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No 98: Elton John

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No 98: Elton John

"It was at this moment that he knew Diam Zahn. Where'd you find this? You. I now listening to the world's most popular inaccurate. And sometimes squirrel retelling of pop culture history. It's podcast forty two on the viks network. What are you doing? Talk. Sorry, no one, I can drink. Well, you should have done that earlier because it's time for our. Podcast forty two. I'm Christopher DeVos and Sabrina Pierre. I'm John Lennon. And I'm Laura. Hi. And tonight we are going to be talking about Elton John. John Lennon, not John and not tonight another night for John Lennon, or maybe the Beatles, or maybe just George Harrison. I don't I want the Ringo Starr show. No, the Pete best our. Say we just do Ringo star's all star band. Yeah. That'd be good. They're all McCartney's bans wings, Paul McCartney and wings all McCartney. No wings. No. Mccartney and the chicken wings, those my favorite version tree Dyeing's. Well, let's open up the beer, cooler, I. Jay. Is. This is a very colorful label. What did you bring? I brought from Tampa Bay brewing company's twisted strawberry fest. It's an effervescing golden ale. Brewed with strawberry and lime that we probably should have opened before the show. Yes, we are so prepared today. Family owned in Florida. Brewed. They actually have a restaurant in ebor city in Tampa that has really good food. Do we say that it was a today? Yeah. It's a golden ale brewed which strawberry and lime. It's a fruited ale just like L, John. Sir fruited. For two. Lt, you all right. We'll stay tuned to the end of the show. And we'll tell you what we think of this. So far. It's nice and light interesting. Chase that with a high lie official beer podcast to podcast for you to shameless plug. But right now, get out your pens and papers. It's pop quiz time. And this pop quizzes called, I couldn't find a C for the new Elton, John, Phil. I'm still standing? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Good. I love I this is what I get excited for every week. Laura has yet to crack a smile on any of these. I say I think that your best one yet. Or oh by I just watched Elton John's new standup act. It's a little bit funny. A little bit. That's a line from an John saw Faye now. It wasn't a little bit money. I'm still standing? Yeah. My favorite song to drink too. This is five general knowledge facts on Elton, John, an order of the easiest to the hardest test, your knowledge score. One point for each correct answer question. Number one, what was L John's first number one single, and I wrote what was Elton John's first number one signal. By key was Batman or something hint. This is an Elton John saw. Not like Springsteen question. We should do per sprinting. That I'm okay with that question, number two as of may two thousand eighteen how many solo albums as Elton released man. These are the easy ones food, these are all going to be hard. You said from easiest to hurt. Yes. This is a hard easiest hardest ones to the hardest hardest ones. I'm just guessing on. Everything me to question. Number three. What rapper did? Elton score a number one single with in two thousand four hint is not who you think it is. But what if it is, who I think? That's not a very good hint. This. Hint. It's not a rapper that he performed with at the Grammys. Well, then I'm glad I didn't write that one down. Or I'm leaving it probably the only rapper I'm leaving. I'm leaving the answer. Rapper? Mc I'm leaving it. Don't hit is not MC. Scott cat. Love scared. To stuffs for. And you're married to a black man what but he doesn't count. I listen more than he does as well. It's actually really true. Yeah. He listens to the backstreet boys. Most of the time whenever he does, listen, the quote unquote, ramp is just so we can go. Hey, I don't even though he listens to a lot of. The backstreet boys do that, to probably question for who starred in the video for Elton song. I want love. I don't even know that was. Should I go back and change my song, come out that song came out, and I don't know and eight? All right. We're going with this, because I wrote it down the song came out, I would say based on who the answer is the song came out at least after nineteen ninety I'm going with. That's right me, too, because he's not enough things can we do era Smith? One. I know at least SilverStone was three years. And question, number five, Bruce Springsteen's L played piano, what Holly song in nineteen sixty? And what, what Holly, buddy Holly song the holidays? Oh, god. I didn't even know that was banned. It's not only a band. But it's a an edible berry that you can't eat during Christmas. That's not a hit. That was not helpful. I have all of my answers wrong. You don't know that I know including the first one. Writing going on. No, I'm already done writing the title of the song has six words in it. Six. Mind like I don't even think I. Don't it's, it's, it's a thing. Now what it is. Now a thing. All right question. Number one, what was Elton? John's first number one, single, Laura goodbye yellow brick road jail goodbye, yellow regrowed Sabrina song. Don't go breaking my heart. No. Nobody knows the answer. Don't know. As of may two thousand eighteen how many civil albums says Elton released jail fourteen. Sabrina. Eight. The correct answer is thirty thirty solo albums. Eight thirty. It's right there up my paper. Awful lot of number one hits for only really long records. Chris, I guess, so. Guess so question number three space just thing. Nobody skipped on those h Rex. I'm still standing? Question. Number three, what? Rapid elm score a number one signal single with in two thousand four Laura. I'm leaving it because I wrote Eminem. Tiny west Sabrina fifty. Fifty cents to park, the answers to pock. He's still. Do we know what song that was? I did. But I didn't write it down way to go right next to the next question on what year it came out. But it was it was one of those that he collaborated with vaulted to pock Kreil crowd to cry to pock hologram to pock. Yes. And number four, who starred in the video for Elton song, I want, love Sabrina. Boy, George George is he still relevant. Does it? I like it to Steve Gutenberg Steve good. Virg-. Same question is he even still relevant cocoon reboot or are they making except Wilford? Wilford Brindley role seventy eight. Now, we're on the seventy nine I at least you SilverStone Volusia SilverStone. It is Robert Downey junior. I was close not close. I was closer or big in the eighties. Laura was the closest shish had an actor an actor. Again, Steve