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Concessions for Rodgers?

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Concessions for Rodgers?

"Breaking news here on. Nfl live adam schefter. Just one day away. From the date that aaron rodgers is supposed to report to camp news coming down just moments ago. What more can you tell us. Laura the green bay packers. Aaron rodgers are on the verge of an agreement. That is not done yet. That should be done shortly. Here that will give aaron rodgers enough concessions to bring him back to green bay for at least one more season now. Those concessions would nothing to do with added money which is yet further proof that aaron rodgers not seeking the type of new contract at the packers offer when they offered to make him the highest paid player in all of sports other than lionel messi and he turned down that deal. This is about the way things are on. This is about structure. This is about creating a path for aaron rodgers to leave green bay. Potentially after this season the packers avoided the two thousand twenty. Three season on aaron rodgers deal which was the last year in his contract and they've also agreed to promise to review is situation after this year so if aaron rodgers still wants to trade after this year he can get the two sides will sit down and review that after this season. So this agreement. If and when it is finalized aaron rodgers still is in california as we speak awaiting final approval. If it gets done at that point in time then our rogers would be set up to play one more season in green bay. The packers would get to hold off on keeping your love there now for all the people who say this is obvious and this was expected all along. Let me tell you that. As of last week aaron rodgers plan was not to show up to training camp and to not play this season and the talks intensified over the weekend to the point where they offered. The packers did enough in the way of concessions to get aaron rodgers to change his stance. This stance was no goat. That was the plan and the plan change as it sometimes can when training camp approaches and now they're trying to finalise this agreement that will give in rogers more control of risk future that will allow him some say there that will allow him to come back to green bay which is what the actors wanted. Which i think he's done inside with is what aaron rodgers was comfortable with but not under the existing terms of the way it existed. And that's why these conversations when and on all of season and that's why aaron rodgers asian. Dave don was in green bay last weekend to try to come to an agreement that they could not figure out and why the talks continued all week. And why late last week roger study was not coming in and over the last twenty four hours. There was this shift. That looks like it's going to result in this deal that will bring out. Rogers probably back to green bay adam. You were the one who broke the news at the draft. That aaron rodgers was not happy in green bay. You've been so close to all of this all along from the packer standpoint. You could understand why they would say well. We don't want you to just play one more year. We wanna see how long we can stretch this thing out. If that's what's best for both sides but did this really come down to. If this deal is done. Aaron rodgers just wanting to play one more year with the packers. That's what he wanted this whole time. No i don't think that's laura. I think that he wanted more control over. And when you look at the concessions that were given to him in this deal again. The last year of the deal knocked off the table. The idea that the packers will sit down with him after this year to review that contract and consider a trick that time put on the table and again these are part of the agreements that are rogers made with the green bay packers. I think there are other things that would have made him more comfortable. And i think he would have liked even more concessions made but the concessions were not about money. They were real and green bay recognized that it wasn't going to have its quarterback enlisted adjusted some of these concessions which was able to do over the last twenty four to forty eight hours and again. We'll wait to see that they finalized this agreement but that is the situation that they are now working on with. Rogers expected back once. This agreement is done with our rogers. Probably playing his last season in green bay and with him setting up a clear and natural path to his departure that everybody can prepare for because after the season. I think green bay will have another year seasoning jordan. Love maybe trades. Aaron rodgers will have some say over where it does in dozen trade him to and if nothing changes in green bay than aaron rodgers can get traded after this year but again maybe they will change enough and make him fall in love again enough to one. That's the opportunity that the organization looks like. It could have your coming up in the months and season to come. Yeah adam buying time on both sides either way. Aaron rodgers is said. His future is a beautiful mystery. Maybe now with a little more control even if it's not as much as he wanted it's a little less of a mystery. We'll see if it's still beautiful. Let's welcome in the other people on the show today. We've got meena kinds. And louis riddick as well as adam for the entire hour so keep it locked all the latest on this aaron rodgers and this breaking news out of green bay at the thing that you think about as you hear what adam is telling us is what does that mean going forward. Even after this year is aaron rodgers. Saying they're saying. I'm gonna wait and look at the landscape at that point the nfl and see. If there's a better place that i could end up going my options. What is your initial reaction to hearing this breaking news. Well like everyone. I've been sort of listening to add. The details have been trickling in in. My opinion has been changing as we've learned more information when he. I said you know one year rogers could be done. I was thinking. Wow that's bad for green bay because not only does he get the concession. He wanted which is easily immediately instead of having those final. Two years in green bay. But will they get out of it even a compaq now hearing that the year that's being voided is two years out and the agreement in place is that he has the option to request a trade after this season and green bay would have to agree to it. If i'm listening. If i hearing out incorrectly i actually think that's a pretty good for the team because either you win the championship this year. And i'm guessing he stays because everybody's happy or you have a valuable trade asset and you get that one final season with him and you can trade him and it's not like you didn't get anything out of it because i guarantee you in one year. Some football team is going to give up a lot for aaron rodgers. And then you can transition to your rookie to me. That's actually a pretty decent result for green bay especially considering all of the drama this off season. It sounds like really green bay. Concession is the right word. they've conceded one year to them. They still have the right to trade him in two thousand twenty two or they have the right to go ahead and say hey you know what we think. It's best based on what we've seen from jordan love through training camp through practice during the regular season and through your play aaron during the twenty one season twenty twenty one season. We think it's best that we keep here and hopefully you feel good about the things that you're doing so then we still get what we want so really green bay knocked off a year but this almost like just delaying this decision. There putting down the year one roof. What you know down. The road puts in this decision down the road for one season and still set themselves up to say. Hey look either we try this guy away for a bounty of picks or we win anyway because he plays even better than he didn't twenty twenty and everybody's happy and potentially we're winning a championship. It's an interesting deal. They've i think it's the best that they could possibly do right now as far as getting what they need right now on the team side while at the same time basically still holding the cards in their favor and going forward and twenty twenty two for erin hopefully hopefully after this one year if again things remain kind of the same his mind as far as i still think it's best me to move on based off of all the things that i've alluded to as far as the relationships not being what i want. I still think it's best to move on. I'm sure he's banking on the fact that they will honor that if that in fact still is the case come january or february twenty twenty two. I guess now we don't have to talk about it anymore. We can just sit and wait and see what happens if the season right is cheering silently. You don't see him. Tearing meena praising the higher powers okay adam. The thing is though this entire time as you've said it hasn't been about money for aaron rodgers in maybe has been about control. It's been about him wanting more out of all of this. And now as we inch closer toward that report date tomorrow you you said that. This is potentially imminent. This deal gets done. What more can you share about the timeline. Line that we're working with here. You think he shows up tomorrow at camp. Yes based on the conversations that have occurred throughout today and yesterday i think they will wrap up this agreement again. There are various people in green bay. They're really four primary people. I think the sign off on this got mark murphy. The president you've got ed policy. Got brian goudie. Imagine even matt leflore the head coach. So i think all parties have to be an agreement here to get lodgers back and i think that they're going over that right now but who doesn't want aaron rodgers back in green bay right now and so what this does lower is. You'll remember in the summer before. Tom brady season last season. The patriots setup a deal that allowed him to void the deal. That essentially created a path for. Tom brady to leave new england after that year and a lot of people didn't think it was real or that it would happen at the time but it did and it's not as crystal clear where there's a void for aaron rodgers yet. After this season he can just black and white do that. But that's what this agreement sets up. It sets up a path for aaron rodgers to leave after this season. If that's what he wants if he doesn't see any change if he doesn't see improvements in the culture and the people that he's referred to when he's talked to kennedy maintenance sportscenter this off season and what people have talked about throughout the course of the season and i want to go back and reiterate this again green bay today very smart thing because there were other teams that would have been interested in trading for rodgers. despite the packers saying we will not trade him. It would have been a situation that would have hung over the franchise throughout the course of the summer. It would have been an enormous distraction. Not having araj there. And i can't tell you how close it was to happening. And how much green. Based change of tune over the course of the last week and influence the events and allowed aaron rodgers to give into the concessions that will bring him back to green bay and allow for as peaceful. A summer is the packers can have as productive season as the packers can have as both sides prepare for the eventual possibility that this could be aaron rodgers. last season in green bay would add them. The question i would have though is this. Then you know over the next six months. What exactly is it. That brian jenkins mark murphy. What could they do. That would