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Full Episode: Friday, February 15, 2019

"Are you hiring with indeed you can post job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash twenty twenty. That's indeed dot com slash twenty twenty. State prison. Mr. Ted Bundy he'd been involved in how many Amish. L we came up with thirty could've been well over honored. But we will never know we collectively still have this fascination about him. This new film filming which Zach Ephron plays. Ted bundy. I'm going. Was debonair you could be classy when he needed to go ladies loved it could've dated anybody. Almost the African away women disappeared. How do you vanish? But it hard to explain why drive around with an ice pick and a pantyhose mass almost taunting quality like catch me. If you can what do you got there? Bob. Well, it looks like a job got teeth in it. Yes. He would be the last person you'd ever think would be a serial killer. You're gonna find. There isn't anybody who grew up here that is of certain age that doesn't have a Ted Bundy story. His presence here is huge. It's such an amazing story that touches on so many things it is part of the history of the Pacific northwest. It's part of the history of criminal Justice in the United States. It's a story worth telling who was this young man on the Pacific northwest, the son. We raised was a wonderful good person. He was the perfect young man empathetic sympathetic ambitious. You know, how to flatter people? He knew how to win their trust. It was good looking and charming and seemingly had the world in his grasp and was going to be a successful guy. There were two bundy's. The only people that ever saw the diabolical Bundy whereas victims there is the personality that was the fake and on. There is the personality that was the killer. I think we definitely have to be careful to not remiss a Cise people like to bundle. I never wanted to think people were born evil, but my opinion about that change when I'm at Ted. I think uses warning. Seattle was a smaller more unisom place. But I mean women were moving about ways that were probably more autonomous and women's movement was you know, in full early flour than it was a time. When many women were feeling very independent. So people didn't think right away that a woman who hadn't been seen for a few days might have fallen in tarps way. When you look at Ted Bundy was about the right age to be in college. He drove a Volkswagen beetle very very popular car in the seventies. And so when he would move into a college campus, he just fit right in. But that was disarming to his victims. Like, he should be here. He looks like one of us. He drives one of our cars. I remember being with Ted and driving up the road and just having a great time. And they have a lot of man-made little lakes in the middle of Seattle. And we'd go out and may there go swimming. I like talking to teddy was an intellect, and we talked a lot about political things and how they ran the government and things like that where he graduated in June of seventy two from the university of Washington with a degree in psychology. Why does he get green psychology for my view? He does that because he wants to be able to continue to manipulate people. One of his activities was to be involved in political campaigns governor. Evan brought down the aisle and given a tumultuous welcome. He worked for the committee to reelect and Evans he had aspirations. He wouldn't go to law school. I mean, he was thought to be sort of a rising star in the Republican party in Washington state people thought he was going to be, you know, young Ted Kennedy, but for the Republican party, but again, they saw an exterior that he worked hard to create this facade. I think a number of things conspired to make Ted Bundy Ted Bundy. Was filled with rage at his mother. Ted was illegitimate. There are a lot of things for tend to be angry about who. When you look at childhood of serial killers. There are some common themes that I see them and Ted's case where there's dysfunction in the family, and what happens is they grow up with a lot of rage typically towards women he wanted to be from family that had money and he wasn't. It's another sort of checkmark to use against his mother that she didn't marry somebody wealthy. So he didn't have to go out and steal to look wealthy. This is a guy who from the earliest age was a petty thief. He talks about having been a peeping, Tom at some point in the idea that Ted Bundy was involved in peeping actually make sense because it's basically a training ground about how you isolate people. How you watch people how you get into houses. He was a night person. He would get restless get in his car and drive for great distances. So he was a role. Mom, always one thing. We know is that as a youngster that the very early warning sign about people who become killers about mutilating animals. He was doing that animal. Mutilation is really fairly common in people who ended up being Syra Gillers just because his fascination with death. But a part of him longed to be with somebody or a part of something part of a family. He had this long time girlfriend who had a child that he spent a lot of time with them, Elizabeth clever was a young mother, and she was just getting over a terrible relationship. One night. She meets a charming stranger in a bar. It's Ted Bundy they start having an incredible relationship in her mind. I went to go meet with Liz and Liz brought out these photo albums, and I'm coming through these photo albums. It's this happy family unit. There's pictures of these three people camping birthday parties skiing. There's the young daughter. There's Elizabeth club for and there's Ted Bundy when he was what lose he's he said he really enjoyed being a family, man. He said the things that I would expect my brother to say about his family. People are complicated. And Bundy was that he was also somebody who had impulses, or at least wanted to appear as a helpful benign member of society and contributor one day in Seattle when Ted was Northgate mall, and he was coming out of the mall and saw a young man the grab a woman's purse in Ted took off after him. He managed to go and physically restrain the offender until law enforcement got their got the woman's purse back and her thirty dollars that was in her wallet. Do ultimately sort of written up as a quote, I'll good hero. He's really big on. I want attention. And that's a way to get it. Obviously. But as the years roll on T determine that no. No, I'm never going to be married. Never alive. Children. I'm never going to be the governor a never gonna be in the Terni. I'm just going and this is what makes nineteen seventy four. So extremely different. Determent? He's gonna launch himself into fulltime murder, and he's just going to keep doing it until he was captured or killed. In Seattle in the winter. The ski report is a very big deal. Because that's when you decide whether or not you're going to work or you going skiing. Wendy on. Healy was a very popular young woman because she was on the radio five days a week at seven o'clock in the morning. She gave the scare report. All of my years of studying murdered and never heard of an abduction quite like, the Linda man Healy abduction. I