Gutenberg. Did you never watch police academy? She still relevant. Have you ever seen George in public? That's a lot of acting. Steve. Good vote should play. And boy, George's autobiography auto pick. As that member of the of culture club, and they can call it three. Are they men or I don't know? Question, number five, Ellen played piano, what Holly song in nineteen? Sixty Lor that thing you do. From a fictional band, and that from a fictional band, that was the night, or I think it was I don't think that was a real band. Oh. However, was a real record producer so jail in. Agata. Davita. And. Sabrina stand up and kiss under me. What? You said it's also a non edible plant Holly. Right. Holly, stand up and kiss under the. Oh, okay. That wasn't a clue that was just a little factoid six words. It is he ain't heavy. He's my brother. I'm still closest no. That thing you did totally on that one only four word. I don't care that thing you do by the Holly. That is. I think that's the worst pop quiz. Has ever been put on? Before read in the. Because I was so disgusted. I think it's our funniest quiz. We've done it a while. It was a hard quiz grant that the sources for the script was the guardian dot com. And that was actually an article written by Elton John himself song. Facs dot com time dotcom yoke dot org. WNYC dot org. You discover music dot com. Billboard dot com behind the music, featuring weird Al yankovic finally twenty nine dot com. Independent dot CO dot UK, and pop sugar dot com to use a lot of dot com because he's got some books coming out, but they don't come out to Tober. Can't do any book sources for him. Like he knew he was going to get lampoon tonight. One week after is movie comes out or week and a half. You know it's been one week since you looked at me. Just saying jail. I can't wait until we do our bare naked ladies episode make it. Make it bare naked. But the sad thing is the only other line to that song, I know is Chinese chicken ticket to the Chinese chicken. In your brand taken that line. That's the one I know watching. X-files LA. I hope that the humans in this one, we're not doing very negative toward, you're getting frantic tantric. Well, aren't you guys the bees news? But how do we do on that quiz? Lady. Together we could all do one week. Christos the chorus, we fill the rest doesn't even know that you just chickeny China the. And he said that wrong. I knew was has been one since shale looked at me actually been to it has been two. I'm gonna policies. All my voice is right off the bat. I'm not. I want them to be just the way they are. It's going to be. To Elton John's fifty storey mansion. Is it really fifty stories? Sure. I haven't been there recently he was doing an addition the laws. Magin it's fifty stories and covered in feathers. Fifty stories because he collaborated with fifty. Intially bitty baby grand piano mansion. That'd be the safe of his wing. The keys. All right. When you build that I want to go. Whole Miklos tan dance. If you could be a tiny dancer. If I was done some top of 'em, the regular ones, not the peanut wants because the regular ones would be more impressive. David the doorbell love. David, can you get the bloody though David? David. Nights do not answer doors. It's the knighthood handbook, it's in it. Are you? Oh, never mind. I'll get it myself. I'm coming. Let me just put this down. Took long enough. Listen here. I'm John, I'll answer the door. Whatever timeframe, I want to. Oh, right nights don't answer doors. I knew that it's in the handbook, where's David, my husband, I do not know probably plan director or something. Oh, right. Then I've got to run a large package fall out and John. Really? Yes. It's right here. See this box. Well, what is it? It's a rather large parcel, in the shape of a mirror, and it's from the mirror mirror on the wall near maker at apple orchard company while that sounds exciting. I wonder what it could be. I don't know just sign here. Thank you. By the way, has anyone told you? Yeah. The most beautiful blue eyes. Oh, why? Thank you. It's not every day that. I wonder who sent this to me. It's so big. It's a mayor. David. Why are you need help? Hang in this mayor. David. Elton Elton, John. I am a magic mirror hallmark. Hush your talk. I do talk, and I can show you your pests. But what's this out? Let's hang myself on the wall. Let's just move this windy KENDALL thing, he aside, and this rather unrealistic, looking in the genitals of nude man, eating great son, a dinosaur that's really weird, by the way, where did you get that? I would never mind and we need to move this portrait of you and the Queen eating spaghetti Buca the Beppo. Okay. Look good in your mirror. But I can't believe you're talking. I am a magic mirror. Like I said, I can show you your pest. Just read out loud. The words I display on my glass. Oh, let me see what do I want to see? I know. Maher show me mom and dad when I was a little boy. Hold on. Oh, my are you okay MIR? Oh, yes. Yes. Magic gives me into gestion okay? Read the words mirror mirror on the wall. What am I going to choose? I guess that's why they call it the blues. Tom hands could be spent with you laughing, like children, the song that made me a billion. Oh, I see my dad stunt wipe a minimum she'll lean. Just watch. Kind of two white. Dole you to pursue a career music Reggie. But you got as an all your examinations from Redford, you have a great future ahead of you. You should consider becoming a flight Lieutenant in the air force, like myself on maybe banking, baking fun, and everybody likes lollipops, but mom, but that you both have a background in music. That's true. I was a Trump player with Bob Miller band. We played for all the military, so except for the space force dances, mostly because base force doesn't exist. At this time and in space. No one can hear you played taps and I collect it records. It was my record collection is the problem of your new folly of becoming a musician, damn you Elvis, Presley, damn you Bill Haley and his comet shoe. Oh, you got the boy a piano lessons after hearing employees on your mother's piano. Well, he was playing when Aford at wells, the skaters won't spite ear. That's no excuse. I don't care at age eleven that our son won a junior scholarship to the Royal kademi of music. He also won a scholarship to the oil academy of banking. If you tried or maybe making lollipops for banks Reggie. You could be a sucker mak-. I remember that parents, do not want me to go into the music business. It's kind of where I got my love for flamboyant clothes, and looks came from. It was my way to rebel from my restrictive childhood hold on