signify in errands. Mind a significant tangible change in terms of the culture that would cause him to go in two thousand twenty two yet. You know what maybe things are different. And maybe i will stay here yet another year because really at this point in time. What's training camp starts. I mean gm's roles shift from really roster management you know instead of roster construction so there's something in the works is if somebody's going to be added this team. There's aaron have some ideas about what he wants to see have done. As far as players being added to this team the way players were treated in the past is some kind of conversation they need to have more. Are those things that he would be looking for from a cultural improvement perspective. Yes well let me say this lou. In the past the packers have gone to aaron rodgers and said we want your input into some personnel decisions. That we make. We're going to include you on some key. Personnel decisions that you make only to not do that and not follow up and not include him. And i think now going forward aah rogers i think is going to be included and consulted. And they're going to do things. I think to try to make him happy. People have brought up the j. coomer example where the packers released a player that our rogers light to throw the football to entrust it. Now i'm not telling you that that's why. He felt all the anger and disappointment that he did but that was symptomatic of what he experienced. And so i think those are the kinds of things that in this potentially last season in green bay that the packers will to avoid. If they're hoping to improve the relationship with aaron rodgers and yes will they add a player or two that our might like. I see that happening absolutely. So we'll see you keep an eye out for that you guys. It's been well documented that drafted defensive player after defensive player after defensive player without getting the offense of help that aaron rodgers had asked for and then of course also drafted his replacement in jordan. Love now you can still look at their roster and say to the packers bill tonight offense around him. Let's talk a little bit more about the management and what today has been for them team. President mark murphy spoke earlier before adams breaking news. This is what he had to say. No i don't know. I think fans are frustrated with the situation and i think they kind of a pox on both houses us an errand but You know. I think we've we've been in constant communication. It's obviously months. And i'm hopeful that we'll have it all resolved. I do think our fans are split. I think and. I think there's a lot of them that are just they want it resolved and i don't know if they're against the packers or against aaron they want to see it resolved and i know people know how good player aaron is but i i do think sometimes in these situations it's easy to forget. You know what he's done. You know what i mentioned. Obviously super bowl and at three. Mvp's but you know man erin. I mean he's played a lot through a lot of things a lot of injuries and has really developed into a great leader as well with the knowledge. Now of the news. That adam schefter broke just a few minutes ago. It's interesting to think about all of them up. That press conference today packers reporter rob demoss key. Was what more can you add. Rob on the side of the management as they look at all of this and the situation knowing that aaron rodgers is due to report tomorrow to camp. Yeah laura this day started with the packer shareholders meeting that's an annual event for people who quote unquote own a piece of this team. Has you know it's a publicly owned team. It's a private event for shareholders. It's in the stadium here. Lambofield and both bark murphy. And general manager brian. Gouda kunz gave their annual state of the team addresses in which they spoke optimistically about rogers and his future here now of course we had heard that all off season but maybe what they were saying had a lot more meat behind it because they knew obviously what adam has just reported that there was something significant in the works but they really didn't give any indication both to the shareholders and in those clips that you played today laura about that that any deal was imminent all sorts of scenarios. That mark murphy was asked about what if he doesn't show up tomorrow and the reporting day. What if he doesn't play week one and murphy said i'm not gonna deal with any of those hypotheticals now. He wouldn't deal with those ordinarily but he probably wasn't going to deal with them because he knew there was a pretty good chance that things were going to get worked out as adams fine reporting has now told us. Yeah rob as you were talking there. Adam was smiling and shaking his head. We're we're gonna go to him for a second but then he got on the phone with somebody so we didn't do that but on the other side of the break. We'll find out exactly what adam schefter is talking about onto phone if he could report it. Hey did you see this on friday. Both aaron rodgers and davante adams posted this image on their stories. Michael jordan scottie pippen. Of course it's the last dance makes a lot more sense now. Maybe they're running back just one more year more on aaron rodgers and the situation with the green bay packers. Aaron rodgers may report tomorrow. We've got all the latest right here on. Nfl lie do own or rent your home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy. Bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geiko dot com. Glad you're with us here on. Nfl lives these photos. Were on aaron rodgers and davante adams instagram story. That photo on the right of michael jordan and scottie. Pippen talking about the last dance this on friday. Of course now. The news coming out that aaron rodgers may after all end up reporting to camp breaking news here by adam schefter about that as it relates to aaron rodgers. And adam there's more relating to davante adams what can you tell us. We'll of course when there is news about aaron rodgers sits into motion a whole chain of events that will impact this team going forward for this and future seasons and davante adams the star wide receiver. The packers have struggled to reach a long term deal with this off season in part because there was uncertainty surrounding and rogers now is open to listening to any contract discussions that the team would like to have and keep in mind that aaron rodgers new situation is new deal. Not a new deal will create more cap room for the packers this year too. The packers can allocate. That taproom wants. This agreement is finalized any which way they want. You would figure that one of the ways they would want to do. It would be to lock up arguably the best wide receiver in the game. Who obviously was pessimistic about his chances of getting a deal done in part because of the uncertainty that existed surrounding aaron rodgers but now that aaron rodgers is on the brink greement that would bring him back to green bay that would include multiple concessions in that agreement that would pave the way for devante adams to be willing to listen to a green bay has to say now that it star quarterback looks like he's headed back to green bay tomorrow again as adam broke this news just a little while ago once finalize if this agreement happens could also setup aaron rodgers eventual departure next season. Potentially from green bay. If that's what he ends up wanting to do. And louis riddick as well and You know louis here. All of this. It makes sense right. It's a domino effect once. Aaron rodgers assured everybody else can feel comfortable about where they are but ultimately this comes down to trying to secure everything for one year right. I mean if we're being realistic about this. Where do you see this packers team. If everybody's back like this where do you see them ending up. Do they win the super bowl. Look i mean they were. They were right there last year. Laura i mean they were right there as far as being in contention to go ahead and beat them to see representative in the super bowl. Maybe you put the ball in aaron rodgers hands. They do win the nfc championship game late in the game and they do represent the nfc in the super bowl. There's look this is legit football team with him. I think mark murphy and brian gruden kits. They know what their fortunes we're going to be if he was not there so it was in. Everyone's best just to try and get him back. Now the trickle down effect of coming back as these concessions starts to leak out about exactly what it is that you know that they gave erin. I i would assume they're going to have some there's gonna there's gonna be some positive ramifications for a lot of players starting with a guy like the volunteer adams. The bosnian up getting paid just watch. He's getting a massive massive contract. And i would assume that somewhere along the line when you're talking about concessions and this is why laura this is why that on this question there has to be something in the works other than the fact that he could possibly hit the market next year and or go to a team of his choosing if they decided to trade him. There has to be something else in the room that he says. Okay this is what will make me happy over the next six months. Something's going on here. I think you know the davante adams contract cannot be the only thing that all of a sudden now back on the table somebody else coming to this football team or something's going to change in a very tangible way to make it look like it's not just the same old thing that we're going to do like we didn't previous years. Something else is coming. Yeah adam we're waiting on these other players. Potentially that aaron rodgers wants us around himself with. I hate to keep going back to tom. Brady but look what happened. When tom brady went to tampa right. There was rob gronkowski. There was leonard fournette. Were all of a sudden this influx of players. That had some connection to tom. Brady or who. Tom brady wanted on that roster and i would be surprised if something similar didn't unfold in green bay now this relationship laws and i think that there's only try to cater to the reigning. Nfl mvp to make sure that he's happy. Going forward in green bay because again one of the concessions is that the two sides will sit down after the season review the situation. And if rogers wants to be traded at that point. The team will acquiesce to his wishes. So they essentially are given one season to try to make this all up to aaron rodgers. Who i can tell you has not been thrilled with the organization the culture the people whatever it may be this think is a reprieve. Reprieve some people as recently as the end of last week. Did not think was coming. But it has. It's come around to the credit of the packers and their officials who are able to figure out a way to make enough promises to aaron rodgers to bring him back to green bay for at least one more season to help traffic vince him so that he doesn't sit down after the season and say guys. I'm done in green bay. It was a great seventeen years. I'm moving on and this continues streak of nfl mvp's where there's never been one who didn't return to play for his team. The next season unless you retire. We saw norm van brooklyn retire in one thousand nine hundred sixty jim brown and sixty five. But there's never been an mvp who didn't return to play in the nfl the next season for that team and we also now are about to see a first for a pack quarterback bark star played sixteen seasons brett. Farve played sixteen seasons in green bay. And rogers now will be the longest tenured quarterback and green bay packers history when this agreement gets done and brings him back for another year. Well it's also a reprieve for us because now instead of