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"john nixa bravo" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Is busy exploding the idea of a universal set of Western values on an anniversary marked with pomp, pageantry and Kyra techniques, the world's second largest capitalist economy. Is celebrating the UN Reformed Leninist system upon which it still based. And that was our China correspondent, John said. Worth reporting. We will be discussing the Chinese Communist Party some more than China under Xi Jinping in the last 10 Minutes of today's program. Do stay with us. Indonesia now, and the authorities have announced a covid lockdown on its main island Java, as well as the tourist destination. Bali, The Indonesian president Joko Widodo has until now been reluctant to impose measures that could harm the economy. But he said the spread of the delta variant had changed things We buy the makeup. It's bland. Plus, as we all know, the Covid 19 pandemic in the past days has developed very quickly due to new variants. This situation has forced us to take stricter steps so together we can curb the spread of Covid 19. The words there of the Indonesian president Joko Widodo. A short time ago, I spoke to Dr Dickey Boody man who advises the Indonesian government on Covid. For the last 23 years, he has advised Indonesian governments on communicable diseases. He is an epidemiologist at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, where he's doing research on pandemics. So How bad could Indonesia's covid situation become? In his view, Ladies? What's cannery? Of course, the words as can audio will be like we can achieve at least on the Case number infection almost approaching one million case a day. That's that's the worst Canario on the death case, maybe are around 5000 Day for for the worst. Canada So that that is pretty those. Those numbers are pretty shocking one million new cases a day and the possibility of 5000 deaths a day. What is the best case scenario, given that the government has come to lockdown so late? The best scenario still into 200,000 for the infection case, but then for the date cases around 2000 The date case is implication of the last 20 days. Intervention so When we do this now, we then we will see the result in another 20 days for the reducing the date case, but then the situation what happened in Indonesia? His accumulation of one year pandemic community transmission. Given that we're talking about a year experiencing the pandemic is a two week lockdown enough. Of course not enough. At least we need for weeks. But that's my negotiation advice with the government. Is it your view that the government is very resistant to extending the lockdown beyond two weeks? Yes, even two weeks is very difficult for government because after 16 man Of pandemic. The government already face a big problem not only in health sector but in economic sector. So in every sector, But Dr Budiman if you are telling the government that people will die, what are they saying to you? Uh, so far there is no this book like I do believe they really listen this advice, but I don't know when they will adopt these advice, but Are they listening to you? In terms of the Delta variant being the most contagious variant we have seen so far says, and I also not only made given the Medical Association. Indonesia already say the same thing with me and some of the many epidemiologists in Indonesia also say the similar thing with me and It's man. The data is already there. But the consideration is not only about the aspect ER, so as we know Indonesia government always concern about economy. And also how, but then, from the beginning of them, I told them that and warned in our London that This situation will getting worse and worse if we not focus on how and it's happened now. I can see from the field that the the the health Facet our health facility, especially in Java, violent already in collapse. Uh, stage so Many also had coworkers already infected and they are in isolation condition so and also Some of them already also die because of these, uh, fiery in, and, uh it's mean it is already reduced their their number, and I mean The human human human resource, and and then I did another also condition on the field. We all say already have a problem with our oxygen stuff. And also also the PPE. So it's mean if Don't do the lockdown. Let's sell or very strong or stick jurisdiction, then we cannot also prevent more burden in health. Facility, which is already collapsed. Now then. So who know no one and can be get the helpless healthcare visit. So, uh, that's the the situation. A very grim picture being painted there by Dr Dickey Boody man who advises the Indonesian government on Covid. You're listening to the BBC World Service. I'm Razia Iqbal. This is news hour. This is W. N. Y. C today on the Brian Lehrer Show here, the latest news on the rank choice tally from New York City's primary election. That's it Tan and then later, all of it with Alison Stewart. She speaks with writer director John Nixa Bravo about her new film Zola. That's at noon on 93.9 FM. AM a 20 rash. You're smart Speaker to play.

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