was one of many who listened to her in the morning, and I realized the day that she wasn't on the air that there was something unusual. She ever showed for work while the use of frequent bar Dante's to ever on the last night over life Linden. Healy went to Dante's with another girl and a friend of theirs. But he probably did follow them, home and waited and he checked the front door, and it was unlocked. This is what makes us adoption so incredibly surreal he goes down in the basement enters Healy's room, he's aware that there's another bedroom on the other side. He would tell of writer later that he choked her he moves off the bed. He takes her ninety over hangs up in the closet, and he makes the bed almost like in a military fashion. He cares at the end of the night. He takes her down the front steps and their Steve stabs to wherever's cars parked and puts her in there. He would turn passenger see around. So it was and I asked him why you did that. Because that's the way he put his cargo in in the car. As effort disgusting strange during the chances, he took it's not just that he went out and committed murder, but he seemed impervious to feel and from there the nightmare began. Then Donna Manson she disappeared from evergreen state college in their Olympia. And then you have the abduction of Susan ran court from central Washington. Susan ranked courted and Ellensburg was on her way. When meeting to see about being a dorm counselor. In may of nineteen seventy four I was at Oregon state university and reverted Kathleen parks went missing. And in those days reported just as a missing student, and these young women started disappearing and people wondered what's going on here that seemed to be a narrative that was just building in this incremental way. And then Brenda ball was of -ducted near the flame tavern. She wasn't a college student that made it all the more challenging because it it adds to the randomness of the victims. He took his victims from where he could fit in. I mean, he fit in great. They were in places that Ted Bundy feel comfortable. This is the psychological factor. You don't think killer of women is going to be a good looking or tick Hewlett young, man. You're not thinking in terms like that. Georgeanne Hawkins was a student at the university of Washington georgeanne was abducted in June of nineteen seventy four on a beautiful warm summer evening. She disappeared from an alley one night behind Greek role being a university district. People are walking around all hours. She went down the alley. There was Bundy. Mr. tape recorded interview. Bob keppel. Bundy was moving the alley using a briefcase in some crutches and the woman walked down. A so on some around the north end of the block into the alley and stop for a moment. And then keep a walking down the alley toward about halfway down the block, I encountered her and asked her to help me carry the briefcase, which she did we won't back up. The only those you look like killer. Does he look like an end of Doug of women? No, he looks like somebody in needs got like a lake cast on his on his crutches. He had placed a crowbar behind the right rear tire. What happened was not do? Unconscious or the cool bar. Was such force that she came out of one of her shoes and both are earrings rule. It was a man there along with the group and go through glitter in passengers card. Drove away. Drive to a spot that he's already picked out going to be off of a main highway Z said sometimes you check the moon out to when when it's going to be bright. And I don't want to leave my headline. So into say what I'm doing? Physical person here. One second and seconds later. They're gone, and nobody has seen anything. Georgeanne Hawkins was last seen Monday evening shortly after midnight. She had been visiting at the beta house and was returning to her house. Just a half block away down. This alley and the speed with which she would have had to of -ducted tells you that probably the person had done this before police say they will return to this alley at night to determine the lighting of the area. Meanwhile, they're asking the girls to stay out of the alleys and travel in groups of twos or threes and use only the front doors. We really could not find anything definitive that tied all the victims together these spec foul play in this disappearance. The suspect any foul play. We've just got the case this morning. And it's it's hard to say one of those any foam layer, not long short of it was that I again, knocked unconscious. Remarkably considering the circumstances under which these women disappeared. Nothing was seen or heard. There were no real clues. Nobody saw them leave with anyone. No one saw them in a automobile Ted loved nighttime because he could be out, and but not be seen. But then there's the day where he took two girls in broad daylight, and those of Dunkin's would come back to bite Bundy. And the very simple reason as people saw him. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash twenty twenty. That's indeed dot com slash twenty twenty. A wave of fear swept all across the state of Washington to us last seen Monday evening when someone wasn't deafening. Young women. Player or not. There was incredible pressure on law enforcement to find the person who was responsible for causing these women to go missing. It was an ultimate challenge. Burger. What cleverness or what sophistication of the suspect? Are you're looking for that can manage to pull that off. There were no clues whatsoever. The minutes kind of remarkable that nobody saw anything. But lex manage was another story. Waksman mistake. Clark was huge. It was a magnet for all of us. Young and old lick place. You would go to in the mid west or something with this old fashioned concession stand and people just coming out with their little sailboats or coming out to son. Joe out fourteen nineteen seventy four the place was absolutely packed forty thousand people there. A number of people that day at lake sammamish. We're taking photos and shooting film a little did. They know the police would want to review this footage. Ted was able to meld into the crowd. He was wearing casual beach type clothing. He was able to strike up conversations with people. He was able to convince today's Naslund and Janice odd to help him with the Reuss that he had a sailboat that he had his arm in a fake slang. If anybody is saying the silence of the lambs wherever the killer had that trying to get that couch into the van, and he's got cast on that that all came from Ted Bundy. Sheridan, Monday was a real scheme or. Remember that these abductions were benign on the face of them. They were always. Bundy approaching the women in a state of of presumed need or weakness, you help me carry my book, smile, arms and slang. Can you? Help me load. My sailboat onto my car. There were three women that saw Janice hot rower bicycle up to the beach in lay down. And she had on yellow bikini. Can then they observed this man walk up to her. Here. They heard her get up and say, hi, I'm Jan. And he said, I'm Ted. He gave his real name. She was last seen headed toward the parking lot pushing her bike with him walking next door. And then she's never seen again. We did have about five or six other women come forward that