trying to read the tea leaves in his instagram. Posts in sub tweets biggest. Actually look at this packers roster and it's a very good one you know. We spent so much time after the draft talking about aaron rodgers. and whether or not he was gonna return. You didn't get to talk about the other. Rogers one actually drafted mari. I think is a fantastic fit on an offense that was one of the best in the nfl last year in terms of efficiency did lose a few pieces on that offensive line. But you know they get to bring pretty much everyone else. Back another year of development robert and i don't know if there's a gronkowski liked to figure waiting in the wings jordy nelson's not walking through that door but my personal belief is they don't need more skill players. I think this is a fantastic group. And as far as davante adams goes you know this is the rajasthan wasn't about money money and it's going to be tricky for them to get done because this is a team. That's very capped out thirty and cap space next year and deandre hopkins blew the wide receiver contract. What market opened with his extension. So the packs going to have to come to some sort of agreement with him but this is why. I don't think it's going to be like the last dance. Because i think devante adams who i believe is the best wide receiver in the. Nfl is going to be a green bay packer for the long-term regardless of whether aaron rodgers leaves after this year. Not louis brought up to meena that he he believes that davante adams would get paid. He's deserving that right lou if they can figure something out okay give him that type of contract. Where do you have him. Ranked when it comes to your wide receivers in this league right now. I mean laura. Let's put look objectively like this over the past four seasons since two thousand seventeen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty devante is number one in receiving touchdowns among receivers in the nfl. And he's top five receptions so this is a guy who i mean he can get it done however you wanna to get it done. And he's twenty eight years old. You can do whatever you need him to do. Play all three positions to x z. The which i call the slot position he can do it all. He can absolutely do all of that and right now. He's woefully underpaid on an average per year basis. I mean he's about fourteen and a half volunteers up there at. I mean are twenty seven. He's got a lot of room to make up in between the law. Let's started like twenty three per year and go up from there so he's got a lot of room and you know. This is the last thing. I just wanted to say about this edition this far. Who could they bring the this roster. I don't think necessarily it has to be someone who tangibly affects this rosser. This is about culture for aaron. He wants people around the trust. That thinks deserve to be treated the right way. I i could just see that kind of thing happened. That's just my opinion. I think that's the kind of thing you're going see. Start rolling out here in green bay. Some of the best tv in the world is watching. Adam schefter take calls as news is breaking all over the nfl. I'm going to give him the second he can get back in. It sounds like he may have gotten a if that is the case we will not go to him now but if not one more second adam no all right. He's not available but when he is we'll come back and give you a little more on exactly what the packers get in. All of this at this deal is finalized on their side the concessions on both ends but specifically for the packers. Because it's really interesting me. Think about what this team could look like going forward and some of these guys that may end up with long-term deals but doing it for the short term seeing if they can run this thing back in potentially get further than the nfc championship. When you think about aaron rodgers and some of the things that may be required to keep him around we talk through a little bit of that earlier and louis x a great question to adam schefter. What what do you think would be enough. You've interviewed him before you know him. You know how he is. What's going to work for him. What's going to make him happy. I you know. I well first of all say i think he is as much of a mystery to me as apparently life is to him. But i'll throw this out when we look at this team and The lack of success. They've had first of all. I should say clearly the thing that he's not happy with his culture as lewis said adams said it's about the relationships decision making communication but just from a football standpoint. If you look at this green bay team and asked why have they not made the super bowl in recent years despite having this. Mvp quarterback you got to look to the defense like we spent so much time talking about the weapons around him on offense when the offense has been spectacular last year and the defense is fallen short and big moments. Big part of the reason why they brought in new defensive coordinator joe berry. They spent the first draft. Pick on. cornerback. We'll see if he can take ten kings job but that's been the unit that has fallen apart in key games whether it's giving up eight hundred yards to san francisco on the ground or kevin. King the cornerback. Opposite alexander struggling down the stretch. The defense has to come through in those big moments. It's not just aaron rodgers. All again breaking news here on. Nfl live today from adam schefter. It seems like after for all of this. Maybe aaron rodgers will in fact report to camp tomorrow. Could they put together for a last dance. Type team will find out perfecting the game takes more time than learning the rules and a good coach continue beyond the fundamentals augment your strengths and take your game to the next level. The same goes for writing gramley. Premium is your guide did not only avoiding basic mistakes but also helps you save time and be more productive in your everyday work grammar. 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The packers are making concessions to aaron rodgers. That can set up one more season in green bay potentially set him up to report tomorrow to camp all the latest on that as well as devante atoms potentially being more open to a deal now as a result of all this adam schefter when you backed with a soon stay tuned keep it locked right here for all of that. Hey it's also madden ratings real week here on. espn all week long. We'll be unveiling the coveted player ratings in the popular video game madden. Nfl twenty two every day. Right here on nfl. Y we'll reveal the top ten players in a different position group to kick off the week. Rick and down the top ten wide receivers. A couple of them right there. De'andre hopkins ninety eight and then devante atoms. Were just talking about at a ninety nine but with meena and louis. Let's run through a couple of these top guys. Get everybody up to date on who you should be looking out for the top. Ten highest rated wide receivers in matt in twenty two look like this number ten we allen robinson at ninety wrong. You know what you got robin fish allen robinson really. There's better quarterback play than he's gotten the dude. Has it all through acts. Incredible hands as you're seeing right. There is a fifty fifty machine. Let's hope justin field is the guy we want him to be. Your the bears fans wanted to be so that robson gets his do lewis. Mike evans ninety one overall this too low. It's too low as wide receiver concerned. Laura this is a man who is this. The big play waiting to happen as far as his yards per catch is producing machines. The third monster red zone monster is good as they come. Amari cooper number eight madden ratings for receivers. Ninety two overall. Yeah a little bit overlooked. Sometimes these crowd receiver group in dallas. But he's the best route runner in the bond makes sense to me that he's ranked thirteen in allen. The seven on this list ninety three overall lou. This one of those guys again. The laura he he just does not get enough credit for. How does how berthel dependable. he is. just in herbert. And he's his best friend cubans been a good player for a long time. Meaning michael talks with ninety four. Hopefully we get to see him. Play soon guys know obviously as work in the short part of the field but he can be so much slower. Let's see if he gets that. Opportunity matt in twenty two ratings here for receivers ninety five. Overall julio julio as much as the next person i think him and aj brown are gonna be unbearable when tennessee decide to cut it loose in twenty twenty one. I think mike evans still deserves to be a little bit higher than even. Julio julio is one of the best of all time. wow that's to fund dig ninety-seven overall enough. Love it boy. You saw the effect on this bill office. You cannot play man against the fun digs. Just one cut and you are dead number. Three tyreek hill ninety eight overall weapon in the entire national football because of one reason speed. He only got a ninety nine per speed. How did you not get one hundred. I heard him talking about the fact that at one point one hundred per speed and tyreek faster than we talked to adjusted on that. One number two andre hopkins ninety eight newscasts. The best hands your receiver in the league. And that's why he was ninety nine last year. I wanna see him using creatively in this offense but he belongs lou. Part of the ninety nine club this year davante adams the number one receiver in madden twenty two. Yeah he's in. You might soon be the number one paid wide. Receiver thank you. They've been good for a long time. Hey moron are aaron rodgers and the packers breaking news a little later. But how about this when the patriots. The boston renegades the premier women's tackle football team in new england three times e one chance of the women's football lions patriots. Robert kraft her. They meet at a plane to get to the national championship and can't show any offered them his listen to this. We'd like the privilege of flying you on our patriot team playing since that's how we won our six. We like to take you there and if you win will wait and bring you back. What mr kraft's win win thank you. You don't say oh yes you're win. They did win. The plane did bring them back. Congratulations to the boston renegades. The end up winning the championship. I would say. The plane's good luck. But i kind of think they didn't need it really cool stuff by the patriots and robert kraft right there. Math says when to great things come together. They make something he greater. For instance one plus one was too simple right. How about this trunk. Plus dog equals tailgate or turf. Plus dancefloor was in zone and when you add friends. Plus football equals. Espn fantasy football. It's as simple as that. Espn fantasy football with insights provided by ibm watson saheb now at espn dot com slash fantasy. Football live with this developing story. This from our espn investigative reporter. John bar he tweets. Ten women have filed complaints with houston police against a shawn watson. according to watson's attorney rusty hardin eight of those women are suing watson but two of the women are not part of any civil lawsuits hardened said and the latest story there on john tweets. We will give you more as soon as we have. It wanted to make sure your updated on that breaking news as well today with adam schefter just a little before four. Pm eastern coming out with the latest on aaron rodgers aaron rodgers of course has been such a story for the last few months ever since the breaking news at the draft where we found out that he was not happy with the packers. Now maybe things are changing. It's amazing. how quickly that can happen. Sometimes even as recently a week ago adam reporting that things were not looking positive for these two sides to meet in any sort of agreement. Let's