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"john resto" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"john resto" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"For this year that could maybe be well under the cost of inflation Well I mean if inflation plan I mean the government has been more than 3% in the payroll this year So if that is going to happen and we hope to review bodies take the different views then you're basically saying to people that pay rise would be wiped out and more because of the inflation And I think I would be less than concerned about industrial action and more concerned about the sheer loss of stock we would experience if paid doesn't even attempt to keep up with inflation We talked a bit about the market rate to pay actually quite a lot of NHS jobs on fairly vulnerable to improved pay in the retail sector and the very often you do be an immediate impact in health and social care if you opportunities open up in retail So I think that could be very damaging So that was John resto speaking to us on Bloomberg Westminster talking about the dilemma for the NHS the long road to try to dig the health service in the UK out of the pandemic whole There are simply so many backlogged cases So also on Bloomberg Westminster today at lunchtime we're going to be speaking to the conservative MP for north Wiltshire that's James gray and we'll be finding out what British people are actually thinking at the moment with kantar public UK's CEO Craig Watkins this of course after we had appearances yesterday from both Rishi sunak the chance of having to defend his spring statement last week he was defending that in front of a treasury select committee that was pretty pointed in its criticism of him Asking him whether he really is a tax cutting Chancellor he had to defend himself on that And also Andrew Bailey was speaking in Europe yesterday saying that the UK is facing an historic hit to real incomes that will weigh on demand and growth in Britain and also start to pull down domestically generated inflation.

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