said that they had been approached by the guy with his arm in a sling. And they look just like Jan Assad. Denise Naslund, someone is far as the parking lot saw the Browns Volkswagen bug, but no, no boat. And at that point he said all the boats have my folks house in its acquire. It'll just take it. Those women backed off, but Jan Assad left walking with him at noon and never came back. First Janice went missing and that was early early in the morning, she disappeared. And then later he came back to the park. The time difference to one was about ten. Yeah. There was four thirty. Junior's farm K JR's Seattle and Kevin O'Brien at four zero nine. It was a Sunday afternoon, and my buddy, and I had this great idea. Well, hey, let's take a break. Let's go down to the lake maybe we can grab something to eat. And we noticed off to the side this guy just a few feet from standing in front of the women's bathroom, and he was dressed in nice casual clothes with the oddest thing about it is he had a cast on his arm four seventeen in K J R's Seattle. So we were going to actually being a couple of smart Aleck teenagers who are thinking. Maybe razzing the guy a little bit. But it turned out. It was our turn to get ice cream. So we, you know, lost track of the guy didn't think anything more about it. Twenty six Nelson was abducted. Those abductions were very brazen. And in front of literally thousands of witnesses, but the witnesses did not know what they were seeing. With regard to these Naslund her cards in the parking lot. Her purse is still her her keys to riccar still there. But she's done is good. Does that satiated with just one thing? He was trying to make a statement that day. For Ted the thrill of coin back to where he'd been successful in the morning and being able to abduct another woman was probably. Very exciting for him. It was almost the Africa the way to women disappeared. It was as if the the stakes of the story had been raised in this dramatic way. It was also critical that people who were at the park that day who were taking photographs of their friends and family any filming that they had done turned over their photographs and filmed to us to see if we could find something that would be a clue. The like Samantha objections would come back to bite Bundy. People saw him and he identified themselves as Ted there's a Ted, and he drives the Volkswagen, and he's handsome and from the witnesses that saw him were composite drawings made. When the picture came out, you know, when they finally got eight Ted Bundy picture of this person of interest. No question in our minds. No question that this was the guy h lead has to be followed. Every phone call has to be made mostly some pan out whether speck of information that may someday help clear up the mystery of the whereabouts of Janice and an east Nadler. And it was a very creepy sensation knowing that we were just steps away from somebody who is ultimately responsible for doing some very very very dastardly dis. One thing since the publication of the description of the man called Ted there have been no further disappearances from this area. John Sandifer for ABC news in Seattle. Find. Intelligent, others. Nineteen year old and he's Naslund and year old Janice aut disappear on a warm summer day at lake sammamish. Though, there was no sign of the women. Several witnesses told of a smooth talking good looking young man named Ted. Keet was starting to come upon him because of his daylight adventures in lake sammamish. Clues. Now, the guy named Ted of VW a composite sketch funding if you want to keep killing he was going to have to go somewhere where there was no investigation. So what is Bundy do? He has the presence of mind to move from the Washington area to Utah. And again, he starts changing his tactics finally killing Brown use excuse going to Utah law score that he gave Liz the option of going with him. He was her prints. She had dreams of him becoming an attorney and having a white picket fence was probably delighted when she said, no, I want to stay in Seattle conference at the houseboat where I lived and and pitcher of him. What makes this photo that has surfaced from Maryland Cheinal? So in credibly interesting and incredibly important is because he's. Stressed been basically the same outfit that he warned at lake sammamish on July fourteenth of nineteen seventy four. She was crying. And I just you know, kind of gave him a good bye. And he got in the car and drove away. Within twelve or so hours. He would be murdering the Idaho Iger. After this picture appeared the task force received one call among thousands of others. This particular caller said a man named Ted Bundy looked quote, something like the picture. Tuned in. And the police never did anything with it called the police more than once stating that she believed her boyfriend Ted Bundy was the color. Bundy went to university of Utah school of wall. When I was there at the law school, I would have regular contact with Ted Bundy, and everyone really there were periods of time when he was absent from class and people would occasionally comment on that all Ted's gone, again, the first semester he's in class three times. He's like a kid in a candy store up at in in Utah around four women in the end just a matter of weeks. Get mad at myself. She weeks later because it has to mine other pair comical, but that's what everything Bundy had within. What is known as moderate get. There were reasons behind it the tire and the garage, and of course, gloves, and it wouldn't matter the item on the planned very carefully to use everything that he had his standard Merck at it wasn't the items there weren't there by chance. They all had a reason. The raw connected the martyr. He said, I always tried to get rid of all all the evidence. That would put me to the crime said that meant I had to restock Mike toll kid all the time. Bundy ran to the Mormon church is kind of refuge kind of thing that was his angle at that point. They didn't know it was a bad guy. So they took him they meant damn joined the church by baptize tat after we discussed the church with him and he made commitments. So we immediately started inviting to our social events parties dinners, and he was a gourmet cook. And he cooked dinner for about seven of us fabulous cook. And we chatted and had fun and played games. It's actually not uncommon for sue killers to have quote unquote, a normal life whether violently killing people shortly after seven o'clock on the evening of November the eighth nineteen seventy-four Carol Dhiraj park Takhar, and this parking lot at the fashion mall shortly after began what she now calls her personal nightmare. What makes the Carol the raunch obstruction? So pivotal is that she's the only one who ever got away from. Money. She was approached by a man near Roldan's bookstore. This man of dinovite himself as officer Rosalyn. And he said, do you drove a Camaro? She said, yes. So we'll my partners holding the suspect in this individual tried to get into the car. Just starting to feel a little uneasy night thought I could smell alcohol, and that's when he just promptly pulled out. His wallet showed me a bad, but we walked across the street to a laundry mad, and there was a side door marked one thirty nine. And