bring him back in here. And adam just remind us of all the logistics. What's required to make these next steps. As we're nearing the date that aaron rodgers report to camp which is tomorrow. We'll lord they will both have to officially agree to the new deal and rodgers will have to sign a new contract that would void the current last year of the deal. Two thousand twenty three now. They can't put into writing at. They'll promise to trade him. After the season but i think there is an understanding between both sides and the packers still have to sign off on this which again could always prevent a deal from going through but there's no reason for green bay not to agree to this because visa types of concessions. That always made sense that we're going to be the ones in the end that we're able to get amrozi. But as long as they agree to hear him out and promised to trade him if he's still not happy and they agreed to do that when they talked to him. Then yes this deal is going to agree to. It's gonna get signed. There would be a new contract that signed. That would lop off that last year that would create more cap room for green bay against the cap this year so they could go and spend more money to try to help. Aaron rodgers win again. It sounds a little similar to the tom brady model whereas deal voided. He got more cap room. Got more say into personal. Some the things that. Tom brady executed in his final season. In new england and his first season in tampa bay and so air rogers was not looking for the money because the packers offered a contract that would have been the richest contract in all of sports other than the one given to lionel messi and roger didn't take that deal that's not what he was looking for the money he was looking to improve the environment around him. He was looking to be a little bit empowered over some of the personnel decisions and most important the ability to leave their after this season. If that's what he wants and he doesn't see changes and so that is the situation by taking off the last year the deal by leaving two years on the deal after the season the packers will either have to trade him or give him a huge new extension to keep them in green bay. Some wondered atom if this would just be aaron rodgers stepping away from football. This assures to me is. It's nothing like that at all. In fact it really shows his intensity toward winning and how badly he wants to win another super bowl how badly he wants that opportunity to feel like he's got the players around him in the front office the management behind him to do that. How close was this to not happening. Because you reference said even a week ago things were looking good. Yeah i think that about a week ago. If you ask me i would have said that he would not have been in camp and i think that was the plan in his own mind and i think he was looking to win and of course try to change some of the culture around him and i think over time we've seen the packers say you're going to be involved in personnel decisions. Only to see that he's not they prepare jordan love during the off season. The event aaron rodgers wouldn't be there after skipping the off season program and skipping the mandatory minicamp but again assuming they agreed to these final conditions. Aaron rodgers will be there for training camp in this season and once again jordan love with another year without the playing time that he probably desperately needs. That's a secondary piece of the story. This is dc in our seat. I'm daniel call me. i'm a former two division. ufc champion. and. I'm a bad mammoth jam. Yes he is. And i'm ryan clark former super bowl champ. These shorter follow out new. Podcast wherever you can. We wanna talk m inmate. We're gonna talk sports life. We just have a great time. It's going to be is going to be fun. Our c. d. c. are is ready to roll guys. That's the rc. Follow wherever you listen to all your podcast breaking news here on. Nfl live glad. You're with us today. Aaron rodgers and the packers according to adam schefter may be nearing a new look deal that would allow aaron rodgers. Feel more comfortable with reporting to the team. Of course he would need to report tomorrow. That's when camp starts but they actually don't practice until wednesday for the first time that you may see him at practice would be ten ten. Am central on wednesday. We'll keep you posted on that at. What's the one reason why this new deal and the concessions in place will get done to where we would see. Aaron rodgers back with the packers next season. We'll still emphasize again that the packers officials still have to sign off on their willingness to trade. aaron rodgers. if that's what he wants and assuming that they do that and why wouldn't they because it's the way to get him back to green bay for this upcoming season that will mean that the biggest concession that aaron rodgers will have extracted from green bay is the freedom to play twenty. Twenty two where he wants now. Maybe that'll be green bay where he hasn't been entirely happy towards the chances are maybe it won't and so by agreeing to this. Reworked deal today. That the packers still to sign off on that aaron rodgers will have to sign in when this agreement does get done and it's close. That is the biggest thing that aaron rodgers will get not money now. What power not more. Anything the freedom to play where he wants in the twenty twenty two season so as you hear the concessions and you listen to how things his flat out you think. About the fact that we've known this was such a standoff on both sides right and you're looking right now just how good. Aaron rodgers was last season. Of course he's the league. Mvp and so much of the talk was maybe proved him wrong. Maybe they didn't think that in when they drafted jordan love. Who won this meena. I think this is as close as you're gonna get to a win win. Outcome for robbers really the only leverage he had the only leverage any player on a contract has is holding out. Which if he wasn't going to do that he got what he wanted. Which is the second thing he wanted. After being traded which is having the option to leave after one season similarly to what brady ended up getting with new england course. Aaron saw the outcome with brady like every other quarterback in the nfl got a little bit closer to it. If you're a packers fan today. I think you're feeling pretty good because not only this rogers come back through that process. You're probably going to clear up some space deal done with devante atoms but also after this season even if he leaves you still have a tradable asset. You're still going to get some return for him. Which again is better than him. Just retiring and walking out the door so you get one more season at least with him into private of his career. And if it's over after this year it's not the deal is voting. It's that they can trade. Which means you're probably going to get multiple picks in return so i from green bay's perspective. This is undoubtedly a good outcome. Couldn't agree more. I mean i think the best deals are the ones where each side leaves a little bit on. The table isn't totally one hundred percent happy but can live with the deal for aaron knowing exactly what he was facing which was an uphill battle in terms of trying to control his exit green bay. This is probably as close as he's going to get to controlling his exit at green bay. If in fact adam is alluded to that's what he decides. Come january february green bay. We get the kind of the best of both worlds. We get you for this year just like we said we were gonna because we don't have to do anything this year. We get the continue to benefit from this roster that we're putting together hopefully get past tampa bay or whoever it is that keeps us from getting to the super bowl. You know all things falling in the right direction going the way we want we win the super bowl and then maybe you want to stay. Maybe you don't at that trade values not going to be any higher than to possibly be if we won the super bowl and you had another mvp season and you a super bowl mvp. We'll get you for four number ones. Who knows three. You know how desperate teams get or you stay here. I think green bay made up pretty well. Aaron gets a little bit of what he wants towards his exit out of their average. Just doesn't feel like the news here is going away anytime soon as we've alluded to throughout the show. Maybe aaron rodgers is looking to add more pieces. Not asking you to report anything. But what can you add to that well again. I think he's going to have some say over personnel. And i think he's going to have some influence over players that the packers might consider bringing in here this summer to help that final roster here this upcoming season but again the biggest thing that rogers gets today is. He comes back for one more season with the ability to leave after this year. If he doesn't like the way it's going in the packers get back the reigning nfl and bp assuming they sign off on all these final concessions again. Tomorrow dave the name. David aaron rogers would need to report. We'll of course have all the latest where you tomorrow right here on. Nfl live do you own or rent your home show you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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Radio Free Cybertron 749  Really this time

Radio Free Cybertron - All of our Transformers podcasts!

1:00:31 hr | 2 d ago

Radio Free Cybertron 749 Really this time

"This is radio. Free cyber drawn with your host brian. Kilby featuring chris done rob die-cast john and lavar. This is radio free. Cyber john episode seven forty nine. Now if you download the podcast from either our website your pod catcher or patriotic. You'd say brian last week's episode episode seven forty nine. Well i got a little busy trying to fix the show last week. And i spent like two days on it and i was in rush posting it and i got the number wrong so this is really episode. Seven forty nine so episode. This is seven for nine next week. Seven fifty seven nine point five. I will act when. I'm the file name for this. Episode of things will be our c. Seven four nine really done. Mp mp3 is she should do it like point one on those comics therefore awhile i mean yeah but This i fixed it on the website. But if you already listened to that absurd yeah it. Basically said seven forty nine everywhere. And i didn't catch up so We have on the show this week. Donald elo die-cast. Everybody matt lou rob greeting some three hours of sleep. You're the man in chris. So if we have a hiccup. We're trying some new technology this week. It's dinah about old technology it's new technology and we're having we're having some some warnings. Yeah one thing about business but in business one thing that we do all the time is like we like weaponize poor grammar so instead of saying you learn something or lessen its learnings. We took learnings from this at work. We call them opportunities opportunities but dramatically opportunities. I think is fine opportunity. People hate opportunities. i- i- abuse opportunity. That i will not use that terminology but big on We don't have problems. We have challenges because challenges are meant. Overcome challenges is better than opportunity. Seve's though is opportunities that we we we use challenges all the time. We're having some challenges. It's a problem it's broke fix it last week's episode provided a lot of opportunities and lessons or learnings as we say in the business world etlinger. Yes yes so Texas the goal the goal. This week is to maybe improve that. So that's what we're doing some new stuff and we shall see galvastan. We shall see so Let's see here pulse. Cons coming up friday and i will be on the fan wall again. I doubt i'll get say anything. But you'll also we standing in