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"john sina joachim" Discussed on Show Me the Meaning!

"Yo what is going down. Welcome to show me the meaning. Wisecracks movie podcast. Alright i am on her right for people who can't see the livestream ryan just gave show me the meaning and then he kind of shrugged it off like. He wasn't impressed with himself. I thought that was a good one that was like a very i decided i switch it up know but this is just a normal standard. Show me the meeting. He sped through it though. We have some some time to make up for everyone in the chats complaining. I know we gotta make up ten minutes in the air boys. Let's go kind of had a little bit of some weasel energy though so kind of like ratty out all right. What i'm asking joined by the show me the meaning crew. We got ryan. What up film fans and we got raymond louw and i'm actually pretty excited to talk about another superhero film. I know we've talked in the past about having marvel fatigue but now we're going to jump to the other biggie which is dc. We're gonna be talking about the new. Thus suicide squad written and directed by james gunn starring. Everybody idris elba margot robbie. John sina joachim. In silvestre stallone hollow does a great fucking job. Viola davis peter. Cappelli danielle milky. Or and. I hope i'm saying this gentleman's name because i actually fucking love him but david dust malkin and yeah so what we'll do is let's go around. Let's do this. Let's go round and do a first impressions on this. I'm assuming we've all only seen at one time. Let's talk about it in contradistinction to the last one The first film suicide squad. Just really briefly. Let's not do like a big diatribe on it. But what are your impressions of this film. Just kind of brief first impressions. And what do you think of it as a sequel In relation to the last film. That didn't do so great. Let's start with raymond. This is really a sequel. Though right they're billing it just their billing as a sequel yeah it's kind of sequel re recall folks renewable yet gone yet. Another thing to add to the the vocabulary i thought about this movie was a very pleasant surprise..

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