team blaze. Many of these places are but even they looked at the models and the science and said that dog won't hunt. It's a one of the great mysteries to me. This for the last year has been even within their own academic circles. There have been elite sectors of their own intelligencia that of called. Bs on this and have largely been ignored by our own scientific policy community there. I think maybe we're learning that there's a scientific community and then there's a scientific policy community if you know what i'm trying to say people who then want to weaponize their findings to create certain policy outcomes and if you go back to the very first imperial college model when i started researching imperial college one of their benefactors is a guy named jeremy bentham and jeremy bentham a radical climate alarmist. And he'd be looked at all of neil ferguson solutions for this. They were all essentially proto versions of the green new deal. Right out of jerry. Jeremy bentham You know get rid of carbon based You know products a fantasy. I wanna i wanna play something because what you just talked about We were warned of play something From history that is that is phenomenal. that You need here because you are saying exactly the same thing. And we're before it was prophecy. Now it is now. It's here and we're living it american financing. 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During recent decades in this revolution research research has become central also becomes more formalized complex and costly a steadily increasing share is conducted four by or at the direction of the federal government. Today the solitary inventor tinkering in. His shop has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing feels in the same fashion the free university. Versity historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery has experienced a revolution in conduct research partly because of the huge costs involved. A government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. That is those are powerful words but listen. He goes on to talk about the technological revolution. Having its own family tree. Listen to this. The prospect of domination of the nation scars by federal employment project allocations and. The power of money is ever present and is greatly to be regarded yet in holding scientific research and discovery in respect as we should we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of scientific logical elite. Now listen to the last thing he says this is how it's all gonna come together if we don't pay attention which we didn't listen. We face a hostile ideology. Global in scope atheistic in character ruthless in purpose and incestuous in unhappily danger posers promises to be of indefinite duration to meet it successfully. There is called for not so much the emotional and transitory sacrifices of crisis but rather those which enabled us to carry forward steadily surely and without completing the burdens of a long and complex struggle with liberty the state who have not protected the because of the military industrial complex bleeding into science science and government and the private corporations working together on money for money then having to go to the educational elite. They're just doing things giving the government on the the complex. Whatever answer they want and is now being driven by this really hostile ideology which you're now seeing the great reset and by oligarchs all around the world and we've lost our place you see it in something simply practical that in a lot of these states. That were were shutdowns. If you had a small or family owned business you had to shut down. You couldn't be it. Couldn't it couldn't be assumed that you can protect your clientele from covid but if it was one of these big box stores with a lot more overhead and a lot more exposure frankly. It was assumed that they could and they have been open the entire time that those are just of the practical assumptions that are the result of the belief system. He's up against and really what we're talking about i described by describing on my show is a spirit of the age. It's really a rival religion. It's almost like a modern babble and just like within christianity there's this constant tension You know god is sovereign but we have free will and so we have debated those two dueling tensions within the faith for thousands of years. They have a tension in their religion as well. Which is they believe. Human nature is not fallen and in need of redemption. That human nature is perfectly fine there. Palladian holly point senator. Holly described their their palladian in nature. But then at the same time they assert though that even human nature is basically good and we can chart our own path and make their own realities moralities. But then say. But you don't know how to wield that basic natural freedom unless you're guided by a higher evolved set of people that can show you how to channel that freedom into the way that we want you to and so that's the tension where they believe in the catch them hypocrisies all the time. Why can i choose to get an abortion. But i can't choose whether or not to wear a mask right. We catch them in those kinds of hypocrisies because abortion is approved by that higher. Set wearing a mask. You not wearing a mask. Not approved by that higher set and so it's hypocrisy to us in their world view though from the upside down the other side of the looking glass. Glenn it makes perfect sense. We approved this. We didn't approve that steve day. You can hear him on his podcast where we podcast. And you'll hear him live about a half an hour on the blaze radio network in blaze. Tv make sure you subscribe blaze. Tv dot com. Use the promo code glenn and save thirty percent right now glenn beck program and our sponsor is patriot. Mobile patriot mobile. I mean we gotta start doing business with people who are fighting with us not against us. We have to do business with people who believe in our morals and and are building something that we all need like communication not fighting against us but we also have to do business with people who may be doing that but it's good if not better than the alternative patriot. Mobile has done that i. They're not sending any of their money to planned. Parenthood like verizon does they're on the same sow cell towers as everybody else so everybody uses the same technology same backbone. 