he said that was a substation. Anyone drive and he said the doors locked he said, they would have to go down to the main Murray police department to sign a complaint drama Volkswagon, which I thought we'll bass kind of odd, but maybe undercover and I got in. He had a downside straight. And then he suddenly pulled over a on the side of a curve by an elementary school. And that's when I just start freaking out. What are we doing accordia talks? She knows she's in the fight for her life, and he grabbed my arm, and he got one hand of on one rest, and he didn't get the other one on and the one was. Dangling. I had never been so frightened in my tire life. She jumped out of the car. The man jumped out waving what looked like a crowbar. She broke loose ran to the street flag down a passing car and an elderly couple roved raunch to the Murray police station, the search for her doctor began, and so this is the first time we have an eyewitness of somebody who survives a Bundy attack. Sometimes the the urges become such a compulsion that they can't control themselves. And that's when they make mistakes, his compulsion. That day was so high he had to kill somebody the first one didn't work out. He's now frustrated and so he goes to find a second victim. We were having dinner and department. It was when the composite pitchers of a so-called Ted murder were coming out in Salt Lake City because a girl had been kidnapped and she had survived and Ted said, I know how someone could do this. You would kidnap the person in one county take her to a second county murder. Her throw her clothing in a fourth county on her body or body parts somewhere else. I think Ted was a little proud of how it how he was getting away with it and explained exactly how he was doing knowing that we wouldn't ever catch on at the same time while he's committee new murders in Utah. The cops in the state of Washington are finding bones, and those bones are ultimately going to come back to haunt him. The bodies of four more young women were found on Taylor. Mountain all of them had been strangled or bludgeoned by this brutal killer. The heat is building up on Ted then starts looking for a do killing field. Colorado. It's the winner of nineteen seventy five and Ted bundy's. Gotta find a place where there's not a lot of talk about missing women and where he can blend in. So he heads up the mountains to Colorado. He was very familiar with ski resorts in Colorado already understood that those places are populated by basically strangers, and he was fit in quite well, he ends up in Aspen. On January twelfth nineteen seventy-five Karen Campbell disappeared from the wild would end. The end up at the Wildwood. Karen Campbell was a nurse from Michigan. She had come to the world with that just like David four Karen Campbell sat with her fiance. Dr Raymond Godot ski in front of a fire in the lobby of the Wildwood end, they had just finished dinner miss Campbell wanted a magazine from her room about eight o'clock in the evening. She caught the elevator to the lobby to the second floor. That was the last time. The Dow sqi saw her alive. These there. Anyway. She was gone. Thirty six days later, her nude body was found almost three miles away. True months later, he heads over to Vail and ends up killing twenty six year old ski instructor. Julie cunningham. He was just not gonna stop had more relationships with dead women by now than living women. There was all about the haunt. Bundy goes on this killing spree. It costs north west. And he kills three women a twenty four year old fifteen year old and a twelve year old. There was no pattern between Seattle and Utah and Colorado. There was no physical tide of them. There was nothing to loopless altogether. In the summer of nineteen seventy-five, bundy's lock is changing. He was going from being the hunter to being the hunted. In Grainger, Utah's a small suburb. It was like two o'clock in the morning. Compas just getting off duty is name was Bob Hayward. And he saw Volkswagen parts in front of our house. You knew their two young women living there. Neck core. Kicked the burden. My lights on bright stepped on the gas. And he's it. Dale, okay. All big mistake. So there was a chase. He pulled a meal gas station stops stopped all my door. And he was out coming back towards me. I pull my magnum out to sit in the crotch the door unless his whole right there. Standstill. When Hayward comes up with the car. He sees that the seat is out. Electon that side. This e was leeann in the backseat. Quarter space. You can stick a body. He says the seats broke out again. Thanks. If I look through your car. In his car. He had what we would call burglary tools. The ski mask pantyhose with the is cut out. He had a pair of handcuffs. I'm a law student use them in my classes. Now, what is the person doing out in the middle of the night in a residential neighborhood with all of those items and he's driving of? Okay. So I can buck. I took him in and booked him. I there something wrong with his guy. That putting on the radar of Utah law enforcement, and they had this unsolved abduction of Iran. I got a call and it was dead. He says I've been arrested. What were you arrested for all? They think I'm the Ted murderer. And he laughed. I laughed. I didn't think he was guilty. When he came to the police lineup. We made all sorts of attempts to make himself facially difficult to identify part of his hair on the other side. So he did have a chameleon like quality. Carol Durant came to the police station was shown a lineup and was able to identify Bundy as the person who attacked. He was arrested and charged with the kidnapping apparel. Watch a likable guy. And if he could be a killer who else might be so people just didn't want to believe it. I helped raise money to Bailey matted jail. Everybody in the ward fell. He was innocent. I was assigned. Ted bundy's case by the office opposes fence ten. Immediately said something is silly little case in Utah. Kind of I'm rooting it's not a slew little case. During court proceedings in Utah Bundy, actually comes outside and talks to the media. Do you feel about the Justice system in your head? Well, I'm sure it works. You've got to have faith little work or else, you do you be reduced to some kind of in a mumbling idiot. I believe it works. I believe it needs to be improved. When you mentioned improvements does that mean, ultimately, you want to get involved in the criminal Justice? Yes. I intend to complete my legal education and become a lawyer and be a damn good lawyer. Whether you testify or not is one of the only things that defendant has the sole decision making power over and Ted. Of course ignored vice testified in. Was the worst witness of the world? He was an arrogant. Basically. And that's the way he came across on the stand. At the trial Dhiraj picked out Bundy as her objector. I pointed out him said he was he was the one. He was the man that tried to kidnap me. Thought he did lie about everything get away with it. It's pretty hard to explain why you drive around with an ice pick and a pantyhose mask most of us. Don't have that in our cars. Ted Bundy was convicted of kidnapping Carol Dirac. Verdict is guilty. He was going to be headed to Utah state prison. Police officers from