front of you. That was an that was aunt. I know it's your turn. It's my turn so Here if you're watching the video You know i. I'm in unfinished basement. There's studs besides me everywhere. And but for this thing. I i've been working on the temporary office that i don't even use as an office. I've been posting pictures of that to my twitter this week. At kilby as. I've gone through that process just so for like the three minutes that i'm going to be on camera for the hasbro pulse con event. It looked like. I have like a neat. You know toy he felt office. I described it to the hot five crew. That you you. An aunt would be brady bunching behind the hosts stream. Yes that's exactly it So the hasbro Else gone is friday and saturday. The twenty second twenty third The transformers if anything like at twelve thirty twelve thirty five is sh on friday after the ghostbusters Presentation i was really sad to see. There's no new toys for ghostbusters zilch. Nothing brown makes me sad but transformers. There's a lot of stuff and we'll get to that in a minute but also key con. Is this weekend. Same days basically matinee castle be there. You guys are very excited absolutely. It's been two years and it's in baltimore and i think. Jt hog is somewhere around there. But he's probably not going to show got where he moved to. He wasn't ohio it. Yeah i think now is maryland. Man i wish i wish i could go. I mean i guess. I could go but i just. I'm not going to risk same. Yeah i mean like i didn't i. I love baseball cards and comic books and that stuff. There's a baseball card convention basically in my neighborhood and it didn't go to it. So so you. Chris triplet yeah pretty much. That was t.f. Condo and in short akon. There's no excuse. If chris triplet shows up to this jail it'd be great but he He He did make it to the last spot con amazingly. Chris made it to the last dot com. So and that was awesome. It was good to hang out that it was. It was really fun ashamed. He'll never go to another convention again. He didn't crap really enjoy the boroughs. Brazilian steakhouse He was the only one who didn't die. Don enjoyed it. i paid full retail enjoyed. It is i. I did look for coupons in the hotel literature. Were no coupons. But i did look. You know he don- that like the next the following week like i won't buy this twenty dollar figure and that's twenty dollars off my meal so i only paid twenty dollars for now. He would by the twenty dollar figure. Flip it for twenty eight dollars. Apply the eight dollars to what he paid for the meal. That would be part of it. You're right. I am trying to fund my collection with my collection right now as i go through the stuff i have all the stuff that i am more stuff than space for. So i've been trying to part with stuff over the last couple weeks stuff is to continue But yeah i get word on. This coming from dynamics is a valuable tool. Sometimes we laugh but remember the second most at that at that one can mention we were at at the atlanta or toyland at this like the second most popular panel the whole day was donna panel after the after the No i mean. I mean crazy. She was like the best panel. It was not the most popular but the most popular was the toy hawks panel. I think than the dynamics panel crazy steve panel show done better. Oh god it was so great and sizing cyber wolf was there. Matt you know a couple other folks than us that was like the best panel. That was a great one. Yeah yeah but yes so. That'll be fun so two things on. We'll talk about both next week. I guess we can start off as some sad news. Jack angel passed away. He was ninety years old. They set right nine hundred ninety one. Yeah i mean he was up there on nine king thirty and not that many voice actors from. Gyn say they're not that like against the most prominent ones are still around Would you say would say the big three. You know cullen Welker and michael bell road. Michael bonan qualify for third spot. You know the characters but he just much screen time as some of the others like all that often. I wonder if dan gill would actually be more likely to be number. Three with bumblebee The thing is for me. Jackie angel played two of two characters in my two favorite episodes. I mentioned some twitter. He played astro train. Who was one of the main characters and god candidate any plate smokescreen in the gambler. Which are two of my favorite all time episodes Plus he was ramjet which means he would have been a a siptah con raider in court which is another one of my favorites and he was ultra magnus and which put him in all season three which is best season. Yeah he he. He the best care during the best season. Yeah well he he was. He was a bright point in that in that. Listen store third season donned. Don't yeah don't don't say that that that's disrespectful to him and see what i'm saying. I don't like season three as wrong. You're being valid yet. But i mean he he definitely just he was a lot of characters. I think he needed. Yeah he just did a really phenomenal job in. If you listen to smoke sri lists nassar personally. I couldn't tell you the same guy if you listen to iron hide in office prime. I'd have no idea. I can hear you. Listen to dr steven one. You listen doctor claw and sound wave and you take the voter out no idea. It's the sars cream commander though or kinda. Yeah they're close and now tell you star scream and the klingon captain from The season to tng episode. You'd never know they were the same person you know Prowl and the the leader. Yeah okay i'll shut up. So yeah it's it's sad but you. He lived a long life. And you know what's going to happen more and more frequently you know so unfortunately good. I just going to add the die-cast point a better example. Be star screaming and say we'll jacker sparkplug you ignore fame voice actor. Yeah there you go. Yeah so yeah so sad. Very sad He'll be missed Let's see here. What else he. Before we get to the like the big thing popped up so pulse con The i guess. All this runs together There have been a lot of announcements as to. What's going to happen in fact let me go to my email right now because hasbro. Pr sent over something. Okay if this show where we were planning to well we just wanna make sure. Yeah but We'll just. I'll just go through and reading the lineup wait. No i'm not doing this part about the musical guests. Should i did a musical gas. Okay so i'm sure they would like you to talk about the musical gifts. Maybe they will allow do this. This is the press release okay Hasbro reveal star studded roster of celebrity and musical guests for the return of to day. Hasbro pulse caan fan event october. Twenty second twenty third twenty twenty one special appearances by patent oswald. That's cool matthew lillard who that is the cast of power rangers dino fury that is extensive at least out to your lillard is live action shaggy. What doesn't make much sense. Is the show up. Burnley ben burnley on the transformers brand panel. Oh he's a transformers fan is he is he said. Maybe i don't know. Music was music headliner. In two days of interactive experiences reveals and surprise guests for hasbro's iconic fan brands only livestream via the has repulse on youtube. So somebody on Who it was on twitter was saying. Yeah i don't understand why weezer users there so i'm pretty sure that you know for the most part. This is being run by the folks that would run any type of corporate event for hasbro pulse calms the same way It's run by people who put on events to do Retailers it in such not necessarily people who know want to run a convention and also it's remote to as well so you know there's that complication with it but it's really really feels like a corporate event so that's why there's like all these musical guests and stuff that most people just don't care about. I mean it's cool that you know that they're investing all this in there but just i don't care okay. let's see here what else. Here's you know. Says jackie jennings scifi wire on air correspondent writer and producer turns to pulse con to co host the pop culture celebration and joins new host. Cleo thomas not miss cleo clear thomas actor influence or artists entrepreneur think. Jackie did a great job at The fanfest earlier this year phenomenal job actually have no idea. Clue thomas's unsure. Love if cleo she's dead unfortunately i think he was imprisoned before that funny enough Friend fan patron frank. A gaming fix. I don't miss cleo psychic network but apparently did like phone agent work at one point in the past for one of those psychic network things. And i find that wonderful i know franken. He's not a psychic. So i would like to see how that works. I don't want to share the allusion here brian. But none of those people on the phone or psychics. What in wrestling scripted. What about is there on the tv. No not even them now. So i'm just reading off a so. I me just go through the panels. And there's all these panels listed and then segment Power rangers dino fury panel. Panelists brand davis russel curry hundred dino. These names. you won't want to miss this one ranger fans. The has repulse condo. Fury panel is packed. Full of exclusives exclusive content news reveals brought to you by the dino fury rangers themselves joined by some of the some very special guests tune in for all the latest from the second half of the season one and beyond Powering panel panelists hasbro's power rangers team There's several things parameters boom studios panel then ghostbusters segment. It's not even a panel. It's a segment. I guess he can't have a panel and you don't have any new material to announce ghostbusters. We're done i kind of gi. Joe retaliation all toys over the last year. Yes i adore the retro line. The real ghostbusters line. I had really really really really like the I don't even know if the segment you would call it but the more child focused simpler figures That they're doing. I think there's a great plasma doesn't really do it for me but Okay ghostbusters segment. We couldn't be more excited for dose busters at has repulsed con. Twenty twenty one. Although we may not have any new toy reveals we have plenty of exciting things to share including an exclusive ghostbusters. Afterlife clip i don't care to sear special guests and check out what's prize content. We have for ghostbusters. Ghostbusters is my favorite movie. I watched it over a thousand times and that is not hyperbole. I watched yeah. It's not hyperbole. i've watched it is ridiculous number of times i love the movie Ghostbusters to i was just watching it with the kids a couple of days ago. I hope that i'm wrong. Nobody enjoy afterlife. But i don't. It doesn't look like excites me. They did they did a screening recently and the audience seemed to approve. I heard there was i saw. I read some of the reviews coming out of that. And they're very mixed. Nobody is like superintendent work a. It's good in others like oh but Yeah i i. Don't i don't feel strongly either way about it but i don't need to see a clip of it but transformers. There's quite a bit here so i'll read it panelist. Hasbro transformers brand team was special guests. Low low anna's left cottages. That is vincent cola and kenny meredith featuring bob reynolds Join us for some exciting news coming. From all corners of the transfers universe wheel we will share updates from a feature film transformers rises the beasts announce our new turing. Attraction does our first ever home. Vr game don. I know what you're doing for the next ten years. Join us store. And more about the meaning of games and events from hasbro marketing and design as well as a special performance from vince. Nicola awesome and kenny meredith. Featuring bob reynolds and more actually brian. What i think. I be doing for the next ten years. I just i just saw the jackass arches coming back to marvel