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"john tien lauren" Discussed on Bravo TV's Daily Dish

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"john tien lauren" Discussed on Bravo TV's Daily Dish

"So should he just like cater to her and go ahead with it? Or should he she just kind of accept that? Like this us. You know, it's funny because there really is no compromise in that argument unless it's just to get engaged in staying forever. But I feel like once you get that far. Right. Why not going on with the whole thing? So I'm curious to know when Stephen Kelly had that conversation. I'm surprised it wasn't addressed. And you know, Vicki didn't say anything like, well, what are you talking about? You know? So maybe nobody heard her I heard her, and we heard her, and then there's also just talking about Vicki to, you know, there was that sort of like dirty John Tien Lauren from bend Oregon said I just saw the trailer for dirty, John. It seems like it could be based on your relationship with Brooks. Do you see the similarities hundred percent you do good hundred percent podcast? And I was like this could be Vicky. It's totally my daughter Anna, mid that. This guy was a bad guy. And I was like he wants make love with me four times a day. Like, he's filling up my love tank. Like you said beautiful. Orange county. It's on your son is really that on glad you brought that up because I was fascinated. I mean, I had heard before that the key saw a lot of similarities and dirty John and her own life, which how could you not? But I had no idea that she's now going after him in court, she has the receipts. Excel Ralph nobody likes. Excel the Vicki was like, I am documented all of like I am coming through. I mean good for her. You know, it is an and just from what I've seen on social and we had like an AMA with executive producer Richard sokoll today. And you know, a couple of fans were asking, Richard. Do you see the parallels? But right, and he honestly wasn't very familiar with the Vicki Brooke storyline going into it. But he did say that at some point, you know, in production and having conversations with different people at did come up. How similar the story isn't it sort of one of those things where Richard said it can happen to anybody are so many similarities in. Into what happened with Vicky and Brooks, but it really can happen to anyone. I thought it was interesting that some of the wives were like let it go Vicky because I do think that you can as a friend St. another front and be like, you're you're obsessing over this relationship. But it's no longer healthy. You just have to let it go. And I do think she'll end up just spending a lot of money on lawyer's fees. And may not get what she wants. I mean, a part of it feels like maybe it's part of the process for her when they started talking to Gina her divorce. You know, that's obviously been another big storyline. This season. A lot of people online have been talking about it too. I didn't know that the reason we haven't seen Matt so much was because he has he was at risk of losing his job over appearing on the show. Yes, I think I had heard that in little like, maybe she had done it in a couple of small interviews. But yeah, I'm glad that they brought it up at the reunion to clear that up because that makes a big difference. Oh, you couldn't be on this. Show because you would have gotten fired versus where you just not getting along with your wife. Exactly. Well, and plus because he wasn't living there. So it's like not even like he was coming in every other episode because he was in from LA, you know, or something like that. So a lot of people were like already kind of being like, well, we're not surprised Gina's getting divorced husband never around. But it's number one. He wasn't living in at the time. He's living in LA. But you also would have lost his job over it. So I guess that's sort of make sense. And also it just like when they go and talk to Gina like, I feel like it's been so difficult to watch her go through this divorce, not just because divorce is a lot. But because the women can't seem to wrap their brain around. Like why? Right. And I feel like sometimes it just comes down to being in for gene in particular. So simple. It's just that. Like, we just like fell out of love..

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