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"Healthy life continuing debate over how race should be used as a lens and classrooms to examine this country's history. As expected, Florida has banned what's called critical race theory from public schools. Governor Iran to Santa's asserts its an attempt to indoctrinate students with ideology teaching kids. To hate their country and to hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money. But Democratic State Senator Ana S. Kimani accuses the governor of launching a new culture war to boost his presidential chances in 24. When you talk about these subjects and blunt and candid ways not to Shame ourselves but truly empower ourselves to take action. A clothing choice by first lady Jill Biden sparked a comparison with her predecessor. This prompted comparisons between this jacket that she's wearing that says the word love and that famous jacket that Melania Trump wore on that trip to the southern border. That said, I really don't care, do you, Jill Biden said that this jacket was to send a message. That she is breathing. Bringing love from America that this visit is about unity across the globe, ABC Cecilia Vega Traveling with the president in Britain, a federal judge in Newark, New Jersey, sends reputed mobster John Perna to 30 months in prison on his guilty plea to assaulting the then boyfriend, now husband of his ex wife, the former Real Housewives cast member. Dina Manzo. This is ABC News. 904 now at KOMO News. Let's head over again to the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center and get a check of your drive with Tama Fulton. All We still have a crash and total lake on door pound four or five just after Northeast one 28th Street that's blocking the HIV lane, and that's on the left side. So you want to stay to the right to get by some police activity in Seattle on westbound 90, just west of the Mount Baker Tunnel is over on the right side. There are several police cars there on the scene, so you want to use some caution, approaching and state to the left to get by. Looks like that crush in the totem lake area now has two lanes blocked. Both toll lanes are now blocked. At that scene on north around four or five at Northeast 1 28. And it felt like terrorist the ramps from both directions of highway 142 northbound five have closed for overnight roadwork. They'll reopen at 4 30 tomorrow morning. Our next normal traffic at 9 14. Thanks, Tama..

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