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And i believe it is still about corruption but in a very different way every time researchers have opened closet at the biden white house. Another special interest skeleton tumbles out. Tonight we're going to look at the major stakeholders who have their tentacles all over the white house and what they really want. The new biden administration has already showing america. The natural end result that comes from decades of being dominated by special interest groups. Eventually you get the government beholden to these groups and you can call those groups. Stakeholders the stakeholders have vested interest in the actions and policies of the government. You don't know who is serving. Who where the head of this hydra really is tonight. You don't wanna miss it. Find out who the stakeholders are what they want who they're working with inside. The biden administration nine pm eastern only on blaze tv dot com slash. Glenn we ask that you would join us. We are headed for very very difficult. Waters and I have. I wish i could tell you Some things but i'm not going to Because it only make things worse I were headed for very difficult waters. And we need your support at blaze. Tv dot com. Slash glenn use the promo code glenn and you'll save thirty percent. Also you'll see this special tonight at nine o'clock on blaze tv dot com and blaze tv youtube. So make sure you watch it one way or another. You don't wanna miss tonight and it's going to tie together several things. It is very important that you understand and do your homework on the great reset. We have a book coming out I'm not sure when we're gonna get it out but it's going to be soon we're working on it right now But it's a very difficult thing to understand. You have to really pay attention to what the world economic forum is doing. because they're very slippery on The way they the way they phrased things. They're talking about going from shareholder capitalism to stake holder capitalism who are the stakeholders. They will always say it's you but when push comes to shove and they defined it yesterday On a tweet that was Tagging me because of it was in response of something. I said yesterday that this is an oligarchy in the making and Somebody at the world economic forum listening to this program while they're busy in davos to try to correct any errors. They said no. No no stakeholder capitalism is not an oligarchy the it is a partnership with everyone the stakeholders are everyone and the people are represented by their representatives in washington dc. While i haven't felt my representative represented me in a very long time. And it is a way to get the government into our businesses and then you'll have social and economic and ecological justice. That is happening. Let me give you a few things that happened yesterday in davos at the world economic forum And when they were talking about the new great reset. We don't want to return to normal. We don't want cova to end. And for us to return to some form of status quo because it was the status quo that caught us Caused this and brought us here to our knees. Those wishing for a return to normal must inherently wish for disease and destruction to return again and for more death in the future. That's the secretary general of the oecd. Let us not delude ourselves. This from the prime minister of spain there can be no social justice without tax justice but it is time to go one step farther. It is not enough to distribute income more fairly through taxation but to take serious steps to ensure equal distribution of all wealth to all people all races and all nations prime minister of spain This comes from Alan job he is the ceo of unilever es g which is environmental social. Incorporate governments programs Es g programs is now central to how companies interface with investors shareholders and the public at unilever one quarter of executive pay is directly linked to how we perform against social justice and climate issues. Okay let me give you one more quote. This is from klaus schwab. He's the guy who's pushing this He's the head of the world. Economic forum stakeholder capitalism is a form of capitalism in which companies seek long term value creation by taking into account the needs of all their stakeholders including society at large they don't seek profits for investors but rather benefits for themselves and all stakeholders including employees customers and all people unless capitalism can guarantee equality for all people which you cannot. It's a failed system. So what are they talking about is this. Is this a march to marxism. No this is. This is worse. This is worse. This is something not new But something that the left and the right should be able to come together on. This is an oligarchy. Now let me show you how it ties in to us right now. Did you hear about president. Biden's made in america. executive order. Sounds great right at aims to force u. s. government agencies to work closely with us businesses rather than pay foreign businesses for goods and services. Well that's fantastic right. That's donald trump could have done that. I mean let's by america. The united states government is right in the czech. Let's have it benefit the united states of america and all of the employees here. I think we should favour. Us businesses the us spends six hundred billion dollars every year on contracts. Let's spend that money here. Okay that's probably all you heard in the media but now let me show you the fine print. According to the order the biden administration is creating the federal agency called the in america office. Do you realize what the acronym is made and office are made in america office in out. Its mouth now okay. I'm going to refer to this office as mao run out. The s one of the purposes of the mau office is to