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"john moniker" Discussed on Milk Crates and Turntables. A Music Discussion Podcast

Milk Crates and Turntables. A Music Discussion Podcast

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"john moniker" Discussed on Milk Crates and Turntables. A Music Discussion Podcast

"I equate it like this. Monet, one of the greatest painters of all time, right? Somebody working in Monet's studio says, hey, I want to paint a little of that. A Monet says, well, I got the vision, I got the dexterity. I get the virtuosity. I can make this thing. Yeah, but I want to paint some of it. I need some credit. That's what happened with CCR. The band. They wanted a piece of the action. They wanted to sing. They wanted to produce and they wanted to write in the result of it was and he said, all right? Yeah. Yeah. If you read the autobiography, he says, they went off, and then they came back to him. They said, could you help us? And he's like, nah, no. Yeah. I've been working my ass off all these years. You guys wanted to do it? You do it, you know? I think it's easy. You think it's easy? You fucking think it's easy running the milk of crates and turntables podcasts. You think it's easy, you fucking do it, Jack. That's kind of yelling at me. I don't know. Like I carried away. Can I do an extra? There was a little Tom Fogerty rant. That's what it was. I forgot where it was. Not John fogerty. That was a little Tom Fogerty. I would never give you enough credit to get to give you the John moniker. Yeah, yeah, and you're David novella, all right, that's all. I'm the Andrew ridgeley of this show. I am the George Michael. By the way, Andrew ridgeley, $40 million. Dude. Andrew Ridley, net worth, 40 million dollars. It was a fucking genius. He was a let that motherfucker be the front. I'm good. I'm good. I'm gonna go race some cars. Over here, I'm gonna do some Formula One. I'm a fuck up a couple guys. Andrew ridgley's contribution to whim. If they brought out one of those orange highway cones and just put it on the stage next to George Michael, same effect. And he could give two fucks about that boy. He's laughing all the way to the bank. Could they put a cut out of John oats? No, Andrew ridgeley. I don't think hall and Oates has that kind of a contract. I could be wrong, but Andrew originally was more than happy to take 30% or whatever his cut was out of the songwriting and all that shit. So I want to touch one again on a past show that we did, which actually was a good show, songs from great movie scenes, right? And I don't know if you guys, I'm sure you did. The Twilight Zone movie?

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