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Gay Comedians Weigh in on Nick Cannon Calling Out Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman

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02:59 min | 3 years ago

Gay Comedians Weigh in on Nick Cannon Calling Out Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman

"Mean, no comedian is safe. Those women also weren't asked to host the Oscar exact Glaring glaring team. team. They were asked that people would have dug through their social media one of the themes of this year than the metoo movement. It's been how quick are to tear the people down we look at their past. We judge them. We don't let them learn from their steaks, and we don't forgive them. If if I knew anything about the gay community and everyone at this table has close friends that are gay there about the most forgiving people in this world. And so I think we've got to get over this being so quick to judge people finding failure on every single person's part and just moving on and better being each other. And I just say take the side of these girls where second from what I know of their work. They are pro gate comedians. They are not people that Kevin Hart thing was very nasty. I thought what is the dog's head and hit him on the head that I didn't like that at all upset me. But these girls, they don't call them girls girls, went meant, no kidding kidding. These girls are comedians, and they are they love the gay community gay community loves them their cons of the gay community. But they still so these hunt is that is that. About what we were saying in the meeting, and I wish they had given us more time to talk about this because this is actually one of the nucleus where you, and I have a lot of synergy free speech is I think one of the tenants of being an American I think it's extremely important that doesn't mean that you can throw out slurs at people and not have ramifications in your work in one way or the other. But I don't wanna live in a culture in a society where I think comedians and pundits in particular. Push boundaries for reason. I don't agree with anything Bill Maher's. Hardly ever. I watch his show almost every week is pushing boundaries. And I'm always going to be interested in people who are going to say that things that people other people are scared to say, and that doesn't mean it's okay to have any kind of violence or hate speech or anything under that terminology. But according to the federalist which all candidates my husband runs. There's now the people who couldn't will host the Oscars now include Tiffany haddish, Donald Glover, Sarah Silverman. John Stewart Tina Fey, Dave Chapelle and Stephen Colbert, according to things that they've said in the pathway, everybody's now the Kevin Hart rule. I just don't know who's. Gonna be hosting inside the four year old. Get it or job juggler or something like that. For office. No one wants to be as public as they used to be. This is a real problem. I think this should be a wakeup call for everybody. Everybody. We'll be right back. Necked of view exclusive, Michael Bloomberg talks about giving the White House a wakeup call that could save the world. And if he has his eye on the Oval Office in twenty twenty. Honest, unflappable oneness what could Luke Bryan Tim tebow, Kellyanne Conway and Raza offline all be talking about find out on journeys of faith, a podcast where we learn what faith means to some of the most

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