Utah, Washington state and Colorado get together share notes and determine that they're all talking about the same guy. Everybody knew it was there, man. It was just a case of proving. But. He's planning the scape. Anybody else that done bad things? The question is. Here does I mean years after this? We're still talking about the person they invented the terms through killer for. He referred to the women in his folks again as cargo as advocates. You don't think killer of women is going to be a good looking articulate lost in the ladies loved. He was entertaining funny. There were clues. Now, the guy named Ted w a composite sketch that was an intruder and the column latest Rory house. He had with him some sort of club. Sleep in my room, and yet evil opened the door and attack me, but I was dealing with a beast Damon. Ted Bundy, a Washington state resident was convicted last year of the kidnap assault of a young woman from Salt Lake City after bundy's convicted of the kidnapping imperilled Doron. Detectives have found evidence linking into the murder of Karen Campbell on January twelfth nineteen seventy-five Karen Campbell disappeared from the wild would end. Here's in his Volkswagen bug of victims from Colorado in Utah. And that gave them enough evidence to file on him in Colorado who was a first degree murder and kidnapping charge. They transferred him they took into the jail and Asman. At that point Ted Bundy had become pretty big news. I called the sheriff. I asked him if I speak with Ted Bundy. We sat in this narrow sell to the interview you are not guilty. Not guilty. Does that include the time? I still comic book when I was five years old. I'm not guilty terrorists which have been filing into such a pleasant full calm demeanor. I wasn't at all convinced. He was guilty. He's the most pleasant killer Burr interviewed no man is truly innocent. I mean, we all transgressed in some way in our lives. I've been impolite and their things event having done in my life. But nothing like the things I think that jury for two creeps kind of grew on me when he talked about feeling for the family. I've been told. That, you know, the parents of these these girls are fairly decent people. I don't know. And I really feel for that. Because apparently they suffered some credible tragedy in their lives. You could tell he was just mouthing the words they didn't really sink into him feels much for anybody. Can I ask him to physician made him angry? And he said, yes, I don't like being locked up for something. I didn't do like my liberty taken away. And I don't like being treated like an animal, and I like like people walking around at awfully me like in some sort of weirdo because you think about getting out of here. Well, legally, sure. Graduating about a month. Law school becomes we're he was assisting in his own defense. He had a right to go use the library. This is involved or courthouse allow library was up on the top floor. Judge decreed that he didn't have to wear shackles handcuffs. So he walked about the courtroom and back into the law library is the Freeman. The number of opportunities to just walk right out. It's a great deal about escape. And I didn't know if I had the guts to do it cry frankly. Picture of him coming into the building that morning, then he's got a really concentrated look on his face. He addressed with an extra layer or he had a sweater onto the one on the outside. So he was planning to go that day. Dard went outside for the windows are open in the fresh air blood through the sky was blue. And I ready to go to war with window. Joe tout. Honest to God. I just got tired of me. He was gone about ten minutes before anyone realized that came out and shouted Bundy escaped. Reporters. Ran to the courthouse in Aspen because this was such a big deal. Jumped out of this second story window at the front of the Pitkin county courthouse this morning. He was scheduled for a court appearance and apparently had been locked into the law library by sheriff's deputies at both ends of town. The sheriff's department put up roadblocks they were warning people. If you see this man, be sure and call the police when was seen. About ten thirty this morning. I'm going to jump from the window. Then he went up to the mountains and Aspen, and he broke into a cabin you stayed in the cabinet few days to Aspen to this car, which was unlocked and have keys and you've Nishin he drives through downtown Aspen tavern. It was a terrible driver, by the way, and there was a patrol car, and they see this car weaving. This is late. It must be drunk. Well, he wasn't drunk. It was Ted Bundy back. He goes. Here. You can see him grinning when he's been captured. He always acted like he pulled one over on on everybody. He was moved to a facility in Glenwood springs. Thous- one of the staff photographers at the Seattle times. I was given a chance to photograph is fellow named Ted. She had shackles and I can lay on the floor and photograph all kinds of different ways. He wanted to be seen. I'm Ted Bundy booking me captured. But in his own mind, I'm not gonna be here for long. South. There was a great in the ceiling that was not secured. There was a light fixture that was due to being welded. It had not been welded. When I visited him and Glenwood noticed that he had lost a lot of weight loss twenty twenty five pounds. I would think this would have come to the attention of jailers. Perhaps why is he doing this? His law books and assembled them more with some pillows to make it look as if there were body in the bed Bundy had succeeded in carving a big enough opening in the ceiling of his cell. He lost so much weight that he was able to wriggle through called through the ducting just like in the movie. Came down into the closet and jailer's apartment near the job. It wasn't there. And he put on civilian clothes astounding stuff, and he gets out into the night and these free again. They woke up in Glenwood springs discovered at Bundy headed escaped basically, twelve hours before. As you think it was possibly get out this way, we've eliminated what we felt that that time any possible escape route from the roof. However, we were wrong these keystone cops as the paper referred to them ask let this guy go again Garfield county, doing play them. We're looking everywhere trains buses, and this the usual thing I have no idea where he is. He should be very careful should check on their neighbors. Make sure their cars are secure. We're just looking I couldn't believe anybody. Let them escape twice. This is bad. Ted bundy's on the loose. And they have no idea where he is. Once he escaped he had an opportunity to go somewhere and disappear. But he couldn't even do that. He had to kill again. Bundy's escaped bordered on a Houdini escapade through a twelve inch by twelve inch hole in the ceiling. On the escaped. Detectives said it's gonna kill again. It's just a matter of time. We don't know where win but he will kill again. The we now have to wait. We now have to wait. Me chicago. Took a train offer stole a car. Drove south to Atlanta and trailways bus to Callahan's e. Florida State University printout has the campus will generally safe and secure that we've not unusual three o'clock in the morning to see people walking back and forth off cat felt