force other federal departments to spend more of their money on goods and services offered by the us business but exceptions are still permitted when appropriate but the made the mao will be led by the director of made in america office. It doesn't merely require the federal government to work more closely with. us businesses. Listen carefully and tie it together with what i just told you. About stakeholder capitalism it also mandates the government by from businesses that promote left wing goals in other words. If you're not a woke business the federal government may not be able to buy your goods and services. Why would unilever make you know. Social justice part of their ceo compensation. Because if you're not engaged in social justice and climate change and on and critical race theory. You're not gonna be able to do business now. This was noted at the very end of the white house. Official statement about the new department. This order is deeply intertwined. I'm quoting with the president's. Commitment to invest in american manufacturing including clean energy and critical supply chains grow good paying union jobs and advance racial equity. The federal government should buy from suppliers that are growing the sexual a sectors of the future and treating their workers with dignity and respect. Yes half of that is true. The part about you know this is what company should do. yes but they are cloaking. What's really happening. This is right out of the great reset. Playbook you use the spending power of government to coerce businesses to pursue the left wing causes like clean energy or racial equity. You don't have the right. Ratios of hispanics asians for example. Then the federal government can't do business with you under this policy. The same can be true for those businesses. Who don't rely enough on electric vehicles or that profit in some way from co two producing energy sources or those businesses without enough union workers. Do you see what's happening. The government is forcing people into this and the big corporations. Don't care they just don't care. So the language of the order is so vague in the policy section that it could be interpreted to give the new mao agency the power to deny contracts for virtually any reason it reads quote the united states government. Should whenever possible kerr goods products materials and services from sources that will help. American businesses compete in strategic industries and help america's workers thrive. Wow that all sounds great unless you know what it really means strategic industries that help america workers thrive could mean just about anything to the mouth director. it opens the doors to all kinds of crazy policies. Tonight i will show you those american corporations those coming oligarchs that have their hands all over the biden administration and how it ties into the great reset tonight. Don't miss it on blaze. Tv dot com slash. Glenn use the promo code. Glenn please tell a friend. This is not marxism. This is not socialism this is not communism it's not state capitalism it is stake holder capitalism and stakeholder capitalism. Your only represented in that. If you're an investor in the company or your house of represent your congressmen your senator. They'll represent you and if the government is fine with it then you're gonna be fine because you have representation. That is nothing. L l let me quote klaus schwab. Capitalism has failed. no it hasn't but we are on a whole new well. We're entering a brave new world around the tv like an hour before your special. Was there anything in particular i can. Really know cartoons. I mean you're talking about eight o'clock eastern. Eight o'clock delays blaze. Tv maybe a great time to tune into blaze. not really. i think it's reruns cartoon western. It's not it's it's do does america. It's going to be a great episode years now. Don't think so. I think it's a western. A wha- show to silent western. Even what do you have on your show today. We're actually going to the this the game. Stop thing a little bit Which is going to be fascinating. It's like you know it's going to cause a massive Pushback from the democrats on capitol regulatory way to see and also a climate orders and all the craziness going on there so some good stuff. Yoga you i think. I think you're going to be which i'm excited about until this this moment. 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Okay when when the stock was at two dollars a share right. New dollars share These guys on read it. They decided that they were going to run this up now. If i did this on national radio it would be illegal you can't say. Hey everybody let's do this but apparently on read it. You can yeah. It's public public over openly. Speaking about your opinion on a stock is fine. Doing it in private venues is usually not fine and secondarily doing it. The fcc has all sorts of laws. Greg how you can do that threat. Honest different console. Let's say you invested in the two dollars stock. When everybody was on on reddit they're like. Hey let's let's by this up. And the guy the first he invested fifty thousand dollars yep his life saving supposedly This guy in read it and then started talking about this Theory which has proved to be very very accurate So as of yesterday it was up to fifteen million dollars it was worth however the stock has basically doubled today. So this crazy insane is craziness you know. The we're putting billionaire hedge fund investors out of business maybe shutting down. There's rumors of bankruptcy of this hedge fund. If this happens. I mean these guys are not going to be happy and they know a lot of people but if you of these guys are going to get very very wealthy off of it. I wonder what the repercussions are going to be. Not just for them but when democrats starts saying this can happen look at how bad capitalism. That's around the corner to Stool have more on that at eight o'clock eastern tonight on Stu does game stop and tonight my wednesday night. Special immediately follows nine. am eastern blaze. Tv glenn beck program.

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