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"john toxic cassim" Discussed on Poisonous Minds

"The secret fucking service for analysis one the results for in there they were all immediately called back for interviewing, and eventually they were all charged now the take a while Cassim. told the courts that he and ymer planned and executed the murders of John's parents. said that he and why Mo- were good friends. Why Mail introduced him too sleepy John. And cuisine had introduced Salat in the four spent a lot of their time together that summer. Qassim said he recalled sleepy John Giving money from time to time during the summer. It would go out and buy some new clothes you know. Keep looking fresh. Sleepy John also gave Qassim in why Mo four hundred dollars each for work that they did at Mr Mrs Granite apartment complexes. Cuisine later and court documents recalls one day during the summer. That sleepy John gave him. Twenty three hundred dollars. For, no reason and then took him and why MMA shopping at the mall buying six hundred dollars in close which John paid for in cash cuisine testified that the shopping spree. John asked him if he liked this lifestyle and commented to Ymer. If my parents were dead. Everything is in my name. Kouassi also said that one week prior to the shopping spree sleepy. John was complaining about his parents and. I'm tired of them I. Just want my parents, said they only let me out of the house when I go to school gym or work on tired of them I just want him dead apparently. Thought this very specific frustration of sleepy. John's wish was just a joke and the three of them left it off. Heartwarming Amurri. Cuisine said that he didn't see sleepy John much the rest of the summer because he was grounded by his parents, but they remained in contact by texting. Later in August sleepy John Toxic Cassim and asked if he could get a machine gun, grenade, launcher, bulletproof, vest and silencer. What she said he couldn't. You, know all the stuff that's just readily available to any seventeen year old teenager. If, that wasn't enough. Why also Aska seem for this same? Not much changed in his reply. Why would they think that this child would even be able to get his hands on such a it like? I don't know when I was in high school I. Don't think I can name a single person that I thought would have. A grenade launcher bulletproof vest. Machine Gun. I mean. Maybe silence are but lake not. No we're not doing that. anyways. Curious cuisine, and why then asked Salat if he could get a gun the silencer because he wanted Gillis barons. Salat refused to be part of it until CASSIM and. Why I'm up changed his mind by reminding him. How much they received their new clothes and how they got those things. So Salat tried to purchase a gun with a silencer..

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