safe. Coming. I had joined this forty Kyle mak- living at Cayo. My parents felt was my safer than to live in the dormitory being mega was a wonderful part of my life was just like living with forty friends. Early morning hours. So ten fifteen twenty three o'clock and three fifteen. There was an intruder in the cow mega sorority house. He had with him some sort of wooden club. Dave patrol that night with my partner, we approximate two blocks away from the Kyle mega house when we heard a call come on the radio. So we go straight there. As I stepped into the girls were yelling about stairs upstairs. And there was a lot of cry. And at the top of the stairs, girl. Name carry Chandler. And she was down on the floor. She was bleeding quite badly. Head injuries pretty much everybody. My face is broken. My front teeth were mostly gone after we're going to water it happened. She said there was a loud banging noise, then she made mention about her roommate, Kathy cloud. Her injuries were much more. Extensive jaws actually hanging off. I remember than laying on my bed and trying to talk, and I couldn't make any noise because my job was broken in three places decided to go ahead and start a room by run. Search a knock on the door from the moment. And then get a response. I open the door. And I went up pull the covers back, and I could see to strangle and beaten about the head. You could tell you that. So I stepped across the hallway and there was another body in the bed. Lisa leaving was being severely about the head and body. She also strangled and a bite. Mark was left her. Is so hard see those girls that. That. So sorry for their families. Tend to have insurance bad back. If you were here of this attack and the familiar with on these crimes, and you don't Colorado you biggest the same Rosen. His now on the run he's lost control. So he does something a little planning high risk taking on multiple women. These on a frenzy. After this horrendous attack Kyle mega he goes just about four or five blocks away ended up at a we call the Dunwoody residents, which was the residence of Cheryl Thomas, I was a student Florida State University, and I was a dance major. I woke up to this loud. Banging sound. Then we could hear Cheryl moaning whimpering, and I called Cheryl. We could hear the phone ringing because the wall was so thin, but she wasn't answering her phone, and that's what possessed me to call. The police department. Senate investigator immediately to that location. She went in and she found Cheryl Thomas on the floor in blood, and beaten, I learned that he came in through my kitchen window. He had worn a hose over his face. He pulled that off in that was dropped on my floor. If I did not have my neighbors calling. I don't think I would have survived. Oh my gosh. I mean, he left her for dead. I think it was a couple of days before I woke up, and I didn't know what had happened. I remember flashes. If things that basically what Cup intensive care. I could not get the funeral. I wanted to call the feelings, but. It wasn't fair. It wasn't right that that should happen to them. They were both beautiful wonderful people. I was shocked and wondering who he was and why he had done what he did is no reasoning behind it. I was asleep in my room and yet evil door and attack me remained worried and badly frightened scared. Just walk into class and keeping doors. Locked. I knew that I was dealing with a beast Damon playmate a personal commitment. This person would pay. I said we're taking vitam pressures from you Ted Bundy said you can't do that. I said, yes, I can I have a warrant to search your mouth. From New York. This is the ABC weekend. You four young women were beaten with a club and two of them were strangled to death last night by a man who found his victim sleeping in this sorority house. I was leaving the sorority house driving. And I got a call over radio that there's an investigator that wants to talk to me from out west I talked to the investigator, and I wrote down a name that he gave me that he thought maybe I should look into. That name was Ted Bundy. But obviously, I did think that was possible. The MO of Duchesne in a car didn't fit the MO of potentially objecting some person and taking them somewhere, perhaps in the woods, a murdering them that did Vitton. So what we had was fresh murder in a house. So I was somewhat dismissive. When I was at the morgue, and I looked at the bodies on Lisa lead. There was a fight left. That was very important. Person that Lisa Levy once policed. And then went back him a second town almost an executive cycle. I mean, it was done so perfectly that I just believed in my heart that it was a signature. About three weeks after the Cayo mega tax Intel has e. There comes word from Lake City. That's about ninety miles east of Tallahassee that junior high school student Kimberly Leach as disappeared during the middle of the smolder. It was raining drizzly, very dreary day went to are designated spot to meet up to go to our next class together. And she wasn't there. We knew something was wrong Kim was not a student to skip class to leave campus. I mean, we were twelve and she was very shy firefighter coming home. Walking across the campus Kimba on. He assumed that he was father police urging anyone with any information about Kimberly leads to contact them as soon as possible. In Pensacola a month after the car mega taxes. This man is arrested on a traffic. Stop the altar native stop because of the unusual behavior of Volkswagen. Hey, walked up to the vehicle. Within it crackles over the radio that this is a stolen vehicle. The officer and they have quite an encounter when this when I was putting place in the handcuff. So I'm he kicked my feet out from under me and struck me with a handcuff that have been placed on one risk kind. Of course, not meal feet. And that's started falling. Following out of pistol-whipping. He's got this round. Claim right here. That's where you hit him with that pistol barrel on he spends a couple of days stonewalling, the police who is this man. He refused to give his name to authorities. And then told his arresting officer many would probably get a promotion for nabbing him. They find out that his driver's licenses. And who is the car is driving doesn't belong to him. He's Justice mystery guy to people who want most know who he is our Tallahassee detective Steve Bodiford, Don patching the asset there with him. I gave me MS Reid. I asked him his name was. I started. Where'd you get VW thrown? Is it I stole from you. What about all these credit cards while I got him out of people that were next door in the maga- house. The mystery man will be kept behind bars for three more weeks before returning to court to win a replete officials say by then they hope to know who he is. He says to the police I'll tell you who I am just let me make a phone call, and he calls his old girlfriend blues club from the scribe telephone call. He said that he was in custody repeated over and over again that this was really going to be bad when it broke that it was not gonna break tomorrow morning in the press for this going to be really ugly. Finally tells officers I am Ted Bundy. His name is Theodore Bundy, and he's wanted for questioning and thirty six on day, one