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"john play maru" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"Haven't had much in the way of steelhead reports. Mainly because of either too much smoke on the trinity and fires and the trinity and road controls or the Klamath on that and the national forest being closed where you can't even get to the pudding ends and the take outs with the drip boats. You can't access the clam of off Highway 96 because it's on Forest Service land. Well, that's all changed. The the four foreign are open. It was some restrictions for access their back fishing the clamour some days the smoke is gone on the trinity of the day's not but a guy that knows about it. It's Matt Mitchell, Matt Mitchell's Guide service and He joined just now. Good morning, Matt. So tell me about Trinity. But down there how is deficient? Mom. It's been pretty consistent with the first person from run, D M and shown us and definitely coming in behind him. That's good. That's good. What section are you fishing Generally. I've been down in Junction City area. That's okay trading. Yo. Well, you know you the river's low Then you get a little boost from Canyon Creek there, don't you? Yeah, you should do it brings then. Probably this year only about 20 years last week, submarines for sure that's for sure. I I heard though, that it was there was ah, pretty fair amount of both salmon and steelhead down by de Loma. Have you heard that? I have? Yeah, Actually, I went fishing on the lower plan last week when they stopped him. Checked out in water, and there were quite a few fish team. You've been all the way down into three. Yeah. So I think that's only going to get better. Yeah, well, you know, the weather could help us out a lot here, don't you think? Not you supposed to have some rain next week, So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for? That would be wonderful. That would be absolutely wonderful. Uh, how are you fishing for the steelhead mad? I know you. You do everything. So what have you been doing lately? You know between the stamina ls that like the drag grow or we throw spinners either, Or it just kind of depends on the day. The other cloudy days. I like that spinner bite, So I've been throwing spinners. But on the sunny days, the Rose seems a little better. Yeah. Have you specifically When I say Howdy, I mean, smoky days. Okay? Okay. Now is the smoke. Talk to the guys at Del Loma, they say sometimes. The smoke's pretty bad If you have respiratory per problems probably shouldn't go down, he said. But other days it's pretty good. So what has it been for you? Can you smell of smoke? You can and some days like they said, worse than others. It kind of depends on wind direction. In fact, that's why I'm not working today is because my client has a heart issue and didn't think it was a good idea. Yeah, well, that's a good idea. Miles will be safe. You know why take a chance? Yeah, he rescheduled for a couple weeks. So Yeah. So you like to fly fish on maternity as well. Don't you're mad. I sure do. I have a deputy fly fishing trips yet this year, But you're in about two weeks I changed gears and I'll do almost exclusively by efficient. Yes, sir. Right now. People want Sam and while they're still fresh Yes, sir. That's correct. Yeah, well, you know, just think of the years and years and years all the guys on the upper Klamath. They catch those fish to eat so much, maybe smoke, but they went out with white tackle and maybe caught 15 or 20 Sam in a day. Done, And that's what they went for. Just that kind of action. Where is on the Trinity? You catches nice salmon. My goodness. It's like fish in a trout stream and you're catching a £15 fish on light tackle. Doesn't get much better than that. Now It's a lot of fun. And and this year we get we get plenty of opportunities every day. So it's it's actually been a good year. And you think that there's ah good number of fish in the river. I do. I think in the last 10 days or so there's been 800 fish showed up at the hatchery. So and there's and the were injunction. City's been seeing fish moved through every day. So I think that the others there's a good number of fish in the system already in that upper stretch that top 30 Miles, and I know there's a bunch of behind him because I saw him with my own eyes last. Yeah, yeah. That's the that's the beauty of the paternity. A lot of time you can look right down from the highway, turn out and see the salmon moving up from ripple the riffle. That was good at a lot of fun to watch. Yeah, it really is. And then this year, Matt, I think ah, you know that the actual last day of fishing for adult salmon on the lower clamor down below which effect to the one on one bridge on that last day, which was a Monday A big run of fresh salmon came in. So those are probably the ones you're seeing down by Willow Creek. Coming up the river. I would guess. Have a guess, too. Yes, sir. There's and there's plenty of fish in that little planet. I was there last week. Swing implies steelhead and I watched and they still feed Jax and I probably saw 40 or 50. Salmon cod two days they're efficient. Yeah. Did you get a steelhead over there? We, uh was a little slow. We got some half pounders 1 £10 adult came out of the water and spit the hook. But we did pick up three or four Jack salmon as well. That's fun on a fly Rod, huh? Oh, yeah. Good. Good times. Yeah. Okay. Matt will look, it will be checking back with you. And thanks for taking the time this morning to call in. I do appreciate it. Thanks. Yeah, feel later. Matt Mitchell. You want to book a trip with Matt? He does it all. He has a passion for it. As you can tell. His number is 530604. 9746 Okay. After the break, we will talk with Mr Don Paige Anneli about a trip He had a couple of days ago. Teo at Liberty Island for stripers Car. Some stripers and some black bath up in there and then we'll talk to John Play Maru, California fall color dot com A great website..

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