Elton. There is more. Divorce? You'll I can't take that you're such a free spirit. You know what I'm going to marry a local Pinson, aimed Fred Fairbrother? Well, if you're going to remarry, I say, remarry local while he will be carrying and put a step father and Reggie while affectionately referred to Jim as dearth where we will live in flat. Number one, a eight unit apartment building called foam court in Reggie can write songs that will that will launch his career as a rockstar won't ever. Do you do that? I'm going to have some tea, which is the British thing to do. All right. You do that their if there, why don't you tell us what you did to help? Reggie love when you call me turf. Well, I helped Reggie get a job as a weekend panel is set north. Woods hills hotel, he simply built himself as bridge iw, which is weird because his name was Reggie. Anyway. He played the cool stuff by Ray. Charles and such as well as his own songs, then formed a band shortly after then he called blues. Allah g by the day. They were Aaron boys. And by the night, they played gigs at hotel bars. Eventually they back bands. Like the is Li brothers major Lance and Patti LaBelle, and the blue belles. Remember that mic? Can you show me how I choose my name next? Yes. On the sex phone is for blue Allah, Judy Monday is dean, I an IB the focus. My name is long. John, poultry now walk plank. Why do you have any hush puppies? So what you just merged. Two names of your former bandmates together. That's the story. Oh, yes, I guess it wasn't that exciting to look back on, after all, but I did at hooky lease as my middle name, Hercules, Hercules, Hercules at that. Forget, who you're talking to. I am a night after all. Yes. So sorry, stop that, sir. Elton butter. You know could not have done anything without Bernie Taupin did. Benny we go way back all the way back to the beginning of my career. Show me my Bernie. All right. Just say the words Elton mayor mayor on the wall. But, but the Bernie, I'm adjournments. Hey, come here. I cut some the show you what is it miss Williams? Bypass my addition for liberty records. I was very excited when I saw your ad in new musical, express magazine. So did I make it, please? Please. Call me. No. You didn't quite make the cut for what we're looking for at least not yet. But I did want to pass along this envelope poems for you to look over the from a guy named Bernie top it sorry, I could help you with more than that, at the moment. Thanks. We wrote a first song together when we met in nineteen sixty seven it was called Scott crow and it was about farms, and scarecrows and Bernie used the wood. Oh a lot because he liked the word. I can see why it's so useful in so many situations like, oh, I didn't know your dress was on fire or oh I can't make it to dinner tonight because my dresses on fire or even. Oh, I should probably stop talking about by dress being on fire. Do something about it. Also, I really liked what a Tamarine could bring to a song. That thrilling. Great elton. Let's check back in on burning. She would I out and you right in the music tomorrow lyrics, you really just get me. I mean, you took the top bunk, and I took the bottom, which is crazy because I always thought you were a bottom type of guy. But anyways as I was saying, we have a great non sexual love affair. Just two of us. Good night, boys. Just the two of us in your mom boys. Just the two of us and your mum and this really is a tiny flat for all these people. Thank goodness. We're working so hard on getting out of here me writing lyrics and back bedroom. You fitting all my words beautiful melodies in front of an upright piano in another room kind of weird that we can't be in the same room. Right. And things isn't it? But it works for us how we do it. My lyrics your song your song that gives me an idea Elton Elton. That's all right. I'm kind of tied myself. I'll get some sleep now and just write it in the morning over breakfast. I know what he did when he gave me the lyrics, it was stained with coffee, which is weird, because we're British it should have been stained with baked beans, and regret of forefathers. So that whole time was just sort of a stream of consciousness thing. Was it pretty much Bernie would write whatever he felt and I would be I would Jerry rig it into a song. It was working falling. However, we would just spinning wheels plan on other people's records Bernie said that we needed to be performing in America, audit and want to perform in America, but Bernie insisted. Now, we are the savior's rock and roll in America. We went from being nobody's to Brian Wilson for the beach, boys. Hanging out dressing room all dressing room. We won't even come on your girls were a British blokes Baruni. Don't forget about me. John Reno Elton's manager. And I love her. We know John, we know I just didn't want anyone to forget. I'm John's firs gay lover, right? Got it. Lover that's me gig gave rat the bowl. That all happening span of three weeks. It was crazy. I'm writing in my diary at the time. Woke up watched grandstand candle in the win went to London. Bought Rolls, Royce, Ringo Starr came for dinner. It's a miracle. I held it together as long as I did. I you talking about your new love. Let's look at that. I didn't say I was proud moment in my life. I was working so hard that I didn't have too much time to think about it. I was always onto or making a new album all eight of them. Of course, what I did go off the rails that happened like missile as well. I was a real working. We know remember what I just showed you. Well, that was anything but PG team. But I have another PG thirteen life. It's not like after Greg quietly come back to my hotel room only glass of wall milk, and the gideon's bible for company. No one forced me to do drugs, and drink. In fact, more than a few people tried to warn me was how to control it took a family, huge f it to get yourself notice for taking too much cocaine in the music industry, nineteen seventies today. But I was clearly prepared to put the hours him but you had people who cared for you people who were concerned for you. Maybe we should revisit that open read the words on my glass if I'm most. On the wall when I was down. I was your clown. I gave you my heart every redemption has a stud. Damn put myself in rehab again. A soak. Glad you came to visit. This is this has to stop let you have your costumes, and you word blassie's, Andrew crazy hats, but you're cocaine and drinking has to come to an end. Okay. But any you're right. I will stop on one condition. Elton on new what you're going to say. No, you don't Elton. Come on. You know it's a good song on. Let me record