of the FBI's ten most one it is a custody in Pensacola and as a suspect in last month sexual when he was apprehended in custody. He would laugh and say, oh kin the evidence is there. You just couldn't find it. But I did. We had the bite marks that night from the more. I personally wouldn't sleep thinking. How can I get an impression from him? We can't enter his mouth. We can't remove evidence. Unless we have a search warrant. The search more in order to compare bundy's teeth to the bag Mark that was left only. I went late at night too. And I said tad. You're coming with me. We took him to my dentist's office. Now, he started a mmediately saying you can't do this. Can you can't do this without my attorney? I said, yes, I can. But I want you to listen carefully. Because it says from the judge that we can use force. He looked at me. You could see he resigned just his whole body guy. He sat down in the dental chair. Leaned back opened his mouth and said do what you have to do. Can you know, I'm not a violent person? About two months after she went missing, Kimberly. Their body was found. Been marred. She's been placed in Elaine to shed and the hog banned in this wanted area on one arm. Don't understand even when you hear the details. You can't comprehend it as being a twelve year old in this is your classmate who was just innocent grand jury issued a sealed indictment, which presumably names Bundy for the order of twelve year old Kimberly Diane leaked the evidence against him in the Kimberly Leach case ranged from eyewitness testimony people seeing him grabbing or fibers receipts location who's putting together pieces of puzzle where starting to put all this together. And we're tying it up, and what appears to be now. One bundle already two dozen law enforcement agencies told the Pensacola police that they want to talk with Bundy the walls are clearly closing in on Ted of indict it's all you're gonna get Ted Bundy, the master manipulator makes a move that. No one thought was cutting called witness. On Wednesday at winging marry me. She said, yes, I do ties are they what's going on. What we have here. Always say right on Tarita. For the Kyle mega-mergers. Grand jury in Tallahassee issued an indictment against Ted Bundy can consult the share of of Leon county with the cameras rolling the lights on read through the whole indictment. They had Robert founding charged. And of course, he kept in a rotating me. But I I just kept on. It was combination crime drama combination political theater. He's still look like the boy next door until that night that indictments were read. And that's when the devil came out. He looked each of us in the I this was the killer in that room. You could feel it. I'll plead not guilty right now and your grandeur. After Ted is charged with a murders and assaults that Florida state. You still all these cases not west clearly Florida has the best evidence in. So the prosecutors got together and said, look we're going to prosecute Ted Bundy from our perspective I wanted to get Bundy off the streets forever. The trial got off kind of slowly because Bundy was not cooperating with his attorneys. Ted Bundy wanted to be the one who is in Chartres, Ana I'm here today because I served my innocence. The judge allowed Ted Bundy to act as co counsel for defend that to be part of the faintest team is extraordinarily unusual. It's happened. Exactly. Once in my career that was Mr. Bundy he had gone to law school. This wasn't so far fetched for him to be in a courtroom. And so instead of being the guy in the orange jump. Suit who looked like that crazy serial killer suspect, he was the lawyer guy lawyer representing self has a fool for a client. And I want to caution you about that. But I'm not going to deny you that. Right. It's the ideal stage for Ted Bundy p self-assured he thinks he can manipulate and convince a jury through his charm and good looks that he couldn't have possibly committed these crimes. Every day during the trial courtroom was filled some reporters, but mostly spectators, a number of them were young women. Who are I think just drawn to the allure of seeing this guy on trial. Carol Boone was one of the constant personalities. Carol Boone actually met on the back in his Washington state days. So she knew him before any of these things happen. She was his advocate. She called him bunny. She was affected towards him literally sort of pulls her into his web convinces her. He's not guilty. Your conclusion is what that he did not commit the murders in Washington state that he did not abduct Carol ranch that he did not murder or of duct any of the other women in Utah that he did not kill Karen Campbell that he did not commit the crimes kind of mega in Lake City or on Dunwoody street, Tallahassee was a true believer. And she wanted everybody else to have. The same conviction that he was not guilty person. I called the Ray crew the Floresta university police department to kind of set the scene of what he saw whenever he got to the cow mega house up until then Mr. Bundy had led his lawyers cross examined the other witnesses. And for some reason Mr. bunion decided that he wanted to crossing salmon officer crew. Bunnies. Cross examination in my mind was the determining factor in the case. He asked him to describe indie tale this horrific crime scene. Describe what you saw. As much detail. Call. She was live basically faced down. There was considerable amount of love around her head mad at her hair on the walls. And there was a palpable reaction in the courtroom and amongst jury when he did that. What? Docking netted around her neck as I was describing her injuries in the blood his grip on the lectern tightened up. His breathing became shallow, and sped up and his eyes actually got a little bit larger. I had the distinct impression that he was precariously reliving it and enjoy it was so chilling. It was sickening. As the trial went into its final week Bundy claimed he didn't know how he got caught up in the web of crimes the week began with the prosecution introducing evidence to prove that Ted Bundy was the man seen by an eyewitness leaving the scene of the crime. That Ted bundy's hair matched hairs found in a penny. Hose mask that a bite. Mark left on one of the victims could have been made only by Ted Bundy. Evidence was both new and unorthodox and compelling in the trial. Defendant was cool and collected throughout most of the trial minutes before the verdict was returned Bundy told ABC news and a telephone interview that he was prepared for the worst. Verdicts. State of Florida versus. Defendant the door Monday as to council the indictment murder in the first degree of one Margaret Bowman guilty as charged. Ted's ultimately, convicted, basically all the charges. The jury recommends he gets death. The judging gives death was further ordered that on such scheduled that you'd be put today. After the Kyle mega trial ended. And he was convicted in those murders. He was then facing a new trial. The second trial was over the kidnapping and murder Kimberly Leach, which occurred in Lake City, Florida. It was a very compelling circumstantial evidence case, and in my opinion, much stronger than the case in Miami. And it did not surprise me at all the verticals guilty, then a Bill