comics. So i'll be trying to get a more religious done for the next. You've been doing that for the last fifteen so you know. Let's get more. Yeah did asked me yes. I will burn a regeneration if i have to get. That figure made me to be on that panel. But i had declined due to prior engagements. So i'm sorry. Transfers fan product panel. This is the meat here. A panelist. hasbro's transformers brand team with special guest. Ben burnley lead singer breaking benjamin. Is he the one being broken he might on doing the breaking does terence stamp. I'm not gonna lie. When i saw the photo. So join the hasbro transformers team as we kick off. I have no idea. What breaking benjamin is. I'm sorry Joined has cleared the popular are they. Yeah i just don't i don't listen. They were popular fifteen years ago. Now that sounds about right. Pro hopefully transfers fan Probably guy. But i just you know not really not the music i may love the music but music Joined the hasbro transfers team as we kick off the celebration of trans legacy and officially reveal toys from the first wave of an next translators generations. Line we're bringing together fan favorite characters from across the multi-diverse so get ready. The john will be electric celebration. Continues with the twenty twenty one transfers hall of fame this year we will celebrate the past and present as we induct to amazingly talented contributors to Brand announced the fan voted characters for party fan favorites for both best. Wf kingdom and favorite beast or season one character lastly behold we unveil a unique. Ron companion pack to help you bring those. Yeah help you bring the epoch. Final battle The transformers movie to life with ben burnley lead singer of breaking benjamin be prepared for huge surprises and exclusive reveals. Seen i hear. Hopefully we can't wait to share it all with you. So there is a was our you to theft leak of one of those. Yes yeah yeah. It wasn't the first time we've seen it though how we heard about hasn't been revealed yet but it's not the first time we've seen it. I think he accessories were the first time i saw all of them But yeah we haven't the main toy that was the for. That wasn't the first time you're now we seen the accessories along with the y'all withdrawn and question. Okay hey speaking speaking of our psychic friend frank. He's saying dawns. Mike is hot. I haven't noticed it has done even been talking yes. I'm just waiting for one of those boxes to fall on top of him. It's going to happen any second. I only stable enough. I loved the boxes. I don't see microphone. Icon lighting up a coal. Yeah can you hear me. Yeah you on yet. I this is. I've not had a time off to work on this. I'm hoping tomorrow unless something comes up. I'll be darned. We agree much. Should we add up. Pop up green screen to don's wishlist actually. Yeah that'd be cool. Green screen him back into his old kitchen. It would be perfect. Yes we have the technology literally. We have the technology so franken. Where's the psychic thing coming from. I thought i saw on facebook. You share shared a picture of you doing that job. If i'm mistaken. I apologise. Maybe it was somebody else. If wasn't you just pretend it was you. We've decided cannon now own this enroll with it and tell people that you were psychic. Yeah coming of it. Franken so awesome. We he remembers it awesome. Okay cool okay. i'm not crazy. Crazy confirmed that brian. Yes well that's true. Okay sorry moving. Not that'd be more of a psychologist on a psychic. The government still looking for him so he he can't really comment man. Discreet okay. Cool okay i. I'm not trying to poop all over. This has pros hasbro. Pulse thing pulse. Gone has actually. I'm really excited about it. I enjoyed. I appreciate hasbro doing it. But speaking as a fan and as a member as a duly designated member of the fan wall a dui designated recognized fan from hasbro. I will say that most fans it's it single digits as far as percentages of fans who care about any of these guests. I miss going there. I loved has con. Has gone was a blast. Yeah yeah but yeah. I don't you know. Don't you save the money you don't have to do that. I loved the presentations level stuff. We don't need gas. Just have jackie and you don't have any need any other influencers and if you do need influencers. Their people in the various phantoms. That had more like you know social media presence than many many of these people. And if i'm not mistaken brian i think Been isn't able to give the sheer band ye and i'm like Do everyone knows been. He's not able to go to. Yeah i mean again. If i'm if i'm mistaken something about he was he wasn't able to get a invite or something. Nobody can go to pulse. Call you nobody goes to pulse pulse cons. Not a place you go. It's it's it's a theater don. Yeah so been. Didn't make it to the hasbro fan fest. Pulse pulse fan fest earlier this year. I think he had some conflict but he should been thinking he's there this this year but what i'm think. Make our buddy john bailey. Pretty sure has a bigger social media presence you know than like ninety nine percent of the people that you know they hire for this sort of thing. I think he would be perfect for something like that. And there's other folks too so But we don't need musical guests. We don't need you know multiple instals. Fine yeah viscose. Fine know cyber trikes spree at the fan fest thing was cool. That was the perfectly fine seven and a half minutes. Yeah yeah but we don't. We don't need more than that. Like i go ahead. I liked flow rider at flow rider. But that was asking this is not this was that was an actual event where you go and you got to see florida. You know this is all said. Oh it was it was. I know it was like this is us sitting on our butts. You know some of not even mostly dressed watching a concert. Eighty yet over crab in the car dressed in kabul you only have to be dressed from the waist up and hopefully you don't drive by truck drivers and ernie but yes no rest. Stop breaks either because yeah but no again just my advice. Hasbro money invite dawn. Just have done show up and that's enough. You may have heard of him. Okay okay so. I i read all that and we have this Whole legacy thing on so we got there first two legacy photos and they leaks or were they of fading agian. Okay you know. No one actually says where the photos come from. They just automatically go everywhere. They were pressed photos. You could tell that he does district. They couldn't have been leaked from somewhere. But yeah i could tell. They were professional photos but whether they're leaked or not you don't know nowadays now that's a fair point because we have had some sources published Stock photos earlier than they're supposed to. Yeah yeah yeah but no. This was an official digital on the up and up it was. It was paid for unscheduled. Yeah so i'll show him been notified by at least one of our cast members that i do not want to throw to them When it comes to thoughts. I want to have the hot take here. I so we we it's it's bulkhead. Who's of voyager and skids. Who is the lux. And i'm going to have the hot take of the two of them. The one that i like best is a bulkhead. So bulkhead is an interesting history lesson for people who are relatively new to transform worse because before we had kind of wizardry of remould that we got in the last few years this is what a character remote look like yes ahead on a basically entirely inappropriate body. Yes i love that. Meanwhile on the you know more on the modern Remould wizard recited things skins. His shoulders very clearly belong transfers. Prime bumblebee which i suspect is more as thurs intent. That maybe in the future they will bak- transformers prime bumblebee using this engineering skeleton. Yeah i i don't know the foregone conclusion. But it's it's it seems like it's definitely something that given thought to i would say like the version of bulkhead that of course that i have any attachment to his animated bulkhead but like when it comes to their visual appearance. I don't differentiate between the two. I in my mind if it looks like prime bulkhead or whatever it's bulkhead. I don't care. So i'm fine with that. I liked the vehicle mode. I liked the fact. it's completely inappropriate otherwise And you know what this looks like i mean. I can't be the only one other person that your person that thinks. This say that it looks like movie hound with a bulkhead head like they're trying to combine those two characters in into one toy the allow continuity is coming back from the. Yeah i can see that. That's not. That's not what i was thinking. I can see that. I did kind of feel like the vehicle mode reminded me of of movie hound. So yeah i'd say coming from on that. Yeah like if we did not already have a character named hound in g one. I if you're going to tell me. This was a if you gave this ahead to make this a g one version of john goodman that you know just call. It ought about john goodman and started ending his bulkhead or hound. And just go with that. And and i'll buy it and they did at least put an appropriate bulkhead head sculpt on which animated. Yeah which is which is just one of those things. Like i said just the head sculpted me does not look like it goes with that body at all. Let's just honestly. I'm not in love with either of kind of the evil. Gto broad when you get down to like the. It's like the head body. Mismatch going in the opposite direction. In the sense i you know i don't i don't love either but i am open to the experience i don't i don't hate them but i don't love them. Either they're just kind of there for me Like it is absolutely something that was revealed today in inner youtube. Chat action-figure expert said. I would not mind seeing two-pack of reboost in burn out in a regular carded repainted. Cross cut. so yeah i I you know. I don't i don't i don't love this skids. I my my biggest problem with it. Isn't you know the the shape or roy anything. It's like clear plastic that composed the clear plastic and what's up with that mohawk weapon acts thing. Oh it's through the mind white. Gimmick you remember robot masters yeah. The whole first. Wave came with those clear weapons. They can peg together. It's basically that again or aren't crohn's or energy jump didn't really treat her well. Do we think a play pattern bulk has one to mommy. Get back to the balkan. I didn't notice that it's the little blue and silver part. That's an older okay. So i can see. Yeah so there. Yeah they can be like a similar pattern thing. Okay okay. I sadly am interested. That part of it just because i like the idea. User customizable combining super weapon dot assaulted. Somebody found a mini con port on bulkhead vehicle mode while be look at that. That's interesting. Hey that won't go away. It's been almost twenty years now. That's cool i. i like it Throw a different though in optimus head on it. And his what general options prime sorta. Also the intent here is believed to be the retool although in this eight primary use of the mold is Beast hunters version prime optimism. Which if you switch out a different front for the vehicle and change out the canvasback shield thing for the wing flight. Pack that the prime toy had you're basically there. Yeah yeah. I see it now too. Yeah i don't hate this. I don't you know i don't love it. Oh yes especially the way. The tires fold up behind the shoulders that that remind think strikes me as very similar to Beast under sperm. I mean this is totally supposed to be an optimus prime. And it's wearing a bad bulkhead halloween costume it could. I'm not. i don't know exactly who it would be but It could what was the What was the r- Visit revenge of the fallen Not impacter the detroit. The trash waste management. Can't remember but like i can make a very good You know garbage truck pretty