the song and I'll give you give up cocaine for good, fine. Thanks, Ernie now, there will be no more. Breaking of anyone's hot sing with me Bernie. Nobody knows it. When I was done. Oh, I was your clone. Dogo Bergamo hot. Okay. Elton. Let's check you out here. Stuck with me. He was relieved and happy when I finally got help it remember that quite happening that way. Right. Talk few liberties. Do things I didn't know you could do you married. A woman in nineteen eighty four her name's not important. What do you mean? Let's take a look read the words out man on the wall, so goodbye yellow brick road, even though I look man. I married, my sound engineer and friend. This is a lovely Indian restaurant took me to Elton. Yes, it is. And busboy is so hot. Are you talking about road? Oh, no. Of course not. I only have blue is for you, darling, marry me. Yes. Of course, we will marry send Mark's Anglican church and Dowling cuss and Sydney Australia. A Lavelle vite silken, lace vetting gown and a gold, hot shaped pendants, featuring sixty tweet diamonds and I will wear the same thing. But nothing and I will give you a baby through as wedding gifts. What are you doing here, just hoping grandbabies since he said, you a Bye-bye sexual Rolling Stone? I was worried. I would never have any grandbabies. I didn't realize you hate it sex. What's talking about your mama's doffed? She thinks you all by by sexual. Yes. Someone who said by sex as and I don't want by fix mom. I told Rolling Stone I was a BI. Actual. That means men and women. Oh, well about Philly, but I, I am relieved that there's a chance for babies, you do know how to make Graham, right? Warriors marriage. And then we got divorced at the time I thought, I've had enough boyfriends, and that's not made me happy. So I'll have a wife that will change. Everything. I loved Vernet. She's a great girl. I really loved her. But, you know, it is one of the things I regret most in my life hurting her. Glad you know her name. Well, she moved to the country. And a lot of peaches and was never seen, again in the public eye. Yes. But let me see happy things now. All right. Read my glass. On the wall. Just of lead in Tommy Rod, Stewart, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole DEA my offered it to me, and it looked like a big mess. The euro. That could be Chris. This is Pete Townsend Rudd Stuart turned down the role pinball wizard and Tommy, are you? Sure, you're not interested, pay your calling me personally often the role, I would say that would be Chris suicide not to accept I couldn't possibly say, no price. You would have to be an idiot to turn something like that down. Again. You. Well, I do admit that I've spent a significant portion of my of trying to deliberately annoy Rod Stewart that time was completely accidental. No. It was. He's might be a little soul but not all relationships with other singers. Where's tumultuous rods is mine? That's right. You and John Lennon had a pretty strong relationship that Neo say, so him and Yoko made me the godfather to Sean could we take a look at one of our first collaborations just say, the words whatever gets you through the nights? It's all right. It's all right. At least John and I never had a fight all keep filling with this song, but it's not coming up quite right. What are you doing here, just in the neighborhood thought that by song think I could put a piano to that? Sure love it. I don't think I've ever seen. You play before you really are great musician, the way keeping up with the rhythm changes and adding to such a loose track. Thank goodness. I'm not just a pretty face. You know, I can sing too. That's have you lay down some harmonies. Can you play the organ by chance? Yes, but I'm the worst organised. That's all right. It's not like that's going to make a difference. For me on the only be told that hasn't achieved a number one single, I'm in Ringo's had to I mean, he's not even the best Beatle. He's not even the second best careful a Rolls, Royce, and then had dinner with Ringo, not that long ago. Trying to say is it's not really go into matter how well, you organ skills, are it won't make a difference. Imagine only made it to number three on the billboards make good deal. If the song, whatever gets you through the night makes it to number one on the Billboard's, you come and join me on stage at New York's Madison Square Garden at my thanksgiving show. Deal. You know what when whatever gets through the not made it to number one, I gave him a ring to remind him that to his credit, he showed to my concert, and sang on stage with me. That was pretty awesome of him. Bad ended up being the last live performance John Lennon did before he was killed speaking performances that killed didn't UNM do a song together. We did that was kind of a controversial twists as it was. Assumed he was homophobic. Well, you do know what to do read those magic words, I can see what's happening and they don't have a clue. I'm an Emma's misunderstood and is really feeling blue. I keep getting attacked by the media for my Lear. It's being homophobic, what am I going to do? I'm not homophobic, personally. Just my lyrics are now Daito is sick and can't perform my song. Stan, what me at the two thousand one Grammys the sucks? I know what I'll do alibi. Jonah sing stand with me. Instead, then maybe afterwards, we can pick up some how women I would love to perform with yet two thousand one Grammys, but I can't pick up women with you on gay. What you're gay. Boobs. Benny and the jets now. No, it's electric boats boots boots, not boobs. Well, let your are totally bad as I don't care what your sexuality is. So will you do this on me? I got your back side. Just joking. I Gotcha back. I don't think you're homophobic. I'm not in fact for your wedding. I'm going to get you. And your husband to diamond encrusted, cock rings on a velvet cushion. Thanks. I've done some crazy stuff, but never diamond encrusted Cochran. Crazy. You really hope show that embracing diversity of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, is the right thing to do. I just find it funny that the bloke didn't know I was gay. You know it's not funny diamond encrusted, cock rings. Can you say out? She on my Willie. I feel that was really supposed to be more of a symbolic gesture than a practical gift. I knew that I was just kidding. They've gone on used okay if you say so, so while we're on the subject, what about you and your husband David furnish having kids late in life, oldest Zachary and youngest Elijah? You guys have been through a lot. I was sixty three sixty five respectively. It's hard to play Halsey of sixty three sixty five