failures Bundy represented himself, and he called hero by and on Wednesday and had her test about how much she loved him. And so the out of the blue happens. He actually proposes to Carol booed in front of a camera. Mary. Lamour you on our now live at that time under Florida law. If you ask someone to marry the person says, yes, and there's a notary public there. It's a legal marriage. So. Signed sale limited and they married her there in the middle of piddly, folks. So now Ted Bundy is a convicted murderer. He's a new husband, and he is ineffective Dead Man Walking. I don't think anybody else that I've done some bad things. The question is what course and how? Most importantly wide. Interesting. People costly little ask me. Ted bundy's now on death row, and you have a whole range of people who still want to talk to him. We don't understand what makes a person like that click. What what drove him to do what he did. And so we won't to try to five figure that out. Ted Bundy, primarily talked about Keppel homicide detective from Seattle and Bill Hegg Meyer, an F B I profiler, we were interviewing serial killers. Rape. We're looking for understanding, and how you or someone like you got away with what you did. And he said, do you think I'm going to say I did anything to you? And I said, no, I don't think so at all I'm just going to ask you your perceptions on different cases heathen launches into conversations about quote, unquote, helping them with other serial killers. Go a hobby. In telling things about what might have done. He's actually telling on himself. Became clear to me. And he went back to his grime saints returning to see. But. I mentioned whatever drives to do that. Curiosity or desire? Make sure didn't leave it here. Or just some kind of thrill place will always be sacred to them thickly if he killed there. While Ted Bundy is on death row. He's even figured out a way to manipulate the system and possibly father a child you married. Carol Boone think the guards allow them to have an element of privacy to where he could have sexual intercourse with are. There were pictures at the time of Ted Bundy with Carol and child it it's clear. The photograph was taken on death row. On January twenty four th at seven AM. The death warrant will be in effect. Just a few days before his execution. He decides he's going to start confessing because he felt that. If he finally starts rolling out information, perhaps the state will keep him alive indefinitely. He became very desperate. And he wanted to offer. The authorities something called bones for time. Only one possession this information. That's just the way it is to do a proper job for everybody. We're going to I'm gonna eat some time. Bill Mayer was quite successful in getting Bundy to actually confess. What I was a little bit earlier. We came up with thirty which just trying to summarize what states they were in when periods of time, California or lush, I know Utah. Colorado Florida between nineteen. Three. Experts think the number is much higher than it could have been well over one hundred, but we'll never know you said much of these girls were good Christian or Jewish girls. He said whose parents bought them up to love and help other people when he said I exploited that it it's possession. I can just look in your eyes and their their last breath comes on that breath is mine and part of me forever. Talked about, you know, having sex with them while they were unconscious or having sex with them, which is called necrophilia after they've died. I'm not sure how many you to several the heads from the victims. And where do cO thirty. Oh, that's. He wrote down twelve you know, on a piece of paper while he was saying half dozen. He wrote twelve now all of a sudden he wants to tell the truth to be negotiating his life or the bodies of victims. This despicable. Pupa fifteen years. A couple of months is not going to make any difference. Don't go with a martyr. Don't negotiate with a killer. One of the things that had been traditionalist that death row inmates. Bent allowed last interview of their choosing bundy's had chosen duct James Dobson. I don't wanna die. I'm not gonna kiss you. Okay kitchen. Dr James Dobson was a crusader against pronography well-meaning decent people will condemn behavior. Of the Ted Bundy while they're walking path to a magazine rack full the very kinds of things that send young kids down the road to be Ted bundy's Dame option interview, Ted bundy's last que asp attempt at avoiding that they have penalty by becoming an anti pornography spokesperson Ted Bundy is to die at this point at seven AM tomorrow morning. It was really festive atmosphere there even Ted Bundy t shirts for sale. People chewing that we're seeing. Plight. Now, bundy's meeting with the ministering one of those deathrow behind me in a few minutes is head will be shaved as he's prepared for execution. We came in room. He was scared to. Just as why sheet he'd been shaving? He didn't look like the boy next door has head was completely bald. And I literally saw him these just collapse when he saw the chair knew he wasn't gonna get away. There was fear real fear Ted Bundy and a knowledge that he was going to die. The white smoke was assigned. That Florida's electric chair was powered up prison. Officials say the execution is on schedule. Komo. I said. Crawl over. Swish been thrown. Plate you say. Ellen. How wonder how many throats time around? Peter Bundy was executed at seven sixteen this foreign incur the electric chair toward state prison. At seven sixteen this morning. Bundy was indeed executed the hers with his remains pass by the street. I remember sitting on the sofa with my fiance and crying and feeling that Lisa and Margaret finally at peace. It's been thirty years since Ted bending was executed. We collectively still have this fascination about him an anniversary like that always provides an opportunity to kind of look back and see what the legacy of somebody was sack Ephron plays Ted Bundy, and in many ways, we are taking his kind of teen heartthrob image and turning that on its head. Understanding why women were so attracted to this charismatic killer through Zack's performance. At the center of the Ted Bundy story is the idea that you could have sat next to him that you could have been in a relationship with him. And yet had no idea of what he was up. There was the outside Bundy. And then there was the inside Bundy a whole different world right behind his eyes. I think the continuing fascination with Mr. Bundy results from a myth that he is charming intelligent individual. And that somehow that charm and intelligence was involved in the murder of these women. When in fact, he didn't charm these women, he tricked them. He attacked them bashed him in their head. And he killed him. Being a rare survivor of Ted Bundy, it makes me feel like I have to represent those women who did not survive. And I hope that I always can do that. Because I don't want him forgotten. Feel absolutely new animosity towards any other to death row. But. Still hate they had Mundy and eighty onto the day on. Die. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash twenty twenty. That's indeed dot com slash twenty twenty.

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