easily. I don't remember the name either. But i know who you're talking about. Skids looks bad too because his his grill and then it's just his hood and there's like this huge space in between his where his stomach should be has no stunt challenge area hollow center the challenge the challenge with this is. You can't really if you want all your g one or all your classic characters to look consistent. You have to hope that they all come to you know out in within a couple years of each other otherwise you know they're not fit with anything else and i hope these were the worst two of the bonds and that's why they released these early. I certainly way to look at it. Depending depending on what the what. The rest of them looked like art right. Compared to what we've had in the past they kinda stick out like as or thumb they slow they stylistically different. But if it's a new direction and this is what they look like. I can live with it. Because i can live with it. I feel like i'm just gonna like get at the point where you feel like you one day you just can stop completely rick. Yeah exactly what. I'm doing right now. I keep hoping for that to happen. And it never done on her. Patriotic kind of patriarch dot com slash. T.f radio on our se throwback segment Episode for september of twenty twenty one rick marin and i did a whole segment about that so you should go and listen to it. Yeah go ahead. Rob sorry i just. I was just about say Yeah i've kind of kind of go through phases like that on an often lately. I've just been kind of tapering off on buying things. There's there's stuff. I'm behind on in fact that that i do wanna grab at some point but just i. It's not even that. I've liked consciously stopped started prioritizing other things a little bit higher than transformers lately going through one of those phases by self right now rob and this. This didn't do anything to change my mind. Funny i've i've all but de prioritized everything else like when it comes to collecting mike kept gi. Joe i'm keeping my masters and universal origins but basically like i'll buy whatever you know. Classic turtles playmates put out puts out but I don't mind the other toys. And i'm fine with that. I'm getting ready to face on a lot of stuff. Like like a spoiler. The power inches light in collections on the child marvel legends is effectively on the chopping block and less in a cool retro package. And i mean these these two it. We're we're going from you know they keep doing these trilogies. So this is the end of the trilogy. Were going into a new trilogy. And these are the two year showing me and it just doesn't excite me at all like i need. I and i just hope friday. I get that excitement. Because right now like i don't even know if i want to start this trilogy. It's yes i need something to jump. Start my excitement for the brand new. So it's amazing though. I remember feeling kind of unexcited when we saw the first pictures of st. Yes that's exactly where we're going and and that turned out. Okay like i remember feeling kind of burned out. And then seeing combined or wars and i was super excited for that and then we went into titans returned and everybody was super for that but ever ever since they like their new aesthetic or new surprise or new gimmick just isn't generating the the interest that those did personally yeah. I'm trying to think. The last time. I last time i really felt that just by the appearance of something i can't maybe throwing thirty or they didn't like the look at entered likes to begin with and i ended up liking it like there's earlier generations minds. I didn't necessarily love I don't know. I remember the free time. We saw the twenty thirteen generation stuff at twenty twelve. We were having some hard time accepting that and they were all like so much visibly smaller and more simple and they're the big price bomb and they were all just hawford allowed. That was no. I think you're thinking the wrong year. I was all twenty eleven. Oh i'm just joking. i'm just joking. How much bigger things were in the past. I mean if you think about Like even twenty ten toys you know. Jump forward to the stuff. They revealed that on twenty twelve. It was a lot smaller and lesser and the price was going up. We were there the of not happy feeling going around in the showroom that day. Yeah oh man way. I have someone walking down the stairs to deliver me toy from target so pay attention to the nine year old. Who's walking this way Give me the toys so okay is that we have the nine year. Old brings toys for brian. Lean over when she comes this way. Gate up there on the one side of the game with the nine year old. Can't get to keep the cats from getting in here cats nine year same because yet they jump over that though they wanted to buddy is like journal says he can't thank you child. You're since the adoption went through can be on video now so she's you can wave wave. She's waving okay. I have sodas well excellent. I was about energy drink so any other thoughts about this. I want to see more these like. We've all been saying these. Don't exactly inspire me either. So you know. Hopefully something else. Malign will discuss Grab me but the these are not not the best first impression but that that's not the whole story cool. Okay i think we will leave it there Any other thoughts or anything. We have any pulse. Hedera kohl's Apps today. I actually signed up for it and first thing i did. I signed up Downloaded it downloaded logged in. The one is prudent for the account. Like we're history is now is an infinite scroll instead of like passionated. Oh really yeah. But that's not a good thing. -sarily it's it's not much better. I mean you can't like search the still. It's still just an order number. Yeah so you can build up a lot of momentum and get down the list faster yeah I do think there is a possibility with the app that it may get rid of the capture. Oh no it won't no. Are you a robot you know that. That's the most annoying one because it's it's like it's not even doing anything but i thought there was a chance. It might get rid of that to help. You buy the exclusives faster and i actually bought something today just to see how we work. I bought some figure stands there like fourteen ninety nine for a three pack But i bought that. And i noticed when i'm on my mobile device if i go through my internet browser on my phone my credit card information saved in doing it through the app my credit card information not saved in so. It's it was easier for me to do pay pal. I mean that's kind of normal my sater new information. You have to opt in that. You know that they're rusted crossed. Has good point in hasbro did say leave notifications on rose across said that may actually notified immediately when something new was posted emphasis on may but yes. Yeah if it's like most things it'll notify you that something new and up and by the time get on its sold out amazon. Yeah yeah okay anything else. Besides the apper or redone. I think we're done. I think we're done it okay. Anybody anything this week. I'll tell you guys have absolutely nothing chris. I got another road rage. Nice oh i gotta give them away. i got road rage because i got it for twelve dollars from target. Ships down nice So our targets circles this week had a one use offer for twenty five percent off of one toy. Item Rhodri already on sale this week for seventeen something then. There is an additional red card. Five percent discount in addition to the standing five percent rate card discount. And when you pay with your red card you automatically get free shipping so about twelve dollars ship after all the discounts. So now i have a spare when the clear plastic on my first one eventually shatters banks hasbro. That's okay since. I forgot what just to this robina out this i needed. Dm you haven't yet. The winner of road rage is side. Swipe eleven one congratulations sideswipe leverage relations. I will diem eulogy. Know that you one rage here in a second. Hopefully don't live in one of those countries. Where i have to pay like a thousand dollars to get this sent to you so or that. You live in a country that currently has mail service going between ear and they're yes so yes excellent so i will reach you. Reach out to you here Yeah congratulations so but you know what these contests are always open worldwide. Unless i say not. Let's say otherwise but if you should always assume that it is unless i say otherwise. So congratulations side. Swipe eleven zero one. Okay rob go ahead okay. I only got a couple of things. But i can do that real quick. I finally got Generation selects g to jet. That is really nice looking figure. I'm i'm happy to have that. I i never did. Get any of the other. Coun- heads i have. I have ramjet sandstorm and those are so far. My cone head. So that's that's basically fine. I can i still like. I said i still need to start screaming from that mold. I'm going to wait till the coronation when comes out. But the other thing is shipped with that because bt told me. i needed ship within a week or else was gonna g frame wave thirteen. Which is the one with the buster gun them two flavors of zakho f to at the gpo one f. b. So i have not put any of those together yet. But i'm pretty fond of that line so far and i have set your f- to and buster gus a gun aside. Chris and i think that is the extent of all a toy stuff. I got this week. Cool who else donald. I'll go not a lot. There's been a lot going on Off topic. I got to great things. I'm not sure which i'm more excited for. I picked up at walmart picked up today. The only copy has saw season one and season to of chippendales rescue. Yeah got that nice you ninety eight. It was great deal. Yeah i don't think. I have the original say it because i was more concerned bleeding kelsen at the time but yeah ten bucks for fifty one episodes including i remember once i saw the back of it because they did include the five part rangers to the rescue. Until the second volume. So you know but yeah. It was a strange choice then too. But i got ta and i decided to get. I'm dipping my Dipping another toe into the turtle whale only have cake. That's the only one. I really wanted but i think i'm going to like this chrome dome. It's it's a pretty beefy figure. Ill looks good. It's got some good sculpting on it and it's not just a nice looking figure. So i thought i think i'll just add that tata to turtle things that i've got just you make sure it's very stable standing up because it will fall over if they don't the box that's the box. Yeah that's what i do or what i've done. I finally sold through all my neck staff except for one thing that's open. I would've loved to see the super seven version the ultimate version of chrome dome. Oh yeah oh yeah. 