by the way, back issues, I was more talking about the documentary tantrums TRS the one day filmed during your maiden England who are what about it. Well, it certainly didn't put you in a good light did it, it made. You look like a selfish and out of control. Diva plus the number of outfits in that movie G, you outfit, the whole state of Rhode Island. It Rhode Island was into sparkly pants. Well, lots of people told me how was insane to allow that documentary to be released, but I loved it because it was truthful. There are moments in the film, where I'm completely disgusting and awful. But then I, I was discussing an awful, and there's no reason to pretend otherwise. Well, lots of people told me I was saying to allow that documentary to be released, but I loved it because it was truthful moments in the film, where I'm completely disgusting and awful. But then our I was disgusting awful. And there's no reason to pretend otherwise now by the time the documentary was released you and David had been together for a little bit at new. Yes. For about two years. So I fully trusted him in his vision, although to be honest, I felt that trust from the moment we met at a dinner party in nineteen ninety three. Or maybe it was when we consummated relationship the following night. Well you don't waste time. Do you, when you know you know, I would have married him that night if I could have, but alas couldn't get married. It was illegal in nineteen Ninety-three. And fact, we couldn't even enter legal partnership until two thousand five but December twenty first thousand five the very same day sieve the civil partnership act began to apply. We're one of the first same sex couples in the UK unto civil partnership. And then finally, when gay marriage was legalized in the UK in twenty fourteen we were married, who how that's crazy that you guys had to wait that long in order to get married. Yes, it took less time for me to be knighted than it did for me to get married. Seriously took maybe thirty minutes to an hour. You know is the first openly gay musician to be we could go and see for ourselves. But one, maybe one of those bridge versions, you did earlier, you got it. Just say the words out in that will take us back, and it seems to me, you lived you live like a Campbell in the wind sitting somewhere alone on the bay. Now, the citronella candle will not keep the mosquitos away. We are today. Tonight. For his incredible brilliance substituting, the words goodbye Norma, Jean. Four goodbye rose this remake of the song. No. How well it took you. It's my divine right tonight. Anyone I so too? Except but will be my nightly duties do I have to answer doors. Ever. No. And I don't have to do anything else. I don't have to sit at the roundtable, discussed axes or anything. Strictly for show. Okay. Do I get all more anything? What were you can't if you want, that's up to you extra? Well, that I'm going to get some Almer and I'm going to the hell out of it. I'll be the first night to joust with a federal boa as an God. Use use your ears. We don't joust anymore. You may have two times of c do that. Sort of rubbish there. Yes, I will be John of evil times, great-great-great free. Let's move on. Let's see. Who's on the list? Yes, Anthony Hopkins. See brought a can of beans with you. Thank you mayor for show me, so many things in my past. I've seen some of the best parts of my life, and some of the worst fake we have grown close out in you and I so do I. But wait, there's one thing you haven't shown me, and it's a pretty important part of my life out in, I don't think so. I think I've shown, you everything. No, mere you haven't you haven't shown me the day. You and I met Elton. Elton year right now need for magic words this time cliff gaze into my frame. Miklos day. Mccloy Tony day. U-turn more. What? It sounds like to me close it Tony. Had enough of who's the BAAs today. Ngelo samantha. I think that Queen sounded sexy. Tells your sounds in real. That's why. She's so quiet. She doesn't talk a whole lot anymore. I don't think I could never meet the Queen. There's so many rules when you meet the Queen, I would, I would mess something up and they would yeah. There, there are a lot of things they would everybody pretty much messes it up the clean, just, you know, I don't think anybody's ever actually passed with flying colors on their Queen meetings. I would plant a kiss right on her forehead that would probably get you thrown into jail. Get those guys with the big tall hats. To a Newt to think God for Monty python. When are we doing that? Christner gonna fight over the women. No more British episodes. I know there's one slated doctor, who's coming up on that one out. I can't wait for the money. To sit down to talk this time I could play Terry Gillam. Hey, go. What do you think Terry? Okay. On. We're gonna give Chris coconut. Actually have those coconut while I'm there at my mom's, but I have money python coconuts. Yes, I do their carved out and tied together with a husky of a coconut. You know we did a race. I the medieval race. And she looked at me and said, you're not getting coconuts for the race because I wanted to run this ten mile race with just running behind every. Do you want to tell the story where everybody met, John Cleese, and Eric idle? But, you know. This story has been talked about on the show about once or twice. Well, let's hear what you guys had to say about Elton John on Facebook KiKi Joyce, yellow brick road was the my first eight track. Yes, I said, eight track doored every song on it played it so much finally got eaten up by the stereo Elton. John is a prolific and consummate talent rocket man. Indeed, eight like the number of records. Not eight records, but eight track one of the worst forms of media ever produced. If you wanted to hear the song, again, you had to drive around. Plate again unless you get really good at folding paper and putting it in their skip. Or sometimes the song started on one track. When? Waited a couple of seconds and then started again on the second track. That was my favorite when they split the songs like that David said. So, yes, I am a fan since my first concert of his July fourth at the Foxboro stadium. Nineteen seventy six bicentennial Elton flying into the sold-out stadium in a helicopter. It was shit. Florida hot. I was sixteen and my mom didn't want me to go. But to seniors invited me I was a sophomore. I believe the British fan Slade opened up along with a few other acts road road away turn turn. Sorry that was slate doco. Breaking my heart was number one, and he was a hottest thing since the Beatles. He came up from the floor addresses a silver statue