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"john west mr" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Threes, Talk radio 6 80 W. C Channel says It'll be sunny and hot again today, the 90 the expected high on right now we have 73. And the Angel 68 Valley on 7 24 year in the morning with Casey and Elliot, By the way, I have another piece of water coming up from Philly McEnany. She and perhaps the stupidest question Jim Acosta has ever asked. And I realize that's that's quite a bar you got across there, Sean, but there was a cost. Or was it Ryan Lizza? I thought it was a costume. I think it's Ryan Lizza because I watched the press conference. That costume wasn't there, so it's a little hard to tell behind. The mask is really thought, what a couple of minutes but first She was asked yesterday about Nancy Pelosi's comments about the president and knowing that the Russians she's now assuming a fact knowing that the Russians are targeting us individuals by pings of Telemann. Go after them one by one. Here's Kaylie. So first Nancy Pelosi is entirely off face. This president has been very tough on Russia sanctioning innumerable Russian targets, closing Russian consulate, So she's just off face on her fax there. But secondly, let's put this in the context of what she's talking about. She's talking about alleged intelligence that was never briefed to the president of the United States. And what's she doing? She's taking a report. Based on anonymous sourcing that was just dead wrong. The New York Times was wrong, Believe it or not, and she's politicizing it. So the on ly person playing politics here is the speaker of the house, and it is truly despicable. Which I think it is not clear about something because these terms getting tossed around without very much clarity. The Democrats are saying where he was briefed on it. No, Apparently he was not briefed on it wasn't in the briefing book. Yes, but this is a rather thick document that's presented to the Oval Office on a daily basis. Some presidents actually Have simply somebody narrated to them, and I know people who know their business. They would simply show up at the NSA on every single day and they read generation. They have top secret clearance, and that's basically what it was your job. I think that was under the Reagan administration, particularly that he preferred to receive the information in that fashion, but there are hundreds of items in this And they only put the stuff that the president gets briefed on are the top maybe 10 to 15 items, and that's it. You might say something is on Page 17. Say, Well, you know, we have report indicating, but it's not verified. Yeah, it's in the briefing book. That does not mean he was briefed on it. It's a very different kind of concept. It is, but that's never stopped the Democrats from using and weaponizing all of this We're in a very bad place right now in American history, where everything is being politicized and weaponize because they hate this man so much Andi hate this country in this current construct so much that they're willing to do anything, say anything, and they use their of their media wing New York slimes washing compost at all. To achieve. I think they're evil objectives went on ideas. They can't win on ideas that can't run on ideas. What they have to do is they have to tear down the country and try to tear down this president and the faith in him in order to do it. They believe that the end they have insight, which is ah, complete transformation to use the words of that baritone guy. Big years with president before a complete transformation of this country into something that has never been before. And was not intended to be then it doesn't matter. You lie. You cheat you distort the end justifies those means. Now where we heard that before. The end justifies the means is part of communist talk. You're actually right about those. Go. John West. Mr John. Good morning. You're on the morning drive. Morning, guys. Yes, sir. Morning, John. Then people bringing up front with Russia, but I'm surprised you never mentioned Trump, wearing black face when he told Medvedev vital, have more flexibility after the adoption. The famous Obama quote black O I. C that was from a guy with Russia was never a bomber. Of course not really is laughable. It's absurd and welcome to absurd. Astana's our colleague Ron Smith used to say, And this is where we are today. They're just crazed. These people of Trump Derangement syndrome. The media. The Democrats, even people like former respected John Bolton has put profits over his own reason and what's good for the country on it? It's very, very sad to see See this happened, but but again no old fair in war in politics here, right? The president is unknown to fire, fight back and fight back. He will and I think he's just getting started on idea. You brought it up earlier. Bruce by this narrative about Democrat run cities on he's absolutely right. It's about time. That people were even called him out for years here in Baltimore and elsewhere. These Democrat run cities are tantamount in some cases to third World countries. If you look at the trash if you look at the The education, the infrastructure of the overall health of the black community in the cities on then the violence which is just a port on its endemic it is you talk about systemic racism. This is systemic. Progressivism, which is killing our great American cities, 7 30 on Bruce what's happening in the news, while that.

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