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"john swift silva" Discussed on Establish The Run

"Baker got better and kevin stefanski showed more trust in him after near after those wind affected games around midseason their pass a tab volume really spiked and baker played really. Well i mean that was the best. We've seen baker play since his rookie year. Maybe in his entire career that he added eleven touchdowns one interception with an additional rushing touchdown over their final six games if they can carry that over. I don't think kevin stefanski is necessarily like a run. I coach. i think he's gonna. He's a smart coach and he's going to do and i think he actually believes more in using the past to set up the run So i think this is a good year to draft odell. this is the cheapest. He's been since his rookie year. And so that's why. I'm comfortable being ahead of. Adp on him. This team's score a lot of touchdowns man i mean. Their offensive line is so loaded and yeah there seems to be really really good. Are the cleveland browns for sure you mentioned. Dj charge already. You haven't wide receiver twenty four on underdog. Dj charges wide receiver. thirty four. and. I can explain to you the bear case. I think people are out on. Hr lower than you on da hr. It's just. They're not sure that digital command more targets than laviska in marvin jones. Like i don't think would surprise. People have any of those three led the team in targets. I agree with you. That shark is the best natural talent. But there's so many laviska stands out there. Marvin jones is always in the mix. So yeah i think you're just more confident than the rest of the field. That charge is going to lead. The team in targets are fine. What i'm saying there. Yeah yeah yeah yeah Another another case against them is that urban. Meyer had a history of using wide receivers in specific roles at ohio. State like the nets. Why michael thomas was under drafted in real life. Terry mclaren was way under drafted is because they were kinda difficult to evaluate because they really only had specific roles. In if you go back and watch parris campbell at ohio state you watch his highlights is like everything's a drag route. You go back and watch Everything's like downfield target. michael thomas. He he played a specific kind of one trick role and those guys wound up being really under drafted by the actual nfl. And so if he does. I think the dj sharp would be the the perimeter deep threat role player. Marvin jones would be like the the guy in the in the middle. And then chenault i think would be the run after catch dot so that. That's that's another knock against. Dj shark in I don't know i wouldn't say that. I'm souring on him. But i mean i i get i get both perspectives on 'em so i don't know it's i think i think the ranking here in the evaluation is actually a work in progress right now. Okay two more outliers. I want to mention here. We already talked about the andre swift on the last episode. Go ahead and scroll back to previous episode for that. John swift silva has rb twenty underdog and f. fcc. Both he's the rb sixteen and devante parker. You have devante. Parker wide receiver forty is. Adp is somewhere around wide receiver fifty five un divided partners are grown. Asked me and i know that they added jim waddell. I know they added will fuller. I just think he's back. I know we have questions about to a man. I would bet on talent on monday. Parker this late for sure. Seems like a no brainer to me. I know you're shocked at demonte. Part was wider fifty five. Adp right now. Yeah i mean if you just look overall ranks I have five rounds ahead of where he's going drafts. So i mean it's not even that i think he's going to blow it up but i think he's in a pretty good position here you know. The team has invested in long-term. Expect a nice sizable second year. Leap from two of he's really unchallenged. For playing time. I mean think. He's pretty clearly at the top of the receiver core. I mean you can make an argument that will fuller in jalen waddell. Are you know maybe better talents. I don't know department. Parker free damn good talent and willful and i think because they have the depth that receiver. I think that he's going to be the guy devante. Parker is gonna be the guy who was unaffected by that. It would make a lot more sense for them to eat. And jalen waddell as a rookie and we'll fuller. Who has the injury track record with guys like win. Bowden and the akeem grant or ilson preston williams you. I think those guys are going to experience. The the rotational effect and devante parker is going to be the the time player and i mean i was listening to leoni and ben grouches pockets which are really good. I mean they're freaking long nosed talk forever and if we are getting to leoni though because it looks like he went outside. Did you notice. Yeah he looks little little a little bit more color his skin. Yeah so But i think devante parker is the number one. And i don't know why he's going in the twelfth round you should be going in the seventh or eighth round. Yeah no we actually have. We've gotten so big time. We have a podcast network now and inside. The podcast network is established the edge. highly highly. Highly recommend you check out the pods. He's doing with bankrupt right now. Going player by player and team by team through the entire nfl. By the way. I did take god this morning. I took unders on both jail. Waddell and will fuller season-long receiving yardage props so agree with you on the rotation and easing in and all that a couple of good news stories. I wanna hit before we get to listener. Questions might on damien here is. This is no surprise. But you know he comes out and says that david harris the surefire are be one you know and it kind of makes me think and i think a lot of people thought this already sony. Michelle is really likely at least has a chance to be. Cut leaving there with vermont. Stevenson james wyatt decide brandon bolden on the roster. You have dares ninety eighth overall rb thirty seven. I mean i like him. He's not gonna catch a ton of passes but it's a really strong offensive line. And if mack jones gets in there it gives damian harris more upside two touchdowns. Cam newton won't be in there Stealing golan wraps i think. Still prefers trae sermon over damien harrison that range. But i do prefer. Damian harris guys like twenty pollard and ronald jones. And zack moss. So you know i. I felt the story from mike reese. Today was nothing new. But i thought it was confirmation for people in that might send. Adp up a little bit. Where you add on damien hairs. She's going to be really touchdown. In yardage reliant player.

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