of liberty torch and all, and we were off. He was like this other worldly creature, then a God to me in a mystery over the many years, fifty sixty concerts stock him at hotels. Finally meeting him in person. I realized he was just like everyone else with all our insecurities, and when he came out as gay, I realized it was even more like me. These days have grown tired of the hits and don't go to concerts, unless it's a special one or he is promoting new material. A love his new stuff. Now, more than the classics and I also listen to have weekly on the beats one rocket our where he introduces me to new artists, and at seventy two is a disease is evident is more energy and more projects to Broadway bound shows. Coming out new album in the works the rocket man movie he co produced with this husband and a three year will tour. So, yes, I think it's going to be a long, long time before this rocket man, retires. So Dave, it's not a fan, not on, but you're also a fan Lor favorites. I'm not as in depth as David as a fan. But I do like his music, David actually was telling me that he's been in touch with some of the people that were in the script like the Ray guy. I think he said, and, and some other people so these huge fan Elton's okay for me. I don't turn them off the radio. But I don't have any one of his eight albums. I just wanted to compilations all eight of them. I wonder if The Lion King councils solo. No, because other people saying on it does, but he did all stove needed all the music. But I couldn't be solo because knowledge on. I don't know her real name, Nala, and Simba. That Matthew Broderick. So to Simba wasn't. Yeah. Thomas. A younger one, but Matthew Nathan lane also sung on the Elbe them. Right. I can hear what's happening. What new don't have a clue. Trio's down to to. All right. He was a young more hard. Very nice. Thanks. All right. Save it for the lion. King. Assode really done. I feel like fitting, he didn't sing any of that. That's what I'm saying. That's why solo album. Okay. Point taken. First call. I know and anything to say on L John not really fan. I was wondering, J, L could really need a bedtime story. And. Read it to me in a voice. So. There's a request for you. I'm in. The cat and he asked for the cat in hat. How is? The cat was like. Pop. Right. Agreed as that head. You know. Redford's bluefish to sure. Go. One fish two fish is not sure that's one of the longest one. Not if you know you start Dr Seuss, and he's my favorite author, by the way you start him. And you think it's going to be a short book, because it looks like there's only one sentence on each page, but the hundred and fifty of page and you realize it's a long book jute jot. Gac spac. He was doing smack. Loan doing cat in the hat would do way better than the Mike Myers cat in the hat. Boy, that's not to do. I really enjoy that one. Shrek as cat. It was great. Well, why don't we do our fishbowl fix than fax? Now you can start us off floors since your nearest the fishbowl. Worried that makes me. Every. New bed about. I think the Queen needs to make appearances. All right. Rod Stewart, Freddie Mercury and Elton. John wanted to start a supergroup called knows teeth and hair a tribute to each of our most Mark Doba remarks upon physical attributes I wanted to read that one. You told me to go first Elton became the first. Rock x four behind the iron Gooden. Toby of eight shows, like is our rooms. Which is now Saint Peter's bird school in me, Mateen, seventy nine. He sounds like a muppet. Or is? Yes, he's a muppet of my. Elton john. David Bowie's friendship had a falling out after Bowie referred to him as rock and roll, token Queen, and a Rolling Stone interview, John released four albums in one year or L. That's happened career. Those albums were tumbleweed connection, friends, the live album seventeen eleven seventy and madman across the water between October nineteen seventy in November, nineteen seventy-one. Let's just say originally, had six written. We were doing it by the year. So John his name, most of his Panos after female singers, including instruments, named for Retha Franklin Nina, Simone and Diana Krall lifelong, sucker fan, John became president and later, chairman of the Waterford football club in his hometown. During the height of his success in the nineteen seventies and again sporadically throughout the nineteen nineties. I read that like Pete Townsend. John is accepted fees in excess of one million dollars to be the performer at weddings and two thousand ten John performed for radio talk show host rush Limbaugh's reception, the money earned for these types of events are donated to the Elton John aids foundation. The performers charity devoted to funding and researching treatment for the disease the they're getting close to having a carefree. Yeah, the cared it, but it's not. The long-term. Yeah. One person so far has been cured. They're still doing more tests, make shirts. Yeah, that's pretty. That's pretty awesome. But if I remember reading right it wasn't like it was like a hard, cure, the need. I think they still need to perfect the cure, but they did it. But it wasn't just popping a pill. And there was a lot that led up to that. But he is currently testing negative for aids. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. My turn. Yes, let's you want to talk about aids. No. I'm good. I'm good was an interesting Tibbett put in there. Finding a cure for aids. And hopefully somebody going back, one day listening to this episode and in the future be like. Cured that like ten years ago? So, yeah. Yeah. Thank god. We're still relevant in ten years. Will be. I'm so glad the magic mirror on the wall told me that. Your song was first released by American rock band. Three dog night in March nineteen seventy on their third studio album. It ain't easy. John was an opening act for the band at the time and allow them to record it. They did not release it as a single as they wanted to, to let John upcoming artists have go with it. Cool. We listen to it. It's, it's different put the same. Yeah, yeah, it's really weird. Like they didn't put any different twist on it. Or else is still a bit better? But it's very close. The two versions are super close this very big piece of paper. I have for the last fishbowl fat. Now I'll read it. I don't like a lot of words though, so I don't appreciate this and it's a good thing. You're on a scripted. I hear eating Dr Seuss's my favorite author. All one hundred fifty pages of hop on pop. Helen was authored the lead and Harold and Maude in nineteen seventy one. But it was on a very big piece of paper. The full you. Hard. I never saw Dustin