'cause they would actually vacuum bed. Why's that instead of selling you Cel shaded dome. Yeah i mean. I may keep it back donahue muted yourself so i saw where neka had I guess he didn't press the button. I saw her naked. Posted there megyn man and it doesn't look anywhere near as awesome news a supercenter no but it looks very accurate to huge newsmen look like in the one cartoon episode each showed up the toys awesome as the toy. I the toy. Before that out that's such a classic toy. Yeah that's scratches something in my brain. Which if i was muted you can easily. It's just behind glass. Reach down the top of the fishbowl topic After a little bit of weight and hunting. And everything i did finally get my road. Rage from target dot com finally Took a while with the move and everything. But i did gator. Did you get a cheap. Is chris no. I did not. I got the job. You outdone annexed on. Yeah also ordered this about three weeks ago. When it finally went live i ordered mine and it was delivered within three days. Well did you recently move. No i did twenty years. And the last thing i got was an impulse buy but thanks to radio dot net slash amazon. I now have sludge. Nice so excited i now have you know. Three of the sabotage. Donald abuts don't know what it will do about Slag and swoop. But i decided to go ahead and get sledge's one of my favorite donna bought so i started going Other than that's all. I got cool. rob rob. Artie went die-cast. Nope okay couple things. My if you're watching a video you saw my nine year old brought me wasp banadir from kingdom like five minutes ago. It's my video. I need to fix that. Commute an opening you know So have that looks great. f- dollar tree dollar tree and have one nearby house. Kim found me. I guess it's What was the Toy called retook the little plastic things and you stuck them on a board. It looks like there's a trafficking transfers wanted to definitely gi. Joe one You make a story with the crap that i don't know but this is a sticker story kit. It's three d. okay. I know what you're talking about. I don't remember what they like color forms. Yes that's what i was saying. Okay yeah it's like that. But i'm i have the jj one somewhere It's like that but stickers and it comes a little three glasses in you know looking at it. what are. They opened one as here us right here so i thought the three d. glasses in they fell on not getting it. I thought three glasses were like the old if you had valiant vision that little three gimmick thing that valiant comics bid is low We're basically taking comic book in basically separate out the colors and create a three d. effects. I guess it pole rises the eight or something. I don't know. I thought it was like that but no it's more like x ray specs and the roy doesn't do anything so i made the story here of optimus prime megatonne in the foot race effort dollar. I couldn't do much so it's their second optimus prime sticker like that. There's one he's smaller. And like i could have him facing off against megatonne. It's much more wondering if you'd have to prime and have the evergreen version of prime problem. That'd be great. I love that No or sticker said ever. Yeah Chris sent me panther the flock version. That's awesome thank you chris. It only took me two months god. The box was the perfect size and it was like it was like a professional. Packing job was amazing. Actually i'm glad it didn't get crushed. It did not. And i think i may have already repurpose the box. Cats no shipping. I've been children. No okay so i think i had. Maybe i haven't. I've got some stuff out tonight. So maybe that'll go in that But yeah thank you also Another off topic he thing I still don't have the party wagon three issue. But i do have the blimp wherever it's called The turtle hurtling So i was talking with. I think mandy current are discouraged about that yesterday so the the packaging photos herald misleading on the The blimp part is shown with the tabs on the top Threat dread or fishing line through to hang it revealing those apparently don't exist on the actual toy in the packaging. Also it's not actually a reissue of the Vintage playmates turtle blimp. The blunt part might be all of the like solid. Plastic parts are from the nickelodeon turtles lying from a few years ago. It's a completely different blimp. toy that's just clicked onto the old inflatable design interesting. It's weird. yeah it actually a really bad reissue. 'cause it's not actually a reissue of what's busby. Reissue of it made the intermit- internet mad. Yeah and the other the other Misleading thing about it. This is it blows up to thirty inches long. When does it ever get a chance to blow thirty inches long. The i don't think the original ever even that long. I think it had the same call on the packard. Yeah so weird woolmer thing. I am so disappointed by this. Not in the toy. But in the fact that i bought a junker of this and amid until card one popped up like three weeks before i missed. It is just one of the things. When hosts the podcasts. Renew you channel or something and you talk about stuff you look for euro as shoot yourself in the foot can like i did with all those Those happy meal transfer transfers things. I've been looking for g. Three inferno for twenty two years g. three inferno it did knock off its inferno But it's listed as generation three on the package it. It's your turn age and the phantom. It's extremely infamous. Yeah so it's like one of the most well known off to a certain age of fan. It's very light and this one is missing some stuff. It's missing the hose on this side. It's missing a wheel into tires on the other side. Oh yeah And is missing the wings and everything. So it's pretty incomplete. Pay twenty dollars for it. And i was very happy with that to be honest with you. I've been looking for it for a long time. And it must have been before i put in. I don't know if somebody just beat me to it. beaten ebay search engine search Agent or whatever but someone bought one on ebay with a They made an offer and got it for middle unsealed card for ten dollars like three weeks before. I found this heartbroken. Heart broken so yeah okay. t.f radio dot net slash amazon. I something it helps us out. It really does really buy toilet paper. You can buy transformers by printer paper. Just thank you can try it by transformers. it's challenging. Yeah so t.f. Radio dot net slash daily essentials. That will set you up. I was going say something very Responsible with i'm not here to say. Hey i we've noticed You know going into the store. There's certain things that you can't find you. That are starting to become difficult to your hands on again. You know amazon. start hoarding. not that. I h toward but i'm out shut up if you're going to anyway effort this abbas on okay now patrons Of course on air. Every week we think our patrons touched here and if you're a patriot on petri on we have We actually post a lot of content. I'm going to have it done today. It looks like it'll be tomorrow. But we're going to have the next episode of Rob's podcasts history. On the fives looking forward to get that posted you just yesterday. I posted The first half of the months Rfc throwback in this. There's two segments. And i think this is really interesting one We have a discussion about combined. Wars with the are issey podcast crew Then we jumped to A recording that we did back in march with a question about leaks kind of funny on ants. Podcast anthony. T.f you info. He did a segment on links. Wealth not related not copying at just. Unfortunately it's just the way it worked out but So we go into that with Sort of a discussion about leaks. Then i actually go back and share story that i've shared before but not often about My personal personal very hands on experience directly with hasbro s- legal will hasbro's legal team when it comes to how hasbro approaches leaks. This was a a harrowing period of my life. Not gonna lie. Now go into some detail on that in a look at that in context of the leaks in you know what that means for hasbro in how serious they are about it so That is the. I think it's episode. Nine of our ac- throwback. It's the early october addition patriot dot com slash. T.f radio if you're a patriot. Touched here or matrix bearer you get it immediately as it's posted Leaving money on the table. I think it's a seven day. Wait then you get it and you know We like i said we post a lot of content adriaan but we think are patriots touch. Tear each week. Want to do that now. thinks kevin dorsey ryan bona emit stress of each rabbits actor. Bones ness joey russell. Jason highly mike. Mallory j. ri- sean hamilton. Jacob owen lucia boomer. Sean brendan spider bob. Franker black and white and color. Nate wilson sabre tron toys. Tyrone gwen paul schreiber in sterling thing. You also much. you're awesome. John balloon is not here. You can find him at that. John d. he's posted a lot of interesting things on twitter this week. I think my favorite one was his comment about how his wedding photos. And such and his family heirlooms are in storage but his toy zor displayed out with In in beautiful technicolor writing. That was just a fun thing. John tweets ought great stuff. He is at that john. D you can find him everywhere and You can Find rob springer here. He's a rob springer on the twitter's in his own base dot org. I am at brian. Kilby dot com. You can find my other stuff there also at Be kilby on twitter and on instagram. At brian kilby. Our website of course is t. dot net basically everything. Is there with an archive going back. Twenty two years. We hit her twenty-second anniversary. last week. We are old people and of course Twitter at radio instagram. Pf todd t.f. Podcast a youtube roku and all that chris. How do people get a hold of you do toy. Theoretically you can find a lot of that Play with photography dot com. You can also listen to be not being able to talk properly Any given week on wednesday night on social media at play with photos on twitter for random photos and things If you want to show some support for the work. I tried to do You can do so on patriot. Patriot com slash play with photos for as little as two dollars per month. I'm personally twitter at chris and i haven't amazon wishlist at t.f. Radio dot net slash lewis. Excellent done we reached on twitter at hmo or see the number four vr die-cast You can follow me on twitter at die-cast too. You can like my facebook page reviews by die-cast and you can also see all my reviews at tip. Radio dot net slash reviews and i also have an amazon wishlist at ti. Radio dot net slash die-cast list Don't use the massive. Let's did anybody by anything off matthew attack. Let's let's just occurred to me that don moved so that Wishlist needs to be updated. Seems like it'd be important. Yeah you can fix that. In like five minutes ongoing in the coffin. I got formed and go to. His house is new house. When yup at your address amazon it updates everything but which lists. I learned that when amazon set me replacement nod to a house that i haven't lived at harir. Donald number the coffin would make a great halloween decoration every year. Till you name it. Would well mean you know not wrong Rob people get a hold of you. I figured would keep the coffin. So he'd have a place to put die-cast. If you ever tried to come visit that too. I can be found on twitter at rob flails. Which is the twitter for filters my youtube account which is covering gunbattle operation to and as you get him g generation genesis which i actually finally got a chance to record the other night. I'm going to be able to keep up on that at least another recrea- Also they just announced a gunbattle operation spin off which is a Single player offline game. And i'm going to be covering that as much as i possibly can. And that's coming out in a couple of weeks. So yeah looking forward to that guy. Like what i do over there patriots dot com slash filters. You can throw me a couple bucks and i can and request specific mobile suits in any of the games. I am playing at the moment and I also have wishlist at your radio. Dot net slash cle- list awesome sauce. Okay that's it. We'll be back next week by this. Has been radio free. Cyber draw visit us at. Ti radio dot dad for show notes and to subscribe to the podcast. Follow us twitter at t.f. Radio for news and updates watch our livestream at t.f. Radio dot net slash live. Join our facebook fan beij at facebook dot com slash radio. Subscribe to our youtube channel. Ti radio network question or comment lead on our facebook fan. Page our meal it to contact at t.f. Radio dot net. This podcast is released under a creative commons license. Any of this podcast can and should be redistributed lease. Proper attribution is required. If you know what's good for you cheese. What are these guys. Ever move out of their peers basements.

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