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"john smek" Discussed on The Eric Metaxas Show

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"john smek" Discussed on The Eric Metaxas Show

"The Jeep grand Cherokee four by E it's electrified. So you can boogie woogie woogie into the forest. Or boogie woogie woogie to work, where you boogie woogie woogie down the hall to your boss's office to tell him you quit. As a boogie woogie woogie is after you begging, please take me with you. The electrified Jeep grandchildren Q four by E learn more at Jeep dot com Jeep as a registered trademark of FCA U.S. LLC. Folks, welcome to the Eric metaxas show sponsored by legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals, visit legacy p.m. investments dot com that's legacy p.m. investments dot com. Welcome to the Eric metaxas show. They say it's a thin line between love and hate, but we're working every day to thicken that line, or at least to make it a double or triple line. Now, here's your line jumping host Eric my Texas album with days today. I think I get very, very confused. It's a lot of George Jones lately. And then I laugh. I love George Jones so much. I can't stand it. Oh my gosh. We should play some of his music on this program, specifically white lightning choices, as soon as insane, what's the other one? The ones that just cracked me, it's not cold turkey. It's bone dry. Oh, bones. Some of these songs, they're unbelievable. He didn't sing feelings, nothing more than feelings. No, I don't believe that was George Jones. But the good gets a good guess. All right. Today, folks, we continue old Yale week. In our one, which is to say, in a few minutes, I continue my conversation with Naomi wolf. He gets very personal and very vulnerable, and I am really indebted to her for that. We all are because she talks a little bit about her spiritual journey. And I always want to respect my guests. I don't want to correct her or tell her where I think she's theologically mistaken or whatever. I want to honor her, you know, I could talk to her privately, but it's really beautiful. Tomorrow, in our one, we'll play the conclusion. So today you get part one of, well, yesterday you got two hours with Naomi today, you get hour one with Naomi wolf, who's a very special person, honestly, I was just very moved by what she shared. And we will play the last part tomorrow an hour one. In our two today, we have our friend John smek. And I joke around that it's old Yale week because our first guest on Monday, James Carney, Naomi wolf, John Muir, and myself all went to Yale and somehow by the grace of God seemed to find sanity actually's mirac showed up at Yale with sanity. So we hate him. He's out of the club, but the rest of us showed up totally confused. And I tell you, it's anyway, it's very interesting..

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