Hoffman and do know who knew very popular got a call following. It's got a cold because it's about an older woman younger man. Get Dustin Hoffman played Maud. Yes, but court. Yeah. Actually think that could have been Elton John. Let's, let's revisit the spear. All right. So so long ago since we said the title, what is the spirit it is twisted strawberry fest from Tampa Bay brewing company. It's a fruited ale who wants to go. I I'll go first. Is not. Harmful. It is not. Anything that is crazy. Good. But it's not bad canditates, like a jolly rancher that has set a glass of water and his kind of lost its flavor. I will give it a three because it has no aftertaste, which is always important to me, but it's not super strong on the strawberry or key lime either. Like I said, it's harmless, it's, it's not bad. But it's not doesn't really have stand out flavor either, so three for me to bring. Yeah, it's getting a six because I could I those would be gone real fast. Because there's no like the Afridis for me. Wasn't it? It was like nothing really. I mean there wasn't a whole lot of flavor but it goes down. Really for me. Hey. So for me it would be a six. But if I was going for a bureau ale for like quality, it'd probably be like a four. But for drink ability, I mean I'd be done with six and then I'd be like, all right. What else is? I went down pretty smooth. But it's as far as flavor goes, it's, it's not real strong. Like Chris said, it's not. You get a little bit of strawberry. I didn't really catch a whole lot of lime on there. But I drink it, I'm by it. I'd consume it all day long right, Lor. Mine by it. But if it was given to me, I could drink it. Yeah, it's not really a strong flavor of anything. Not even not even a beer, strong flavor new do get flight, hints of strawberry. I wouldn't even go to the extreme of a watered-down jolly richer. It's less than that. I was creating visual I understand. But like it's still too strong visual. Maybe you smell the strawberry while drinking water like. And you're like maybe there's strawberry and this now it's sitting on the table because it didn't make it in my drink. But I lead, I would I would rate it a four because I could drink it. I wouldn't go crazy and down six of Mike Sabrina. Pretty crazy, like I could drink for these of it was the drink of choice in the room. So, yeah. It's pretty harmless. I didn't need to chase it with highly the official beer podcast forty two. I also did not even need a case it with my sweet tea, the official drink of Laura. It was pretty harmless. Like you just drink it, and you don't need anything 'cause there's no flavor. All right. Bear master the first sip a thousand little rough. Because all I got was like a sour taste at the end. But after a while you get a little I like the little strawberry sweetness at the beginning, and then the sour kicks in so I think it's good. It's very smooth. I think the first sip actually caught me by surprise. I was expecting a little something a little more. But drink ability, wise, very smooth can easily down six of them like Sabrina side. But flavor wise I got rated a four because it just it was good. But I'd like more from the flavor isn't say, we could split three four packs, could split three four packs. Yeah, she's takes eight. I'm taking. I mean I'll. Okay. I'm gonna go get myself a four packs of brings getting the rest because, you know, she's still going to be thirsty after those six. But I give it a for. It's good. I just think it needs a little something more. I don't know if it needs more of the strawberry or needs more of the lime. It's, it's just nice so you get the sweetness and the sour at the end, but no aftertaste. It almost needs more beer flavor. It might actually something more beer flavor to it. It was surprisingly lack of beer flavor, but still very good beer. Well, the AB ever. No, it's, it's not on here looking for. I've been looking for this entire time. And. One hundred percent. Yeah. What does he drink those six? Done. It was candid in February of this year, though, fresh water downstream now. It's not even watered-down strawberries, strawberry sitting on the table. You drink water leak you smell it from a distance. Yeah. It's a ripe strawberry sitting on the table. Strawberries. Well after that sip Laura can you help percent AB? Okay. That's wow, that's it. That's it. Which is actually above what a normal beer is normal beers, usually four two to four five. Okay. Shopping offer. That's a two point eight. Really, that's it. Yeah. It's mostly seltzer. And that's what you hate it the other day to me. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't I probably never get again. It's gross. I don't like it. I enjoy it. I got pink grapefruit one pink reprove. Now it's regular grape fruit Norval yet. The regular everybody can get everywhere rose. Yeah. I like grapefruit. Did you have the lemon one that one year when they had it at food and wine? No. Yeah. They only had one year. I enjoyed that one. Yeah. That was good. Okay. Who do you think? Elton John uses the buy tickets to an John concert, who will know one because that's just a weird setup. Who can you use to buy tickets to an Joan concert seat giant, of course, not only Elton John tickets tickets to sports ball Broadway shows comedians and rock and roll people's seat giant has the best tickets to the best things at the best prices. See giant also has great customer service, and you can use the code putt cast, forty two that's podcast, four to one word at checkout to save even more money on already great deals, just visit seat giant dot com in the US or giant dot C A if you're from Canada. There's another one. Down actually. If I everybody you greeting guys, it's only gonna have like three words on the inside and that's either happy birthday or I miss you or get. Well, all right. So two words. I was going to sign my name. Three. Okay. I miss you cards. There's no name, no. Just give it to you from me, should just know. Did you know that you can actually get paid for just listening to this podcast? I know it sounds insane but it's true. We just discovered this free new app called pod coin in literally pays you to listen to podcasts. Here's how it works. Listen to a podcast and you earn pod coin while you listen, then you turn that pod coin in for gift cards at places like Amazon, or Starbucks. Or you could even donate that coin to charity. The more you listen. The more you earn. I feel like it. I thought there was more nine. Here's what you do. Cap wind up one, you get a bucks. Okay. So you download the app right now on your iphone or Android. And I have a special code, just for you, simply use, our code podcasts forty two that's one word with the numbers four two and you'll get three hundred hundred coin just for signing up. And if you listened to enough of us out there. Nope. Enough of us on there. Pretty out there as it is, you can get a cappuccino, or a Frappuccino at Starbucks 'cause they don't call them cappuccinos, whatever or an Amazon gift card on us for go ahead and listen to this podcast or any other boring podcast you'd like I'm pod coin and sign up with our code podcast forty two minute. First of all. I know. But first off, you chose you chose to MIT the most important part of it is that which is how we get paid for it by our special code, I felt use our special code. But you didn't want to breed that part, but I said it and then you added the word Borey. No. That was written on they're written on there. Like we need to leave the room while, mommy and daddy fight. To our podcast or any other boring podcast. So I did not say our podcast with morning. Other boring. But we have all the other boring for the pod fix network. All the press is pretty awesome. There is gravity. Geared. Kicks bench. I don't know. Two kids on the bench. On a. Okay. That would be awesome. If you listen to them, there's actually more added to pot fixed network. There's it's not rocket surgery just joined the network and the podcast discovery show, which reviews podcasts, which is a good thing. You're not on it because all you would be it's pouring high there a lot of words. I haven't been this excited to her views. And I listened to Keeley guest starred and she said or gives Bruce, six drunk. Here's the best part, is that it literally wasn't even a rating. It was literally just reading on them. So you're literally saying that it literally was her literally. Laura's combining about an audio format too much words. Come. I'm not getting pictures out of this speaker. Pictures? It would be cool. Why the Pink Floyd shows the number one. Because everybody's looking for a laser light show to come on. Oh, look there's Roger waters inflatable pig. It just came out on my iphone that I was listening to this. That's that's only available on patriots scrap. 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Many too many words lors asleep over there. She's talking in her sleep, a phone number has changed just in case you missed it, and you've put it in your phone wrong. It is now three two one two eight five fifty five twelve please call us as much as we enjoy. Bruder. Yes. We would also love to hear your voice is he's getting a little boring. What? Yeah. Welcome. And I'm done with my words. All right. Well, that's it. L John's in the can. Taking please use a lifestyle defect. Oh, I took the Rodway. You don't you start a solved? Okay. I'm Christopher DeVos. I'm Sabrina peer are still John Lennon. I'm Laura by press cheese bags. Also ever voices have been impersonated toiling, all conversations, may or may not be one hundred percents accurate as well. We have attempted to revive with the faxes this to our knowledge with the help of a case of fear. Some old moon that tells stories down by the river with the -pedia an old home made you to documentaries, do not use any gain you hold in this show to write a book report with you will get a bad grade a really really, really bad, grave, just like hall of our hosts dick, when they were in school music was provided likely you can find more phys, Ed crane dot com. This has been a podcast forty two production. Be in me. Be me. Was a podcast. More shows Lijun odd fix network. Well, I didn't have time to change. You'll be over. Outfit. And there's every interview has another amazing moment. Down the leg, the golden, the golden bedazzle. But then the shoes. Shoes the audience. One of the greatest might of the world. He was the wannabe shoe. All. No. It was a huge shoe invented it and he's made all my state shoes. And he's a great publa- also is one of my favorite words. Fan. I am. It's actually from the beginning. I've been obsessed. I've kind of wish I was out in June. Thing like that. But no, I read in an interview when the whole interview they kept asking you questions. All you could do sing an Elton John song that you couldn't remember. Well, I, I have trouble remembering lyrics just in general. I remember jams. I remember the tunes do you remember the one that you did that goes like it's just you singing. Piano. Yeah. So with a one inches own take me to. Oh. The par- this guy is is right? I mean you've always seen school anyway. But I mean, this is a real music is so I love him. Two. Now, here's jetlag you've just got back from career. I was in Korea and China. Yeah doing Banda doing kung FU panda promotion. Yeah. Because it's a car too. It's not my voice. They got a Chinese person doing the voice. It's not my face. It's a cartoon. Why am I there? Because they think it helps to have a bona fide Hollywood legend. Five to the Chinese actor, and I passed the torch. And I don't know why I'm there. Trip. Have you have you seen come through panda? I went to the first one I took my godson Dave Brooklyn Beckham Beckham boys. We went to the Cinerama dome in Hollywood on sons villa, we had a blast and they were in the back of the car Romeo, crews Brooklyn. And I said, I said, yes. Yeah. What do you do this, how I sang The Lion King? That's quite a lifetime. So it was fantastic film. It was just a great experience. Such a fun movie. Tired of thinking something's free only to find. There's a catch Atlantic Union Bank are free. Checking is really free. No minimum balance require no monthly fees. No, catches, even better. You'll receive a one hundred dollar cash bonus when you open an account before August. Thirty first at set up a qualified direct deposit. So if you're looking to Bank better and get one hundred dollar cash bonus open a free checking account today at Atlantic Union Bank dot com. That's lands Union Bank dot com. The offer details and apply at Atlantic Union Bank dot com. Some restrictions apply. Member FDIC tired of thinking something's free only defined. There's a catch Atlantic Union Bank are free. Checking is really free. No minimum balance require no monthly fees. No, catches, even better. You'll receive a one hundred dollar cash bonus when you open an account before August. Thirty first at set up a qualified direct deposit. So if you're looking Bank better and get one hundred dollar cash bonus open a free checking account today at Atlantic Union Bank dot com. That's land Union Bank dot com. The offer. Details in a flat Atlantic Union Bank dot com. Some restrictions apply. Member FDIC.

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